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Edens Zero REVIEW Dump 2

Hey, everyone. So…………… Things are happening. Um………… I’m still on Hiatus, I’ll start off; I am still on break and resting up- playing some Ultimate Ninja Storm Connections and learning………………. JUST HOW MUCH I F*CKIN’ SUCK at playing games. Um……….. Kind of still looking for a new job. In fact, as I write this opener; I have work in a little over and hour. I also just remembered that my copy of “Chainsaw Man Volume 13” is on the way- another series that I feel like I’m gonna have to do a whole Review Dump for, yeah? I mostly chose to do this one first because………… it’s just been a while since I talked about it, you know? I GOTTA stop saying thatThat- and, as I saidTHINGS ARE HAPPENING. The recent chapter just dropped something on us that I just gotta talk about. And rather than waste a whole bunch of time and have to add like 6 or 7 MORE chapters to what I already have; I think we should start. He says praying he manages to complete this AND Dead Rock chapter 6 before next week’s chapter of “Edens Zero.” Here’s hoping………….

Chapter 264: “Override

Laguna defeats Lightning Law thanks to his Overdrive, and falls unconscious. And we cut over to Rebecca and Shiki calling each other “crazy” for what they’ve done since boarding the Edens One. But then they feel an Intense Ether making a beeline somewhere– One Void is on the move. Back On The Zero: Hermit is struggling to deactivate the Self Destruct Code Killer put on the Zero. Killer doesn’t think she can do it- then she does. But to fully deactivate it, she requires the “Override Key” from the Four Shining Stars, which will allow her to shut down the Edens Zero. Unfortunately, Witch and Valkyrie are QUITE occupied at the moment. So while all of that is going; Weisz decides to take his rematch with Killer to Digitalis. While Witch and Wizard continue their bout.

Wizard asks Witch why she- as an Android also built by Ziggy- would choose to side with Humans. She says because Ziggy- and she herself- love them. But Wizard says that they must be destroyed- thus their goal of destroying Mother; a task that Void is on his way to complete. 20,000 Years Ago: You know that planet the Shining Stars come from? The planet that Mio(Human Hermit) and Human Killer were trying to enlist Dr Yuna’s(Human Valkyrie’s) help in saving? Where Legret(Human Witch) and Leonard(Human Wizard) conceived their child? Where Ivry(Human Sister) was getting Ether Therapy for Anime Illness #68? Yeah……………. it’s dying. And in its Final Moments- 

Ziggy Showed Up.

Why? Well……….. his mission was to go to Universe 0 to save Mother and save the Universe from running out of Ether. And it looks like- in this “Universe of Possibilities-” he made it. But it looks like he went even further back than was expected……..

Chapter 265: “Just Beyond This Point

Witch gets in contact with Shiki and informs him of both Void’s objective and of the Edens Zero’s imminent fate. He and Rebecca hop in the Tauros Starfighter and start chasing after Void- Rebecca’s face cracking the more and more the Ether Link is active. Shiki decides to use “Wormhole” to warp back to the Edens Zero’s infirmary- following Witch’s advice in trying to get everyone off of the Zero and board the Edens One. But Sister refuses to abandon ship; she trusts that Hermit will be able to save the Zero. Which Shiki kind of figured, anyway, and asks that they spare some of that “faith” for him, as he plans to go and fight Void. He warps back to Rebecca(lands face first in her chest), bringing Pino and Happy along. Boob Grabbing, and he gives her that Sister Energy Drink from the first Belial Goer roundWhile HE drinks Cosmo Energy- a drink that will let him survive in space and stop Void in his tracks. 

It is revealed here that Void- much like Shiki- uses Gravity. And they’re going to decide here and now– the The Presence of Mother Herself– whether Man or Machine will go extinct! It looks like we’re really doing this. 

Chapter 266: “Soldier of Love

Shiki begins his battle with Void, finding him to be as tough as he expected. But he can’t wrap his head around why Void wants to destroy Humanity so badly. In short: Void is “The Will Of The Edens One-” the AI for the ship that Ziggy programmed gained sentience and “transcended” Human understanding, and came to the conclusion that Humans are “Foolish Creatures;” that this “love” that they always speak of breeds nothing but Hatred, Bloodshed and ultimately Destruction. Be it for the sake of a Friend; for one’s people- one’s religion– one’s country- “All Love Leads To War.” Giving new meaning to the phrase “Love Is War.” But it is for this reason that he has taken it upon himself to Destroy Mother and irradicate Humanity. Rebecca tries to get involved, but that goes about how you expect. 

Shiki taps into Overdrive and goes in for a Killer Right Hook. But Void- through use of the Lendardian Invention Mobius– made a body that was stronger than Ziggy’s, with an Eternal Drive giving him Hypothetically Infinite Ether to boot. Thus- Shiki D@mn Near BREAKS HIS ARM On Contact. That little “clash” almost sealed Shiki’s fate then and there, but fortunately- We’re In Universe 0, where ANYTHING is possible. As such-

Ziggy Pulls Up And Clocks Void In The Jaw!!

Chapter 267: “Mother And Child

You recall what Sir Castellan said in chapter 222? About how Ziggy made a machine that would recycle their Ether so they could last another thousand years? Yeah– that was Mashima hinting that Ziggy wasn’t dead in Universe 0. And he’s here to keep Void busy while Shiki goes to save Mother. But Void refuses to let that happen, trying to keep Shiki within the bounds of his protection matrix. Ziggy destroys it, and warns Shiki to get moving; Mother’s dying on her own– Void can take his sweet time here and she’d still croak! But there’s something that Shiki can do to stop it, and so speeds off with Rebecca and the mascots. While Ziggy sticks around to have a Talk With 

His Son.

Void confirms that this is indeed the truth. Though that’s precisely WHY he won’t be able to win this fight. For Void not only has power over Gravity- but Time As Well, activating CAT LEAPER! Which just confirms it for Ziggy: The other Human that was found alongside him on the planet Edens in 20,000 years- she was carrying a baby. That child never “formed” so to speak, and came to Universe 0 as “A Mass of Pure Thought,” and made a body for itself using the Edens One. All for the sake of Destroying Humanity- Including His soon to be Mother Rebecca Bluegarden. 

Closing Thoughts

Welp- I DID in fact lose my job. I can’t even blame them, honestly; I may have made the same mistake a time too many. So- That Part’s Over. It’ll allow me to work on these posts I’m doing a little more, but- despite my best efforts- this ain’t payin’ the bills. So I’m going to have to find a new job sooner rather than later; one better than the old one. Just wanted to keep you guys up to date on what’s going on. I’m still going to be on hiatus until after the Holidays(whenever I feel like getting back to the regular schedule), but I can now work on these “Hiatus buffers” freely. Now, on to the matter at hand; I want you guys to really think about what this latest reveal means for the timeline/World that Ziggy hails from. The way that it’s being talked about, it sounds like she was pregnant before they were sent to the future. Also; A baby’s body does not form in the womb until around the 5th week following conception. For Void to have come about– 

Rebecca Was Less Than 4 Weeks Into Her Pregnancy When It Happened.

It also means that- by the time of Aoi War- Shiki and Rebecca were already………….. at “That Part” of their relationship. That or they were just being h0rny teenagers. Either way; they were at a point in time where they were……… a little more than what THIS Rebecca and Shiki are. Which just goes to show you how RADICALLY DIFFERENT these worlds can be from one another. It’s also just crazy to think aboutthey’re 15/16 years old and already CONCEIVED A CHILD?! And Witch- as the ship’s “Mother-” just……….. let that happen. Moreover; she probably even HEARD IT?! I don’t even want to THINK about what she did with that information. 

This also- as some Twitter Goers have pointed out- means that Shiki and Rebecca have canonically had s#x before Natsu and Lucy!! Mashima describes them as “Not Ready To Settle Down Quite Yet;” they aren’t like “Together” in that since, but……….. eventually. And Haru and Elie were in LOVE, but……….. didn’t bump uglies until after the story had ended. So………. these 2 technically got “there” FIRST. And that is something that no Mashima Stan– be they a fan of Fairy Tail, Rave Master, Dead Rock, or this- will ever take away from this series. It’s seriously a Ballsy Move on Mashima’s part. And it’s spawned one of the most powerful characters in the story! Although……….. Ziggy’s choice of words and Rachel’s description don’t match up. 

Rachel told us in chapter 218 that the women in their family had the power to control time- she didn’t say anything about the males. Maybe it’s just the first time that one of them has had a male child- maybe Void’s an exception to the rule because they never got the chance to form a body, let alone the chromosomes necessary to determine gender. Maybe Mashima just used the term “Son” to get the reveal across. Though one could argue that it would work in Void’s favor to have just referred to them in a Gender Neutral way- have Ziggy say “My Child” to denote that Void has become a Genderless Machine. Have the Dark Stars and Seis refer to him like that or something. Eh; “Universe Of Possiblities-“ maybe this is one of the Universes where the males and females of the family get time powers. 

And then there’s Void itself; it’s philosophy on Humanities and what the concept of “Love” drives us to do. Might sound like a broken record here, but I think what Void is saying makes sense. Kuro The Artist said it best in one of his Ben 10 Breakdown videos that- for a Villain to work- you don’t need to sympathize with them, but Understand their motives; that a Villain is at their best when you can at least see how they arrived at the conclusion they have vs a story that’s asking “Who’s The Real Villain-” a concept that’s……………… becoming more and more Flanderized the more it’s used. We’re getting so many antagonists nowadays who’ve been “hurt by the world they’re living in” and so many Protags that just “wanna talk” that it feels like any story potential for a plot employs a “Moral Grey” philosophy just feels…………. empty; like the writers trying to “have their cake and eat it, too.” I brought it up in my most recent Boruto post that I’m kind of over all this “talking” stuff, and kind of just want to see a bad guy be a “Bad Guy,” while also not being boring. Say what you willI at least enjoyed watching Tomura as a Villain as opposed to that plague Horikoshi had to force into relevance. 

I at least found Shura entertaining for what he brought out in Shiki; I enjoyed Drakken because of what he represented for the narrative; and I’m enjoying Void for the same reason. What he’s doing is wrong, but he’s making sense; “Love” drives people to do some………… Crazy, Unforgivable Sh!t. A Mistress falling in love and killing the wife so she and the man can be together; a woman killing her child because she was scorned by her lover; People stalking each other– it’s all routed in the Idea Of “love,” even when it becomes “obsession.” I think the origin story is enough to tell us that: Shiki “loved” life so much- cared so much for the people of the Aoi Cosmos- the he dragged Rebecca through a Warzone, and THEN had her stay on a planet that was minutes away from Exploding. “Maybe if Shiki Loved Us More, I Wouldn’t Have Become A Bodiless Mass Piloting Someone’s Ship-” something to that effect. 


I really only had a lot of thoughts on the last 2 chapters, thinking about it. But I am glad that I was able to let you all know I’m still following along in the story- even if I’m not exactly posting for it regularly. Man, between this and “My Hero;” I’ll be down 2 series before I know it. Black Clover has been extended by way of becoming a Quarterly manga(a chapter every 3 months/ 4 chapters a year), but it’s not gonna be around forever. One Piece doesn’t have that much longer to its run(this time I think Oda means it); I think Dead Rock is going to go for a while but probably not even gonna make it to chapter 50 before it’s over; and Four Knights just entered into it’s own Part 2. I don’t know what the future holds for the series I talk about; I just know that I want to keep talking about them while I have them. Because- even after the “Great Fall” some of them had(some more apparent than others)- I still enjoy talking about all of this with you guys. Let me know your OWN thoughts in the comments. ‘Til next time, all…………….

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