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Manga Dump Post #14: Jump Round Up!

This one is more on me than anything else.REALLY want to talk about every chapter on this list- really I do. But for me to give them the time that I want each of them to get, I would have to go on another Hiatus. ‘Cause them Monthly’s is PACK. And the Weekly’s really brought their A Game this week- be it Oda’s ability to “Mic Drop” a chapter; Horikoshi’s Art; or Tabata’s writing. But “Boruto” really stepped it up this month, while Dragon Ball Super……… eh; at least it wasn’t bad. But out of all of the chapters that came out this week(that I’ve read), it would have to be the……… not “Worst,” but the bottom of the list. So we’ll be talking about that one first. And I think Black Clover might just be the last. Or probably “One Piece,” ’cause a discussion with my brother the other day gave me the idea for another post………

Next month, I’ll definitely try to focus on the Monthly’s. I don’t know where the other 3 will be come that time of February; I just know that Black Clover and My Hero aren’t even close to wrapping up(Black Clover more so than My Hero). But Oda’s got the ball ROLLING with Egghead right now; I don’t know how many chapters of that arc are left. Oh SH!T I forgot about the other series- they could come out during the week with Four Knights and Edens Zero. If worse comes to worse I might not even do those series in the same week. I just know that I’m trying to get all the categories in the banner right now. It’s hurting my OCD not seeing some of these series up there. That’s……… kind of the primary reason for the “Dump Post.” If it were up to me, I wouldn’t have done Boruto dirty putting it in back-to-back Dump Posts. 

Like I said: This is more about me than anything else. Sorry. But I’ll do my best to give each series the Justice they deserve!! 

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 89: “A Rival Appears!” 

Trunks is trying to hack into the disk he got at Mt Butterfly, but there’s so much security on it that it crashes Bulma’s computer. Bulla fixes it, and Bulma sends Trunks off to school with Mai. It’d look suspicious for someone who looks that young to NOT be in school, so she was enrolled in Blue Hal High. Along with her is the character of “Baytah-” who in truth is Dr Hedo’s NEWEST Android: Beta No 1. And he was sent here with mission of finding the thief and retrieving the disk. To that end, he sets his sights on Trunks- much to the Hero’s annoyance. 

PROBLEM: Goten Lifted A Truck In Front Of Him. So Beta 1 reveals himself and attacks Goten. Trunks gets changed real quick and faces off against Beta 1, proving his superior- in terms of power AND fashion sense, according to Dr Hedo. Beta 1 brings out his battle jacket, but is still overwhelmed by Trunks. But the skirmish reveals that Mai was holding onto the disk in Trunks’ bag. He grabs her and flies off, but Goten’s help allows Trunks to save Mai. As a result- she falls in love with Saiyaman X1. And he can’t reveal that at the moment. 

Though it’s not so bad for the Villains; they now have their 3 targets in Mai and the Saiyamen. And now; the good Doctor has some “inspiration” for his new, Stronger Androids!! A few things: 1)Mai Going To School. I don’t know who knows about the Pilaf Gang; there was this scene in Toyotaro’s Resurrection F promo-manga that implies that Krillin knows about them- and he wasn’t even there when the Pilaf gang was introduced. So they either don’t remember them because they’ve gone up against Bigger, Badder threats. That- or they simply don’t care. They probably have I don’t know HOW MANY Radars to find the Dragon balls, and- considering they were dumb enough to get themselves turned into kids again- clearly don’t know what they’re doing. They’re a non-issue right now. 

But………… If they know that they’re the Pilaf Gang they fought way back when, then……… Why’s Bulma just letting Trunks do this? She know her son; if she really DOESN’T know then she probably had Trunks take her to school just to help him out a bit. But if she knows, then……… there are some legal issues here. 2)You know who ELSE has a Red CapeGamma No 1. Gamma is the next letter in the set. We got a few Numbers to get through, though- the Alpha series went up to 12. So maybe the primary threat of this Arc will be Beta 1 and- since they labelled the Battle Jacket “Beta 2-” Beta 3. Either way, though; I think Beta 1 is about to get an Upgrade. 

Boruto- Naruto Next Generations Chapter 77: “Time Drawing Near” 

Okay, it’s been a minute. To make a long story short: Sumire and Sarada seem to be immune to Eida’s “Charm.” But they can’t let Daemon KNOW that, so they just pretend. All the while, Kawaki begins to sense Momoshiki’s presence in Boruto. But when he confronts him, Shikamaru reminds him what happened the last time he confronted Momoshiki like this. The boy relents, and goes off to take care of a “Minor Errand.” Eida- being the “Unconfrontational Type-” decides she wants to go into town for some clothes. 

Ohtsusuki Dimension: Code’s continues making his “Claw Grimes” from the Ten Tails. He’s at over a thousand at this point- more than enough to attack the Leaf Village in its current state. But with Eida there, he doesn’t have the “element of surprise” backing him. Which Eida relays to Shikamaru. Then she sees herself in cute Jacket and becomes a 16 year old girl again. In the corner, Boruto sits with Daemon until Mr “Strongest” senses something intense outside. But when he jets out, all he finds is Himawari. But he’s saying that she’s the strongest chakra since he arrived in the village. But Boruto thinks he’s trying to put the moves on sister and……… No. 

Uzumaki Household: Hinata is busy preparing dinner, wishing the boys could join them. Low and behold– Kawaki shows up, berating the Surveillance for relying so much on chakra detection to find intruders. He asks them to take a seat, and explains his decision: So long as the Ohtsusuki exists- Naruto will never be safe. So he resolves to Kill Every Last Ohtsusuki- including Momoshiki. They refuse to let him go after Boruto, but he reminds them that this wasn’t “up for discussion.” He sends them to another dimension, promising to finish this- and die by Naruto’s hand once it’s done. That’s some twisted thinking right there. 

Though it reveals a little more about Kawaki, and I think Code. Looking at it; Kawaki is doing this out of “love.” Twisted and selfish, but “love” all the same. Code is doing this because they killed Isshiki. If someone killed Naruto; would Kawaki not do the same? I don’t think so. They’re meant as parallels; Isshiki did for Code what Naruto did for Kawaki. So for #1 Isshiki Hater Kawaki to be his saviors Vessel, while Code receives a “bootleg” version of his power- that probably stung. And would explain part of why Isshiki had Code’s limiters placed on him. Also- “I’ll Send you To the place where I sent the Seventh.” Time is starting to move now. And now there’s no one here to stop it……….

My Hero Academia Chapter 378: “The Story Of How We All Became Heroes, Part 4” 

La Brava has managed to hack into Skeptic’s systems, taking UA back from the mad man. He flees, and she’s left to make up a whole new code to keep UA from crashing into the dirt. While in said barrier; Deku comes face-to-face with “His Villain” again. Those powering the barrier are evacuating, seeing a wave of Twice clones consuming Aizawa and the other’s platform. The US Pilots are left in a state of limbo, unable to attack without attacking their allies. But hope arrives for UA- in the form of Gentle Criminal. 

A month back: Muscular and All For One are breaking prisoners out of Mikuzu Prison. But one of the convicts was able to prevent even a single one from escaping. And that was Gentle. As a reward for preventing any more criminals for escaping onto the streets, he was allowed to see La Brava again. All that time apart had made their love grow stronger and stronger, to the point where La Brava’s “Love” quirk is able to make Gentle strong enough to catch UA. “This is the least I owe the boy” he says. With UA in a “Gently Super Lover” air trampoline, the barrier is kept from falling. But Tomura has his quirks back. He touched the ground even ONCE and it’s over. 

Thankfully; someone is able to shoot his hand off. Not “through-” OFF. Ladies and Gentlemen- Welcome back the Lovely Lady Nagant. Tsukauchi had taken All Might’s advice and bet on their “origin-” these Villains wanted to be Heroes at one point. So he gave them the “chance” they were denied. And based on what the 3 of them were able to do here; I’d say he was right on the money. Tomura’s still gonna regenerate and if even a finger lands on the ground- it is ALL OVER, but they’ve bought some time for Deku to catch his breath. I wonder what OTHER Would-Be Heroes are gonna show up…? Or would the next one be just a Murderer plain and simple? 

Black Clover Chapter 348: “Determined” 

Asta- having completed his training- arrives to aid the Ryuuzen in fighting the Paladins. Yrul uses Boogeyman to shows Asta what he fears most: His Own Weakness- a version of himself full of nothing but doubt. Through his training, though; Asta has already seen this weakness and reached a conclusion: He doesn’t have time to have all this doubt in his mind. He’s not talented like those he looks up to, so he has to get busy getting stronger. But that “Determination” ends up awaken Yrul’s fighting instincts, letting him use “Holy Hunting” to move around Asta at high speeds. 

The OTHER thing he got from his trainingAnti Magic Zetten. Finding the moment that Yrul was open, he uses Zetten to cut the “Paladin” out of Yrul. He’s back to normal. And now; it’s time to go save Sister Lily!! Asta is such a well written character- especially with this arc. Originally, I was going to talk about his character arc in relation to Vegeta- that he had to “destroy” his old way of thinking and “create” a new one. But……… this happened instead. Eh, maybe in another post……..

One Piece Chapter 1,072: “The Weight Of Memory” 

The cover reveals when Caesar, Queen, and Judge started diverting from MADs’ original objective. But somewhere down that line; they were able to make something that was “truly a human being,” though not considered one by the rest of the world at the time- as we learn in some of Vegapunk’s narration. In the present; Bonney “knocks the age out of him,” reverting him into a child. She demands to know why he can’t turn Kuma back to normal, but Vegapunk made a promise to Kuma that he would NEVER tell Bonney. As the original Kuma scales the Red line towards the Holy land, Bonney sees a room housing something she didn’t expect to see: A Bubble Of Her Father’s memories. 

Outside; Zoro fights against an Awakened Kaku. But it looks like the tides will turn in CP-0’s favor when the Seraphim arrived in the Labopahse. Lucci orders them to destroy the whole Phase before any of the Vegapunk’s arrive. But a surprise attack from Stussy of all people knocks out Kaku, and she turns her attention towards Lucci. Ladies And GentlemenClone Of Miss Bukingham Stussy of the Rock Pirates, and MADs’ First Clone Experiment- Successful Subject No 1 “Stussy.” Jesus H CHRIST, Oda you know how to pack a chapter. 

Stussy………. is this a Devil fruit thing or a clone thing- those Bat wings and the Venom. I saw the idea that she has the Bat Bat Fruit Mythical Beast Model: Succubus- you know, ’cause she’s “Queen Of The Pleasure District.” But I ask because…….. it could be the Miss Bukingham had the Succubus fruit, and since Devil Fruits change you at the genetic level, she just naturally has this power(probably along with the weaknesses, but you never know). The other idea I’ve heard thrown out is Vampire. Either way, everyone’s saying she’s got some kind of Bat Zoan. It amazes me how Oda manages to keep “One Piece” interesting- a mystery like this couldn’t keep everyone invested forever. So he added in Dinosaurs, Cyborgs, Robots, Aliens, Christianity, Zombies, Merpeople, Animal People, and more. All in a story about Pirates. Impressive. 


Black Clover was a little shorter than I expected, but then so are some of its posts. The only things that really suck about this is that 1)I couldn’t get all my thoughts together put them to work in their own posts, and 2)I put together TONS of images- ones that I’m not even gonna get to use, and ones that should have all ready been deleted. And that fact that I don’t have much to say in this section means I don’t even have any “Closing Thoughts” for all of you. I guess just tell me which of these chapters you liked the most. Until the next post, everyone- Catch ya later. 

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Comments (3) on “Manga Dump Post #14: Jump Round Up!”

  1. I’m interested in who else will help Deku. There’s Mirio and Lady Nagant. Stain’s a possibility, as well as Toshinori. Interesting how we having seen ole All Might in awhile. He could be looking for Stain in order to get him to help.
    …And Skycrawler.

    Another great OP chapter. This arc is keeping me on the edge of my seat.

    1. I kind of want Deku to do this solo for a little bit- like 2 or 3 chapters before everyone else starts jumping in. But yeah; Mirio’s probably gonna be the first one to dive in with Deku. Then probably All Might; Nagant staying at long distance; Stain might be where Dabi is; and Skycrawler and Captain Celebrity jumping in with Deku. The only unfortunate part is not seeing Deku talk with Koichi- one Protag at the end of their story speaking to someone whose coming up on the end. I would have liked to see them talk a little bit.
      Yeah; Egghead is probably the Best Post Time Skip arc yet. At least; it’s the one with the least problems. I DID like Whole cake more than others- and not SPECIFICALLY because of Katakuri. I liked the setting, too. And the Big Mom Pirates weren’t all bad. Though I’m upset that Smoothie still hasn’t done a lot in the story.

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