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Those Who Must Define Themselves And Those Who Want To Know Why! Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 122 BREAKDOWN

MAN is that a mouthful!! But essential for what this chapter is. I had more to say about Tristan’s potential growth in regards to last week’s chapter– something’s that I probably couldn’t do in a Dump Postyeah? This chapter also has a little more “meat” to it, so it’s not gonna be a Short Review like a lot of Battle chapters with this series could be. Ya ever notice that? Battle’s in this series- battle chapters- don’t leave us with a whole f*ck ton of sh!t to dissect. So in the beginning, I had to pad out with random, little topics. But now I have “Short Reviews” for that. But again; this is not that. Ah…….. let’s get to it. Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 122: “The Washouts.” A Tristan and Gawain Chapter. Alright. It’s not like I hate them or anything; I’m just curious what’s going on with Percival


Picking up from the last chapter: Tristan finds himself in a bind against the Testament Beast– a creation of Rosebank by combining Schwarz and the other Royal Demon Guards with her Chaos Staff. But Schwarz still has a little bit of “himself” left in there, which he uses to get in contact with Tristan and tells him to call for Zeldris; he doesn’t believe that Tristan possesses the power to save them on his own. But he plans to show them that he can. And once again finds himself  getting his @$$ kicked. While behind the beast; Anne is losing consciousness and remembers another rule about her magic: #5- The effects will vanish if she’s unconscious. As Nasiens soon realizes when he’s petrified by Livet. And he’s about to finish the job by breaking the statue, but Rosebank believes that anymore would be unnecessary. But he words don’t matter to such “Duty Bound” Knights, so they move for the kill. But Gawain gets involved in the situation. 

She warns them to keep their hands off, but the Chaos Knights remind them that she’s in magic restraints restraining her powers. She seems pretty powerless right now, right? Yeah, yeah……… Remember that Bulked up form she was in in her first introduction? She wanted to wait for a “Full Charge,” but she’s got people she wants to protect, so- “Master Of The Sun” returns. She begins kicking @$$ and then sends them all off somewhere through like a portal she made or something- with the exception of Rosebank who tried to avoid killing them. And back with Tristan; he finds himself up a creek without a paddle against the Testament Beast- wondering why it is that he can’t go any further. “Is it because I’m not like Mom or Dad- because I’m not a Pure Demon clan or Goddess clan member?!” Thoughts like this spew out make their way into his head. And Gawain finds it “such a coincidence” that they’re both “Washouts-” people who didn’t know what they were. But knowing that is what allows you to reach out to other- to love others. 

And with that knowledge in mind, they can rise to the top with everything they’ve got. She asks him to join her, as she fights against the Testament Beast- showing everyone “The Power And Pride Of A Washout” with a “Rising Impact!!” Four Knights Apocalypse Chapter 122 END!! One doesn’t know who he is yet– the other doesn’t know why. But together they can define that for themselves. Or something to that effect. 


This is something I brought up last week: Tristan only ever thinks of himself in relation to his parents “Seven Deadly Sins Leader- Dragon Sin Of Wrath” Meliodas of the Demon Clan; Child of the Supreme Deity- the Goddess “Bloodstained” Elizabeth. Instigators of the Original Holy War; Scion’s of the Demon King and Supreme Deity; the King and Queen of Liones; Captain of the Legendary Seven Deadly Sins- it’s a lot to live up to. He knows this. H#ll; who doesn’t? It’s a wonder he can even introduce himself as “Prince Tristan of Liones” and not “Son of Meliodas and Elizabeth!” THIS IS JUST THE TRUTH. And it’s what’s limiting his power- wanting to be compared to his mother; not wanting to be compared to his father; avoiding using his Demon clan roots and utilizing Goddess magic- he’s hardly a person unto himself. What he needs to learn is that he’s more than just “THEIR Son-” he is “Tristan,” a Nephilim. And he needs to OWN that title.

I doubt he’ll take on a similar form to Mael after absorbing those commandments, but I definitely think that the “Corrupted Goddess Wing” thing will be part of whatever transformation he’ll get. And maybe a combination of the Goddess clan eye pattern and the Demon Clan’s coloration- fitting for “The Boy Who’s Eyes Hold Both Holiness and Darkness.” Maybe a Demon Mark on his head like when Meliodas and other Humanoid Demon’s tap into their dark force. No clue what he’ll be able to do, but I’ll tell ya: It’s a power all his own– something completely unto himself. Perhaps those Healing abilities of his will mutate when channeled with the Demon clan’s powers; he might be able to heal his allies and infect his enemies!! He might become a Powerhouse even eclipsing…………. his mother. Those are still some BIG shoes to fill, Young Prince. 

And it may well come about here if not later on in the story. But it’s interesting to think that it’ll all come about through his relationship with Gawain. Tristan still doesn’t know who he is, and is going to start defining that; Gawain knows who she is- but doesn’t know why. In that way; I suppose their both “Kindred Spirits-” people who are just trying to figure themselves out while trying to save the world. I like it. And who knows; maybe learning who he is will one day help Percival come to terms with his existence as a Life Spirit. Kind of like the Hero Killer arc in “My Hero:” Deku helping Shoto allowed him to see that Ilda had a problem- Gawain helping Tristan take the first step will let him help Percival take that next step later. THAT’S some Quality Character writing right there. And good USE of characters all at once. 

Something else- just a little detail- is that Anne remembering what she learned about her Magic. It shows how determined she is to understand what she can do now. But another thing that I brought up in my notes is Rosebank. She’s the “Odd Man Out” that much is clear; she doesn’t have the same “Dutiful” mindset that they have- she seems to want to avoid as much bloodshed and battle as possible. But it’s not as if she’s not prepared for it, seeing what she did to Schwarz and the others. We already saw how trying to betray Camelot goes, so even if she fully defects- she might not last that long. Or maybe she will, since she’s so kind and obviously is developing feelings for Percival. I don’t how she’d avoid the same fate as Teaninich, but I feel like she could live and go on to aid the Knights. That’s the easiest course of action. Another one is that she simply an ally for them in Camelot- like Pellegarde. Though she’s gonna face punishment for giving Percival back the Dragon Relief……………

Oh! Another thing in regards to her: Guinevere told Arthur that he “only slightly” altered the future with his changes to Wallnack. She knew that all of this would happen- give or take a few details because of what Arthur changed. Guin said that he would send 6, but he let Ironside choose what 6 to take, and added Mortlach to the group. Who knows how this was supposed to go? She said that 2 are routed and 4 are killed. 2 of these knights are making it out of the Demon Realm alive- 4 will die somehow- and 1’s fate is ambiguous. Mortlach; Rosebank; Nanashi 2 of them will survive guaranteed. If I were to take a stab at which of them- if any- were to die; I would definitely say Rosebank. Percival does not kill- Percy just might- as a Life Spirit is to do. Though Percival can’t access his magic under Mortlach’s “Duelist,” so it would have to come after Percival wins. Which it doesn’t look like he will. And there’s no way that Nanashi is going down here- even against Lance. So yeah; Rosebank might not make it. 

Though if she lives, then she’ll likely finally realize that Camelot’s treatment of Human enemies- and even those tasked with defending it-will push her right into the hands of Liones- knowledge and all. Who KNOWS what that girl is about to bring to their side? If she manages to bring the Chaos Staff and that mark over with her, then they can start working out counter measures. It’s a toss up, honestly; I put Nanashi in there to just be generous– it could be either Rosebank or Mortlach that dies. Which everyone services the story better will live- whoever is gonna have the more “impact” on the characters will die. Mortlach’s death would certainly push Diodra into action, and Ironside doesn’t need another reason to want Percival dead. Who knows………..

Wow, that point went on longer than I thought it would. Hoof, that plus the unexpected delays brought on by my own greed have made his take a little longer than I would have liked. But I only have 1 more point to talk about- I promise. And that would have to be Gawain’s Magic. Once again, she is the “Master Of The Sun.” At first, I thought that this epithet- as well as her general build and weapons used in her debut- made me think that she ended up getting Mael’s grace “Sunshine” like Escanor did, or that her magic was somewhat derived from that. Or heck, since some magics can be learned like Meliodas’ “Full Counter;” maybe it was even taught to her by someone. But that doesn’t ever seem to be the case; she doesn’t bulk up even during day sequences, and she’s shown casting more spells than anything else. So what is her Magic then

My Thinking: Her magic is just to “absorb sunlight” like “Sunshine” did- it might be to Stockpile it; the ability to abosrb sunlight and either use it for Spell casting- or use it to augment herself like she’s doing now. And she hadn’t gone into that Muscle form because she didn’t have a “Full charge-” using that form AND casting spells takes a lot of magic, especially if she uses high level spells in that state. Which is why she turned into a kid during the battle with the Chaos Commandments, isn’t it? She had been using high level spells in addition to augmenting her physical strength. Yeah; that sounds about right. So the only question becomes “How Long Can She Hold Against The Testament Beast?” Only time will tell…………


Okay, that’s everything. I would ordinarily try to drag this out and make at least a full paragraph, but I gotta BOUNCE- I still have a lot to say about this week’s Edens Zero chapter(as well as fully process the leaks); get to work on the My Hero review; and mentally prepare to review next week’s Dead Rock chapter. Busy busy BUSY am I. Remember to check out our merch store, and until next time, Party People- Stay safe, stay healthy, and have a magical day. See ya!! 

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