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Chainsaw Man Chapter 145 SHORT REVIEW

Of the 3 series that BOMB me in the middle of the week– this week’s chapter of “Chainsaw Man” is…………. definitely NOT the best this time. SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT- but not much. I hear people say that “Part 2 is boring” and stuff like that. Not…………… EXACTLY wrong. I can kind of see where people are getting bored and wondering when we’re gonna- you know– “get on with it.” I have to admit, I’m not exactly sure what the end goal of having all these factions really is, but it’s not like I hate it or anything. But maybe Fujimoto needs to do whatever he’s going to do before things get………. Bad. Though with what’s happening in this chapter, I guess we just got rid of 1 group. You’ll see what I mean in a second. Chainsaw Man Chapter 145: “Kumbaya.” Creepiest. Delivery Of That Song. EVER. 

The Justice Devil

This chapter reveals to us that the Justice Devil was Falling’s Customer– the one she was trying to feed Asa to! I did NOT see that coming. But what’s more; it also reveals that the contracts made by characters like the Class President in chapter 98 and Yuko- were NOT with the Justice Devil. The Church Followers had made contracts with it, but even after it was killed by Falling– those contracts should have been null and void. But the guy last chapter said he was contracted with it. Or rather- with a Devil claiming to be the Justice Devil. So the question becomesWho Were They All Making Contracts With? Occam’s Razor Says “The Simplest Answer Often The Right One.” So MY “simple answer:” The Fear King, getting ready for something……………

This might tie into an idea that people are talking about in regards to Black Clover. People looking at the inspirations behind that series- specifically the Supreme Devil of The Second Gate Devil, Adrammelech- have come up with the theory that Adrammelech will(MAJOR POTENTIAL SPOILERS  For Yuki Tabata’s Black Clover Manga Series) somehow betray the Main Antagonist Lucius Zogratis and become the Final Villain in his stead- by somehow having Devils possess Human bodies. The idea is that it would tie into Adrammelech’s Christian Mythological origins in which he is the Supervisor of Satan’s Wardrobe. What I’m thinking is that Fujimoto is taking cues from Tabata and is looking into this kind of thing for his story as well. In the sense that the Fear King might be- as I speculated last time- might be taking their Humanity; the reason they become Devils is because he takes their bodies and their sanity, leaving them as crazed monsters

The reason behind it might to give these new bodies out to the Devils, letting them possess Human bodies and they can all become Fiends. Why? Maybe because H#ll is……….. ridiculously unpleasant? Though it’s really only like that because the Primal Fears are so bored with their lives that they take enjoyment in tormenting everyone beneath them- which is pretty much everyone. I’m not entirely sure why the Fear King would be doing this, but I think this is what Fujimoto intends for this series. Perhaps he has a few “Knights” at his beck and call already– A few Fiends loyal to him ready to fight the forces conspiring against him.

The War Duo Captured

Welp, the War Duo’s now with Public Safety Devil Extermination. Me no think Fami’s gonna be all too happy ’bout that. She TOLD Yoshida she gives not a f*ck if her identity is exposed- it’s not as if anyone can do anything about with Falling at her beck and call. So if it comes down to it- she’ll come and save her little sister. But rather than go to war and……… well, Win; why not use every resource at her disposal to make sure that the Fear King never comes? Why work against Public Safety when they’re goals align? Even if she isn’t telling them the whole truth, she DID get the War Duo on board with the Chainsaw Man Church by telling them they could help Chainsaw Man live a normal life. And Public Safety is trying to help Denji live a normal life. AND the goal of stopping Nostradamus’ prophecy! Their goals are Aligned……… somewhat. 

So if Fami tells them that the War Duo might have the power necessary to stop whatever’s coming, then they may just scrap the Church altogether; Suicide Squad the weapons that joined the Church; and work in unison to both give Denji and Normal Life and stop the Fear King. Yeah, that sounds about right. 


And That’s All 3. Man, I can’t believe I managed to do 3 “Short Reviews” back to back like this. I must be getting better at this!! Don’t know what that says about my schedule, but I’ll take it if it means that I can work on posts faster like this! Now if ONLY my Work Schedule permitted me the time I need to make the Full Thing. The fact that I’m getting better at ANYTHING regarding this blog is a fre@kin’ miracle. Welp; guess I’ll get to work on that One Piece review as I can before my computer needs to charge. ‘Til next time, my duckies; let me know what you guys think, and have a Magical Day!! 

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