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Fire And Ice- Reunited! Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 70 BREAKDOWN

I don’t think you’re ready, boys.

I knew EXACTLY what I wanted to title this chapter. Because- after reading the spoilers- I knew exactly who that Chaos Knight was. And they didn’t even spoil the Knight’s identity; I knew because we finally meet the Vice Captain of the Holy Knights. And let me tell you: This series selling point is not needing to have read “Seven Deadly Sins” to understand what’s going on in here. But having read that series before hand; seeing certain characters Gets. Me. HYPED. Much like this chapter.

You’ll know what I mean before all is said and done, I promise. But that’s enough of me teasing sh!t; let’s get into the chapter! Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 70: “Traitor’s Blade.” Let’s begin……


When we last left off: Chion and Hade encounter a Chaos Knight from Camelot- who claims to be a former Holy Knight of Liones! And they’re here to retrieve a mole they planted in Liones. Thus the fighting starts. Hade condemns him for being so eager to win, but the Knight says it’s “common sense” to try and end the fight as quick as possible. Chion agrees, so he tries to summon Sylph to take away the enemies breath like before. But it soon becomes clear that something isn’t quite right……………..

Something’s wrong………………….

Chion’s magic requires him to speak precisely the incantation he’s trying to use- he can’t mispronounce anything. But he is. Not only that, but Jade can no longer feel his hands- he can’t even hold his sword! It’s as if a sudden chill has come over them, making it hard to speak or feel much of anything. And with their body temperature’s dropping so quickly; it seems as if they’re defeated.

The enemy begins to walk away, but a sudden presence stops them in their tracks. Ladies and Gentlemen; the Vice Captain Of The Holy Knights: Guila. According To Chion: She became the first female Vice Captain at the age of 22. Her swordsmanship skills are said to be “The Kingdom’s Top Class,” and her composed intellect and judgement make her even better than the Captain. They also say that she and Howzer had a 3 day fling- or so the rumors go.

She came down here because she realized the commotion going on outside was a diversion for something, and came to check it out. So she was sent her while Meliodas escorts Bartra out of the town. And because there’d be a Big Fight; the prison was coated in a strong barrier to contain the battle. As such; Guila and the Chaos Knight hold nothing back in trying to outdo the other. However; Guila can’t help but express a degree of sadness in meeting a “former colleague” this way.

It’s a clash of Fire and Ice that result in Guilla getting the Chaos Knight dead in the helmet. She asks her former ally what happened to the promise they made to their brother- to “carry out his will” and “surpass him as a Holy Knight.” The explodes the helmet. Which reveals the identity of this turncoat: The Tomboy- Jericho! Four Knights Of The Apocalypse END!! Both are wearing lipstick now; we’ve seen it from Jericho, but in all honesty: They look older than they are. Like Chichi in some scenes of the “Super” anime.

Alright what happened here?


I’d like to take you all back to the Omake(A Side story) that details the beginning portions of Lance’s origin story. That tale detailed to us that Jericho moved to the Fairy King’s forest and was Lance’s teacher. So they’re gonna see each other again before this is over. Back to the story; some mysterious force was kidnapping Humans from the forest and Liones. Ban said he’d check again the next day, but Lance- being his son- decided to investigate behind his back, and roped Jericho into it. They got spirited away, and Ban and Elaine never saw them again. That’ll be fixed later.

SOMETHING happened between then and now. So let’s just say: Jericho and Lance were taken by the same force that was kidnapping Humans years ago. But they were lucky enough to escape. Stuff lead to stuff– probably involving Dubs- and Jericho and Lance got separated. Lance made his way to Liones, and Jericho was probably found by Camelot. And now we’re here. What happened when(if) Jericho was captured by Camelot? Well; they probably recognized her as Ban’s Knight in the Fairy King’s Forest. And they’re big on “Humans First,” so………. probably viewed as a traitor to her kind and might be under Mind Control.

Either that, or whatever was waiting for them on the other side of that force showed them something……. something that made her betray her homeland, friends, and the land she promised to protect. And she joined up with Camelot. Lance tried to stop her, but she pushed him away, and he made his way to Liones. Either way you splice it he made his way to Liones; he probably didn’t want to face his parents after going behind their backs to try and prove something. He always has a home in Liones.

I completely forgot this line from

chapter 49


I definitely think that Lance knows of Jericho’s betrayal, and I don’t think he’d have hidden it, which might be why Guila knew who it was. And then there’s Jericho herself. I laid out 2 possibilities of why Jericho is working for Camelot, but I don’t know which is right. As per usual; we can only speculate until the next chapter.

I knew it was Jericho the moment we saw Guila. Those 2 have always been kind of a “Duo;” it’s rare to see 1 without seeing the other. So that just told us who it was. It was nice to see Guila again; liked her design, liked her personality, and I really liked her magic. Explosions are cool, and it looks like she’s using it in a lot of different way. Instead of simply detonating the moment of attack; she coats her sword in fire, which works well against Ice types like Jericho. Their opposing magics also cement to me that they will be each other’s primary conflict- with Lance there for characterization and development. And conflict.



The Weird Thing About “Set Up” Arcs: Every answer we get just raises more questions- the more we have to talk about just seems to leave us with more mysteries to speculate about, without telling us really anything at all. Like; all we know is that Jericho is working for Camelot now- we don’t know why, when, or how. And I couldn’t be more excited to figure out the reason. This story is gonna be a Good one. Now if only the anime were on the same level!!

Another cool image I couldn’t fit in

In any case; that’s all I got for the lot of ya today, boys and girls. Let me know your own thoughts, and until the next post, all- Have A Magically Enchanting Day. By~~e!!!

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