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The featured image your seeing above is from a………….. I believe it’s a Twitter Thread about things that anime and manga teaches us- the life skills we learn from these Japanese Comics; what we learn from characters like Luffy, Naruto, Goku, Ichigo, Edward Elric, and so many others. This one is less about the series and more about the CREATOR. I don’t think i need to remind Ani-Manga fans about Yoshihiro Togashi’s health problems from his time as a mangaka. I’ll save you the trouble and tell you that this job has left him with back problems so bad he can’t even wipe his own @$$. Tragic stuff. It’s a cautionary tale for everyone who strives to go into…………. well; any creative field, honestly- activing, drawing, animating, writing- “Starving Artist” stuff. And though we’re making more and more strides towards better deals and working conditions for the creators behind some of our favorite movies and series- we’re still not where we need to be. Just ask Horikoshi and Studio Mappa. It sucks- just……….. awful. Awful business practices; it really makes you wonder how powerful someone’s dream has to be for them to WILLINGLY go into fields like this……………..

But what I’m hear today to say to you guys isI’m gonna be taking a break. Will it last to the end of the year? Eh……….. I’ll try not to MAKE IT that long, but………. no promises. My schedule at work is…………… fre@kin’ ERRATIC; I have work tomorrow from when I’m writing this(Thursday, November 17, 2023, at 8:43 pm) from 8 to fre@kin 5 IN THE AFTERNOON!! I’M A PART TIMER, YA KNOW!!! And any given week I could go from 1 day to 3 or more because “ThE sChEdUlE iS sUbJeCt To ChAnGe BaSeD oN bUsInEsS nEeDs” said my Dumb@$$ first time supposedly “Temporary” manager who has 4 AND 5 people on HER shift in the morning, but only 2 at night that are expected to clean the ENITRE FRE@KIN’ STORE while also working 1 register ’cause the other one doesn’t f*ckin’ work. I hate my job SOOOO~ F*CKIN’ MUCH. And it’s been really cutting into my post making time. That, AND I’ve had this……… crazy @$$ sleep schedule for the past few days, waking up at like 9:30-10:00 in the morning, going for my walk and coming back at like 12:30 or something, trying to enjoy my day off before I look at that erratic @$$ schedule. SHE JUST CHANGES IT WHENEVER THE H#LL SHE FEELS LIKE IT and we just have to “make peace” with it!! IT’S F*CKIN’ BULLSH!T!!!!!!! 

I think right now it’s because she’s sort of Sans-Assistant Manager. Yeah, she chased away the old one. Which is actually kind of funny to think about, because for all these months now they’ve basically “Shared A Brain-” on the same page about EVERYTHING. He was actually supposed to take over as Manager because she was leaving for a new store…………… In September. November’s here, and…………… I still gotta see her. Guess that’s what happens when you talk about something too much.……………

But on TOP of my sh!tty schedule; I’m also just…………. eh; a little tired. I’ve actually fallen behind on a whole bunch of series I don’t cover up here. And there are some series that I just want to catch up to, like Gachiakuta. So I kind of want to just read manga right now instead of covering them. Though I Will Say:will be working on my post for this month’s chapter of Boruto: Two Blue Vortex, and the one for next month when that comes out(should the Hiatus go for that long), as well as covering Dead Rock Chapter 6. And I know it’ll GO for at least that long BECAUSEMy Copy of Naruto X Boruto- Ultimate Ninja Storm Connections is arriving Monday. So I’m gonna be playing that a lot, on top of next month’s release of the Indigo Disk DLC for Pokemon: Scarlet And Violet. And yes: I have BOTH Versions. So I’m gonna be playing that story twice. 

I also kind of just………… want to enjoy the Holidays with my family, you knowI’ve always loved this time of year; November and December has always felt like one long stretch of “Holiday” to me, what with all the specials airing around this time of year. It’s nice. And I enjoy watching it all with my family- roasting the cheesier ones; singing songs every now and then; putting up the Christmas tree; seeing my little cousins; all of that. And I have whole BUNCH of Recordings on my Grandmother’s DVR that I should REALLY get to before I add anymore. There are, like- Several different reasons for this Hiatus, I’m noticing; I also need to work on getting a new phone for me and my brother So………. yeah. Ah…………… No “Dump Post” this time around; I’ll just leave it at Boruto this time. You already know I wasn’t gonna cover Dragon Ball Super- I’m not even gonna front with you on this. I honestly don’t want to until this Retelling is over(which looks like it’ll be next month, and we’ll be going into a New Arc with the New Year). 

Which reminds me of ANOTHER reason for this: I have 2 posts that I want to work on right now, and they’re, uh………. they’re on the “Longer” end of things. HOPEFULLY I follow through on them(or get the CHANCE to, anyway). If I manage to finish them before the end of the year then I’ll definitely be posting them at random. And a whole bunch of Youtube videos God Fre@kin’ D@MMIT I’ve got a lot of sh!t to do. This may just go a little bit into NEXT YEAR now that I think about it; I’m gonna need a vacation from this vacation!! Ah, whatever; You’ll See Me When Ya See Me, I Guess!! Hopefully when I Come back I’ll be Refreshed and Ready To Work. And have a new manager. Just hopin’. Oh!! I’ll obviously drop everything to cover Black Clover when its new chapter comes out– don’t get it twisted!! I need My Magic Battle Fix, Bruh!! I’ve also been getting a lot of headaches lately, so I’m probably gonna have to do something about that. Sh!t I’m not coming back ’til February, aren’t I? This is bound to be a long one. Bare with me. 

Ah……….. Guess I’ll be seeing you guys around, yeah? That Boruto post’ll be coming in a few days. Not sure when it’ll be though, ’cause now that I have no set window I’m aiming for- I’m Goin’ All In. And I’m gonna be working all weekend as I tend to do so I may not get to sit down and do it properly ’til Sunday after Church. And yeah; I’m going to Church regularly these days. I’m trying to learn a few things. And again: Ultimate Ninja Storm Connections is coming Monday. Jesus H Christ this is getting longer by the minute. So in case I don’t see you ’til then: 

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone.

Enjoy the food; enjoy the time you have with your family; Enjoy Being Alive. I love you all. See you later. 

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