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Manga Chapter Review Dump Post #26: Who DIDN’T See This Coming?

I’m weak, alright? I wanted to talk about all of this- or at the very least One Piece– but the site going down IN ADDITION to the Monthlies; I had to choose between the super interesting Boruto or……… everything else that was interesting but takes up a lot of my time. You see what I choseBut I’ll say that I’m doing at least a regular “Dump Post” this time around. All while trying to work on the next chapter of “One Piece;” a “One Piece” theory; and a “Black Clover” project. And waiting to hear back from a job because I hate my current place of work. Like, I PHYSICALLY jolt when I hear my phone get a message- I don’t want to go in there anymore. Ah…….. I guess we’ll start with One Piece and go from there, yeah? 

One Piece Chapter 1,092: “Kuma The Tyrant’s Holy Land Rampage

The Previous Day- Holy Land Of Marijoa: PX-0/Former King Of The Sorbet Kingdom/Former Member of The Seven Warlords/”Invincible Slave” Bartholemew Kuma has reached the Holy Land. The Holy Knight’s try to pin him down, but…….. no dice. Eventually Fleet Admiral Sakazuki comes to face him- putting up a……… “Display.” If he WANTED to destroy Kuma- he certainly COULD have. Though he also had to make sure not to harm them whiny @$$ Celestial Dragons. As such, Kuma manages to send himself somewhere else…………. Present Day Egghead Island: While the PX Mark 3’s and the Navy deal with the Sea Beast Weapons, Snakeman Luffy faces off with Admiral Kizaru. And that ends up getting him knocked through the Vega Force 1. Not getting out of here THAT way.

From there, Kizaru makes his way to the Control room, where Stellapunk and Atlas have managed to crack York’s code and bring down the laser grid. Then Kizaru enters the room and is about to begin the Execution. FortunatelyGear 5th Luffy grabs him before he can do anything. But taking on this form– sounding the “Drums Of Liberation-” reactivates the Iron Giant. I think we now know why the Giant attacked Marijoa 200 years ago. But how was it active if the “Drums” haven’t sounded in 800 years? Did someone manage to copy the “rhythm?” Or……… were the drums sounded without anyone realizing? It IS the “Power Of imagination;” perhaps someone’s “imagination” let them create this thing. Just an idea……….

My Hero Academia Chapter 400: “Beyond Limits

This feels like it should be a bigger deal than it actually is. Milestone- No Colored cover or even Lead Cover of the magazine. Then again, I kind of feel like Horikoshi can’t take it. Nor do i think he ever wanted to MAKE IT to 400 chapters. Heck; Black Clover didn’t have a “huge celebration” for it’s 300th chapter. Don’t know why the link hyper-fixated on the 3, but know that the chapter is linked at the 3. Ah………. Aoyama’s quirk has reached Singularity. And that means 1)His quirkless body can’t handle it for much longer and 2)Hagakure refracting his blasts causes her quirk to go haywire, and thus leaves her……….. uncommonly exposed. But they can’t afford to stop moving now; they still need to get rid of these roots Kunieda left!! And they need to get to that before Aoyama bursts. 

Meanwhile: All Might prays to the GODS that this laser doesn’t give out before All For None rewinds away! By combining Star’s final Attack(minus the Solid Laser Javelin Bit) with “Earphone Jack” to keep All For Done in place- he really plans for this to be the end. He actually admits to getting off EASY earlier because All For Nothing INTENTIONALLY tried not to bash in his skull when he had the chance. “Can’t see his face twist in despair and agony if he doesn’t have a Face!!” And to that end- the Dork Lord still hasn’t given up, either. And All Might is starting to feel the pain through all the Euphoria. 

Laser Battery gives, and the little Wannabe is a Glowing Youth- out for blood in a………. calmer way. But in that very moment; he feels himself paralyze. Hero Killer Stain to the rescue!! On a…………. Goblin Glider Horikoshi you madman!! But yeah; he’s here to help All Might suppress the little Wannabe Demon. It’s a better chapter than I’m making it sound, honestly; not a bad 400th chapter of a series. And we’ve gone so far off the rails with this series(Bakugo) that it makes sense Horkoshi would just give Stain a Goblin Glider. I can’t imagine he’s been enjoying his job in a while; let him draw what looks cool!!

Edens Zero Chapter 256: “From Eternity Long Past” 

New Cosmos, folks- the tentatively titled “Mother Cosmos.” The Edens Zero follows the way markers as they pass by a planet off in the distance- one at a temperature of -220 Degrees Celsius. That now sets the standard by which to monitor the danger in this unfamiliar cosmos. Over in the Park Of Edens: Pino watched the memories the Professor gave her. And she’s not quite ready to talk about it. But Rebecca assures them that her friends are here when she’s ready to try. She’s about to- and short circuits. So Shiki and co take her to Sister. Meanwhile: Hermit checks out the little modifications the Professor suggested, surprised and impressed he was able to make such improvements after just a glance. Though Weisz is a little uncomfortable being touched by her. Not because she’s an Android– but because it’s her. Wermit Shippers Rejoice. 

SIMILARLY: Valkyrie pulls Homura aside to discuss her fate in Universe 0. “History has a way of correcting itself-” she may die at some point in the future. Homura tells her not to let that happen. Infirmary: Sister is torturing Mosco per usual, wondering if Void has collected any Mother Ether. And is interrupted by Shiki bringing Pino into the Infirmary. And then- we begin the Flashback: The Shining Star’s Human variants- 20,000 years ago. “Witch” has finished her day job as a lawyer is calls up Yuna(Valkyrie Yuna), who lost some surfing competition. And they’re on their way to see Ivry(Sister Ivry) in the hospital. But Human Hermit is running somewhere trying to prevent something- something that’s going to happen soon. 

Ziggy and the Shining Stars are 40,000 years apart, but ended up becoming a crew and searching for Mother. Whatever happens to this planet these girls find themselves on– is where it all begins. I don’t know if this is gonna kick off the long awaited “Dark Ages,” or if we’re just meant to take this at face value as “The Origin Of The Shining Stars.” I just know that this is probably going to be the Flashback that tells us enough to where we can figure everything out from there. We won’t learn EVERYTHING- but enough. 

Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 121: “If Not You, Then Who?

Anyone who’s not in a solo battle” vs “Everyone Else” chapter. Tristan vs The Testament Beast- Tristan thinking about what Schwarz said after he defeated him; about not having any respect for himself as a Demon or a Goddess. And that makes him hesitate. Fortunately he has Chion and Isolde at his back, but………… they become petrified by arrows. Donnie manages to stop the Archer, but he gets caught by another Swordsman. Anne gets involved; Donnie’s still petrified; Nasiens gets wrapped up in a battle; Anne gets caught by Rosebank; so on. Anne tricks them into telling her a lie and ends up suppressing them all. Except for the Testament Beast that knocks her for a loop. And with Tristan out like a light- looks like it’s up to Gawain. 

A very “There” chapter. Although I think it says a lot about Tristan and what he needs to grow stronger. And that would be learning to not compare himself to his parents. He rejects his Demon powers because he doesn’t want to hear how he’s “a Monster like his father;” he likes hearing how much like his mother he is- his worth is determined by where he stands next to his parents. That needs to end. Because he’s holding his Dark Force back and not seeing how far it can take him; he let’s it control him in battle because he’s always fighting it back. In that way: I guess you could say he’s got his father’s temper. And he’ll never take himself further if he’s always trying to measure his Goddess Clan magic next to his mom. He has to step out of their shadow and show us what a Nephilim is capable of…………

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 97: “Rampaging Cell Max

This is everything from the initial encounter with Cell Max to Gamma 2 formulating his plan, except it’s just Goten and Trunks at first. And because of the Prequel content, we know that the Gamma’s are based on the Saiyanmen. And the Gamma’s realize this when the they see the boy’s capes. They were grounded for 6 months, so they haven’t been training at all. So they end up posing with the Gamma’s and rushing Cell Max all at once. But longer this monster’s awake, the more it starts to “wake up-” get an actual sense for fighting rather than remain that Kaiju monster. Fusion- Fat Gotenks– everyone gets involved- Weak point identified- Gamma 2 realizes what must happen. Which I liked in the movie; the Gamma’s dynamic was always “1’s Super Serious- The Other Has To Learn.” But Gamma 2 was ready for this- HE’S the one who had the plan in the first place!! And now 1 is the one with the lessons to learn. But yeah; that was this chapter. 


The Hagakure scene is gonna be the Featured Image; I realize that now that all the images are up. I kind of HAVE to. Ah…….. I have the colored version of the scene, but it lacks the cutesy side panels of her realizing she’s becoming Visible. I have ANOTHER Hagakure page to use for a Featured image, but I don’t know if I’ll ever get the chance to use it. Maybe the next “Dump Post,” but who knows. Ah……….. how ya liken’ the “Kaiju No 8” reference? I like Kaiju No 9’s way of speaking, and the “Uh’s” being “Ah’s.” So I’m replicating the way he speaks. Also I can’t think of much to say. Ah………. Let me know what you guys think in the comments, yeah? Favorite chapter and all that. Until next time, duckies; See ya later. 

Editor’s Note: That Panel might have been a little “much” to just plop as the featured image; probably not the image I want to project in getting people to come to this site. So I made the featured the other image I talked about- and that other coloring will be down here. As your reward for reading the post. Enjoy. Side Note: I found a coloring that had the cutesy side panels. So, uh………. Awesome.


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