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The 4th Faction!! Boruto- Two Blue Vortex Chapter 4 BREAKDOWN

This started off a the Full Review for Chainsaw Man chapter 148. But as you read with my Hiatus announcementThings Have Changed. I at LEAST want to do review for this month’s “Boruto” chapter, if nothing else. I’ve been really into this series as of late- almost more than the original series. I know, I know: “BLASPHEMOUS BLASPHEMER FROM BEYOND THE STARS!!” But lookNaruto Next Generations was a C AVERAGE on its worst day, and a Low B- At its BEST. At least the manga; the anime I………… wouldn’t even call it a D+; it- much like Demon Slayer(to be entirely honest with you)- is carried by its impressive animation, specifically its Taijutsu/ Hand-To-Hand scenes. But it’s just so Filler Ridden that I can’t even bring myself to watch it the whole way through. And that’s coming from a guy who willingly Binged episodes of Pokemon: Johto League Champions, Pokemon Advanced, and Pokemon Advanced Challenge one summer just for sh!ts and giggles. I can watch a whole bunch of “Pokemon,” but struggle to get through episodes of the “Boruto” anime. That SAYS something.

But no; the manga I would give a Mild C Average to a Low B- for its story………………. and the art is like a High F. And I only GIVE IT such a High F out of respect for Ikemoto and his time as Kishimoto’s Assistant(He’s been working on the “Naruto” manga since volume 3). Seriously, those early chapters SUCKED. He’s gotten better, but still sucks. I honestly would have promoted Ikemoto to being the Writer(since Kishimoto is STILL only listed as the “Supervisor” despite SUPPOSEDLY coming back on after both the failure of “Samurai 8” and firing of Ukyo Kodachi for unprofessional behavior(not Sexual harassment; just being an @$$hole to everyone in the office))– letting him write the story and FINALLY give him credit. And for the Artist– for no real reason in particular other than the fact that I think his art skills are being wasted: Yuki Kawaguchi- the creator of the cancelled Hunters Guild: Red Hood, former assistant on My Hero Academia, and current assistant working on The Elusive Samurai following Hunters Guild’s cancellation. 

Say what you will about that manga– its “Meta” ending showing that he’s somewhat petty; the inaccurate way he depicted Werewolves in the story; it was “rushed” like Samurai 8(there’s a story behind that)- but one thing that everyone will agree on: The Art Was Fantastic; reminiscent of My Hero in so many ways. And while I’m glad he’s still working; I feel like he’d do better as at least the artist on another series. And I think this series DEFINITELY needs a really good artist to get people to give it a chance. A “Rebrand” alone cannot get people invested. But those are just my personal thoughts. And obviously I’m not a Business Man so I don’t know how getting him on board with that would turn out. Just a thought. And I am NOW 3 paragraphs in on this post and haven’t alluded to this chapter. Eh, not like there’s a set time for this to come out right now, nor do I have any idea of how to segue into the post. Ah………… Oh!! My Copy Of Naruto X Boruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm Connections arrived today when I’m writing this(Saturday, November 18th, 2023, 12:06 pm)!! So……… I’mma Play The Sh!t Out of THAT whenever I can. And hopefully I can. 

Okay; NOW we can get into this!! Boruto- Two Blue Vortex Chapter 4(Volume 1 should be announced shortly): “The Awakening.” I wonder if Volume 1 will contain this chapter, or if they’ll stick that Minato One Shot in there instead like they did with the Mitsuki one shot for Naruto Next Generations volume 1. Man, remember the art when we started? Compared to back then, Ikemoto has gotten WAY better. Still not where he should be having worked on this franchise for as long as he has, but even so; MILES beyond where he started. 


Picking up from the previous chapter: Code retreats from his assault on Konoha back to the place where Ten Tails is being kept. He begins to think about what Boruto was telling him- about things being “different” with the Ten Tails now that he’s made the Claw Grimes. But being the stories resident Moron he chooses to ignore the warnings. Thankfully, Boruto had time to attach a Tracking Toad to him- one that’s carrying………. something. The other toad on his shoulder tells him that they have to hurry, but Boruto asks that it be quiet so he could concentrate. And 1 2 3Boruto uses the Flying Raijin Jutsu and pops over to Code. And then ignores him completely because he’s still under the Uzuhiko’s effects. But when he goes to check on the Ten Tails, he finds that what remained was now Gone. 

The Toad that was with Code says that it was hear up until a minute ago; Code didn’t do anything, but there’s no corpse thing down there. And then– An Enemy appears. And it bares some resemblance to Bug. But Boruto explains that this look-a-like is something else– A Variant Of The Divine Tree. And while it looks like the otherwise cowardly Bug; it wastes no time in attacking Boruto with every intent on devouring him(PAUSE). Boruto uses a Lighting Release attack to get this freak off of him, but being a being made of chakra; it just forms a giant maw to try and eat him at a distance. Boruto once again uses the Flying Raijin to avoid the attack, warping back to Code who demands an explanation. But falls over from the Uzuhiko’s effects. So Boruto- needing help in this battle- deactivates the Uzuhiko and tells him to support him. Showing that he doesn’t even have enough respect for Code to continue treating him as the enemy when someone More Dangerous comes around. 

He explains that Bug- as well as others eaten and turned into Tree’s by the Claw Grimes. Which creates 3 more Divine Trees- one of which flying above them, and tells him that it’s “chakra” that has allowed them to gain “Ego.” Originally; the lives on the Earth would have their chakra sucked up and “downloaded” into the Chakra Fruit- such is the nature of the Divine Tree. But because of Code’s thoughtless “modifications” to Ten Tails; the Seedling Ten Tails- the Claw Grimes he spawned- have now gained “Ego” that allows them to be this sophisticated and form full speech. And they also think he’s just kind of an aimless moron; a “Tool” always used by someone else no matter how hard he tries. The Toad at Boruto’s side tells him that they need to start thinking about retreating, but………… He Sees………. He Feels…………. SOMETHING that probably won’t let him do that. 

Back In Konoha: Shikamaru debriefs Kawaki on what’s happened- about Boruto leaving after Code. Kawaki speculates that Boruto might have been tracking Code with help of someone from the Detection Team, but Shikamaru says that they are currently inspecting the Detection Teams reports as is. Sarada chimes in, telling them they’re over thinking; “Code Ambushed Konoha- Boruto chased him off-” That’s the story from their conversations. And she says to confirm this with Eida if they have any questions. Kawaki reminds her that Boruto is an Ohtsusuki first and foremost; it doesn’t matter what he’s doing- they just need to put him down. So Sarada calls him out for being a Self Righteous Hypocrite; he’s genetically an Ohtsusuki HIMSELF! So he spells out the way he looks at it

I’m An Ohtsusuki That Kills Them; My Power Exists Only TO Kill Them. If The Jobs Done- I’ll Be Happy To Disappear. But You Don’t Get To Choose. You Understand, Don’t You?

Kawaki Uzumaki

Sarada doesn’t back down, and warns Kawaki that she won’t let him have it his way. And Shikamaru has to get them to calm down. He brings the conversation back to the damage from the Claw Grimes- these Trees and their deal. Sarada says that those turned into Trees are still alive if nothing else, so there might be a way to reverse this. But it seemed like Boruto knew something about what was going on. While Code stills remains………………… for simplicities sake, we’ll say “Threat.” So Sarada suggests that they support Boruto instead of fighting him. Keep THAT in mind for later. Ten Tails Holding Pin Area Dimension Thingy: The Shinju lot stand poise to devour Boruto and get the Divine Tree up and running. Code is still processing the information, but Boruto’s eye is still locked on Seedling #4. He motions for his sword, much to the Toads objections. And this new Shinju creep…………. 1)They can also move through Code’s clawmarks. Noted. And 2)As we saw earlierThey can morph. And he chose to turn his left hand into a sword and trying to cut Boruto, and creates a Lightning Style attack with his right. Boruto counters with a Rasengan. Naturally an Explosion occurs. 

Bug’s copy tries to eat him again, but instead catches the blade he pulled out, while the Girl uses an Earth style attack to incase Boruto in a mound of rock. Boruto calls for Code to give him a hand since they’re so totally gonna END his f*cking existence when all is said and done. But Code- showing 1)How much of a f*ckin’ b!tch he is and 2)That he’s growing some semblance of a brain– decides: “If I leave these guys to their own devices- they’ll eat you and make the Chakra Fruit on their own.” His first act of intelligence: Getting the h#ll out of the way and doing nothing. He leaves Boruto to his fate. So Boruto once again utilizes the Raijin and dips as well. But they warn him that he only got away because they’re getting used to “Thinking-“ he will not be so lucky in their next encounter. 

Some Undisclosed Location Somewhere: Boruto sits in front of a tree, looking at the headband Sasuke gave him. A voice starts to scold him for acting so brashly. And he agrees. The voice belongs to Kashin Koji, who continues to say that while Boruto shouldn’t rush these things- they’re still going to War with these newbies. Boruto looks up at the tree- Sasuke’s Tree- and tells him that he’s going to have to wait just a little bit longer. Boruto- Two Blue Vortex Chapter 4 END!! THAT took a minute, but that’s what happened in the chapter. But what does it all mean? Well, let’s look at what we have here…………… 


There’s a  LOT to unpack with this one and- unlike normallya whole lot of time to work with. There’s a lot going on already, with “Two Blue Vortex” already differentiating itself from Shippudden in that Boruto- unlike his father– has now come back into the limelight with 2 new techniques- a variant of the Rasengan by his own creation, and a legendary move he learned………….. SOMEHOW. That’s the part I’m unclear about; how did Boruto manage to learn the Flying Raijin jutsu. It’s less about his ability to do it, and more “HOW.” Did he learn it from Koji? Sasuke? This gets into the topic of “Who Knows The Flying Raijin Technique.” CanonicallyBoruto now makes 3; we can only assume that Koji- being a clone of Jiriya, who was Minato’s teacher and possessed most if not all of his jutsu- has it, or that Sasuke learned it at some point and taught it to Boruto before…………… the Thing. But that’s just based on assumptions, which automatically hurt any theory. The only other scenario I can see happening: Remember when Koji snuck into the Village before Naruto’s fight with Delta? Something to that effect. 

At some point in the past 3 years, Koji snuck into the village without alerting anyone, and took that Scroll full of Forbidden Jutsu without anyone ever realizing it. And having been raised knowing the Shadow Clone Jutsu; Boruto turned his attention to learning his Grandfather’s signature move. 1) Through repeated uses of this jutsu, Minato earned a “Flee On Sight” order from other nations. Boruto HIMSELF admits that he’s still trying to get used to it, but…………… he HAS it. And 2Boruto came out of his time skip with actual techniques. I was thinking about it all day at work: Naruto went on a 3 year training journey, and only came back with “Big Ball Rasengan” and……………. The Ability to relate to most everyone he fights and talk. ‘Cause that’s………. a GREAT power, let me tell you. See; Naruto’s journey in Shippuden was not about becoming strong enough to bring Sasuke back- it was about Understanding Sasuke and trying to make him see the “light” through words. Said all “Naruto” Video Essays. I’m not even kidding; I totally got that from a video essay talking about Naruto and Sasuke’s relationship. 

Throughout all the video essay’s I’ve seen on the series- specifically the one’s talking about “Talk No Jutsu” and Naruto and Sauske’s dynamic- the common consensus is that Naruto failed to “reach” Sasuke in their encounter at the Valley of the End; that Naruto only tried to force Sasuke to see things his way, and didn’t understand him at all. And it was only after his encounter with Pain and experiencing the pain of “Loss” that he was able to look Sasuke in the eye and say “I Get It.” And while I think they hit the nail on the head with it(so many videos about it that come to the same conclusion that MUST be it); feel like Jiriya still should have taught him how to throw hands better. I was making a parallel with what I said earlier

  • A Variant Of The Rasengan- Naruto learned the Rasenshuriken with Kakashi’s help only AFTER returning to Konoha; Boruto made HIS while he was away. 
  • Learning A New Jutsu- Naruto only learned Sage Mode after Jiriya was dead and had to learn it from the Toads directly; Boruto came back with the Flying Raijin.

Naruto’s journey was learning to use his words; Boruto had to fight. Because with what Kawaki and Eida did- there’s no “Talking” your way out of Murdering The 7th Hokage Naruto Uzumaki(not really, but that’s how Kawaki made it look). Sasuke knows this better than ANYONE, so I’m willing to believe that Sasuke was the one that helped him learn the Raijin. And I really like it; it changed a problem I had in the original series with Naruto having not had any new jutsu going into Shippuden. He had 3 years to do what took him cumulatively 8 days. Through the use of Shadow Clones, he sped up the invention of the Rasenshuriken in like a day, and it took him a whole week to learn Sage mode. Can you imagine the kind of Beast he would be had he taken those 3 years to learn those 2 techniques? I’m just sayin’: Granny Chiyo Did Not Need To Die. Just sayin’. 

It’s……………. something I had on my mind since finishing my copy of “Danny Phantom: A Glitch in Time.” Really good story– getting a sequel coming Fall of 2025. But I started to think about something: How a lot of “Action” series these days are gearing away from “Punch The Bad Guy” and more towards “Talk To Them.” And you know whatFine. We’d probably have less problems these days if we just talk about our problems. But on the OTHER handMe Want See Good Fight. Me not come to Danny Phantom or Battle Shonen “Naruto” to see characters “TaLk AbOuT tHeIr FeErInGs-” me want see punch and kick and Haymaker and HAND SWAPPING. I PROMISE YOU none of “My Hero” would be happening if some just asked Tenko what happened. No, no; The Villains do not become Villains because no one asked them how they’re “Feeling.” And they’re not gonna stop just because someone finally did. You have to FIGHT- Make Them stop what they’re doing- make them stop the fighting- STOP THEIR PLAN. And THEN you “talk.” I think that’s why I gravitated towards Black Clover more than My Hero after a certain point. 

With Black Clover and the goal of “Wizard King,” it feels easier to reach than that of Pirate King or Hokage, while still being just as unobtainable. Julius Laid It Out For Us in Volume 3 of the storyNo One Cares About Your Ideals or Your Pride or What You Have To Say About The State Of The Society You Find Yourself In- Your Upbringing; Status; Wealth; Popularity; Family Connections- None Of That Sh!t Matters When You Aim For A Position Like That. The only thing that matters after all is said and done


The Enemy did not come to this point just to “Talk About His Feewings-“ He Came To Fight. And YOU- as the Wizard King- have to be strong enough to win that fight; strong enough to where killing the enemy is easy even if don’t go through with it; strong enough to keep the fight contained and property damage down; Strong Enough That His Allies Back Down. “You Wanna Fight? You Got It. And After I Kick Your @$$, we’re gonna talk about what got us to this point-” THAT Is What it Means To Be Wizard King. Titles like “Hokage” or “Number 1 Hero” require the “love of the people-” Wizard King Commands Respect. THAT is a goal worth working towards. How does this relate back to “Boruto? and “Naruto” as a franchise? Just what I said: The World Is Not Going To Talk to Boruto About Why He supposedly kill Naruto- They’re set to “Kill On Sight.” Boruto doesn’t have the “Luxury” of talking to everyone about it; he’s going to have to kick their @$$e$ so bad that they have no choice but to listen.You’re Going To Listen To What I Have To Say- After I Break Every Bone In Your Body.” That is what Boruto’s 3 years of training was about. 

Sarada And Kawaki’s Game Of Witts

This wasn’t that big of a part of the chapter, but it’s still pretty significant I feel. Sarada and Kawaki BOTH know the truth about Boruto- but Kawaki doesn’t know that Sarada knows, and Sarada is still trying to keep her knowledge from Kawaki, whom- over the course of these 3 years– she was likely on missions with since the “switch” happened. And I doubt she was able to keep it all hidden at first; something slipped. So either: Kawaki knows that Sarada knows the truth of the matter and he’s still hiding it, or he’s too focused on getting rid of Boruto and Code to really care. I mean between himself, Eida and Daemon, and the Uchiha’s reputation between………….. both times that Sasuke has now defected from the Village, and their entire clans history(which I think Naruto actually had redacted according to a Light Novel that was made into an arc in anime)- not much of a challenge in painting her as a Traitor. In fact; the ever-logical Shikamaru might be coming to that same conclusion based on Sarada’s defiant behavior recently. 

“Two Blue Vortex” started with the 2 of them arguing over Boruto’s case, and the way it ended; Shikamaru implies that they’ve had this same discussion a hundred million times over, and he’s just kind of over it. Either he’s thinking Boruto has some kind of “hold” over her with some jutsu, or it’s a “Young Love” thing that’s making her irrational. Which is funny to think about; Sarada thinks everyone is worried she’ll end up like her father, but really they’re thinking she’ll end up a worse, stronger version of her Mother- the version that actually left with her beloved! Or maybe he’s even thinking that she’ll help Boruto because her Father is. Either way you splice it, reallyShikamaru is approaching her situation cautiously. While Kawaki……………. he won’t do it in front of everyone unless she does first. But I imagine there have been moments in the last 3 years where Kawaki’s pulled her off to the side- or just found her by herself- and has made Extremely Clear To Her what will happen if she decides to side with Boruto…………..

Heck; they might have even changed the topic of Boruto to Sarada whenever she left the room, and come up with a few………. counter measures. That’s just the kind of guys they are. The question is who else is going to be involved with those “Counter Measures.” And whether or not Sumire will be involved in the matter. She knows things, too. But I feel like she’s been able to hide it better than Sarada, you know? Sarada’s been having to look this Imposter in his FACE the last 3 years- been acting all “chummy” with him like they’ve known each other all their lives; been having to hold her tongue with him just trying to hide the fact that she knows something’s a miss; been trying everything in her power to convince everyone that Boruto is innocent without telling everyone the full story; collecting evidence without anyone knowing- people side-eyeing her because of her Father’s choice- just trying to live in this new world. It must have been unbearable. Vs Sumire who………….. doesn’t go on missions; doesn’t have regular “debriefs” with the Hokage; doesn’t interact with the others enough for it to matter, honestly; she………….. has less to “take on” in comparison, so she hasn’t……………. OVERLOADED. 

But will seeing Sarada- the only person she can talk to about ANY OF THIS– push her over the edge and make her defect as well? One of his most powerful allies is a tree right now; Boruto needs allies right now. They’re not much, but they’re willing to help him. Though the “Why” of the matter is up to anyone’s guess right now. At least; for the characters in the story. We know more than everyone else right now; WE know the truth, but to this world aside from Boruto, Kawaki, and the one’s they’ve brought into this plot- no one else does. So it’s gonna look like a Fr@kin’ MIND F*CK when Sarada and Sumire to decide to defect from Konoha over…………. a perceived Outsider.

The Divine Tree’s And Code

I think the las thing I’m going to bring up here is The Divine Tree group. We know 2 of them right now for sure, but the female and the…………. Definite Leader are still unknowns right now. Then again, we haven’t seen everyone the Claw Grimes have eaten. That- and these are technically being of Pure Chakra, so any form they take- even if it looks like someone the Claw Grimes have eaten- is technically Genderless; they can really take any form they want, as evidence by Bug’s Tree counterpart. WHY this one chose to look like Bug and why the other chose to- to no shock to ANYONE with this information– chose Sasuke to copy comes down to that very wordInformation. The Divine Tree- as explained by Amado in chapter 45 of Naruto Next Generations– is basically a Giant Flash drive the Ohtsusuki use to update themselves. I liken it to distilling a rune in the recent “Legend Of Zelda” games: The tree takes root in the planet and distills all its information and Chakra into a fruit. And once eaten, the eater will gain all the Chakra and information of the planet. 

Think of it like that: Bug was the “planet” that was eaten and “uploaded” to…………… oh, yeah, you could also take it like that. Bug is information downloaded into a Flash drive and uploaded to “The Cloud-” what was left of the Ten Tail after Code modified it. Whether or not there are more Dvine Trees is up for debate; the Ten Tails body is completely gone with just these 4. They have way more Chakra to work with than a regular Claw Grime, “Ego” that lets them form complex thoughts, and- as shown with Sasuke’s tree- the jutsu of those devoured. Not to mention Code’s Claw Marks that they can use as they see fit. And since they’re planning to eat Boruto and/or Kawaki on their own, I ask you: What’s Code planning now? Now he doesn’t have to do anything– just sit and leave the Divine Tree lot to their own devices. And they– much like Kiba’s dog Akamaru- are smarter than him. And they KNOW this. So what the f*ck is Code now

I think accidentally spawning these guys was his last act as the “Framing Device;” he’s set up a whole other faction that’s going to achieve his goal for him. So now he can just do everyone a favor and Do Nothing; just sit down in a corner somewhere out of the way of everyone. But………. What do the Divine Trees plan on doing? Can……… can they Eat Chakra Fruit? What would that even DO for Chakra mounds like them and the Tailed Beasts? Is this a case of their “Instincts” still winning out over this new “Ego?” This isn’t the “Dragon Ball” fan talking- these are the words they’re using themselves. And on a more pressing matter: How Is Code Going To Get The Fruit? Like……….. This has made Code effectively a Mute Point– a Vessel for Boruto if that’s even still an idea in his head. If they plan to eat the fruit themselves, then he’s not getting anywhere near it. And in all honesty they probably don’t want to to entrust a power like that to………….. a Moron. So even if it’s one of those things where if even 1 of them eats the fruit then all Claw Grimes and Divine Trees remerge themselves and make the full tree, they’re probably going to do everything in their power to make sure that Code isn’t the one to eat it. 

Then again it’s entirely likely that they just…….. Don’t Care………. yet. Like; they’ve only recently– like; 10 MINUTES in story– gained “Ego-” they don’t have any “complex thoughts” just yet. The thing first and foremost in their heads is likely still just “Devour Ohtsusuki.” We’ll see what they’re like over time, and what kind of philosophies they develop, but for right now it’s likely they just want to drain the planet and make the Chakra fruit- such is the fate of the Ten Tails, I guess. And if Code gets it, then…………… not like it’s their problem, right? 

Closing Thoughts

THAT WAS A LOT THAT I DIDN’T INTEND ON SAYING. Seriously; I didn’t this post was going to go on for this long. And I kind of know what part took me the longest; the unplanned “Opening” to the Review! I genuinely don’t know where that came from; I just kind of wanted to talk about the differences in Boruto and Naruto’s stories. And explain why I’ve gravitated more towards Boruto’s story. That line about breaking bones was just a tongue-and-cheek reference to Naruto’s battle with Sasuke; he clearly isn’t going to say ANYTHING like that. Heck; he can’t even really let himself emote right now- if he gives into despair for even a second, then Momoshiki will push him out of the “Driver’s seat” and take control of the body again. 1)He’s coming out of this series with some SEVERE mental problems 2)That’s another difference between Naruto and Boruto; Kurama was a misunderstood power battery- Momoshiki is a Parasite doing more harm than good and 3)It’s not like Momoshiki is enjoying this “Body Sharing” bit, either. 

…………….. Okay, I kind of lost my train of thought after those first 2 comments; I honestly don’t have much more to say. I mean, I had this whole point with Kawaki about how he’s following his own sense of “Justice.” Like- Believe Every Word He Says; I think he’ll turn everything back to normal and take whatever punishment comes his way- maybe even Self Delete if he has to. And he KNOWS that what he’s doing is the EXACT WRONG THING- it’s probably why he’s acting the way he is towards everyone; why he’s so intent on pushing Mitsuki away from him and why he won’t let Himawari refer to him as “Brother-” He DOES Feel Guilty About It. But in his mind- There’s No Other Way For This To End. He’s…………… actually, thinking about it; I think he’s kind of like Haku- this “Empty Shell” of a person taken in by someone. But where as Zabuza told Haku OUTRIGHT that he was a mere “Tool-“ Kawaki feels like he should be. Because he came into this world useless. Enter someone who actually treated him like he mattered– fed him FOOD- didn’t beat him half to death when he stepped out of line- He wants to Protect That Person Now. And he has every RIGHT to do so. 

But he’s taking it to…………. A Very High Extreme; as if Naruto’s safety matters more than how he actually feels. Haku was similar in that regard, I guess; Zabuza probably would have rather stayed and fought Kakashi to his dying breath(and the way it was goingit probably WOULD have been), but Haku refused to let that happen. And while there was a way for them to succeed in their goal at the time- killing Tazuna; Kawaki doesn’t see any other way to protect Naruto from…………. let’s be honest here: About 90% of the reason his life has been so f*cked up. His Biological Dad kicked his @$$ day in and day out until Jigen took him in and made him Vessel- where he also got his @$$ kicked on an hourly bases. All the boy knew was how to get his @$$ kicked. And now MORE of the things responsible for that are coming to hurt his REAL Dad. He won’t let that happen- even if it means he has to kill his brother- even his his family ends up hating him- even if he’s guaranteed a special place in H#ll for what he’s doing. 

Then of course there’s Sasuke’s Divine Tree. Will his main battle be with Boruto or Sarada? Which one would make more thematic sense, I wonder? And heck, when are all these groups going to do battle? The Divine Trees; Konoha; Boruto’s makeshift team; and Code’s still here, too. Heh; remember when he was looking to be the second coming of Tomura Shigaraki? The type of Villain that Grew and “Evolved” as the series went on? Yeah…………… Plans Changed. And I think they changed when Ukyo Kodachi- the original Writer for the manga- was terminated for his sh!tty workplace behavior. It was……….. actually around where Code took center stage, I believe when he was fired. It looked like this was going to Tomura, but…………. he ended up………… I can’t even really say All For One because………. at least he’s DOING something in his story(even if I think he overstepped his boundaries by a lot). But Code………….. What has he done to stand out in a cast like this? He actually seemed MORE dangerous when his limiters on; he hasn’t a “Win” to his name since they cameoff. Is this someone’s way of saying “F*ck You” to Kodachi in the writing room; ruining a character he came up with? If it was THAT bad then sue em and get paid like the rest of us- don’t take it out on the story!! 


THAT’S EVERYTHING. Genuinely it’s everything that I think about this chapter and “Boruto” as a series………… I guess. It feel like- with this and Dead Rock– every chapter is just me talking about what I like in a series; what these 2 are doing right now just………….. I’m just……….. I just LOVE reading these 2 every month- they haven’t failed to put a smile on my face YET! I’ve only done about 1 Short Review for each of them, and all their chapters have been great thus far; I can’t wait for their respective Volume 1’s to come out in English(though I haven’t gotten all the Volumes of the “Naruto Next Generations” manga just yet- nor all of “Naruto” itself)! Um……………. I really don’t have much left to say- I’ve pretty much said it all. “Another Great Chapter For The History Books-” That’s all I can say. ‘Til next time, everyone- Stay Safe; Stay Healthy; And Stay Happy. Catch ya later!! 

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