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Belial Goer: The Tiebreaking Final Round! Edens Zero Chapter 226 BREAKDOWN

The title that I was originally going to go with “3rd Times The Charm,” but the more I thought about; the more I felt that this one fit. Because this is the LAST TIME that we are going to the Belial Goer. And not just because this is going to be the Final Saga of the story. No, no; this is the tie breaker. The first time ended in TRAGEDY; Round 2 saw the Crew of Edens pushed to their limit and pull off a win; this is the “Tiebreaker.” You would think after going after this guy TWICE now that they’d be prepared for anything that he could throw at them(as Shiki shows in one scene in this chapter), but……….. “Possibilities.” Universe 0 is an interesting Universe- one that can end up exactly as we had expected- but can throw us a Curveball here and there. Like with this chapter. 

I’ll be completely honest with you guys: I’m writing this late in the day on Wednesday, February 8th, 2023, 4:27pm. It’s trash night. And Four Knights Of The Apocalypse chapter came out. And “One Piece” links are hype. Everything in me is telling me it’s a little too late to be talking about this chapter. But I still want to. So I will. And I’m gonna make sure that I finish this post before I start the next. That’ll work for these 2- and One Piece since My Hero and Black Clover are on break this week, but………. we’ll have to see how this goes. Much like Universe 0, life tends to throw its own “curveballs” at me. Let’s just get to the chapter. Edens Zero Chapter 226: “Sea God.” Weirdly enough………. 


LAST TIME: After reawakening Sister’s memories, Shiki and co learn that she has been the leader of the “Rouge Out” group- and has actually been at War with Drakken Joe of The Oracion Seis Galactica. Right  now, she’s having Mosco infiltrate Illega’s Tower, being one of Drakken’s Financial Sources. Hearing his name again sends shivers up Rebecca’s spine after what happened last time they met. As Sister explains; the plan is to take out Illega first and start bringing down Drakken’s empire through taking out his sources, but…….. the plan has changed. But she still has Mosco take out Illega, simply because he’s a b@stard. I agree. In which case, Mosco- lacking his memories- Reassures Homura that everything will be okay. 

Illega tells the girls that they’re about to become his “furniture” and douses them in the soap that melts their clothes. Seeing “such a shameless kink” infuriates Mosco, and leaps up to the window and Sumo Smacks the SH!T out of Illega. He calls to the girls that they can escape now, but they admit to being Debtors of Drakken- he’ll find them no matter where they go. But he tells them that its nothing more than a “Profiteering Scam,” and that Sister will defeat Drakken. Illega summons his guards.

Belial Goer District, Guilst: Shiki and co are making their way through town towards Drakken’s Fortress. Sister………. had already called ahead adn told them that they’re coming for a fight. She didn’t want to win THAT easily, yeah? So Drakken’s deployed the Element 4. Fie snipes em from the side, but Pino saw it coming in time and had Witch deploy the Remote Protection matrix. Thinking about it, Weisz realizes what happened the first time they attacked the Belial Goer. So he activates his Prototype Arsenal Armor(He can’t complete it without Hermit’s help) and goes off to fight Fie, who’s just as ready to fight as Weisz is. Rebecca has a similar score to settle with Daichi of Earth. 

Shiki, Sister and Pino go on ahead, meeting with Kris and Kleene Rutherford. The sibilings are confused as to how the Intruders who their names, but Kleene figures it’s because her brother keeps calling her by her name. Thinking that they have their memories from the last world as well, Sister takes it upon herself to bring out those memories, sending Shiki and Pino on ahead to contend with Laguna and Drakken. Jinn is about to go after Shiki, but Sister stops him, bringing up his goal in the previous World: To Find Sister of The Demon King’s Four Shining Stars to Cure Kleene. That’s not the case in this world, however; Kleene is able to emote just fine. 

Up ahead; Shiki holds down a bunch’a No-Names with his Gravity. A voice remarks that Shiki’s Gravity is like that of the Emperor’s Powers. Before they can locate the source, they find themselves washed out by a wave of Water. Shiki lifts the water with his Gravity, revealing who was speaking. A Man Who Once Bore The Name Of A Sea God In The Cosmos Of Dancing Fish, But Is Now One Who Rules By Drakken’s Side Over The Cosmos Of Fluttering Cherry BlossomsPoseidon Nero of The Element 4. Edens Zero Chapter 226 END!! Okay, WHAT NOW? 


A few things to unpack in that last scene there. “Same Power As The Emperor?” SHURA is the Emperor Of The Aoi Cosmos? That, uh……… that cosmos might be worse for ware right about now. Well……… he probably doesn’t handle the “Day-To-Day-Isms” involved in being a ruler; he probably just basks in his wealth and takes what he wants- leaving other people to handle the law making and just quickly running the “Absolutely Most VERY Important” subjects by him. Maybe the officials on each planet are allowed to do govern how they see fit, rather than be subservient to- in the previous world- a cruel, uncaring Old man who listens to whatever dice tell him. Or in this case- A Spoiled Rich brat. I don’t want to it’s “better” because……… Shura, but it might be running a bit smoother. 

I’m also curious how the h#ll Shura even came into power. We learned from Cure in chapter 207 that HE was the one who gave Nero and Drakken their powers, which let them be the tyrants we know them as today. Hopefully we learn how he was involved in Drakken’s life that he would be able to do that, but it’s clear that he was the one who gave Nero the Empire Dice. And using those Dice, Nero was able to take over the Aoi Cosmos and become one of the Galactica. 1)Shura is likely a Galactica in this Universe and 2)That would mean that something happened to where Shura was able to take power from his father……….. Right? “Nero Adopts Shura” might be one of the constants of the Multiverse, but the way he’s speaking here is making me think there’s a little more to it. 

Why did he say “The Emperor” and not “My Son?” Did he disown Shura when he overthrew him, or…….. was he even the Emperor in this World? Is “Nero Adopts Shura” not a constant? Hm…….. Maybe it’s a “Respect” type of thing? He has respect for Shura usurping his Throne, so he refers to him as “Emperor?” Eh, we need a little more detail on that subject. On the whole situation, really; why did he say he used to have the name of a “Sea God” but still introduces himself as “Poseidon Nero.” And wait, now that I look at that scene; he still has the dice. So Shura couldn’t have taken them and rolled them himself! Did………. did they tell him to Let Shura be the Emperor? They told him to let Shura handle the situation with Ziggy last time, so maybe they told him “Let Shura be The Emperor Of The Aoi Cosmos.” Oh wow, that actually makes a lot of sense now. 

But as far as working under Drakken goes………. Dice probably told him to do that, too. Drakken probably heard the news of it and went to Nero directly to get him under his employ. 1 role of the Dice later- He’s one of the Element 4. Even his Ether gear may have been determined by the dice this time! Instead of “Wormhole,” Nero possesses some Ether gear that lets him use Water, like Laguna. Maybe that has something to do with Shiki holding “Wormhole” from the get-go this time around, or maybe the dice just told him to use a different power. Why Water is all up to the Dice. it might be that the Mother Ether in them is guiding Nero in a different path- one that will actually help to aid Shiki in his Quest to Save Her. Even A Space Goddess Would Want To Avoid Their Death if At All Possible. So now Nero is on a path that’ll benefit the only one in the Universe- the only people in the Universe- that have the best chance at making it to her. Though………. Chapter 2 is sticking in my head. 

“Let Your Own Feet Carry You Forward.” She may have been involved in Shiki’s life- guiding the course of the Universe to the point where Shiki would leave Granbell, but………. probably not anything else. From then on, Shiki had to learn and grow over the course of his journey up to this point- becoming the type of person that could save Mother- that WOULD Save her. Maybe that’s what Xiaomei was about to say: “I’d Expect Nothing Less Of Mother’s Savior.” Mother created Shiki- maybe chose him out of the tribe of people who are living on her Meteor throne thing- as the one who would be the one that would save the her and all Organic life. And the reason Ziggy and the Shining Star’s were to forget about where they found him was to not “directly influence” his life. Perhaps because……….. it wouldn’t mean anything if he was just told to do it. 

This series has always put an emphasis on the Choices that the characters make- especially when it pertains to Shiki. But telling him how his life would go- that he would be the one to save Mother- may have influenced his life in a negative way. Like; now that he knows what he’s destined to do, he may have felt like the Universe “owed him” everything he asked for- that because he was the one who would save the Universe, he would be its Ruler. I guess something like Shura in that regard. But he was allowed to live his life and make it to the point where he would realize Mother was dying, he- being the person that he is due to the interactions with his friends, Shura, and experiences up to that point- he’s Chosen to be the one that would save Mother. Something to that effect. All of this from the presence of Nero. I’m just trying to make sense of what Mashima is doing right now. ‘Cause for things to deviate that way that are is something I doubt any of us were expecting- something has to become of it. 

Other than that, there’s the the rest of the Element 4. I’m glad that Weisz and Rebecca are getting another shot at get back against Fie and Daichi; they never got the chance to have their rematches for what happened in World 29. Then you get to Kleene. Jinn……. seems to still be a O-Tech Cyborg, based on the fact that he still seems to have the seams on his face and forearms. But Kleene isn’t f*cked up. Muller was present. But……. he may not have forced her to watch this time? Okay, he may still be a monster but at least he didn’t force a little girl to watch her brother get mutilatedNo…….no that can’t be it. Mashima has talked about how he made Muller a Bad Guy intentionally- that he wanted to make a bad guy we can’t feel bad for. No WAY would he undo one of his worst actions. Something more is going on. Maybe…….. Kleene is also a Cyborg? And Drakken had…….. I don’t know; Spider?- “delete” that memory?

We know that he was the one who saved the Rutherford siblings from Muller, and kept them around for probably monetary reasons(also Kleene was the element of Wind to stabilize his Life Force Draining Device), so maybe he helped them so that they’d 1)Owe them more and 2)So they’d be more effective at their jobs……… or something. Not sure about this one. But I know that Muller is still the reason that Kris is a Cyborg. Kleene is another story………. 


That’s all I got. My sleep schedules gotten all f*cked up and I’ve been waking up later in the day. And in a week where I only have 3 days off of work to do posts- That’s probably a bad sign. Weekends gonna be a little busy. Sh!t, I haven’t even gone out on a walk like usual. I gotta fix this. Eh, next week. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. Til next time, folks. 

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