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Four Knights Of The Apocalypse REVIEW Dump 2

Hello, all. I’m guessing that Weekly Shonen Magazine that publishes this series, Edens Zero, and others is on break this week. Which kind of works out in my favor as I, uh………… haven’t been “up to date” with this one. Heck; I only recently caught back up with it!! Glad I hopped on it before we were 10 chapters deep; between reading Gachiakuta, Fairy Tail, Fire Force, and trying to catch bak up with Jujutsu Kaisen– I don’t think I would have had the time! Which would REALLY suck because I do still enjoy this series– even if that doesn’t come across as much as I would like it to. It’s a wonderful series with F*cking GREAT Character Writing, but for some reason there’s not always a lot of “substance” to it in comparison to something like Edens Zero, Dead Rock, Boruto and more; it more often than not feels like I might be able to get away with just plain skipping talking about on certain weeks. Heck, as I’ve mentioned a few times: I mostly came up with the Short Review category because there wasn’t a lot to that chapter and I didn’t have a lot of time because of…………………. Work. And then it snowballed from there because…………. Chainsaw Man Part 2 is another series like that; those 2 have definitely benefitted the most from that categories addition. 

I said in a recent Dump post(it came in out in the last few days of 2023) that I would need to catch you all up on what’s been going on with this series. After this will probably come Chainsaw Man, and then I’ll work on some other posts I’ve been tinkering with. Hopefully one of them comes out properly; one has a lot of ideas coming out as I go, and the other………… requires a lot of Research. And I mean RESEARCH Research; I’m actually going to have to look into a few ideas for it. And that’s not even mentioning this other thing; the research is pretty much done for that one, but now I’m learning more about the business and, well…………… need to think about how I want to approach it. All of that vague enough for ya? Though now that I think about it; I should PROBABLY stop chatting and start the discussions at hand. So- Let’s Begin.

Chapter 129: “Invasion

2 Years Later: Princess Guinevere Of Camelot is having a prophetic dream via her “Kaleidoscope” power. Several things happen in the dreamLIONES IS BURNING- it’s Knights dead on the ground and people fleeing; King Arthur and his Four Perils standing against 5 of the Seven Deadly Sins(Meliodas, Diane, Ban, King, and Gowther from Season 1 of the anime); A Giant Flash of Light shaped like the Wings of the Goddess clan; Ban killed by a spearThen she awakens in a cold sweat, wondering how she can avoid that Disastrous Future. She looks out here window– the people of Camelot overjoyed to see their Princess. But all she can think about is how much Britannia had to lose for this beautiful landscape full of happy smiles. 

Northern Britannia, Vanya: 2 of the Four Perils- The “Black Knight” Pellegarde and “Red Knights” Ironside- along with some nobody Chaos Kinghts come to try and negotiate with the people of Vanya- asking them to join Camelot and take their land with them. But Mead(18+) and everyone else don’t want to go. So……….. They’re Gonna Die. Or, well; they would have if they didn’t make “some of the best Ale in Britannia.” As such– 

Seven Deadly Sins- Fox Sin Of Greed/ Fairy King Of Benwick BAN just so happens to be in town that day.

How unlucky for the Perils. He makes short work of Alltabhainne, and proceeds to begin battling Ironside……..

Chapter 130: “The Fox Sin Of Greed

Ban wastes no time in taking this fight out of……….. what’s left of Vanya, claiming he only came here to get some “quality ale” to drink. Then takes the chance to diss Ironside, calling Camelot’s forces “A Bunch of Cowards” for trying to avoid the Seven Deadly Sins. Ironside takes that personally, and decides to take Ban on by himself. HIS Funeral. We learn that he- like Chion– is an Elemental Spirit User, summoning a Wind Spirit called “Djinn” as a form of protection for himself- and an attempt at offense, as it tears up what’s left of the land around them. But- sadly for HIM– Ban spent centuries in Puragotry, acclimating to it’s harsh climates- to the point where even repeated strikes from raging wind doesn’t even tickle him anymore. He may no longer be immortal– but he’s the closest thing to Indestructible this world has! It starts to actually scare Ironside

But what’s more; Ban is furious that someone like Ironside calls himself a “Father-” killing a child he once called his “son.” He recalls how his son Lancelot returned to the Fair King’s forest 2 years ago– holing himself up in his room and crying about how he couldn’t protect Percival. Ban plans to make Ironside pay for that one. But he gets bailed out by Pellegarde and another Chaos Knight. So Ban decides to share this ale with the other’s for the first time in a while………….

Chapter 131: “In Search Of Hope” 

If that @$$kicking wasn’t bad enough, Ironside is given some startling information upon returning to Camelot: Miltonduff- the Chaos Knight that was with them- used a spell called “Weakness” to cut down Ban’s strength to a tenth of what it’s supposed to be. His physical strength at that. It’s enough for the 3 of them to realize: The Seven Deadly Sins Are A Band Of Monsters. The Green Knight Of The Four Perils Beltreipe arrives to chastise them for their weakness, but to also inform them that Arthur is displeased with Ironside, and has ordered him to return to the castle immediately. As for Miltonduff here, he’s being sent to deal with the Intruders that came 2 years back…………..

Within Camelot’s Main City: Everyone here is in this…………… they’re loved ones are back at their side, as Arthur had promisedBut not everyone is willing to accept this “False Reality,” as we see a man and his young sister attempting to escape to Britannia. In shortThis girl died in a fire some time ago, but she’s here……………….. and not aging at all. So he thinks that they need to escape. But they’re caught by a Holy Knight attempting to leave. As per the laws of Camelot: Attempting to leave this world is an act of Treason, and all caught in the act are sent to “The Cauldron Of Annwfyn.” But thankfully for this guy, help arrives in the form of Anghalad of The Four Knights of The Apocalypse Percival’s Group. She asks this Chaos Knight where the dungeon is and how to escape it, but he refuses to answer- and is sent to the ground. Oh, and Silvan is a Pegasus now. 

Chapter 132: “The Resisters

The man is sceptical of trusting Anne at first, but she explains Annwfyn’s Cauldron is a place known only to those who question or try to leave Camelot. A friend of hers is there, and she’s trying to set them free. So they go back to this guy’s house- let’s call him “Earl.” He asks Anne if they’re really going to destroy Camelot, to which she says that it’s a necessity if they are to save Britannia. Earl’s mother is there, so he asks her to take he and his sister to Britannia. Anne agrees to taking Earlbut his sister- we’ll call “Jane-“ was born here and must stay. They argue about it for a minute before being interrupted by a Chaos Monster’s attack. They hop on Silvan and start running, but Silvan can’t fly without some magic carrots she has in her bag. And her magic won’t work on anything that doesn’t comprehend speech. Fortunately, she has the Next best Thing

Strong Allies.

Donny shows off how much he’s grown in the last 2 years by halting the Chaos Beast- and lifting a mass of land for all of them to float on. Earl asks if they’ll be able to get back to Britannia through the strange wormholes at the edge of Camelot. But Donny explains that these “Chaos Holes” are randomly connected to different spots in Camelot itself vs taking them back to Britannia directlyBut they can’t go any further with the Explanation because Beltreipe is there to engage them in battle.

Closing Thoughts

The Seven Deadly Sins……………. Are In Fact BEHEMOTHS of strength; they are Titans amongst Ants, to be quite honest with you. I just want to say that now. And………. am of the mindset that Ban is the strongest of the Sins right now. Escanor is no longer(his exit from life being F*CKING BUTCHERED in the anime); we don’t know where Merlin is; Diane as a Giant possess the highest physical strength of any of Sins, but……….. she’s not all that strong in other areas- and King is the reverse of that; Meliodas is the most balanced, but after all that time in Purgatory- Ban definitely stands above the rest. How much is subjective. But what I’m getting at is that Arthur gave strict orders not to engage them for a good f*ckin’ reason. He knows well that- should they assemble– even he couldn’t take them all. I mean, just look at what fighting Meliodas and Lance(who was stated to be around their power) did. And he didn’t know what kind of conflict would bring them together again. Now because of Ironside, he might have just gotten things started. That’s………… likely not the prophecy that Guinevere told him about, but………… he might be missing something the next time we see him. That or he’ll be “super dutiful” and not engage with the Sins any longer…………..

Speaking of that prophecy: He’s going to die in Diodra’s arms. And Percy told Percival that he has a “Duty To Punish Ironside.” Percival………….. is coming back at some point. Maybe not in the next 5 chapters- and heck, maybe not even 10– but he will be back. The only question I have about it would probably be “What will he be like?” Because he………. was subjected to The Ultimate Surprise just before going to a realm beyond anything any mortal should ever be able to comprehend, let alone go to. He left for that realm with Percy because his life has caused everyone he’s ever cared about Despair(or so he perceives it), and wanted to spare who he could. That being said, though; 2 years away in………… who knows where and away from the conflict can bring a new kind of “clarity” to someone. As such, I think that Percival will come back, realizing something he otherwise missed. Like; if Percy is a manifestation the Life Spirit within him, then…………….. what is “Percival?” I don’t think that “Percival” is a Life Spirit………… exactly. 

Think back to when Percy was explaining the situation to Percival back in chapter 117: He said that Percival gained “emotions a spirit shouldn’t have-” he explained it as if Percival forgot. But if he shouldn’t HAVE them, then he wouldn’t have developed them; I don’t think someone can just “grow” emotions like that. And then going back to Percival’s origin story in 127, we learn that the baby Ironside took to be Diodra’s vessel was dead– his soul not anchored to this world by memories or regrets. I’m kind of just making this up as I talk, but I think it’s less like “Percival Is A Life Spirit The Obtained Consciousness” and more like………….. An Artificial Entity Made When A Life Spirit Was Put In A Body.Life Spirits Bring Glory To All Worlds- But Also Death;” I think that the “Glory” that they bring is supposed to be “Life.” Ironside putting a Life Spirit in the body brought it back to life as he had planned, but it ended up making a whole new soul to inhabit the body. In shortPercival is something of a Jinchuriki- sharing his body with a Life Spirit as opposed it being “sealed” within him. 

Percival is the “life” that was brought to that body by the Life Spirit, and Percy is that Life Spirit. An outcome neither Ironside nor even Percy were expecting. That’s “What He Is,” but how does he come back? Well………. I don’t know if his body is decaying wherever it’s buried, and I’m not sure how his magic is at restoring a rotting carcass. So I’m not sure if that body is even going to be usable. So they’d have to find another, somewhat identical body for him to inhabit. And that’s even depending on how he returns to this plain of existence. It could be via Thetis or even Merlin making an “Artificial body” for him to inhabit, or he might be able to repair his old body. Who knows. I’ve gone so far off the rails with what I wanted to say that I kind of just want to go to the next point. And that would be Guin’s new vision of the future.

Liones in Ruins; Arthur and the Four Perils standing against 5 of the Seven Deadly Sins; a burst of light in the shape of Goddess clan wings; and Ban killed by a spear. Lance used a spear in the one shot just before the sequel series got going. AND he’s looking for the Giant Craftsmen Dubs, who made the Sins Sacred Treasures. AND he “obtained power equal to that of the Seven Deadly Sins” while on his adventure with Jericho. AND it’s been 2 years. I’m sorry, but I think that Lance will be killing his dad at some point. Or, well; that’s at least the future that Guin sees. And as she told Arthur: “Defying Fate Comes At A Great Price.” Will she be willing- or even able– to pay that price? Well………….. it might………… depend on the context. Well, not really, but there’s no better time to discuss a certain idea I had looking at the cover page when the Four Knights came together. In short: The Knights Of The Apocalypse vs The Seven Deadly Sins. I mean, there’s only of em, now, but…………… Galand and Melascula. I wouldn’t be surprised if we………… got…………… It’s going to be Chaos Escanor, but I am now left questioning whether it’ll be “Chaos Jade,” or if Suzuki Sensei plans to use it as the opportunity to bring back Percival. 

It makes logical sense: 

  1. It’ll mess them up mentally having remaining Knights Of The Apocalypse and Deadly Sins facing off against their “Treasured Companions” who died in the line of duty protecting them. They might have more “freedom” in comparison to Galland and Melascula. 
  2. He’s having trouble find strong allies now, so he might as well use the Fundamental Force that controls the Universe to reach into the past and revive some strong people. AND they’re of the same rank as the strongest forces on the opposing side. 

But in any caseFought Knights vs Deadly Sins. Why? Simply put, they’re meant to “Destroy The World.” Meliodas says that the “world” in question is Camelot, but………. Camelot is made of Britannia; for having the power of Chaos, he isn’t making this sh!t out of thin air. So in Destroying Camelot– it might be that the land won’t return to Britannia, but completely disappear. Thus: “Destroyed The World-” at the very least part of it. Will that bring them to blows with the Sins, though? Because if there’s just “no way” to get it al back, then I imagine the Sins will put their faith in the Knights and let them fulfill this property. But at the same time; we must remember everything that happened towards the end of the original series- all the “twists” that came up towards the end that- looking back at it– KIND OF exists to set up this series. Elizabeth’s curse still being in effect; the reveal of “Demon King” Zeldris;” Merlin’s plot with Arthurall of that. And now he’s here in the story he really wanted to make(the original series was always meant as a prequel, but went on longer than he had expected), so any “twists” he has planned are………………. wellPLANNED. 

I don’t know how well it’ll go over with the fan base, but in short: It might be that the Knights who know and even attempt to explain that Britannia can’t be fixed against the Sins who “believe” there’s another way. And while the Sins put their trust in the Knights- they still want to fix everything. And they come to blows over what to do in this situation. I had another idea, but as soon as I stopped to think about it, I realized that there’s just no way in h#ll that scenario would come to pass. And even that first one is debatable looking at it now. In which case, i really have no idea how that would ever come Just got it. Rather than destroying Camelot and risking losing everything for good– the Knights suggest that they………… keep going, bringing more and more of Britannia over to Camelot and just living there after defeating Arthur and his lackeys. I don’t know what the sins would have against that, though; maybe the “nature” of the dimension or something? Ah…………… I got nothin’. Meaning it probably won’t happen……………..

Which makes me wonder what scenario would even lead Lance to killing his own father. I know from a little bit of research that Lancelot ends up killing Elaine or something in the original story, so……………. maybe some “quirk of fate” brought on by Arthur’s actions? Or perhaps there’s more to this story in that scene than we’ve scene. That’s certainly the case, but the fact that we don’t see Ban’s eyes or even Lance’s face is telling of something going on. Heck, it might not even be Tristan’s wings growing that big in that scene. Okay, I’m rambling, let’s wrap this up………….


That’s………….. Everything. Um……………new chapter will be out next week from when you’re seeing this(Thursday, January 11, 2024, around 4:36 pm). So……………. yeah. Not gonna wait on it, I’m just gonna put this one out already. Ah……… next up will definitely be the Chainsaw Man dump, and then I’ll “retreat” for a minute to work on a few posts. But you’ll definitely be seeing me again sooner rather than later, I’m willing to bet. That said, the Pecharunt event is going on in Scarlet and Violet right now, on top of other games and books I want to get to. Almost a full Otaku at this point; if I didn’t go out on walks every now and then, I’d probably have been one sooner. Ah…………. I’m done. Have a nice one, boys and girls. 

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