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Manga Chapter Review Dump Post #17: The Consequences Of Spacing Out

YO. I COMPLETELY blanked on the fact that this was the week the monthly chapters would be coming out. I could’ve BEEN started this dump post- would have already had 2 series up here and called it a day. I could already be including Chainsaw Man’s segment and be DONE with it for the day.  I COMPLETELY Spaced on that. Ah, and they were such GOOD chapters, too. I had basically started the reviews for Four Knights and Edens Zero, and just needed to do the “Review” portions when I realized that we were already getting leaks for Dragon Ball Super and Boruto. One of those is bigger than the other. Then again; one is doing a movie retelling and the OTHER……… Well, you’ll find out sooner rather than later. Sh!t, I HOPE. I also need to get back to The Owl House review. And THAT has its own set of things that’ll explain why this is so difficult to get right. 

Ugh, I need to stop complaining. At least I still get the time to do this AT ALL. Things might start to change in my daily life; I might start getting busier doing……… THINGS, and you might end up seeing a lot more “Dump Posts” than I wish I’d have to do. Hopefully I can find a way to make it all work, but I don’t want to make any promises and then cr@p out. Man, do I NOT have some kind of Long Anecdote to open this with? I guess I could use some of my opening paragraphs from the Edens Zero review I was making. You see, the link to the Edens Zero review comes from @WorthlessBaka on twitter; I found it while scrolling to see if I could find a link because I had started seeing translated pages on my timeline. THAT BEING SAID: I also have to thank @AnarshiE for giving me a link after I asked for it. But by the time she had finally gotten it to me, I had already found @WorthlessBaka’s post and didn’t need it. But I still appreciated it; I don’t always get responses for those kinds of comments. So I promised to give her a shout here when I make the post. @AnarshiE- if you’re reading this- Thank you very much for the link to the chapter. You, too, @WorthlessBaka.

And of course, the Four Knights chapter comes from @BielzinhoFull15 on Twitter. That one came out Sunday, April 16th, 2023 when I could have BEEN started this. Good thing One Piece and the others don’t come out until Thursda……………. When the official fre@kin’ Monthlies come out. Let’s just get this starts and see how this turns out………

Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 102: “Mad King

Rather than be deterred by the death of 2 lackies; Arthur is elated that that was all it took to change fate- now the Knights numbers are thinned AND they’re emotionally rattled! He has Guin tell him the next course of events, leading him to decide to send assassins after the Knights- including Ironside, who will hand pick the 6 that will go after the Knights, as well as personally adding Ironside’s brother-in-law MORTLACH. Speaking of; Mortlach is teaching Diodra swordplay, as well as regailing a story from his youth with his big sister(Diodra’s mother). But he gets the summons, and is off to Britannia after the Knights……

Back in Wallnack; Thetis has come to retrieve Jade’s body, and tells them to continue searching for clues about Camelot. But some information comes in the form Io, who tells them that their might be some clues in the Demon Realm. But before they go anywhere, she realizes that someone is here that she didn’t expect: Percival. Now what do think she knows about Percival? Does she has some sort of connection toDolchomonte , who’s told her about him? Or is there some history there……?

Edens Zero Chapter 236: “1+4+6

I didn’t know why the chapter was titled the way it was, but once again- @AnarshiE on twitter explained the title: It’s referring to the Villains of the finale. First off is One Void- the main body of the Edens One, created through repeated advanced calculations through the use of the Perpetual Mecha Soldier Birthing Machine- The Lendardian technology MOBIUS. One has managed to make a body stronger than even Ziggy‘s, with its own Eternal Drive giving it the same Infinite Energy as the Edens Zero! But it also has a number of allies backing it in Universe 0- the 4 Dark Stars as well, but also The Oracion Seis Galactica. But on a new roster

  1. “Dead End” Cure
  2. “God” Acnoella
  3. “Joker Helix” 
  4. “Lightning Law”
  5. “Lady Freya” 
  6. Master Xenolith “The King Of Gravity”

Joker is a B cuber Rebecca can’t remember; Freya is- according to Valkyrie- a legendary swordswoman who’s mastered every weapon; a machine who’s reached “the pinnacle of Martial arts;” and no one can believe that Xenolith is working with One. But they need to be prepared to treat him as an enemy when the time comes. For now; they just need to find Laguna and awaken his memories. Meanwhile, One is going to take this chance to go Relic Hunting……..

When they come to Sandra, though; they find Laguna, Aruna, and her mother. And Laguna kills Aruna’s Mom in front of them all. I saw a lot of people saying that he was filming some kind of scene and that this was fake. And the only problem I have with that isHow would he have a regular job if he’s working as a rebel against the Government? It’s like; he can’t have a regular job while Shura’s in charge, so…….. we might have to take this at face value. Which will make his memories returning…….. interesting……..

Chainsaw Man Chapter 127: “Save The Asa

You know, this post actually started off as the “Chainsaw Man” review, but I remembered halfway through the opening paragraph what I was supposed to be doing. This chapter sees Falling beginning to send Asa to h#ll. Asa hangs on, but Falling realizes: She’s not holding tight enough; her desire to live right now was already pretty weak, so she plays into that and gets her to give. But before she can think of her sole regret- She’s Saved By Chainsaw Man!! She commands him to let her go, but Denji tries reaching her- trying to convince her not to die. 

He relates to her a little bit; talking about some of what happened to him in Part 1, and telling her that there’s always something to live for. For him, it’s wanting to have sex. She calls him gross. And this chapter shows off more of what this part of “Chainsaw Man” is about: if Denji is a Stray Dog who finally found a happy life and something to live for, the Asa is the Stray Cat that longs for affection but scratches every hand that gets near. But Denji won’t stop trying- because at the end of the day: They’re Both Just strays looking for happiness. And if HE can find it, then anyone can………..

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 92: “New Androids

I know this is one of the chapters that I’m supposed to be talking about, but………. How much do you guys actually care for that review? It’s like…….. I WANT to talk about it because it’s still part of my favorite series(“Super” ain’t all that, but it’s still “Dragon Ball”), but………. it’s still just a movie retelling. Of a movie that I already reviewed. So I figured this month I’d just lump it in with the Dump Post and focus on the chapter that ACTUALLY matters. Seriously, that chapter has me HYPED. So yeah; this is part of the dump. With it, there’s probably only gonna be 2 or 3 categories this post WON’T be in. I don’t know if that’s a good or a bad thing right now, but I’m just gonna role with it. 

This chapters sees the opening fight between Piccolo and Gamma 2- Piccolo trying to extract as much information as he can from the cocky Android. But he’s not telling, and they start fighting. Gamma 2 is unimpressed, and thinks that he’s won easily. But Piccolo takes his “death” as a chance to figure out why there’s another Red Ribbon Android. He follows Gamma 2 to the New Red Ribbon base, and finds another Gamma- #1- and a shocking reveal: CELL MAX- a recreation of Cell said to be the strongest creature on the planet!! Piccolo gets in contact with Bulma to tell Goku and Vegeta to come back to Earth, while he goes to get some senzu for the upcoming battle……..

Bulma struggles to find the communicator Whis gave her, but when she does- she receives no answer. That’s because Whis is caught up in the Sparring Match between Goku and Broly. Broly is picking up how to fight quick, and is getting better at controlling himself. So Goku decides that they should “kick it up a notch.” Next month- based on the content from this chapter- should see Beerus flirting with Cheelai; Dende outing Bulma for the wishes she makes on the Dragon Balls; and perhaps Piccolo making his wish on Shenron. All of that. Something I’ll say about the chapter: Toyotaro did a pretty good job capturing the scenes from the movies. ‘Nough said. 

One Piece Chapter 1,081: “Tenth Ship Captain Of The Blackbeard Pirates, Kuzan

Following that “Galaxy Impact,” Garp remarks how he’s “losing his edge.” His ship lands, and he warns any pirates still conscious that they’re gonna get another @$$kicking if they blink. It finally looks like they’re going to get to leave with Koby when Hibari is frozen solid. Flashback: A year after his battle against Akainu on Punk Hazard- Kuzan is drinking on some New World Island when Teach bursts in, demanding to know why he froze his crew! He reminds Teach of who he is and what his crew is like, and that they were the ones who started the fight. He was just drinking away his woes……..

Sometime Later: They’re drinking together- crew and all- talking about the Punk Hazard Fight. Some jokes; missing foot; all good things. Though this prompts them to ask Aokiji about “The Man Marked By Flames.” Rumor Has ItHe’s in possession of one of the Road Poneglyphs, and sails on a black ship that makes whirlpools that sink every ship that comes near. Shiryu bets the poneglyph is in possession of the World Government, but Kuzan says he doesn’t remember anything about Poneglyphs beyond what happened to Ohara. Laffite thinks they should swipe his powers while they can, but…….. None of that. Rather; Teech tries recruiting him, promising him the freedom to do as he wishes……..

He is the 10th Titanic Captain in the present day, and he plans to use his freedom to stop his former TeacherBut it’s Garp, so, uh……….. He’s gonna have a fight on his hands. While at Winner islandThe Heart Pirates Have Been Defeated- submarine sunk and all. Teech debates whether to take the Op Op fruit to sell or use for himself, or to have Law make him Immortal. Bepo- in an act of desperation- uses a drug Chopper gave him that would let him go Sulong without a Full moon. He knocks Teech away, grabs Law, and dips- choosing to trust that the others will survive and save their Captain instead. That’s 2 of 3- You’re up NEXT, Mr Emperor of The Sea. Man, the Worst Generations been takin’ an @$$kicking recently, huh? They may have all come in ready, but at THESE Deep Waters- THIS will separate the “Men” from the “Boys……” 

Black Clover Chapter 358: “Flame Burial

Mereoleona’s fight against Morris takes a turn for the worst when Morris uses his new “Operation” spell to destroy her arm. But utilizing “H#llfire Incarnate” allows her to regrow her arm and continue fighting. But Morris’ “Operation” lets him decompose anything that touches his body- including the Neverland Sprites. Meanwhile, Fuegoleon and Salamander do their best to keep the Guardian Angels at bay. But he gets distracted seeing his sister struggle like that. And the Crimson Lion Kings aren’t happy with their powerlessness, either. So they decide to put it all on the line- SHIELDING Mereo from Morris’ tentacles; one after another jumping in the way of the tentacles while still allowing her to attack. 

The longer this fight goes on, and longer “H#llfire Incarnate” is used; the hotter the flames get. That, plus Fuegoleon notices how each and every attack is doing more damage; his regeneration and dismantling are reaching their upper limits. And Mereo knows this. So with everything she has in here; she’s going to punch Morris ’til both she and Morris are ashes. “Calidus Brachium Purgatory: FLAME BURIAL!!!!” That was pretty cool. I had originally been thinking that she’d use H#llfire Incarnate in conjunction with Mana Zone and reform her hand from mana, and…….. she might be able to do that still, but I think she just flat out regrew a new hand. Can’t wait to see what she’ll become when she unites this state with Mana Zone, though. Oh, and also: “Black Clover” Will Be On Hiatus Until May 22nd, 2023. Rest well, Tabata sensei………

My Hero Academia Chapter 386: “I AM HERE

Man, the situation just keeps going from bad to worse for the Heroes. All For One- juiced up on Youth and Tomura’s Intense Hatred infecting his Vestige- is off to insert himself into a story that’s better off without him in it- YET AGAIN; Dabi’s mockery of Shoto’s “Phosphor” move has been him compressing a whole bunch of Thermal Energy, and has built up enough to blow up a 5 Kilometer/ 3.1 Mile Diameter- and he’s gonna blow in 10 MINUTES; the UA/ Shiketsu Evacuation Tunnel runs right under Gunga where Dabi’s about to blow; and no Heroes are available to stop All For One from reaching Deku. Wow, they sure looked f*cked right now, don’t theyBut they still got Small Might there to help them. 

He gets on call with Shoto and Iida, giving them Dabi’s location and sending them to stop them. The Rain made from the storm cause by the Todoroki’s intense heat has cooled down Iida’s engines enough for him to put his armor on Shoto and haul @$$ to that Walking Corpse. As for Small Might himself, He has a Plan. You see: For however much All For One hates All Might(which is something INTENSE to begin with)- TOMURA hates All Might so infinitely more that it dwarfs even that. Putting them both together- there’s NO WAY he’s gonna ignore Small Might when he catches his eye. And his plan works. But how is he gonna keep him stalled, I wonder? The answer is simple: 

Iron Man Suit.

Yeah, he’s about to fight All For Nothing- hopped up on Youth and Hate- with an Iron Man Suit. He Won’t Win, but this should be cool. All the problems with the series- one thing that’s remained as great as ever is the Art. 


That is of the 8 series I talked about in one post. The only 2 categories this post is NOT in are the Naruto/Boruto and Western Animation. And I’m working on posts for those 2 categories right now anyway. Back with the old site, I…….. I don’t think I could do categories. But now that I can, I can make sure a lot of posts are in a lot of different categories- a lot of them(such as the Dump Posts) overlapping. That’ll expose a lot more series I talk about; maybe introduce people to a new story they can get invested in. He says like anyone who hasn’t been reading the whole time. “Four Knights” just past the Hundred chapter mark, and Boruto and Dragon Ball Super are getting up there in chapters- BOTH of which guaranteed to touch those Hundred marks. 

Ah, what else do I have to say? This is the second Dump post in a row, I suppose. I don’t like it when that happens- especially when a lot of the series in these posts bring their “A List” content. But schedules just line up to where I gotta do things like this. And with so many people at my job quitting and transferring to other stores; I kind of feel like you guys are gonna be getting more Dump Posts a lot more frequently. At least until I can get a good “rhythm” going. 

…………… I feel like I had something else, but I guess not. So……… that’s all, folks. Til next time, guys; See you all later!! 

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