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Edens Zero Chapter 255 SHORT REVIEW

I just finished reading the new chapter of “Edens Zero.” And looking at it objectively; I didn’t feel like it was something that warranted a FULL review. That and my brother recently started going back to school after the end of summer vacation. To make a long story short: Some “altercations” went on with his transportation, and so he’s transferring to a school that’s close by. As such, he’s starting to get back to waking up on time for the bus- and me as a sensitive sleeper with the inability to fall back asleep once I’m up- I’m not sleeping all too well. Not to mention that- from the time of me writing this(Tuesday, September 12, 2023, 2:24 pm)- the first DLC for Pokemon: Scarlet And Violet is coming out soon. And I am going to play. THAT. MALISCIOUSLY. But then I see the One Piece 1,092 spoilers and……….. HOOF. Not to mention work most of Friday and…….. Pretty much all of Saturday, so…….. yeah. Meaning I should probably stop messin’ around. Edens Zero Chapter 255: “An Unexplored Cosmos.” Let’s begin. 

A Brand New Cosmos

For a chapter that just feels like it’s “there,” the……… either Biggest or Second Biggest thing to come out of this chapter is that we have now left the Grand Shiki Cosmos- they are in Completely New Territory. I actually think that it also explains why many Adventurers don’t make it to Mother- or why not a lot have made it back. I feel like Nadia’s Temple is where a lot of people are supposed to learn about the Relics- what they are, how to collect the Mother Ether, and things like that. But 200 years ago, Red Cave’s relic was taken anyway. So in their minds, what would be the point in going passed that d@mn flame cave just to get “residual ether?” So they go off in search of other Relics, but make the mistake of assuming the Relics are these “Ancient Looking Object” rather than…………. a Bottle Cap or something. And even after all of THAT- you need to go to the Saintfire Church and use the “Door To Mother.” And what are the chances they let everyone trying to reach Mother use it? 

This might tie into why Shiki needs to walk his own path and form his own opinion- and is a little too close to “One Piece” for anyone’s liking– but all of this might be necessary to reach Mother; going passed Red Cave and making whatever object you have on you a relic- collecting more and more Mother Ether- becoming an ally of the Saintfire Church. The crew just kind of did all that. In that way, it makes the adventures we’ve seen them go on feel all the more relevant- like they could have never gotten to this point without going through all of this. It’s all connected. 

But the other problem an Adventurer might run into is coming back. Sure, there’s untold Danger in going somewhere more or less unexplored, but I mean just getting through that initial “Wall” they had to pass. It might be easier to get in but not easy or even impossible to escape! Ziggy managed to do it– we’re definitely around where he would have had to find Shiki- but he had several factors backing him; what with the true nature of the Edens Zero and his Gravity powers- he probably broke past it. And yeahthis is likely Shiki’s Cosmos of origin- we’re closer and closer to the place he was born, and thus learning his true nature and what he’s meant to do. There’s a lot that this cosmos could be; a fitting place for the Finale Battle. Though how Void plans on getting here without the Mother Ether Joker was supposed to steal is beyond me……………….. NO F*CKING WAY IS HE ALREADY HERE. 

In chapter 235, we see the Edens One in some part of space- but there’s not indication as to what cosmos it was in; no sakura petals or snow or water or checkered skies. He’s already HERE!! And Joker was to get the Mother Ether just to keep it away from the crew!! That was some clever attention to detail, Mashima. Bravo. 

The Shining Star’s Origins

Something I quickly wanted to mention was how the Shining Star’s differ in their mindset towards their origins. Sister wants to know hers the most; Hermit’s just curious; and Valkyrie and Witch don’t really seem to care. Sister’s always seemed the “Least Mature” of the 4, but Hermit is legit just curious what it is that needs to be hidden. And the end of the chapter implies a level of tragedy to what happened to them- something that brought Pino to tears. But a few chapters ago, Rachel called it a “precious memory” to Pino. Now, we don’t know where in the timeline that Pino is looking; she might be right in the middle- right at the “All Is Lost” moment of the story- and hasn’t seen the “Happy Ending” that leads into…………. what we know currently. But that still leaves the question: What the H#ll is she seeing? 

The thought that- as of Wednesday, September 13, 2023, at 8:40 pm- just came to meOne has done all of this before. Maybe Ziggy’s quest to Mother was not itself the only thing he was doing. Chapter’s 204 and 210(as well as chapters 4, 200, 201, and 203) tell us Ziggy’s backstory and his mission from the Planet Edens right up to when Granbell was built. And at point, he went to out to find Mother again- to regain the memories he had lost upon crashing on the Granbell of Universe 1. But we ALSO know that he– at some unknown point– made the Edens One and the AI that would go on to become Void- presumably as a back up in case something happened to the Edens Zero. Maybe Edens One set out on its own during the course of Ziggy’s journey to Mother, and Ziggy changed the goal to stopping it from getting there. And as for how it tied into the Shining Stars and Pino’s origins: It needed a lot of fuel to get to Mother, so- it took the life force of Humans via a replica of Drakken’s Life Support Device. Sister WAS sick– just like Irma Steiner. Maybe they’re just the only 4 he was able to save. 

As for Pino; she was likely made after Ziggy realized what One was doing and made her with the specific intent of stopping it. The Shining Stars were all Human at some pointPino was not. And the “precious” part of that memory is when she and Ziggy turned the Shining Stars into Androids and forming that original crew that went to find Mother and stop One. And this ties back to something that Valkyrie said a little bit ago;” she speculated that there was already a model that Void used as a template that he ran through the Mobius to make perfect. Perhaps the body it used as the template was the one that Ziggy raced to Mother all those years ago! And after running a few calculations, it made the necessary upgrades to make a body even stronger than Ziggy’s

But all of this still leaves the question of how One was defeated last time. How did Ziggy stop himDid he stop him? Born again…….. Shiki remembers having seen Mother………. One already up and at em trying to reach Mother……… Shiki’s fate……. I’m just sayin’. Someone on twitter pointed out the possibility of Shiki being the Demon King the Heavenly Knights Of The Dancing Sakura faced off against in the Dark Ages- “born again” as the “Man Who Will Change The Universe.” He might have been on to something, though went back a little too far………..


Well THAT wasn’t “short” at all. The gears just started turning in my head; I already knew what I wanted to talk about, but to see what that spun off into; I’m glad I decided to forego the whole “overview” and just said what I thought. Man, I already miss the full break week. Why couldn’t I the DLC come out then instead of when I’m busy and my hours are up? I STILL GOT 2 MORE POSTS TO DO AFTER THIS!! Well, a “Short Review” that’s ACTUALLY going to be short, and the One Piece 1,092 review, which…….. takes priority with the mood I’m in, yeah? Man, I wish there were 6 of me– or that I had the “Processing Power” to do it all at once. ‘Cause everything I’m doing right now as far as this blog and Pokemon- I REALLY want to do myself. I’m not the type to relegate tasks like this to someone else! ‘Cause I love making posts like the 2 I have on backburn. Man, I hope they actually come out this time. Let me know what you guys think in the comments, and ’til next time everyone- Stay Golden. Later!! 

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