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My Hero Academia Chapter 396 SHORT REVIEW

This is– what I hope- the LAST post I lost when the site went down. This was probably part of the original 23rd “Dump Post,” if I’m to be entirely honest. I think this is one of the last things I lost- this in a chapter review for Black Clover. I keep putting off that Dump Post- I’m not entirely sure WHY. I guess I just want to make sure I catch up with everything else before I make any Black Clover content. That makes it sound like it’ll never come, but I PROMISE you that that post- and 1 other– are coming. This time for sure. I’m gonna look Real Stupid if I don’t follow through on this now. Meh; I only have 1 other idea for a post to do. Then again, I put my foot in my own d@mn mouth at work. I said something that will come back to bite me in a week. And the week after. But probably not after that point. Things are changing for the better. But enough about me; it’s time to talk some “My Hero!!” My Hero Academia Chapter 396: “Battle Without A Quirk.” Let’s begin………

Defying Fate

This goes back to the end of the end of the Overhaul arc; the idea that- if enough people’s collective beliefs converge on one idea- then you can create some kind of “Miracle.” I remember one of the things I talked about was how this connected to One Piece, in that both series handle the idea of a “miracle” by having people working towards a collective goal. With One Piece, it’s shown through Luffy and his ability to “rally other’s behind him;” when enough people believe in something and work together, then the “miracle” you wanted becomes reality. And Devil Fruits as we’ve learned recently. And here; it’s a little less……… “Obvious.” I don’t know if Horikoshi actually intends for their to be some kind of “Mental Energy” that can alter fate when enough is gathered, and it’s far too late in this story to do anything other than alter All Might’s fate. 

Where I see this Miracle the most prevalently, thoughThe First War. Every moment of that arc saw the Heroes and Villains in this constant game of “Leap Frog-” each side using what they have at their disposal to try and prove their beliefs are right. And it worked so well because of what we knew what each side had going into the War- rather than pull something out of nowhere and explain it with some 2 page flashback a week later. And both of those sides working towards a different “miracle” resulted in The Collapse Of Society. The Villains didn’t necessarily win– the Heroes just lost. What I’m GETTING AT is that No One is here to help him create the “Miracle.” Or at least; not themselves. ‘Cause he has Class 1A Themed Equipment. 

In a way, it’s like All Might is using all of Class 1A’s quirks to kick All For None’s @$$- a tactic that I’m certain All For One would use himself. He’s mocking him with a suit. I’m sure that plays into how he’s trying to keep All For One p!ssed off, but it took me a while to realize it. And I don’t know if Small Might is gonna use that in his final moments. Will All Might die here? No. At least not until he says goodbye to that crybaby. 

All For None’s Fury

There’s…………. so much going on with this man right now. As he gets younger, he finds it harder to control both himself and his power- he’s breaking himself whenever he attacks. Sound familiar? But it’s also the influence of Tomura’s hate on his Vestige the Vestige that Tomura’s suppressing under his anger. Because what he failed to realize is that, if Tomura’s anger was enough to overwhelm the will of 9 other people(which he almost did in the previous war)- that it would also overpower his. And NOW he’s being infected with Tomura’s anger- the only other person in this world who hates All might as much as himselfPut those 2 together and remove all self control, and seeing All Might’s smile– Drove. Him. BALLISTIC. So much so, that even realizing this is the obvious stalling tactic that it is- he PHYSICALLY cannot stop himself from trying to gut All Might here and now. Which is the SPECIFIC reason he made sure that the suit doesn’t obscure his Smile. 

And that’s the other thing: All For One pumped Tomura with too MUCH “Hate.” He admits in chapter 380 that Tomura’s hate and anger eclipsed even his wildest imagination, turning a simple possession into a mergerTomura was always fighting back. And he won. Yet another reason for this wannabe Demon King to be p!ssed off. Loser. 

All For One’s De-Aging Body

One last thing I wanted to mention was All For One’s body. The more damage done, the more “Rewind” has to cover him, turning him back to a point before he had the injury. But then it just keeps going. Sooner or later- with the reckless way he’s fighting- he’s going to de-age into a Baby. And I will Laugh. Because the “Big Bad” of the story becoming a Infantwill never Not be funny. And with the news that the Final arc of Demon Slayer announced to be a movie trilogy, I look forward to the audience reaction to the Final Movie. It should be hilarious. 


That’s all I have to say. And really I forgot what I wanted to say about All For One’s body and just had to make up a whole lot of sh!t. As such, we’ll stop here. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. Good chapter, but I can’t remember what I did with this one. I think this came out around the time of the Dead Rock chapter, so I might have just Dumped this one. Which tracks. ‘Til next time, all; laters!! 

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