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Chainsaw Man Chapter 138 SHORT REVIEW

Yeah, I still missed one. I thought I was done after that One Piece Short Review, but looking at the site; I’m missing this chapter of “Chainsaw Man-” and I KNOW I reviewed this one………. in a “Dump post.” So now I’m covering this in a little more detail with 2 chapters worth of context. Though I’ll pretend as if this is the first time I’m reading this. Um………. I don’t have much to say, honestly; I’m writing this Saturday, September 2nd, 2023, at 5:37 pm, having already finished a Dump,Short Review, gearing up for another Dump, and anticipating a monthly. Uh…….. this probably came out Tuesday or something from when I’m writing this, so it comes out alongside chapter 142. So……. yeah. Let’s Begin. Chainsaw Man Chapter 138: “Sword Man.” 

Asa’s Fame

Asa is…………… “Complex.” In that: She’s afraid of attachment– both having and losing it. And thus far, there’s been no real solution to her problem(though I’ve offered 1 solution). And then I see her smiling face towards the end of the chapter, yeah? That’s where I started thinkingShe’s enjoying the fame, isn’t she? So now, I’m left thinking that the “solution” may in fact be fame– no attachment to one person while being “adored” by MASSES; she doesn’t have to get close to anyone to feel “love………” or what she can construe as love. This is NO WAY to handle this kind of problem; she needs genuine help. But……… the characters in this series– specifically Devils- are “Morally Ambiguous” to………… Downright the worst. And Asa- when all is said and done– is a Fiend. So maybe Yoru’s influence- both through their shared mental connection and Devil nature- has “dimmed” her humanity a little. 

Denji’s Everchanging Normal Life

He’s got a Girlfriend now- or, you know; as close to one as he’s ever gotten before. And this one’s not even trying to kill him!!………… YET. It’s still early. No, but in all seriousness; Denji’s finally closer to his Ultimate Goal than ever before. And it’s STILL because of his time as Chainsaw Man. It came out before this anyway, so I’ll say that one of the points I wrote about back when I was still trying to write the official review for 141: I think this is going back to what Denji told Makima in chapter 12 of Part 1, in which he thought that he was the type who enjoyed the “chase” rather than getting that which he’s chasing. I see his thoughts being 1 of 2 things

  1. Now that he effectively has a girlfriend, he doesn’t need to be Chainsaw Man anymore. But now that he has it, I don’t think he really knows what to do with himself anymore. “The Chase Is Over, so what next?” 
  2. He’s sad that he won’t get to be Chainsaw Man anymore- because he LOVED being Chainsaw Man. He got to hack up Bad Guy’s ’til he could no longer move- being adored by MILLIONS instead of just the one- It all spoke to something deep within himself. And now that’s over.One Door Closes- Now what?” 

In both cases; Denji is left not knowing what to do with himself following a significant event- not knowing what to do next. Which tracks because- for the vast majority of his life- he was always told what to do next, never knowing when he would pay off that debt. And then– in Public Safety- doing what he was told to guarantee himself a “Happy, Normal Life.” Now that he has that and no longer needs to be Chainsaw Man…………… Where does he go from here? ‘Tis an excellent question……….


I was GONNA talk about the Return of Weapons, but…….. I couldn’t think of anything. And I’m not gonna “force” myself to think of something else to say with these, so……….. I’ll end this here. I look forward to seeing what the Weapon’s are like as actual character’s and not just a bunch of puppets. ESPECIALLY Reze and Samurai Sword. Mweh heh heh heh heh heh……… Uh……… man, I don’t really have any thoughts right now, do I? Um……. uh……….. My favorite color is Mint Green. Saved it. Later. 

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