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The Hero, The Villain, The Anti Villain, And Whole Lot Of Blood!! My Hero Academia Chapter 401 BREAKDOWN

I have more to say now about this chapter of “My Hero Academia” then I have in a very long time. Then again, it’s 2 chapters worth of content. But even still, with these 7-8 page chapters; I didn’t think I’d have a whole bunch of things to say until we reached…………. In all honesty- The End. I can’t imagine there’s gonna be much to say with Deku vs Tomura; it’s the resolution of the Moral Debates of the series; characters are gonna get involved and try to help Deku take out Tomura but it’ll ultimately come down to probably Deku’s own “United States Of Smash.” Which if NOTHING ELSE will show Horikoshi’s art at it’s absolute Best. Because even through all the bad story decisions and sickness- He still proves to be one of Jump’s Best Artists. I’ll dog on some of his story decisions ’til I’m blue in the face but I’ll never say anything about the way this man draws his manga! Speakign of which, that art is on Full Display in this one. Let’s get into it!! My Hero Academia Chapter 401: “The Lunatic.” You mean Small Might, All For None, or Stain


Picking up from the last chapterStain arrives, picking up the blood left behind in the Battle Of Small Might and All For None. He smells it to make sure it’s not All Might’s, and licks it. With All For Nothing paralyzed, All Might and Stain move in for the finisher. But All For One activates “Forcible Quirk Activation,” and uses that to force “Bloodlet” to force all that blood out of his body, and then rewrites the composition of his blood with “Antigen Swap.” Stain’s quirk isn’t going to work with the old blood he just blasted out. So he creates a giant Flesh mouth monster thing to chomp Stain. Which is actually fairly kind of him; he admits that loosing all that blood helped “put some pep in his step.” He then throws Stain away through several buildings. 

There lies Stain in a hole in the wall- in so much pain I don’t think he realizes it. All For One comments that it was really Stain’s message to the world that really got the League of Villains moving- but his role ended much after that. So- he’ll snatch Stain’s quirk. Stain- either as a last act of defiance or his last “F*ck You” to ol’ Nutsack Face- detonates a bomb in his gloves. In his final moments; he says that he never finished High School- but All Might still taught him what it means to be a Hero. So he’ll do what he can to make sure that his idol Lives. Bomb goes off- but, uh……… All For Nothing makes it through. All Might comes up but gets blasted away like it’s nothing. The Hercules car- as its last act- makes 1 last shield so that All Might doesn’t perish. The Suits gone and so are his legs and one of his arms, but he’s still alive. I was going to say “Kicking,” but……………. ya know. 

Unconscious, All Might’s mind creates Illusions of the 2 most important people to him: Nana Shimura And Sir Nighteye. Though they say RADICALLY different things; Nana tells him to keep fighting- Nighteye wants him to stop. But the “Symbol Of Peace-“ is not dead yet. But he IS out of time. All For One is close enough to “Gloop Warp” over to Tomura. So the end of the chapter leaves the Wannabe Demon Lord with 2 Options: He can either warp over to Tomura, use Stain’s “Bloodcurdle” to freeze him in place, and do whatever he needs to to take over Tomura’s body for good, steall One For All from the out of breath Izuku Midoriya, and take over the World without need to hide- or torture a crippled, dying All Might and waste all his time before this body no longer exists. Which will he choose now that his mind is clear? My Hero Academia Chapter 401 END!!! 

So what, like 2 or 3 more chapters of this– All For One’s “Rise To Power” Flashback; Where it all goes wrong; the completion of the All Might/ Nana flashback and All Might’s Final Moments; All For One’s final moments; segue over to Deku vs Tomura……………….. yeah, like to or 3 Aoyama and Hagakure F*CK!! Eh, might as well give that it’s own whole chapter for the start. We’re gonna rewind Time a bit, aren’t we? I wonder if Bakugo’s up by now…….


I’ll be honest, some of what I want to say is just carry over from what I wanted to say last week, but couldn’t because the site was down. And I honestly didn’t feel like I could manage to work a “Short Review” with the “Boruto” chapter I has to do. So I just dumped it and made up for it with Hagakure stuff. But now I have time, so let’s start with chapter 400 stuff. 

Chapter 400 Content

2 things happened in the last chapter. The first thing was that we saw a kid somewhere else in the world watching All Might’s battle. And even though his Grandmother told him that the end result of that fight wouldn’t matter to them in whatever part of the world they were in(which was a f*ckin’ LIE whether she knows it or not); he’s still rooting for All Might. Because no matter how much we might be able to understand the Villains- no matter how much you even kind of sympathizing with them- no matter how much more you like them than Hero- for however much the concept of a “Villain” might have evolved since its inception- We will always cheer for the Underdog. And at the end of the day; All Might IS the Underdog in this equation. Someone will always root for the hero. This is made most evident to me with Chainsaw Man: “Because of what he does, He’s marked and killed by many Devils. But He Revs His Engine And Arises Again And Again.” He may not be the STRONGEST Devil out there- but he’ll never back down to them. 

The other thing was Aoyama’s quirk reaching Singularity. It’s not outright SAID that that’s what’s happening to his quirk, but that’s what’s happening- ’tis, like- THE THING in this finale. And I said in my notes that it’s becoming too strong for Hagakure to refracted effectively. Like……… there’s “too much” of it, and so her quirk has to divert a lot of its “power” just to refract the blast. Which is why she becomes visible after doing it; the quirk doesn’t have the strength to keep refracting all this light. It’s almost like Aoyama’s Singularity is overloading Hagakure’s quirk. Will she be able to handle his final attack? Yes, because she needs to to save everyone at their battlefield. But Aoyama will die- probably explodes. And Hagakure probably won’t be the same Hero she was before. She might actually have to start wearing a suit. Already……… already kinda crazy that she doesn’t have Hero costume that can fit her quirk, considering Mirio’s suit was made with fibers of his hair so that it can phase through stuff like him. Was his the first case of this happening, just to see if it would work? Or does Hagakure like going around Naked? Don’t know why, but it’s whatever. 

And the last thing would be that I don’t think that All For One is the glowing baby that started all this; that baby was born in China. That plus Overhaul’s theory that quirks are a mutated strand of some virus, and I feel like years after the fact people are going to think that this was a reference to a certain World Altering Virus- even though the series began in 2014- 6 years prior. But that’ll be something for the Generation after us that looks at old manga like this. No, no; I don’t think All For One is that baby. But he could have stolen it. He was a part of that initial wave of that initial wave of “Exceptional,” so……… yeah, sure. Why would he? For the Fan Theories. No, but seriously; there isn’t much of a reason FOR him to take a “Glow in The Dark” quirk other than- in all honesty- that moment last chapter. Of all the things Horikoshi was planning; that was probably one of the scenes he had in mind for the Finale: All For One glowing. Why? Probably no other reason other than a “Full Circle” moment; “The Meta Ability that began the rise of quirks is here when all abilities that came after have reached their Zenith” or something like that. Unless we’re looking at this wrong and he’s now become Radioactive. That’s always a possibility. 

Chapter 401 And Speculation 

Why does Hero Killer Stain have a Goblin glider? Because “F*ck You” that’s why. No, but seriously, I’m not even upset or questioning it right now; I’m not particularly upset about it. In fact, I actually find it kinda funny. I mean, we’re at like 11:58:45 of this story, guys; if Horikoshi wants to draw Stain on a Goblin Glider, then- F*CK IT, let ’em!! It’s not even the most egregious thing he’s done in this Arc, let me tell you. Stain on a Goblin glider, sure. But there is something that I question in the chapter: How did All For One Force “Forcible Quirk Activation?” Because he used it to force “Bloodlet” to force his blood out, and then “Antigen Swap” to rewrite his blood. But……… how did he use “Forcible Quirk Activation” while paralyzed? Looking at Deku and co’s  original battle with Stain, they couldn’t use their quirks while paralyzed. So like……… is All For One Type O, as well?

Entirely plausible, but the idea of Stain’s quirk is “weeding out the True Heroes From the Fakes-” his quirk is least effective on Typo O blood because it’s “Heroes Blood-” “People with this blood type are generous and kind-hearted.” So unless Hori decided to inject a little bit of “logic” and just gave All For One this blood type because it doesn’t have as much to do with personality theory- this scene doesn’t make much sense to me. And even in THAT case, even Izuku was paralyzed for longer than a max of 30 seconds. So this scene might not even make sense in THAT context. 

And the very last thing that I wanted to mention pertains to  All For Done. Losing all that blood there- getting the chance to sit and calm the f*ck down under the………… press of a f*cking Laser beam– has allowed him to think a little more clearly. The All for One that came into this fight would have taken every chance to torture and torment Stain and All Might right here and cackle and belittle them the whole time. But not this guy; he just threw Stain away at the first chance he got- Ignored All Might- and went to steal Stain’s quirk. Which, if he plays his cards right; he could probably use when he warps into Deku and Tomura’s battlefield. They’ve both shed blood in their Final Confrontation; he could freeze both and do whatever he needs to do to take over Tomura’s body for good. And the end of the chapter confirms that he’s close enough to use “Mud Warp.” So All For One is left here with 2 choiceThe smart, rational decision of leaving All Might to bleed out, warp over to Izuku and Tomura, paralyze them, and get everything he wants in one fell swoop- taking Tomura’s Mutated body, One For All, and the world- or stay and torment a 1 armed, legless, intestine-less old man and let himself be rewound out of existence. Which will he choose

All For One may have gotten all that boiling blood out of him, but……… he’s still being infected by Tomura’s hatred. Still losing control of his own power and “urges” the younger he gets. Still hates All Might more than he’s ever hated………. probably anyone in his 150+ years of life. Except maybe the 2nd One For All user, because he got the ULTIMATE “F*ck You” off in his final moments. But……….. that’s a lot of hate. And……………. through ALL OF THIS- 

All Might Is Still Smiling.

He sees that- sees that All Might still has this “twinkle” in his eye- still has the will to crawl and fight with just the one, puny little old man arm that was busted up in Kamino– and he might just lose whatever reason he has left and become a Berserker. Get ready to see a lot of blood. He can’t do anything to grizzly because this is a manga aimed at younger generations, but……… even then; series in this magazine get get gruesome. The anime often tones it down, but recall that Akainu actually took off some of Whitebeardshead. Not just his Manly Mu-stache– his whole head. And let’s not forget that this is where part 1 of Tatsuki Fujimoto’s Legendary “Chainsaw Man” manga was published- complete with a……… well, just go look at the 2nd page of this chapter if you want to know what the limits are for them NOW. 


WOW That was a lot!! And still so concise and coherent- despite the site going down on me again! It’s fixed now, as you can see. And if you’ll look at the store; you’ll see that we removed the old products we started this site with, and replaced with products from my dad’s T-Shirt Business. Hope you find something you like! Whenever I help him make shirts, I notice we do a lot of the Allen Iverson’s. That should be popular. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. ‘Til next time!! 

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