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The New And Improved Boruto Ohtsusuki! Boruto: Two Blue Vortex Chapter 2 BREAKDOWN

So the site crashed again. That didn’t make me too happy. Ah…….. I doubt I can do the Dump Post this week. Honestly, I think I can BARELY do this one; I was debating on whether or not to make this a Short Review. And of course all of this means no Dragon Ball Super this month. But at this point it doesn’t really matter. Just know that the chapter leaves us on Gamma 2’s sacrifice, so next month will be that and likely the Beast Gohan reveal. There, all caught up. Ah…….. I WANTED to talk about One Piece this week, and My Hero just reached it’s 400th chapter- something that should be a big milestone. But the content IN that chapter was……… Short Review material. Probably with some Hagakure page as the Featured image. But the site crashed and was really fixed until halfway through Sunday. And Sunday was a BUSY F*CKIN’ DAY for me!! Church; Job Interview; my grandmother had gone outta town so i was taking care of her dogs; washing bed sheets; cooking dinner; washing dishes- THAT WAS MY DAY SUNDAY. I am SPENT even doing THIS. 

But- looking at my notes and everything that I want to say- I must really want to talk about this chapter. I also just want more people to give “Boruto” as a series even a sliver of a chance. Because- for all of it’s problems(having like 2 or 3 different continuities that only correspond when it means making more money)- I like this series. At least; I like it………… *Sigh*…………. more than Dragon Ball Super. There, I said it; this has managed to be a little more “consistent” with the joy I feel from reading this. Whereas Super hits me with some REALLY COOL ideas- only to take a giant sh!t on me for getting my hopes up. Maybe I’m setting my expectations too high; maybe I’m just too old to enjoy the incoherentness of the series with the power scaling and the “story by story” basis; maybe “Super” just isn’t for people my age. They wouldn’t do a million and 10 godd@mn call backs for a bunch a kids who didn’t see the original- but then “Dragon Ball” as a franchise is this………. it’s like………… those who grew up watching the series- be it that original generation that got into the manga when it was serialized; the anime while it was airing; the people who watched it on Toonami after school and buy each and every re-release of the series; the Kai Generation- share it with the next gen. It’s a bit of a “Timeless Tale” between everyone; anyone who’s into anime has seen that series…………………….. “Boruto,” right. Ah………. Boruto- Two Blue Vortex Chapter 2: “Tree.” Let’s begin………


Picking up from the last chapter: Boruto makes his grand return to Konoha after 3 years to face off with the idiot Code. He tells Code to withdraw his monster’s “while he still has control over them-” or perish. Code recalls an incident 2 years ago in which Boruto ran away without being able to do anything. This is not that Boruto; he promises that Code’s gonna lose “more than an eye” this time. And like a dummy, Code doesn’t take him seriously at all. All the while, Boruto sends Sarada off to save any stragglers. And Sarada can sense something…….. different in the way Boruto is carrying himself right now………. More on that later. Right now: The InoShikaCho formation face off with some Claw Grimes and almost lose, but then Kawaki flies to their rescue!! Himawari is with InoShikaCho, by the way. But one of the Claw Grimes sees Kawaki- and a Rinnegan comes out. 

It does everything in its power to pin down Kawaki and tries to eat him, but Shikadai gets it with Shadow Paralysis jutsu which allows Kawaki to absorb it with his Karma. But he doesn’t get time to dwell on that, as more and more Claw Grimes start coming out to his location. Meanwhile; Boruto finds himself in a similar situation. But rather than absorb them with Karma- he cuts them all up with his blade at breakneck speed. Code now realizes that Boruto isn’t bluffing, but warns him not to get arrogant just because he can off a few; there’s more than that. But Boruto recognizes that true Horror of the Ten Tailed Beast. Code’s curiosity is not piqued. 

Off elsewhere: Sarada shows off her strength as a Genin to everyone at present, taking out one Claw Grime after another. But ALMOST get chomped by one. Someone takes the bite for her, but……….. they…………… the Claw Grime starts to become a Tree and grows around that guy. Same with another guys. We cut back to Code, who explains that the Ten Tails eats Ohtsusuki to become the God Tree- but it’ll pretty much eat whatever and whoever it meets ’til they get their preferred meal. But Boruto says that it’s………. well, because of Code’s little “modification;” it’s become worse than what they thought. So Boruto tries to tell Code to kill them while he can before a Really Bad Future comes to pass. But Code plans to drain the planet of its chakra, anyway; it’s all the same for this psycho. So Boruto tries one more time: “Take Me To Ten Tail’s real body- or die.And BORUTO says that it would be quite easy. 

Code says it won’t be him dying right here, so Boruto pulls up his pants and initiates his New Technique: “Rasengan- Uzuhiko.” Boruto- Two Blue Vortex Chapter 2 END!! Okay THAT’S a lot to digest. And it looks like Boruto- has seen some sh!t in his time away. Still no sign of Saskue. They wouldn’t offscreen something like THAT, would they


Okay…………. Where do I start with this one. There are 2 MAIN points with a bunch of smaller points to talk about. 1 of them might actually lead into the other, so let’s start with that: The Claw Grimes Instincts. Code tells us that they’re “instinctually eat anything until they find an Ohtsusuki, yeah? Which is probably why that Rinnegan showed up in Kawaki’s presence; it finally got a whiff of Ohtsusuki and it’s goin’ for it. What the Rinnegan will do for them, though, is…….. a question. I’m not entirely sure how these things work “mentally.” Maybe it’ll “instinctually” use Space-Time Ninjutsu to get closer to it’s goal, I’m not sure. Though it probably offers the potential for someone to take that Rinnegan and give it to themselves. ‘Cause eyes in this franchise can just be “plugged” in. Sasuke, where you at? No, but in all seriousness; the Ten Tails will eat anything until it finds it’s main course. But as Boruto implies in this chapter; Code squishing it down like this has “added” something beyond just more clawmark portals for him to move through. As shown by the appearance of these trees. 

A Ten Tails eating an Ohtsusuki makes a God Tree; the Claw Grimes seemingly eating anything with chakra period seems to be making Smaller scale versions of the main tree. “Seedlings” or whatever the term is. And when they eat people, that seedling(we’ll call them) takes root and envelopes the person who was eaten. When the God Tree is planeted- all natural energy is drained from the planet, as well as- as Amado put it- it also holds the planets “Genetic Information” as well as all the energy the planet has. If we apply this to these Seedling God Trees: What would happen if they bore Chakra Fruit? It would hold all the chakra that person has- but also maybe even their memories. Whoever were to eat the Chakra fruit of these people’s seedling would gain all of their Chakra and memories, becoming stronger and- kind of like with Karma- all their “information.” The Ohtsusuki are becoming more and more like “Living Computers” with the information we keep getting. 

I bring all of this up because of the joke I keep making: Sasuke is still nowhere to be seen. He could always just be somewhere else, but- with what we just got, in addition to Boruto not looking at Sarada this whole time and the information we just got from Code about an “incident” 2 years ago- I think………… that Sasuke…………… might have become a Seedling. And………. Boruto MAY or may not have eaten his Chakra fruit. If for nothing more than to keep Code from it. But also maybe some coaxing from Momoshiki. 

It might be that- 2 years ago- Boruto and Sasuke either managed to find a way to the Ohtsusuki dimension where Code was hiding, or Code managed to find them a summoned a bunch of Claw Grimes to attack Boruto. Probably that second one, honestly. And Sasuke was unfortunately devoured by a Claw Grime, becoming a God Tree Seedling and bearing a Chakra fruit. Momoshiki- out of curiosity- likely told Boruto to grab the fruit and explained to him the situation. That and Code probably said how the Claw Grimes came to be. Put that together, and Momo and Boruto were likely there with Sasuke’s Chakra fruit wondering what to do now. Eating it was certainly Momo’s idea, but Boruto’s suggestion was to save it for Sarada. What comes next? 2 Scenarios: 

  1. Boruto still has the Chakra fruit on him and is trying to find a moment in this chaos to give it to Sarada. 
  2. Momoshiki managed to gain control of their body and forced Boruto to eat it. 

Scenario 2 presents an interesting idea, in that Boruto now holds Sasuke’s chakra and knowledge. Sasuke’s chakra reserves…………… are very inconsistent, I’ll admit. It’s a bit of a meme that he’s spent a lot of this series on the ground out fo chakra. Vs SHIPPUDEN Sasuke who had Chidori’s. I think it’s the repetitive use of the Rinnegan that drained his chakra like stupid. But that’s gone now; he should have better reserves at this point. Does this also mean that Boruto has gained Sasuke’s abilities? As cool as seeing Boruto with the Sharingan is- Nah; I think just his chakra and memories. I don’t the chakra fruits- at least the one’s grown from these seedlings- has enough “storage space” from memories, chakra, and genetic abilities like the Sharigan. Something had to be excluded. But he would have still gained Sasuke’s chakra and added it to himself, as well as gaining memories on how to do hand signs with just one hand, or possibly even all the Jutsu that he’s managed to copy. Though the Chidori NEEDS the Sharigan to work properly, as shown in that little side story with Kakashi’s team. So even if he knows how to- he probably still can’t. Not unless the Jogan……………… oh, wait, yes he can; the Byakugan and thus Jogan- it’s “Further Evolution-” can both see chakra better than the Sharingan, which is what allows the Chidori to work so effectively. 

Though it could also be that Boruto is getting ready to give Sarada Sasuke’s chakra fruit, in which case what I said doesn’t really matter. And if Sasuke is in fact just off somewhere else, then the Sasuke parts of what I just said doesn’t really matter. But I think that that’s how these seedling things are gonna work. 

Though 1 other thing that I want to bring up in regards to “Boruto eating Sasuke’s Chakra fruit” goes all the way back to Kawaki’s idea in chapter 56: Code Becoming Boruto’s Vessel. No clue if Boruto knows how to do that, but I imagine that- in his time abroad- he would have had this conversation with Momoshiki about it, and brought up that Momo would be able to take his current body, while Boruto moves over to Code’s and takes his power. A conversation that would have likely come after the aforementioned battle with Code 2 years ago. If Boruto had eaten Sasuke’s Chakra fruit and then took that knowledge and even power over to Code- he’d be almost invincible, wouldn’t he? Sure, he’d not longer be able to absorb Chakra via the Karma mark, but………. eh. Amado was able to reconstruct Kawaki’s karma mark a “purely a weapon;” who’s to say he couldn’t do the same for Boruto? Would he do the same for Boruto, though? Because in his altered mind, he already did that. Boruto could lieforce him to do it; or Amado is a little more “aware” than anyone thinks. He knows about Shinjutsu and Shibai- he likely knows a way to counter a Mind Alter. Or perhaps I’m giving him too much credit. 

I’ll be honest with you guys: I had to go through a process fixing the main page, and as you’ll see by hitting the home button; it’s still not– and may never BE- the same again. That took up a lot of my time. So much so that I kind of lost my train of thought. I have notes so I know what I want to say, but, uh………. yeah; just expect it to be not as “coherent” as it was before. As shown with the Amado point. 

I know another point I was thinking about was Boruto hopping over to Code’s body by implanting his own Karma mark, and just leaving this body to Momoshiki. But then that would mean that Momoshiki would be left to go about free to do as he wishes. ALTHOUGH: Another idea could be that the original Boruto continues to suppress Momoshiki, and decides to sacrifice himself and take Momo down with him. Because after the stunt they pulled that night with Kawaki– there’s no resurrection in it for either of them the next time. Momo knows this better than anyone. So I imagine he’ll jump at the chance to “be free” of Boruto and has ignored that possibility. Though I can’t imagine Boruot will have let himself think about since Momo can read his mind. But yeah; that’s how that scenario could go over. All of this assuming that that plan is still within Boruto’s head. 

Other stuff I said is just general, miscellaneous stuff- stuff like how Kawaki was able to use his Karma to absorb the Claw Grimes. Because the Ten Tails- like the other Tailed Beast- is basically just a huge mass of Chakra. Which Ohtsusuki and Karma wielders can absorb. Boruto will likely display a similar feat; he may have even already done it before, considering the last 3 years. Another idea thing I mentioned was Code choosing to think of the Claw Grime’s as “tools” rather than allies because his getting close to people in the past- to Jigen/Isshiki and to Eida- have ended with them leaving him and him being all alone. So he’s choosing not to view these things as allies or even really living beings. Though that makes me wonder about the state of Bug, the only person that he can even SAY is an ally of any kind right now. 

And then there’s the BIG thing at the end of the chapter: “Rasengan- Uzuhiko.” The best that I can figure: He’s learned to enhance himself WITH the Rasengan- to make his entire body a living Rasengan with all the force behind every physical attack. And I believe that he would think of this due to the Taijutsu centric combat required when facing Ohtsusuki like Kawaki. He’d need to find a way to enhance himself so that his strikes do more damage, so he came up with a way to imbue the Rasengan’s concentrated “force” into each strike. This ties back to the idea of Boruto eating Sasuke’s Chakra Fruit: He would have “downloaded” the knowledge on how to enhance himself with jutsu- like Sasuke did with the Chidori all throughout “Shippuden;” imbuing it into his tanto and everything. Though Sasuke could have also just taught it to him over the course of their time abroad. I’m just saying the more interesting option; Boruto having Sasuke’s Chakra and skill and taking Code’s power and body in addition to himself would make him strong. Though………. whenever I think about stuff like this………………. I remember…………… what point we have to reach. Everything has to link up to that scene.


Wow……….. Despite it all- trying to fix the site and the problems at hand- I still managed to finish this on a high note. Eh, you probably already suspect a “Dump Post” of some kind coming; it’s just gonna have Dragon Ball Super in it this month. Hopefully I can just come back and work on this based on the official release, but……… you never know these days. Good thing I’m keeping a whole bunch of back ups. I don’t know if I’ll end up bringing over a whole bunch of posts to the old site just in case so that I still have that content, but I’ll say that I might start bringing over a bunch of “important” ones. Ah………. Let me know what you guys think of the chapter in the comments. This image is one I didn’t get to use but I found F*ckin’ HILARIOUS. I love Fan Translations for this explicit reason. ‘Til the next post, boys and girls; Laters!! 

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