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The Ultimate Nullifier! Black Clover Chapter 327 BREAKDOWN

I know what you guys are thinking– and the answer is…… “Let’s See.” I know what my what my schedule for work next week is, and…….. it’s rough. I probably can’t do an Edens Zero or Four Knights Of The Apocalypse post, but I can at least do 1 for My Hero Academia and “Black Clover.” I want to test something before I can get back to regular content. Let me know your thoughts about how this post goes; I appreciate the feedback!

Now……… I know I picked a weird chapter to cover for the first time in forever, but I’m happy I chose this. Because this proves once againI Was Right. Black Clover Chapter 327: “Anti Magic.” Let’s begin.


Duel Of The Devils!!

Picking up where the last chapter left off; Lucifero sees Asta grow a 5th Horn in the center of his head. But he doesn’t sense any real “change” in the boy and decides to ignore it. He moves to punch him once again, and it connectsand has no effect on the Magicless Muscle Runt. He(Asta) grabs Lucifero by the wrist, and delivers an epic speech:

It’s a weird feeling…….. Before; the things we felt “overlapped.” Now- It’s As If They’ve Truly “Merged.”

And so; it’s not really about “specific grudges” now. All I know is that I have to take you down- And Live!!


The image of Licitia telling Liebe to “live” before sealing him in the grimoire appears in his mind, as Lucifero begins to realize what’s going on: Asta is Cancelling the magic of everything that’s touching him. So his barrage of punches is like any…….8-10 ft tall person punching you. Probably still feels something, but there’s no gravity to make the punches “heavier.”

Both Remained Completely Calm In This Scene

Asta takes the Demon Slasher Katana and lops off Lucifero’s bonus hands- freeing Yami and Nacht. The latter of which begins to think that this might be “True Devil Union-” that Asta may have even gone further with Devil Union than even he himself! And for Yami; this only reaffirms his initial thoughts about Asta: “He’s An Interesting Guy.”

With 5 seconds left with Devil Union; Asta takes the fight to Lucifero- and his foot to the Devil King’s Face!! The counter attack begins, as Black Clover Chapter 327 comes to a resounding END!!! D@MN That Felt Good.


This is where I wanted to try something a little “different.” I can blame my job all day long for how often I go on break- what with people calling out every 5 minutes, others quitting, and my actual schedule. But I feel that I should also take some responsibility in it; I either need to get off my admittedly rigid schedule and let myself…… be “free.” So…… when I come back; don’t expect the usual Sunday-Thursday schedule. And 2: I talk too much. So much so that the things I speculate on usually don’t come to pass(like Saint Stage Fuegoleon vs Lucifero, for example). So I’ll calm down on that.


And to start with; I’ll simply talk about Asta and Liebe’s progression with Devil Union. A while back, during the climax of Zenon and Yuno’s duel; I talked about a problem that I had with Yuno’s scaling- he just got 1 level up after another. And I still stand by that point; you gotta space out the “bulks” at least a little bit- having him gain 1 power after another might limit how much further he can go. And based on the Author comments for this weeks chapter; “Black Clover” is going to be going a fair bit longer than its counterpart- My Hero Academia.

However; I will admit that it makes sense with how Tabata set up the power system. The more that Yuno fights- the more anyone in this series fights; the more power they build up, gaining new abilities and spells to use to win whatever fight they get in. So Yuno gaining Saint Stage in that fight is perfectly “in character” for the series. And that logic applies to Asta and Liebe here.

Not only have they been fighting “on the brink” like Yuno was, but they’re also fighting like Yuno did- A being with extraordinary power that’s “merging” with them and allowing them to fight at these higher levels(in the case of Asta and Liebe; Liebe’s just allowing him the ability to Fight!). Yuno’s fight allowed him to “resonate” with Bell more until he unlocked Saint Stage- this fight and the events of last chapter must have done a similar thing, resulting in this new Devil Union form and the 5th horn…………….. Any of this making since to you guys? I’m trying to say that this battle has helped them reach a True state of “Union.”

But what does that entail for them, I wonder? We~ll…………. Asta did say that it was like they were “truly merging” as opposed to Liebe simply “becoming his armor.” If it’s feels more and more like they’re becoming “1,” then………does that NOT sound like Fusion? The more they fight; the longer they fight; the more they “leave their limits behind-” The more they begin to Fuse and become of one mind. He had already proved himself stronger than Nacht, and I’d argue that he’d be able to beat the Dark Triad before he even got that “cloaked” form in chapter 316(except maybe Devil Heart Zenon), but NOW……….

You call that a punch?”


……………In the past; I would have talked a little more about his new ability as well. But like I said; I’m going to try to limit myself going forward. I hate long conversations in real life ’cause they hurt my throat(and my head in a lot of cases). Which is why I prefer to write than to talk. But if it’s going to prevent me from working on these posts at all; I think I need calm down.

In which case; I’ll end the post here. Let me know your own thoughts on the chapter in the comments. And let me know if you guys prefer these more “restrained” posts. Until we meet again, everyone; Stay safe and have a magically wonderful day!!

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  1. Super short but I was definitely loving this chapter. Asta’s new form seems incredibly powerful for sure. Personally I still think he is going to end up losing to Lucifero without the need for the other demon to step in. The 5 second time limit just seems like it’s going to kick in at a bad time for Asta. I’ve been waiting for Noelle so maybe that’s when she can step in.

    Then maybe we go to the Underworld arc or introduce some angels or something but either way I’m hyped for what comes next. Clover’s been on such a roll!

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