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Manga Chapter MASS REVIEW #1(Anthology #4)

………………… This would be “Take 2,” as I’m sure you’d expect. This post originally started as a Chainsaw Man “Mass Review.” But that series is on break this week, so I figured I’d just roll that chapter over into this week’s “Mass Review” to cover all bases. Then I’ll get to work on “Dead Rock” chapter 11. Not sure if that’s gonna be a Short Review or a full one, but I’ll tell you: It will be better than last month’s review. Like I said: I had family over last month around that time. And I’m too anxious a guy to focus on what I want to do when there’s people around. Or when I have to beat down the recordings I have on my Grandmother’s DVR. Or……………… well, maybe we shouldn’t talk about that. Just know that it’s why I’ve been on my computer so sporadically; trying to avoid wasting my time on something I simply do not care about and wasting my battery life on it, as opposed to what I’m doing now by making this post. I’m really trying to get out of it, and the only reason I’m talking about it at all is because I know the person pushing me into it doesn’t read my posts. Sad, but honestly welcomed at time like this. Least I got you guys to talk to. 

Ah…………. I still have more recordings to watch, and still more coming up. Saving Grace(If You Can Call It That): A Power outage where I live messed up one of the longer movies I was recording. Had to delete it– I don’t like getting cut off when watching a movie. Then the cable cut out, which messed with another one. That movie is coming on at another date, though, so that’s alright; just gotta wait before watching the whole trilogy. Which won’t help my case since I’m ALSO recording all the “Rocky” movies(Including the “Creed” movies available on cable), but…………… eh. I’m working my way through all the Star Wars content I recorded this past Star Wars weekend. I’m up to the Rebels series on Disney XD; it’s only the first 15 episodes, so nothing much. Then Rogue One, the Original Trilogy, Resistance, and the Sequel Movies. I know: “Not A True Star Wars Fan” for watching the series in order or not watching everything or for even looking back at the Sequel Trilogy blah blah blahdy f*ckin’ BLAH. I’m just watchin’ what I can of the franchise in chronological order- for no other reason than “Because I Want To.” Never claimed to be a “Star Wars” fan, anyway…………..

Uh……………. I have the “Chainsaw Man” part ready, so- that should make this process quicker. Sh!t, I HOPE- I’m already about a day or 2 behind. I’m restarting this Wednesday, May 8th, 2023, around 5:22 pm- after 3 trips to the store, watching the Solo movie, and 3 and half Rebels episodes. Thank GOD last week was a BREAK week for all these manga. Now if only I had a Proper “Goku Day” post. Ah, well……………. I’ll get those out at some fre@kin’ point. Heh; along with that post about Noelle and the Leviathan I’ve been thinking about recently. “In You Dreams” someone said to themselves. Let’s get this post started before I run out of stuff to say. 

Chapter 164: “Charred Remains

After getting his balls stomped on(TWICE, mind you), Denji can only think of one thing: Nayuta. Yoru doesn’t know who that is, nor does she care– she only cares about fighting with Chainsaw Man. She’s about to pull his starter(The Chest Cord, you sick weirdos), but Denji stops her- vowing to fight her on the condition that she Finds Nayuta. Asa switches back, asking Denji what happened. The Charred Remains Of Denji’s Apartment: Despite there being nothing but burnt rubble there, Denji begins digging through it all in hopes of finding it. Yoru- annoyed– tries to get Denji to face reality: Nayuta was likely killed by the Armed Adults who attacked her. Asa switches back once again, trying to be a little more “understanding” than her unwanted resident. 

She recalls when Denji saved her during the Falling Devil incident, and how he said he “knew how it felt” to have life be so cr@ppy. She relates Denji’s loss to the loss of her Mother, saying she knows how it feels to fell guilty for the death of a family member, and offers to help him with whatever he needs. But Denji snaps at her for her contradictory behavior- still in the dark about Yoru. So she switches tactics to trying to get him to fight her again, promising him he’ll have an “ordinary life” afterwards. But he doesn’t want that- “Whenever I become Chainsaw Man, everything around me turns terrible” he replies, and goes back to looking through the rubble for Nayuta. Fami suggests that he’s just hungry, so Asa asks what Denji wants to eat. His stomach growls, meaning he IS kind of hungry- for sushi. But Asa hates Sushi……………… which makes Denji wants Sushi more, much to her chagrin and Samurai Swords Annoyance.

Edens Zero Chapter 286: “Chrono Children

One Void– Has Been Vanquished; returned to “The Void Of 0” by his father. And the Edens One Is no longer, meaning the consciousness that is “One” is no longer apart of this world. All that’s left is to clear up his reinforcements, and for Shiki to bring the Chronophage to change Mother back into Earth before she disappears. Sounds “Simple Enough,” right? Well…………… The Chronophage Spawns Smaller Beasts with The Same Powers, who begin to attack the Zero’s Allies. They’re Etherial Beings Who Eat Time, so they can’t exactly be “shot,” but Ziggy is able to save Rebecca and the mascots with Gravity. Main Chronophage’s Core: Shiki is continuing to battle the Time Priestess, who keeps chanting that “She Doesn’t Want This World.” Shiki struggles with her insane speed; she manages to outpace him at ever turn, dodging his every attack while missing very little. 

She manages to get behind him and shoot an Ether Blast that blows up in his face(PAUSE). Shiki is still conscious, and asks the Priestess who she is. She responds: “I came from the future…………. To Devour Time……… To Devour The Worlds………….. I Do Not…….. Want This World Anymore.” She stomps on Shiki so hard that blood gushes out………. I think in the next chapter, we see Shiki go into Overdrive and break the mask, revealing: Future Rebecca- “Ziggy’s” Baby Mama. How she got to this point is anyone’s guess, but I bet’cha it has something to do with them extracting her Ether to make Etherion. They took her Time Ether- the “Time” she’s looking for- REBECCA’S Time Ether. It’s been going everywhere she’s used “Cat Leaper,” trying to get her Time Ether back so she can………….. well, we still don’t know what she plans to do with it. But I’m guessing it has something to do with getting back her child and Baby Daddy……………

Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 148: “Dark Clouds Looming

The entire family can feel Sixtus’ power fading fast. King notices as well, and decides to wrap up his fight with Kilbeggan immediately. But the fact that he would die here was Always Intended; he ends up gushing blood, activating a Curse Embedded in his blood by his creator, Worreldane- one that seals away King’s power. But they don’t have time to dwell on that; they have to go save their son!! Mushroom Mountain: Sixtus ain’t doin’ so hot. Worreldane asks once again where the Drug of Yore is located, but Sixtus refuses to give it up even if it means his death. Sadly, though– Worreldane already knows the spell to extract the Drug From the flowers. But the plants only respond to King’s voice, meaning just knowing the spell won’t be enough to get it. So she just use a spell called “Gallery Of Memories” to replay the most recent summoning of the Drug of Yore– capturing a sample in a bottle where King stood. Sixtus begins to loose consciousness when his siblings come to his aid- Zana using and Earth Golemn to get Worreldane when she let her guard down. 

The attack knocks her helmet off, revealing her true face. She’s rather pretty. But the fact that she’s so “calm” about this right now means 1)That was barely a “Love Tap,” or 2)She’s about to snap. Whether she’ll yell and go berserk or if it’ll be a “Quiet Rage” type of story– I have no idea. All I know is that these kids are In. Big. TROUBLE. 

One Piece Chapter 1,114: “The Wings Of Icarus

Ogre Child Yamato’s Golden Harvest Surrogate Pilgrimage Volume 4

The Task That Kin’emon Asked Of Yamato: To take a sword to Hakumai and put it in Enma’s Shrine. A task that WOULD have been handled by Yasuie, but………. he’s no longer around. I guess Kin was going to do it himself, but seeing as Yamato is going to be travelling around anyway, he figured the task is best left in the hands of the Oni child. And while Yamato is strong enough to handle whatever comes her way– I get the feeling it’s not what’s around her that she needs to be wary of……………..

Chapter 1,114

The world is reacting to the news as anyone would expect: Ridicule of the ignorant; Disbelief of the Marines; the laughter of Anarchist like Doffy; “confused acceptance” from Water 7, which has been catching the worst of it from the rising sea level; blah blah blah blah blah and the Gorosei are NOT at all happy that his is happening. They’re not even worried about the Mother Flame anymore– They are STOPPING this broadcast!! And to make sure that the world knows that he’s being Dead @$$ with what he’s saying: He predicts that- a few days after he records this message- there will be an Nasty Earthquake. Which it did. So everyone needs to listen very carefully. Edge Of The Labophase: Saturn isn’t even trying to kill Robin at this point; he’s just trying to get everyone out of the way so he can find the snail and smash the sh!t out it. He moves passed the Straw hats, ultimately finding himself in the room containing THE Mother Flame- the thing that they want now more than anything. But NOT at the expense of their dirty little secrets, so he starts smashin’ everything in sight. 

The Message Continues: He admits that his “Quest For Peace And Prosperity” is what led him to committing his First Deadly sin: Creating The Mother Flame. He became so engrossed in making an energy source to help the world grow that………….. “He Flew Too Close To The Sun.” Though he stops himself short of explaining all that, wanting to take the story back a little further- where the story REALLY begins: The Period between 900 and 800 years ago from present day- the Outlawed Void Century. The Celestial Dragons are pretty annoyed, and Imu…………. well; we don’t even get to see his eyes this time. He begins to talk about the lost records of the Void Century, and what role the Poneglyph’s play in making sure that that history isn’t totally lost. As a certain Giant laughs an all-too-familar laugh…….. But of course: The Research Of The Pneglyphs is a Crime in this world. And thus– His Second Deadly SinBoth of which fueled by his own Lust For Knowledge. He tells them that he was able to procure some of Ohara’s old documents, allowing him to read the language of the Poneglyphs. And he looks in as much as he could………….

He doesn’t regret it at all, and he’s only got part of the story. But………….. even THAT might do some damage to the Government’s power. While he’s getting around to telling that story, we see the results of Edison’s PlanWhatever he did when he took a nose-dive off the Labophase has begun stretching the Island cloud, getting it close and closer to the ocean, allowing Sunny to get closer to its goal. But diving face first into a Laser Grid would take its toll on anyone- let alone a tiny Robot like him. He’s alive, but…………. probably not for much longer– be it the damage being to great or a Government Good finding him. Back to the Message: Stellapunk decides to keep the story to only what he knows about, as going on with “baseless speculation” wouldn’t be scientific. And the “Star” of this tale was born 900 Years Ago in a Super Technologically Advanced Kingdom- a boy with a body somewhat like the Sun God Nika From Elbaf Lore– An Elastic Goof Named JoyboyAnd he was the FIRST “Pirate.” Oh, and G5 Luffy can’t get off any damage on Warcury, either. THAT’S not gonna end well. But then THIS is happening, so- Everybody gets a “Win.”

My Hero Academia Chapter 422: “Izuku Midoriya- Rising

You know how Aoyama and Izuku were running back into the battle with All For Nothing? Yeah………… Aoyama pushed Deku out of the way of an underground attack, sending him on ahead. Eraser tries yelling for Shirakumogiri to warp Deku right in front of All For One’s face, but………… The time limit has been reached. So now the boy’s got to go around the long way. Eraser yells for everyone to help him make it, but…………………. This Guy Is TOUGH. He’s using that same “Omni-Factor Release” he used against Bakugo, but without getting worked up, making his usage of it way more effective. He shoots a laser at Izuku, but Hagakure refracts it away from him. YaoMomo and Kaminari come in with a Railgun, but he dispels it, and tears up the ground again. Izuku’s about to throw a punch, but- being so beat up and LITERALLY running on “Quirk Fumes-” he has to make his Every. Attack. COUNT. He can’t just “throw a punch” over everyone who gets hurt- he’ll run out of power like that. So the Nobody Squad  decides take the attacks in his stead, and allow Tsu and Shoji to drag Deku on ahead. People at the shelter are cheering them on, as they fling Deku forward. 

He lands, and Ashido and Kirishima block a tentacle attack, letting him keep running ahead. It’s enough to make All For One wonder: “What’s Making These Soon-To-Be Corpses Move?” They have this “look” in their eyes- ones that reveal their drive to not back down. But he recalls what Nana and Yoichi told him back in the first war: How Izuku continues to move even when he can’t. And he REALIZES: Izuku has a Weakness That All Might Lacked. But like he said: “Tragedy Engenders Strength.” These Eyes Are The Strength Born From That Weakness. So as long as IZUKU keeps moving- they all will. And that ain’t even the worst of his problems. Back Where Bakugo Left All Might: ‘Member them Jet Pilots that came with Star and stayed to help Izuku reach the UA Barrier? Well, they ended up ejecting from their jets at some point I forget. That was apparently All Might’s doing- to make Izuku’s Victory “Absolute.” He remembers the day it all began, and admits: Since that day- 

Izuku Has Always Been His Greatest Hero.

More reactions, and even some recollection from Ilda about what Uraraka said after their first day at UA. The world seems to feel the same way, as the US Presidents orders All Heroes To Go To Japan. The World At Large is Collectively chanting “Do Your Best, as Izuku strikes All For One. Feels like we just added 10 more chapters to this. I had originally thought 425 would be the Final Chapter of the series, but now I’m thinking 435 or so. Maybe 436. Either way- I think we’re pretty close. Said THAT about a million times before……………….


Ah man, I think I’m losing my touch. I don’t have much to say, and I kind of want at least start that Dead Rock post sooner rather than later. Heck, I didn’t even plan for that to be the featured image- I didn’t even have an image picked out for it. I…….. don’t know what to say. I just know that I’m kind of tired right now. I might just have to vanish for a minute again- stop making posts and just…………. Enjoy Manga. I’m trying to make a career of this, but I clearly have a problem staying committed. Not that I don’t like what I do, but……………. I think this is getting a bit “repetitive,” and- while everything I’m talking about is great right now- I don’t think anything “stuck out” to me this week. I don’t know. We’ll see, I guess. ‘Til next time, everyone. 

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