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And A Banquet Chapter! Edens Zero Chapter 245 BREAKDOWN

Oh man, I think all the “Dump Posts” have started to kill my post making stamina. I’m working on this in addition to the Chainsaw Man review, and- I have to sayI’m kind of tired. Then again, with Summer in full affect, my job giving me few hours, and my brother’s and I spending a lot of nights watching anime into 12 or so in the morning; I’m probably just tired from……… well, a lot of factors. But with how erratic my schedule can get, I’ve just been doing a lot of Dump Posts as of late. So coming back to making a full post like this, I feel myself getting a little……….. exhausted. But I’m gonna keep pushing through, and hopefully my stamina for post making will come back. He says like the “Four Knights” chapter isn’t getting ready to come out in a few hours. Ugh, I’m gonna be busy on my days off, huh? But I love it. That being said, I have some “People” stuff to take care of, so I gotta get all this moving. Let’s begin. Edens Zero Chapter 245: “Like The Deep Blue Sea.” 


3 Days After The Muller Problem: The crew is invited to a Banquet at the Temple. Ijuna has given Rebecca a dress that “wasn’t her style. Shiki asks where Shura is, to which the Ocean 6 reply that he’s doing some Empire stuff related to Muller’s uprising. But even with things as bad as they are, they’ve still hosted the crew and even invited them to a banquet. So they’re going to enjoy themselves for the moment. Homura meeting up with Mirrani again, discovering her connection to Reverend Cyca, which reminds Valkyrie of Shiki and Ziggy. Kris and Callum meet up again, and Callum takes a liking to Kleene- much to Kris’ chagrin. As for Xenolith, he’s come with Miimii and Aruna, his power still having not returned. Though it’s not as if he’s concerned; his human body died a long time ago- and his power has already been “passed down” to Shiki. Plus seeing him switch with Miimii makes Aruna laugh.

Party goes on, and eventually- The Oracion Seis Interstelar show up; Holy grabbing everyone’s attention as per usual. But seeing Interstellar Union Army Big Wig’s coming here gets everyone abuzz about the problems with the Empire, and thus worry for their current Government. And to their credit, Jaguar DOES reprimand them for those Antimatter Bombs. But they’ve manage to keep the Aoi cosmos at peace, so they’re just gonna let them do. And they’re not even pushing them to dismantle them right away. Very “Lax” approach. Then you have Amira getting PLASTERED, and Homura walks up to admit her surprise to see her in Interstelar. Amira notes how they’ve all been speaking as if they’ve met before. Which is when she reveals that she knows that there wasPrevious World from a “Certain Someone.” So do Holy and Eraser– Holy even teasing that she and Shiki may have been “Lovers” at one point. But of course they can’t talk about all of that here, so Eraser suggests that they talk on Red Cave. 

They don’t get time to process all of that, though; Shura’s getting ready to make a Big Speech, and Lyra tells them they all need to be in a certain spot for it. They’ve no clue what this is about, but they comply. And the speech begins- with all of Aoi tuning in for the Big Moment: 

Attention All Humans And Machines of the Aoi Cosmos: Tired of the Constant Warfare Throughout The Cosmos, My Predecessor Conquered Several of its Planets. I’ll Be Blunt: He Invaded Them. I Cannot Change That Fact.

But The Empire Has Now Grown Too Large, And I Am Aware Of The Reality That It Has Become A Threat To Aoi. Our Goal Is Not To Expand Our Territory or To Form A Dictatorship; What We Want Is A World Where Everyone Can live In Peace And Security. And Therefore, Effective Immediately- 

I Am Abolishing The Imperial Government, And I Hereby Announce The Beginning Of The Aoi Cosmos Republic.

– Former Emperor Of The Aoi Cosmos, Poseidon Shura

NO ONE can believe what Shura just did- Oasis and the Aoi cosmos at large is left speechless. But he ain’t done yet, for he has someone he needs to thanks for helping him save the Aoi Cosmos: The Crew Of Edens. The Entire Empire Salutes them, thanking them for saving them from Muller. “Your Love Is As Vast As The Wide Blue Ocean,” Shura continues; “May We Be Wrapped In Its Embrace Like That Of The Deep Sea.” Shiki tells him he doesn’t need to do all this- since they’re friends. Shura agrees. Edens Zero Chapter 245 END!! Next chapter is called “Hamrio And Reina. And we’re going to Red Cave with Eraser and Holy. And Mashima likes to do references to his older works. ARE YOU SEEING THE PATTERN HERE? Are you picking up what I’m laying downYEAH. 


Oh man, it feels weird being able to to a full post again. I’m starting this part Thursday, June 29th, 2023, at 5:06pm- not long after finally completing the Chainsaw Man 134 post. And I have to say: That felt odd- like I was supposed to have given up on the idea and just turned all 3 of these into another Dump. But I pushed through and managed to complete it. Now I plan to do the same with this one. Then again; there isn’t that much that I want to say with this chapter. I more want to talk about the next chapter because of its title. But this one is a very nice, calming chapter; no fighting- no allusion to a greater danger- no arguments- just the crew having a nice time with their new friends. Can you GET more “Calm Before The Storm” than that? I’ve seen people defending this whole “Reunion In Universe 0” arc thing we’ve been on since chapter 221, saying that it’s like…….. it’s meant to be a “Happy Retelling” after all the sh!t that they’ve gone through in their lives- to let them live these “Happy Days” and still keep the lessons they’ve learned. “They got to have their cake and eat it, too.” 

For ME: I wouldn’t say that I “hate” it; it’s more like………. I don’t get the point of all these changes. Like I get that this is Multiverse story where “anything and everything can happen,” but…….. to have them just handed all these “happy coincidences” just feels…………. boring. Drakken just so happens to be less of a B@stard than the one we met back in chapter 28; Shura’s not the “Tyrannical Ruler” Nero made him out to be; Kureani’s an actual Mother; Valkyrie’s alive; Ziggy found a way to save the Granbell robotsit’s NICE after all that they’ve gone through, but………. Why, though? So we can have them team up at the end against Void’s army of mindless drones while Shiki and his army of friends stand up against the “Ultimate Machine King?” That’s what’s GOING to happen, I know THAT for d@mn sure, but if that’s all this is to do, then I can’t really see any point in going through all this trouble in the “origin point of the Multiverse where whatever happens becomes the truth of reality.” Like……… OKAY. Guess now that we’ve resolved LITERALLY every other storyline we’ve tackled up to this point, we can face a new, different, completely foreign problem in Void. Sure, okay. 

I PROMISE I don’t hate this. I’m a little confused, but I don’t hate it. But I AM glad that we’re about to get into the MAIN story again. Time to go get the rest of them Relics!! And they start with Red Cave again. Fitting that Interstelar(at least 2 of them) will be present there- considering the Legendary chapter 106 that introduced the faction ended with the crew landing on Red Cave. I’m almost willing to bet that Andrew is alive in this reality, and he and Nadia have been living this “Happy Life” in Universe 0. But…………. 200 years. Andrew’s organic. But then; Xenolith turned himself into a Machine a THOUSAND years ago. SO- Plausibly. Good for them, at least. But why would the Interstelar need to go to Red Cave at allNoah, for one thing. Who ELSE would they have been talking about? So they’re going to the planet they would logically have gone to next to have an Important Discussion. Also probably the last “Beach Chapter” we’ll be getting from this series. So it’s his last chance to draw Amira, Feather, Holy, and more in their swimsuits. And he seems to like doing that. And I don’t complain at all. 

I had also thought of this idea that Andrew’s someone involved with the Space Government and they were going to talk to him about XYZ, too, but………. eh; also not really a point. The relic was likely never stolenso- ya know– Civilization and Progression never stopped. That planet is likely going to be one of the………… actually, compared to Shura and Drakken; that change probably isn’t all that big. To us, anywayShiki’s still just a kid. 

The Aoi Cosmos is now a Republic, so Shura’s gonna have to do Politics and all that until it’s time to go to War with Void. That’s a thing. But let’s be honest with ourselves: The Next Chapter Is Called “HAMRIO And REINA.” Long time Mashima fans KNOW these names all too well; he name of the second male lead and the “Femme Fatale” type from his first series, Rave Master. I see people on twitter speculating that it’s simply a “Love story-” a tale like Romeo And Juliet told throughout time. Which may or may not end up confirming that all 3 of Mashima’s main works take place in the same continuity– told in different time periods. Though MY Personal theory is that they’re the True Names of Eraser and Holy. Holy is a literal reference to Reina, while Eraser could just be named “Hamrio.” And next chapter will be telling a little bit about them and their lives here vs before Universe 0. The Death of Sarah was instrumental in Holy becoming an Interstelar, and Cure is just a straight up bad guy in this Universe, so………… that may have still happened. And we didn’t know Eraser’s backstory anywaythis’ll be when we learn more about him at all. 


Thats in one day. GETTIN’ MA GROOVE BACK!! And once again, I ended on an appropriate note. Ah, that feels GREAT. I just wish I had some closing thoughts to leave you guys with. If for nothing more than to make this paragraph longer than 3 lines of text. Uh………. When do you think we’ll meet up with Connor and Rachel? And do you guys think that Galactica is gonna show up on Red Cave? Which one? Let me know! ‘Til next time, guys- Catch ya later!! 

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