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The Nightmarish Truth! Black Clover Chapter 347 BREAKDOWN

You wanna know something? Because of the Holiday’s and Jump’s erratic release around this time of year, my usual site TCBScan’s didn’t translate and post the chapters. Though for whatever reason their site hasn’t been working for me- asking me if I’m a Robot and all that other sh!t, forcing me to high key abandon that site the same way I did Mangafreak a few years ago.do go back to Mangafreak now, though- I will for them, too. But that’s just me being upset- it has nothing to do with the topic at hand. The point IS: I didn’t get t do the regular thing- the New Thing. It wasn’t just them, though; my work schedule added more hours, too. 

As a result, any images used in this post- and the My Hero post- will be from the Official release. Which is fine- I just kind of like TCBScan’s images more; they make for good editing. But yeah, there’s that. On another note: Ichika Is The TRUE Itachi Fan. Tabata bait-and-switched us, guys! Though in her case; it was less of had “Had No Choice” and more like……… Well, you’ll see. Black Clover Chapter 347: “Truth In The Lie.” Let’s Begin……


After having torn apart the 5 Headed Dragon of Hino-Country myth; the Ryuuzen turn their attention towards Lucius followers. Ichika plans to end this fight without even needing Asta’s help. But Sister Lily has other ideas. By combining her Spatial Magic with Heath’s Ice, they use “Endless Ice Fangs” to attack on the Ryuuzen simultaneously. Only Ichika and Kezokaku are able to stand after this attack, but Yrul has them covered. Whereas Vetto took on traits of different Beasts; Yrul’s Magic lets him summon them. Such as “Boogeyman-” a Mythical Beast that taps into your memories and fears, and makes them physical. 

Kezokaku’s Fear: A Giant Toad. She’s out of it. As for Ichika- she is confronted by her Father. She thinks that she’s strong enough to finally stand up to him, but…….. she has some Interesting flashbacks. She remembers seeing her father, drinking and complaining about not having a War to fight in. She sees him trying to rally the Yami clan against the Ryudo clan. Him offering her older brother some strange pill- a “Demon Soul Pill” that’ll bring out more yoryoku and amp up bloodlust. Sukehiro declines, so he force-feeds it to Ichika. 

The next thing she knows: People are running away from her; her brother shaking like a leaf; bloody, lifeless bodies; and her father actually being proud of her. She finally remembers EverythingSHE was the one who slayed her clan, and Yami and Ryuya hid the truth from her. The knowledge that she misplaced her hatred shakes her to her core so much that she can’t fight properly……

As Ichika is beaten back by her father, the other Ryuuzen stand back up- vowing to protect their homeland with all they’ve got. Sister Lily responds: “It’s all right….. Master Lucius will give you True Happiness and Peace As Well, later on. And so, For Now- Rest In Peace.” The 5 Headed Dragon fully recovers, gettin back each head that was lost or tore up in the battle. But Ichika can only focus on her lack of strength…….. on the fact that she still isn’t strong enough to defeat her father…….. that she no longer has someone to save her. Or so she thinks. Asta has arrived in Devil Union, and stops Ichika’s dad from attacking her further. And THAT is where we leave “Black Clover” for this week! I didn’t just want to say “Black Clover Chapter 347 END!” ’cause that would feel too jarring, but I also felt like that was the appropriate place to stop. 


Okay, not gonna lie; I’ve been working the past few days. So I’ve been a little “off” with these posts- I haven’t been able to work “all the way through” like I used to. Heck, I’ve been forgetting to charge my computer, resulting in less time working on this in the first place. I have the chapter pulled up on another tab for reference for this part; I want to make sure that I talk about as much as I can. That said, I don’t really know what to talk about first or how to get to it. I talked a lot about Yrul’s magic in the last post, so I guess let’s start with that. 

He controls the Mythical beast; they’re like Familiars, I guess. Such as BogeymanThough…….. does his Magic create these beasts- making them more akin to Stands or something, or did they already exist and he just used his Magic to bring them under his control? The latter applies to the Hydra, but is that the case for Bogeyman? Is this the real, genuine BOGEYMAN that hides under kids beds? I feel like- because of the Hydra- it kind of has to be. But then; when would Yrul have gone to tame this thing? And now, looking at Bogeyman; I’m starting to wonder if this was a power Yrul had as a Human, or something he attained by becoming a Paladin. Who the f*ck WAS this guy? Whatever the case; I’m starting to wonder if Yrul’s Beast Magic let’s him “tame” Devils. ‘Cause this thing looks like a Devil. A Low Ranking one, to be exact. 

Vetto was able to use a Spell spoken in Devil tongue in chapter 68(may or may not have been a type of Forbidden magic, based on what the story has told us), so Devil’s count as a type of “Mythical Beast.” So this may be a Devil that Lucius allows to stick around- like Adramalech. Probably sees them the same way, too- a “Devil On A Leash.” Though he won’t say that to Adramelech’s face. I just like that name; it’s fun to say! “Adramelech, Adramelech, Adramelech, Adramelech.” Hahahaha!! 

IN ANY CASE: We know that this could either be a Yrul thing or the Devil that was used to turn him into a Paladin- as Heath is show to have his same Ice magic(on a stronger scale) and Sister Lily- according to Ryu- has BOTH her Water Magic and Beelzebub’s Spatial Magic. As interesting as it would be that a Devil has the power to tame other Devils; I’m gonna say that it’s Yrul’s innate magic. Which begs the question of what the Devil that was used on him could do? Or what can Heath’s Devil do? I don’t think that we’ll be getting to see a lot of what they can do right now against Asta- they’ll probably end up retreating because of Lily. But I hope we at least see the secondary type of Heath and Yrul. 

MAIN PART: Ichika. Ichika is the True “Itachi” of this story. Like, right down to the context of the story. You haver her dad acting like a brutish, battle hungry version of Sasuke’s father Fugaku(Wow, I remembered that), trying to rally the entire clan against a society/ clan that pushed them to another section of the country all together. The only difference is that what happened to the Uchiha was unjustified, done out of one man’s own paranoia and racism. Whereas the Yami clan………. wasn’t scr#wed over at ALL. Honestly, had it not been for him force feeding Ichika that pill; none of this would be going on. Sukehiro wouldn’t have ended up in the Clover Kingdom, thus preventing the Tree of Qliphoth from being created and stopping Lucius’ plans in their tracks. The TRUE “Main Antagonist” Of The Story, folks. 

Though Sukehiro’s not wholly innocent in all of this. I’m under the belief that Sukehiro killed his father after all of it- thus creating the scene Ichika saw when she regained consciousness. Looking at one of the shots in the chapter; it looks like she was fighting her father- resulting in getting injured and revealing us the scene of Ryuya holding her in his arms. And we do see Sukehiro with blood on his face and weapon in hand- laying over his father’s corpse. If I were to take a guess as to what happened: Their dad force fed Ichika the pill when Sukehiro rejected it. She went on a rampage and killed everyone in sight. Some probably tried to stop it and died in the process. On it went and she finally started attack her father when she started coming down. He was talking about how “proud” he was of her and all that, and that made her fight harder until she finally ran out of steam. 

One of 2 things happened

  1. He started spouting off about how “If she takes another pill, I bet she could kill that Ryuya brat, too!” And Sukehiro- seeing how dangerous it was for this guy to be around Ichika- decided to kill him. Ichika woke up as it happened, and she just thought he did it himself. Sukehiro was banished and ended up in the Clover Kingdom. 
  2. Their dad, seeing how quickly Ichika burned through that pill, decided that she wasn’t “worth giving another one if she wouldn’t last long enough” and was about to kill her. Sukehiro jumps in to save her, and a fight starts. He starts talkin’ sh!t like a drunkin’ b@stard, and……….. See 1. 

Ichika had blamed her brother for everything, but now that she knows the truth……… What’s their reunion going to be like? It may no longer be a look of “genuine hatred;” more like “I hate Clowns Like You” but she apologizes to Sukehiro for blaming him for everything- apologizes for being too weak and all that. He says something stupid- she threatens to kill him- Emotional speech- Warm Feels. You also have her wanting to apologize to Asta now, considering their little “Sparring Match” a few chapters ago. Now she’s a “Tough” one, so she’ll need a minute to find the right words for it and work up the nerve to say it, but she’ll apologize sooner rather than later. Though she probably still doesn’t like these goofy types…….. right? 

Okay, I’m sure you all know about the jokes popping up in the fandom about how Ichika is about to join Asta’s harem. I doubt it. At least, I kind of hope not. Just because she now realizes that her brother is innocent(ish) doesn’t mean she likes the kind of person he is. Aspects, maybe, but not the “Clown” aspects. Plus, this is the Final arc of the story- we can’t have a 5th or 6th choice as to who Asta ends up with. Though Tabata could pull a Xenoblade Chronicle 3 and have him end up with the Whole Bunch like Rex did. Yeah, my brothers showed me the, uh………. The Picture. D@mn, man; we all probably joke about it but to actually Go Through with it……… D@mn. But no; Asta probably won’t do that. That’d be f*cked up.

If anything; Ichika will stop seeing him as a “Pest” and more like……. well; first a friend. Being her “little brother” would require a little more time than what Tabata’s got. So probably just the apology and then they’ll go forward from there. What the h#ll does Liebe make of all of this? We’re not really getting a lot of dialogue from him. I think he’s had like 2 panels of dialogue since the series came back…………


Yeah, that’s about it. I could dive into the Frog and it’s connection to the Dark, thus meaning that Kezokaku is somewhat afraid of the dark(more so than your average person). But I’m not 100% on what the connection is- it’s just something I heard in a video talkin about battle against the Darkness Devil in Chainsaw Man. That’s pretty much all I wanted to say in regards to this week’s chapter. Let me know what you think in the comments- Remember: Stay Weird. Later. 

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