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Manga Chapter REVIEW Dump Post #30: Awful BUSY For A “Hiatus…………..”

I’m not even kidding with that; I have more posts I working on now than when I was working! I just finished the Black Clover 369 review and have that ready for editing when the chapter officially releases on Christmas(My Christmas Present To All Of You), and am currently working on the Boruto review- not to mention a “Anime Analysis” type of post I’m working on, AND a One Piece Dump Post. That’s not even to mention catching everyone up to speed with Four Knights and Chainsaw Man. I think when I finish the Shueisha series, I’ll hold off and add in the Kodansha’s just to round this out. Weekly Shonen Jump Will Be On Break Next Week, so…….. SOME reprieve, I guess. Maybe I’ll be able to put out that Boruto post before the end of the year! Heck; funnily enough, I initially read it without having too much to say. Then I thought about it a little bit and………… now I got a LOT to say; more so than I ended up having for Black CloverMe and my desire to be a story analyst. Ah, whatever.  

And yeah; it’s actually been a minute since I talked about Chainsaw Man and Four Knights– they’re usually the ones who benefit the most from the new Short Review format. Vs series like Edens Zero, One Piece, My Hero Academia, and Boruto who have so much content its hard to keep track of, which is how I started making notes of things I wanted to say about each chapter. I have a rule I follow: If it’s more than 3 points- Full ReviewAnything Less– Short. It’s made this whole thing a little bit easier. Then of course there was my IRRADIC work schedule to deal with, but that’s no longer a problem. Oh, and did I mention that Dragon Ball Super is gonna be a part of this. Man oh MAN do I not care for this DUMB @$$ Movie Retelling!! I didn’t even read last month’s chapter, honestly; skipped it completely. And have No Intention of going back to read it. 

Just………….. between the announcement of Daima(which is another post that I need to get to work on) and a movie retelling; I just haven’t been……………… “intoSuper like that these days. I already said that I stopped buying the volumes, so the next step after that is refusing to cover the manga altogether. REALLY don’t want to do that, but unless I see improvement to the writing quality- it has to be done. It’s the only way they’ll learn that they need to make some serious changes. But until then, I guess I’ll keep talking about it. And heck, there’s some kind of teaser for events AFTER the movie involving that Carmine guy. So……… maybe a sequel to the Prequel stuff? Or maybe a little “side adventure” involving Pan in some capacity? Not like it matters. Ugh…………. I just want to get into the post while I’m still ahead. Let’s begin. 

Chainsaw Man Chapter 151: “The Return Of Chainsaw Man

Whip Girl manages to kill all the Public Safety Grunts except for Fumiko, who Spear Man and Sugo take as a hostage. Denji asks why they’re doing this, and they say that it’s “the key to saving the world-” the only thing Denji has to do now is get angry and kill them! Denji calls them INSANE hearing all this, and Nayuta puts her chains on Flamethrower, ordering him to bite his tongue off and die. But, uh…………… be it because they’re still under Makima’s control, or some other thing going on; Nayuta cannot take control of Flamethrower. He grabs Nayuta by the throat, threatening to kill her if Denji moves. He starts going on about how the “Makima Could Have Used Chainsaw Man’s powers to defeat the Death Devil,” and how Denji’s been “hogging all the peace” that Makima promised them, and that setting fire to his home and his pets is his punishment. Nayuta takes control of a Public Safety Nobody and has him shoot FT’s hand, freeing herself. 

Denji moves for his starter, and is about to pull, but freezes– recalling what Yoshida said Public Safety would do if he became Chainsaw Man again. And then- he sees his beloved pet Pochita in front of the flames, cheering him on. He starts his Engine, and becomes Chainsaw Man once again- just like he wanted. This……….. this chapter makes more sense when you have the context of the last 3 chapters. My brother described part 2 as “Sh!t Happening The Manga,” and- he’s Not Wrong; I don’t know where Fujimoto is doing with this series right now, but………. I feel like a certain Best Girl is going to be needed backing them right now. Although he already has his hands full with Nayuta, and he’s now the older brother; I can’t even imagine what life with her again would be like…………….

One Piece Chapter 1,102: “Kuma’s Life

Having set out to sea in search of her father, Bonney and her crew arrive on some island, having built up a reputation of leaving “injured children and elderly” everywhere they go(not knowing about her Devil fruit powers). The Marines are there waiting for them, but find themselves like those unfortunate enough cross swords with them. Kuma was in fact on the island, but due to his agreement with the World Government(being too deep in to go back now)- he warps away before ever meeting with Bonney. Sad. But Bonney figures that- if this is going to take a minute- they might as well go in search of the Sun God- it’ll make an “interesting story” to tell Kuma when she sees him again. Speaking Of The Nika: This is around the time that Luffy is issued his first bounty, making his presence known to the world. Hearing this, Dragon decides to head of to Louge Town for a minute………….

Egghead Island, New World: Kuma returns to see all of his clones! He is unsettled by it, but is brought back to reality when he Stellapunk starts talking about the “Kid Who Declared War On The World At Enies Lobby.” Since Vegapunk’s gonna be looking into his memories, Kuma decides to let Vegapunk in on the fact that he’s Dragon’s son, finding the concept of a Rubber man going against the world kind of like Nika. He’s going to see Gear 5th on Egghead, isn’t he? Anyway: Kuma’s perspective at Thriller Bark shows that he thinks that even he himself would be out like a light if he took all of Luffy’s pain. Sabaody: He gets the call that all the Warlord’s need to come to HQ to prepare for War with Whitebeard. But he pops over to the Archipelago to see his daughter eating- one last time. Then of course Luffy clocks Charlos- something nobody’s ever be able to do for hundreds of years. It’s THIS moment where Kuma thinks: “This Kid Might Be Able To Do It.” So he throws the Straw Hat’s a Bone– and saves the Straw Hat’s by sending them off.

Egghead Island, New World: St Saturn orders Vegapunk to- on top of taking his free will– to put a Self Destruct device in his chest. So, uh……… That’s what’s going to happen to Egghead at the end of this. But back to the flashback; Stellapunk wants to negotiate to at least let Kuma have some consciousness- just……….. make his humanity an “alternate personality” or something. But this is God he’s talking to; there’s no “negotiation” to be had now that he’s given the order. Kuma overheard the conversation, and thanks Vegapunk for his concern. The First Mission After The Full ErasureMarineford War- complete with a force of Pacifista’s raring to go. But Kuma has just 1 Final Request: That Straw Hat Luffy’s actions moved him; it’s so reminiscent of Nika that he feels like he might actually change the world. So– his last act in protect Luffy and his friends- He Asks That Vegapunk program him to Protect The Thousand Sunny. The origins of THAT. 

As part of the deal, Kuma pushes out a copy of his memories in a paw bubble; it’s only a copy, and it’ll disappear when someone touches it. It’s fine, though, as he made a device to peer in without touching it. This is it; all the memories flash before his eyes, as Stellapunk struggles to pull the lever. But to make this Emotional Onslaught WORSE- he thanks Vegapunk for curing Bonney. And asks him to wish her- 

A Very Happy 10th Birthday.

So……………. There’s a bomb on the way to Egghead; an action that is literally going to blow up in Saturn’s raggedy face. He’ll sur…………… He’s Going To Die Here, and Luffy will be charged with Killing a Gorosei. If that don’t put him at 5 Billion- Nothing Will. Probably NOT; Saturn probably isn’t gonna die here, but………….. that WOULD be the ultimate example of “Comeuppance………” And a pretty big handicap for the World Government– losing their Top Scientist AND the head of the Science Division all at once! Major win for the Good Guys, though. 

My Hero Academia Chapter 410: “Farewell, All For One!!” 

There are moments in a lot of stories that “stoke” the fanbase into action; moments that………… catch everyone’s attention. And…………. not every time………….. is that a Good thing. Because it gets the worst kind of attention. People who DON’T like the series using it as the “Prime Example” of why it’s “Mid,” and those who don’t read it and thus have no context as to what’s going on using it as an excuse to never pick it up. Then there are the fans who’ve been reading for a long time and have a legitimate “gripe” with the series when it does something like that. That’s not me. No am I the other 2. I’m the type that just like to See The World BURN.enjoy moments like this because- when stans of the story in question try to talk trash about another series- when they just offhandedly says something like “EdEnS zErO iS mId In CoMpArIsOn,” trying to take shots at another series for some reason instead of just enjoying what they’re reading- It’s Moments Like THIS That You Can Point To To Make Them Shut Up. And we’ve FINALLY reached THAT point. 

There’s a reason I’m not seeing very many Demon Slayer fans on Twitter. And it has to do with one of the panels in the last handful of chapters. A Panel that Horikoshi has replicated with this chapter. Ladies And Gentlemen, I present to You: 

Another Big Baby.

Honestly, I’m not sure how this scene will be perceived when all is said and done; I just know that the Giant Baby scene is one of the most hated moments in the entire Demon Slayer manga. Which I don’t TOTALLY get: I mean- laughed when it debuted, but on the whole it’s nothing that “contradicts” anything in that manga because…………. I mean; he WAS just a giant baby at the end of the day- it was more like a “True Form” reveal that spitting in the face of anything set up in the story. And here, All For One’s just reaching…………. the end of Plotline he made. Is it NOT a logic problem? Is there just something inherently bad about boiling down the villain of any story to “Overgrown Baby?” ‘Cause I wasn’t fond of the Villains Flanderization, either. So if it’s like that, then my point still stands: One of The Worst Panels In The Series. I think the banner should be those 2 panels…………..

CHAPTER ITSELF: Bakugo’s last attack finally regressed All For One back into a baby, who’s reduced to crawling over to Tomura before he’s “unborn.” But implies………… that his Vestige Proper………. still has an Ace up his sleeve that……….. that he can use…………. if he……….. gets…………. over…………. there………………. We’re not done with this sh!thead, are we? Godd@mn it. Then he starts going on about how he wanted to be the Villain because the bad things “always stick out more than the good,” so ruining everyone’s futures would ensure he stays in the minds of everyone forever. But that’s all in his head because he no longer has fully developed Vocal Cords. Meanwhile, Bakugo’s about to fall– no blood left; a busted arm; a body in shambles from his own quirk; to a lesser extent, just plain drenched in SWEAT; wounds probably infected n’ sh!t- just……………….. nothing left in the tank but his will. And with All For One about to unbirth, it doesn’t seem like it matters whether he’s conscious or not. 

Except For His “Perfect Victory.”

And the COOLEST Victory- as he told Kirishima- is when “Standing Through Anything.” So right when he’s about to pass the f*ck out- he plants his foot in the ground, and stands over All For Nothing in triumph. All For One tries to muck it up, but……………. that ends up speeding up the process one last time. And- like the wailing infant that he is– starts WHINING about how “This Isn’t The End!” and “I Hate It!” Moreover; the quirks he has been stealing all this time start to dissipate, vanishing altogether. But sadly Bakugo never got the chance to pull off All Might’s “Victory” pose. Then a flashback to a few days before Final War: The plan is to keep Tomura in UA until they’ve won; Tomura’s not out to win- he’s out to Destroy, and thus would go straight to dusting everything rather than fight them directly. But as you know he got loose. And true enough, he went right for “Decay-“ focusing the effect down deep rather than a “surface dusting,” causing arguably more, irreparable damage than before. And says that he might be able to take out the whole country if given a week. 

Izuku’s to the point where he can run “Gear Shift,” “Fa Jin,” and “Danger Sense” in parallel to stay on the defensive, but, uh……… With All For One gonzo and Bakugo having gotten his body accustomed at fighting at this speed– he’s just learned a TRICK: Rather than try to take “One For All” itself all at once and risk failure- he’s gonna be taking this thing piece by piece, starting with that preciousDanger Sense” of his!! Deku was so worried about getting decayed that he forgot about “All For One” the quirk, didn’t heHow come All For Nothing never thought of doing that trying to be greedy. This is why Tomura’s the Better Villain; always learning from his mistakes and Evolving, rather than talking. Shame the series he’s in didn’t let him stay in the spotlight……………………. 

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 100: “Burst Forth- Light Of Death!

Everything from Piccolo pinning down Cell Max to the end of the movie, except Cell Max fights back a little and throws a ki blast to counter the Special Beam Cannon, and we see that Carmine is saying to regroup at Red Pharmaceuticals. Good art from Toyotaro, with some very nice colored pages to open it up, but………… still just a Retelling. And they once again wuss out on giving us Adult(more accurately “Teen”) Gotenks. So……… yeah. New arc time? Or are we wrapping things up with Carmine? Because the editor’s notes in the Japanese release of the chapter tells us that “The Super Hero’s Story isn’t Over Yet!” So………. more of this3 chapters like the prequel? Or are we gonna do a full arc JUST BEFORE we come to the End of ZEh, some combo of both; I think Toriyama and everyone involved is just gonna let Toyotaro do whatever at this point- I think all the attention is now on Daima as far “Marketing” goes. Though they’re likely gonna have to come back to it when “Daima” is over; they actually seem to have a Game plan with that one……………..

Edens Zero Chapter 269: “Swords Dance

Witch has defeated Wizardgiving her approval for the Emergency Shut down code to Hermit- leaving only Valkyrie to give her approval. But she’s still busy with Brigadine.  And anyone who can help her is stuck dealing with Acnoella and her Dragons. Homura is confined to a Starfighter for this battle, besides to gamble on a Theory that Hermit had: “One Can Theoretically Survive Any Environment With Overdrive.” So she takes her Overdrive and dives into battle with Acnoella. And Valkyrie- not wanting to look bad in front of her pupil- re-enters her battle with “Renewed Vigor.” Homura cuts through every Dragon sent her way, vowing to slay Acnoella before her Overdrive ends. She reminds Noella of who she was before all of this, and- simultaneously with Valkyrie- uses “Dragon Flash” to end the fight. 

Valkyrie takes Homura back to her Starfighter, and gives her approval to Hermit. The Edens Zero Shuts Down. The only 2 left are Killer and Cure, so……….. let’s see who comes where. Man; where is Cure right now? Eh, maybe he’ll be a Kris/Kleene enemy. Shiki’s on the way to Mother; I feel like Mashima might be dragging with this one, folks. I don’t know what he’s building up to right now, but I’m starting to feel like we need to “get there” sooner rather than later. Even though I’m curious what Weisz plans on doing against Killer on Digitalis. Now that I think about, Kris and Kleene are the only one’s who haven’t had a straight up battle thus far. Them and Rebecca, but I get the feeling she’s going to be getting one very soon………….. Oh; and the colored cover page of chapter 266 is going to be the cover of Volume 30. Mashima apparently did this with a Volume of “Fairy Tail” as well, so he’s probably not just being lazy. Though…………. Not like it’s my FAVORITE Color page he’s drawn for this series………… 

Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 133: “Bisection

It’s been a while since I last talked about this one; a whole Time Skip occurred and some things have been going on since the end of Part 1. Just know: Anne and Donny are in Camelot and about to face off with one of the Four Perils Of Camelot. Donny and Anne stand face to face with Beltreipe- The Green Knight of The Four Perils. Donny throws some rocks at him, but…….. no dice. And then a whole “Philosophy Debate” about “An Abstract Hope That’ll Never Come To Pass vs The Happiness Presented Right There Before Your Eyes.” Donny refuses to listen, but the Four Perils are beyond them at the moment, so they’re almost cleaved in twain. Fortunately they have an ally in the form of Seven Deadly Sins- Goat Sin Of Lust: Gowther, who makes Beltreipe think he killed those 2- sacrificing himself in their stead. But he’s a Living Doll so he’s not actually dead. 

The attack did also smash the platform Donny had them on, sending them into the Chaos Holes– wormholes that connect randomly to other spots in Camelot. But Beltreipe lets them know before they fall that- wherever the end up– there’s someone waiting on the other side ready for battle. It feels like- of ALL the series I talk about- this one catches the, uh…………. it gets the LEAST of any series I cover; it’s probably part of more Dumps than it is a solo review- let alone a Full one!! I’m gonna do a “Dump” review for the series at some point in the near future, don’t you worry– but…….. I REALLY gotta think about how I’m going to give this series the time it deserves. Because it is good series. And I do want to talk about this series more. I SAY that- having 2 other longer and more “involved” series to discuss right now. I’ll let you know nowThey are NOT coming out before the end of the year. This is likely the last post you’ll be seeing from me for the year of 2023. “A perfect summation of the year,” I guess………….


This The Final Post You’ll See From Me For The Year Of 2023.

It REALLY does suck that this is how I close out this year of my blog. But…………… all outta time. Maybe if I hadn’t taken yesterday(This Post wrapping up Saturday, December 30th, 2023, around 2:23 pm) to watch “Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End,” then I’d have been able to finish that “Boruto” review. But I did. And I DO NOT regret it; I’m liking what I’m seeing from that series right now. If I can get back to watching it before I lose forget everything from the first 4-5 episodes, then it should be okay. Will I talk about it in the futureWhen I find the time, maybe. I’m working on Boruto chapter 5, a One Piece Dump post, this thing- ANOTHER thing- maybe 1 other thing, and Dead Rock chapter 7 is already leaking!! BUT I’M ON HIATUS!!! So all posts will come out in their OWN time; I’m not rushing anything out to meet self -appointed “deadlines” right now. 

Ah man; what’s the last thing I want to say to you guys this year? Hm………….. There’s a lot of talk of this “Year Of The Dragon” on the Chinese Zodiac; people talking about One Piece and various “Dragons” making major moves, along with the Monsters One shot being animated on Netflix. Ah………… You know what? I’m not gonna stress about it. I’m at the point with all these that I’m like “Just finish the posts and put it out already.” There’s so much content to all of them that it’d be a waste to delete them right now. So instead

Happy New Year, Everybody.

Thank you all for supporting me this year. I hope you continue on this adventure with me into the New Year. I love you all. Take care of yourselves and Each Other. Laters. 

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