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Dead Rock Chapter 4 SHORT REVIEW

………………… I don’t have much to say about this month’s chapter of “Dead Rock.” That’s the long-and-short of it. I read the chapter in the middle of the night while watching Yu Yu Hakusho with my brothers. I know; “You chose to read a Hiro Mashima series over the Legendary Yu Yu Hakusho?” Yeah, that probably wasn’t a good idea. Especially since the episode we got to were The Start Of Yusuke vs Toguro. But trust and believe that I was watching everything! i thought that that was the reason I didn’t have as much to say about this chapter in comparison to the other 3(each of which are easily some of the best posts that I’ve ever done), but I’ve had a few hours to sit and think on it, and- still not really anything. It’s honestly mostly Freyr’s chapter- as well as establishing her motivations and giving us a bit of lore. 

Also I took another shift at work- though in exchange I FINALLY- after MONTHS of misery and suffering- FINALLY have Saturday off.LOATHE working Saturdays with those………. BARGAIN SHOPPERS and COUPON USERS- people who come to argue and seemingly just to make my day worse. Because no matter HOW MANY Saturday’s I’m up at that register- no matter how many times they come up with a misplaced item-they cause the SAME GODD@MN PROBLEMS. I hate my job; can you tell? But enough about my living h#ll; let’s talk about H#ll!! Dead Rock Chapter 4: “Death Arena.” I think I’d rather be in Dead Rock than go to my job………….

Freyr’s Ambition

Mashima recently said on a Twitter space that he’s currently deciding on whether or not “Dead Rock” is going to go for a full series length or not. Doing so would mean ending “Edens Zero” sooner than he anticipated. And to THAT I say: Sayonara, Shiki. I’m sorry, but I think Edens Zero has run its course; the series had this long stent where it just felt like Mashima was “phoning it in-” like he wanted to try writing something a little different from his “usual” setting, just like here with “Dead Rock.” But while he seems to enjoy making this series; Edens Zero feels like he took the “Space” setting as far as he could, and didn’t reach whatever goal he set for himself before the series became……….. difficult– like he doesn’t really want to draw it anymore. 

I’m telling you this because it ties into why we’re getting Freyr’s goal set up. Really, I kind of felt this when Reisen’s goal was established; like he’s already half decided to make this a full series and needs to establish the character’s motivations. Freyr’s is to surpass her sister by graduating. Structurally, it’s similar to Shiki’s at the beginning of “Edens Zero:” Surpassing the one you admire the most by succeeding where they failed. One might be able to argue that she could do that just by surviving Dead Rock, but she won’t see it that way. It’s enough to make you wonder how strong her sister was in comparison to her. And what Yakuto will do with that information. I don’t think he’s a Fully Manipulative D!ckweed, but I also don’t think he’s gonna let a strong ally slip through his fingers. He’s going to try to save her at least; it’ll put both her and Freyr in a great debt to him, thus guaranteeing their support in his war against God. 

Then of course is her blantant reference to “Fairy Tail.” It’s sh!t like that that makes people think that all of Mashima’s series are connected- on some Pixar Theory type sh!t. Rave Master and Fairy Tail may well take place in the same world hundreds of years apart from each other, with recent events of Edens Zero possibly leading to those 2 being part of the Edens Zero Universe- a world less advanced then the others. His short 3 way crossover manga Hero’s similarly implies something like that. So if ALL of those series operate on something of a timeline– this is a “Side Piece;” something that can pretty much take place at any point in the overall timeline. Though the fact that it’s a “Fairy Tail” reference would have to mean it at least takes place after the Dragon Slayer’s fight against Acnologia. So there’s that, yeah?

Power Display

The other part of this chapter is showing us what some of the other characters can do; Reisen and Chako are pretty much the only 2 who didn’t show off their roots prior to this. Now that we’ve seen what everyone is capable of, we have a bit of a “base” to build off for power progression. I have to say, I didn’t expect Reisen to utilize an 8 Sword Style. Man out here trying to be like Zoro but finding himself just a sword shy. And to keep up with the One Piece references; I would have thought you’d have to kill him 8 times before he died! Get it; like OrochiOr maybe not that far. Then again, Edens Zero reads like One Piece in certain aspects. Maybe Mashima is taking a few cues from his Shonen Jump rival. Oda put out 1 story of great quality 7/10 of the time; Mashima puts out series of varying quality. And I like em ALL. “Fairy Tail” gets a bit boring for me at times, though. And Edens Zero hasn’t been “doin’ it” for me the past like 2 years. 

Then of course you have Chako the Yatagarasu. Things I found about Yatagarasu on Google:

  • Yatagarasu is a three-legged crow which inhabits the sun
  • A three-legged crow has been used as a symbol of the sun since neolithic times in China. It may have originated as a personification of sunspots by ancient astronomers. In Japan, the crow has also been a symbol of the sun since ancient times, appearing in Japan’s earliest written works. It is a holy creature and a servant of the sun goddess, Amaterasu
  • The three-legged crow has long been used in religious and astrological symbolism across China and Japan, particularly among those involved with sun worship and onmyōdō. The three legs of the bird represent heaven, the earth, and humanity, while the crow itself represents the sun. This symbolizes that heaven, earth, and mankind all come from the same sun, and are like brothers to each other. They are also said to represent the three virtues of the gods: wisdom, benevolence, and valor. The three legs may also represent the three powerful clans of ancient Kumano—Ui, Suzuki, and Enomoto—who use a three-legged crow as their clan crest
  • Yatagarasu is an important figure in the mythical history of Japanese. According to the Kojiki, Japan’s oldest written history, Yatagarasu is an incarnation of the god Kamo Taketsunumi—today enshrined in Kyoto’s Shimogamo Shrine. As Yatagarasu, he led Jimmu, the first emperor of Japan, through the mountains to establish his country

If you want to see more, you can visit the link at the start of the list. But I will say that the Legend behind the Yatagarasu might be more telling of Chako’s role in the story- as one of the key players in Yakuto’s plan. Look at the last thing on the list to see why. But the fact that it is also connected to the sun mean that Chako- like Freyr- is a Fire User. Maybe even stronger than Freyr when it comes down to it. Is the Mascot going to……….. oh, right; Plue and Pino. Sorry, Happies; these 3 are just better Mascots than you. And more important to their stories than you, too. 

Yakuto’s Doubt

After the events of last month’s chapter, Yakuto was left doubting that he could ever defeat God. Don’t know how he came to that conclusion just because God saw through Mikoto’s puppet, but I guess the fact that God might know he’s plotting against him has rattled him to the idea of facing him. He already knew facing God was going to be an insurmountable task, but I guess he figured that he could at least outsmart him. And now it seems like he can’t even do that. It’s enough to make a man feel like he can’t do it. But then seeing what Louzen did to all these students- Demon or not– he can’t STAND what’s happening. There are just some things that even traditionally evil characters can’t abide by. And it looks like stripping away the freedom of these students- leaving them in a state where they don’t even have the luxury of Death- seeing one of his ally’s loved one’s turned against them- is where Yakuto draws the line. 

There was a meme I saw on twitter in regards to Mashima’s 4 Main Characters– one that’s………. 110% Accurate. The reactions the 4 of them would have when their friend tells them they’re having a Bully problem: 

  1. Haru Glory- “Where are they- Let Me Help You!”
  2. Natsu Dragneel- Rampages in search of the bully.
  3. Shiki Granbell- Kicks their @$$ and then makes them into friends.
  4. Yakuto- Tells you not to come to school tomorrow. 

Accurate. VERY accurate. I mean; how many times has Natsu shown that he’d be willing to Fight The World Itself  if they made an enemy of Fairy Tail? And Shiki was willing to risk the lives of everyone in the Labor District just to save Homura. And do I even need to mention what Yakuto has done since this series started? I mean, SERIOUSLY; the series just started and it already looks like he’s racking up quite the Body count! Haru is definitely the only Legit “Hero” Mashima has ever made- the rest would F*CK YOU UP if you were their enemy. 2 of them would actually kill you without hesitation. Yakuto is like Shiki and Natsu: He’s not some “Hero of Justice;” this war against God is Revenge Motivated, but in doing this- he’ll be saving millions. Not that he cares. 

And he’s aware that, once God’s throne is empty- potentially worse f*ckers are gonna come out of the works to take it. He’s not gonna let that happenhe’ll slay anyone who isn’t worthy of that throne. Though I don’t know if he feels that he himself is worthy- or even wants the seat. He knows something about the Ruler of H#ll– I just don’t know what. 


Yeah- Yeah, that’s about all that I wanted to say. Not much, but enough. Ah………… I like the chapter. This is probably going to be the last chapter of Volume 1 that comes out next month(so expect a Colored cover for next month’s chapter in celebration of the release of Volume 1, and then maybe a second one in reaction to the success of its sales(Holy Cr@p I hope it sells well)), so I guess Mashima needed to guarantee readership with a cliffhanger. Imagine this series starts selling better than “Edens Zero.” Then again- so is 100 Years Quest. Crazy world we’re living in. Ah………. that’s all I got. And now just 1 more “Short Review.” Let me know what you guys think in the comments, and until the next post, all- Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, and Have A Magical Day. Laters!!

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