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Lancelot: Prince Of Benwick/ Leader Of Apocalypse/ Knight Of War! Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 80 BREAKDOWN

You know? The other day, I finally learned what “Blu Ray + DVD and Digital” meant. I did not know what that meant to this day. For that reason, I would go out of my way to make sure that I never get DVD cases with with that label on it. That would sometimes result in me ordering movie without noticing that I was importing them from another country. Yeah, I didn’t pay attention to the “country of origin” part, either. But now that I KNOW what it means- that the regular DVD comes with the Blu Ray- I’m gonna have a lot more movies. I say all this because- as I was reading the chapter- my copies for One Piece: Heart Of Gold and One Piece: Stampede finally arrived in the mail! From THIS Country!! And my copies for the 3D2Y special and Episode Of Sabo will arrive…… well; this post will probably be up Thursday, October 13th, 2022(My younger brother’s 18th Birthday(HOLY MOTHER OF F*CK I’M OLD)). And the 2 movies arrived yesterday. 

What does this have to do with “Four Knights Of The Apocalypse?” Nothing; it’s just a fun little anecdote to open the post. Honestly, I don’t even remember what the last chapter I reviewed was. Which is shameful. I’m aiming to fix that! Though I probably won’t be able to. Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 80: “King Arthur vs Lancelot.” Let’s begin……….


Short Recap: The arrival or Arthur forces Meliodas to get involved in the conflict. The clash results in mas destruction, and it only gets worse when Tristan’s Demon power makes him lose control and fight Arthur blindly. Meliodas does his best to both protect his son and win the fight, but Tristan finally loses it and slams around until he passes out. Fortunately; the Mini Percival’s were able to bring Lance to the battle field, where he begins his fight against King Arthur alone…………

Chapter 80: Lance- to EVERYONE’S surprise- has managed to topple King Arthur! Tristant explains that he and Lance where around the same level of power 6 years ago. But one day, Lance was “spirited away” from his homeland of Benwick. He would return 3 years later with power that’s claimed to be EQUAL to that of The Seven Deadly Sins!! Though he would never talk about how he got this far, where he was, or what happened. Lance asks if Arthur is considering using that right arm of his, but the King simply breaks free. He deduces that the secret to Lance’s strength resides in his ability to read minds- he was only able to react to Arthur’s attacks because he knew they were coming; he’s actually weaker than Meliodas is. Or so he thinks………….

Trsitan tells him to end it NOW, but Lance tells him to “butt out” and takes a nearby sword. Arthur moves backward, but Lance creates a “Shining Road” that ends up exploding beneath him! But the sword ends up breaking, and Arthur takes the chance to hit Arthur in the jaw- with his Right arm. Though he claims that this is simply “Chaos” trying to protect it’s host body. Without him; “Chaos” would leave this world all over again. So because it was something else’s will, Lance didn’t see it coming. 

The Chaos Amalgamation begins to surround everyone at present. Lance gets back up, glad that Arthur’s deciding to take this fight seriously. He responds in kind, summoning an abundant amount of magic- enough to where even Chaos retreats back to Arthur. But the fight is interrupted when Ironside and the other Knights Of Chaos arrive in a massive Airship. He get’s in telepathic contact with his King, warning him that going any further with this attack would be unwise. Sure enough; Arthur sense some Powerful Magic welling up in Benwick, Dalflare, and the Peaks Of Fear. Nothing good will come of Them getting involved……….. 

But Arthur would rather focus on the mission he gave to Ironside. The Knight says that he has already completed that mission. So Arthur can leave without worry. All the while; the people of Liones are beginning to think of leaving with Arthur. Anne chews them out, reminding them who it is that invaded their home in the first place- and who it is protecting them now. Meanwhile; Lance is going to let Arthur just leave without getting in one last attack…………… 

Though the King soon begins to fade away, anyway. But he gives the Knights Of Liones A WARNING. He came here today to test the fabled “Knights Of The Apocalypse;” to see if they were worth the getting all “worked up” about- or at the very least something that would be able to entertain him in these “boring days.” But now that he KNOWS what they’re capable of- He’s coming for their lives. Them, and those they hold near and dear. He Declares WAR Against The 4. Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 80 END!! I really wanted to end on that line- I’m sorry; I DID!! 


Lance Is The Leader Of The Knights Of The Apocalypse. Tristan may be Gawain’s “handler,” but THIS MAN is the one that’s going to be leading them on missions. He’s………… Super Competent. He’s able to appraise his enemies strength and weaknesses, and use his Fairy Telepathy to play “mind games” with his enemies. Not to mention he has the strength and combat skills to back it all up. He’s probably trusted with more important missions and information that Tristan. I don’t know where the story is going next, but I can tell you that Lance is going to be doing something Super Important. 

All of this said; I don’t fully believe that he’s on the same level as some of the………. “Upper Level” sins. Diane, Merlin, Gowther, and possibly King. But NOT Meliodas, Escanor, or Ban. Arthur pretty much tells us that. So while I think that things will change before the Inevitable Sins vs Apocalypse battle, as of right now- Lance isn’t up there quite yet. Meanwhile; I’d say that Gawain is second place in terms of power, followed by Tristan, and lastly Percival. Unless he finds a new way to use his magic. 

I’ve been thinking for a minute now about how far Percival’s power can go. On the one hand; he’s very literally “as strong as people think.” His magic runs on people’s hope- the more faith people have in him, or the more people believe in him- the stronger he is. His magic can become whatever the situation calls for; it’s the ultimate…………. what was the term? “Ex Machina?” It’s something that Suzuki can use to fit the story at his convenience. And if he gathers enough “Hope,” then his Mini Percival’s gain sapience. ProblemThat’s his limitation. As we saw in chapter 56, if the people he draws his power from are out of commission, or they’re separated for whatever reason, then his magic is actually rather weak. We can’t have that. No matter what group he’s with- be it with Donny and the others or his fellow Prophesized Knights- they will be split up at some point. Tensions DEMANDS that that happens. But you can only do that so many times before it gets repetitive. This story will probably end up being shorter than the original “Seven Deadly Sins” manga, but I definitely see 200 or more chapters. 

All of this is to say that I definitely believe that Percival’s going to learn how to……….. “hold” that power. You know what I mean? Like; he’ll learn how to stockpile a portion of the power he accumulates with “Hope” and use it as he sees fit. That make’s it sound a bit like “One For All,” but hey– it’s all I’ve got. That and maybe build up that magic in his sword so he always has some power stored somewhere……………!!!!! 

Lance was looking for Dubs, the one who crafted the Sin’s Sacred Treasures, In chapter 49. It’s probably on Meliodas’ orders, and it probably has something to do with the Knights Of The Apocalypse. What if Percival’s Sacred treasure stores up the power he channel’s through it. That way, even when he’s at his weakest- he’s not without power. That would make him a little more than reliant on the sword, but it’s not out of the realm of possibility. 

BACK TO THE CHAPTER AT HAND: Arthur’s abilities now ring to me as similar to Gaara’s. You know what I’m talking about; he’s got that “Ultimate Defense” thing going on, with Chaos defending him on its won. Though in Gaara’s case, it was revealed that that was his mother’s jutsu, whereas here it seems to b actual “self preservation” through it’s chosen vessel. In which case, I can see them trying to “overwhelm” Chaos via attacking Arthur all at once- with a swarm of Mini Percival’s to help them 1)Heal and 2)Give Chaos something more focus on. Or, as Lance has shown us; it’s possible to “force” Chaos away by flexing an obscene amount of power. Which Percival, Gawain, and eventually Tristan will show- Percival situationally, Gawain’s got that in SPADES, and Tristan just needs to learn to control it. 

Lastly: Ironside’s Mission. In chapter 59, Guinevere said that she would be in Liones until the next day. She knows the future. She is about to get captured and taken to Camelot. The only question is how the H#ll Ironside found her, and what Arthur intends to do about……… the “situation” at hand. Lance is 16, and Guin said that she’ll be the 14 by the time Lance turns 20. She’s 12 right now. And Arthur’s 32. Gotta……… gotta do something about that. Maybe the plan is just to use this Guin to know where in the future his ACTUAL bride it- the one Lance saw on the Peaks Of Fear in chapter 32Something to that effect, yeah? Either way you splice it; I think we’re going to be learning more about this girl, and about the fate of this Love Triangle………..


You know? During the course of writing this post- I went and got myself sick. And there is no worse feeling in life than being sick. I haven’t even been sleeping all that well lately, so I just kind of feel like sh!t right now. It’s times like this where I’m glad I’m not talking; I’d sound horrible speaking into a microphone. But expect the next few post to have a “low energy” feel to that. Also, it’s my little brother’s 18th Birthday, so please leave Birthday wishes for him in the comments. Yeah, I’m a little more than p!ssed about being sick. At least I made it through the week without my boss calling me in. 

Let me know your own thoughts on the chapter in the comments. New Arc Starting Next Time!! Get Hyped. Until then, duckies; Stay Healthy, Wish My brother Happy Birthday, and Pray That I Don’t choke on Mucus. Later……………..

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