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Activate: Etherion! Edens Zero Chapter 220 BREAKDOWN

I’m still banking those other ones I mention last week. Don’t know why since only one of them is really useable at this point, but I get the feeling I’m gonna need to start banking some Review titles. The Assistant Manger at my store may just quit- too many thieves got on her nerves. And she can’t really do anything because of the rules/laws. And she JUST got here. Last time, my hours went UP up, and “productivity” got real low. “Expect More Dump Posts” I’m trying to say. *Sigh~~*………..

In any case: The Universe 0 arc has begun. I thought they’d be going to Miltz to drop off Rachel themselves and square everything away with the Saintfire Church, but it looks like Mashima is DONE messing around- We’re Goin’ For It. Then again; we could always go there in Universe 0. She DID say “Find Me Again- In Universe 0.” Maybe not “Next,” but it’s coming. Alright, I didn’t have much of an opening planned. After b!tching about my job, all I have is complaining about how I may have gotten booted out of the Edens Zero Discord. Not that I interacted in it much anyway; it just had a link to the chapter. I tried plugging the site once, but it didn’t seem to take. 

……….. I have work at 8am tomorrow, and it’s 5:30pm right now(Tuesday, December 13th, 2022). Why am I stalling like this. I don’t know; I’m kind of just padding ’til I think of something to say about this chapter in the Analysis section. Let’s just start the post. Edens Zero Chapter 220: “Etherion.” 


As Rachel leaves for Miltz on a Starfighter, Rebecca remembers the last thing she told her before leaving: Warning. It’s true that Universe 0 is full of “possibilities,” but that also comes with it’s own set of consequences- ones that reverberate to throughout the Multiverse to and collapse them all into one. For Example: The accident that forced Happy to become a Machine- may just be the end of the line for him in Universe 0. His death in that accident with end up modifying the memories of all those who know him, and his “death” will become the truth for the Multiverse. Whatever they do in Universe 0- becomes the Reality for the Multiverse. And they WON’T be able to undo it. 

Back in the present; Happy asks if Rebecca even wants to go, knowing the risks involved. Though it’s not like they have a choice; the Mother of this Universe is dying- All Of Them are, except for Mother 0. And they’re going to take all Human life with them when they do, resulting in the time that Ziggy came from- a future Populated by Machines. But Connor reminds them of the Fish Themed Obstacle in their way: The Edens One. And their little Prisoner, Clown of the Dark Stars. They still have to figure out what happened to the memories of the Shining Stars, as well. And even THAT is eclipsed by the question: “How Do We Get There?” Hermit has 1 idea……. 

We cut over to Code 3173- Etherion. Realizing that whatever is behind this door is how Ziggy moved through time in the first place; they decide that it’s time to Open. That. Door. Using Pino as a proxy for Witch(Blessed Be Her Name); the Shining Stars all give their authentication, opening the door to reveal Etherion. It’s Rebecca’s old B Cube incased in Lacrima. 

Hermit realizes that the Machines of the Future extracted all of the Ether that they could get from that Rebecca’s corpse, and imbued it into an object that held “emotional significance” to her- making it A Relic. After such a morbid explanation- the crew discusses how to make it work. It activated the moment they opened the door- the ship just needed to do a system check. They’re going to Universe 0 NOW. And there’s nothing that any of them can do to stop it. 

So Shiki– being their leader; the person that they’ve put their faith and their lives in- just accepts what’s happening. Hermit warns him that they may end up being separated when the ship makes the jump, but…….. he’s not scared. Because they’re family. He knows that they’ll see each other again in the next world. Because he made a promise to Never Forget them. Rebecca makes the same. We come to Universe 0, with a young Shiki pointing at a stream of light in the sky, saying: “That Star is Moving!” Edens Zero Chapter 220 END!! And so, time passes AGAIN……….. 


……………… actually don’t have much to say this time. I may have actually used all of my “good thoughts” in the opening. This chapter doesn’t really leave a lot for me to talk about, if I’m to be totally honest with you. It answers questions we’ve had for a while; had a Big reveal(that’s actually a reference to Fairy Tail); and has begun setting the stage for the Final Saga: The Universe 0 Saga. I consider a “saga” a collection of arcs- and by No Means is this the last arc. You have what was set up with this chapter- with the crew getting separated and them trying to find each other again. And then of course they are going to Miltz to meet with Rachel again. Somewhere along the way will be the initial Meeting and Battle with the Edens One. And since we seem to be going all the way back to the BEGINNING Beginning; we might also see some of them interacting with their past selves. 

There’s also what Rachel said, further upping the stakes in reminding us that once they get to 0- the “Do-Overs” are DONE. If Shiki and Happy die this time, then not only are these Main version done for, but Every Other Multiverse Version of Them is Toast. But then you have their Universe 0 Counterparts. They’ve effectively gone back 18 years, meaning that they’re younger selves are still there. I think the best course of action for them to take is to leave them be, you……………… The Edens One. Having all of this information; perhaps the Edens one’s first act as the Final Villain is going to be to Kill Their Universe 0 Counterparts!! Thus erasing ALL versions of the only group standing against it!! 

Though something like that would raise the question of how One got to Universe 0 in the first place. Witch speculated in chapter 105 that One had it’s own Etherion, but know what we know now means that that can’t Possibly the case………. Right? Etherion is made by imbuing Rebecca’s Ether into a relic, so…… Where would Ziggy have gotten another Rebecca to do that? From what he told us; he crashed on Granbell and stayed their building the Amusement park. And according to Hermit; One may have been constructed as a back up in case something happened to Zero before Shiki was ready to leave Granbell. I’m under the impression that this crystal they put the relic in isn’t something that can be broken just from a ship blowing up- I imagine the plan was to retrieve Etherion and plant it in One so it could fulfill the mission. Clown and Killer going as far as to steal it pretty much confirms that. So as far as Universe 3 Edens One- I don’t think that we’ll be seeing it. I think that the True Villain will be the Edens One from Universe 0. 

The Crew Getting Separated. Maybe. I mean, they said it at a critical moment to drum up drama before we made the jump, so it’s Pro~bably gonna happen. “Where will they end up?” No Clue. “When Will They Get Back Together?” Sooner Rather Than Later. Unless Mashima is planning for another Time skip like he did with Fairy Tail and they’ll get back together AFTER that. Though I feel like that puts 2 time skips a little too close together. Seriously, it was the Time Skip, Time Skip Aftermath stuff(the Bluegarden and Dahlia bits), the Kaede War, and now we’re here. It was only 50 chapters ago that we got their Post Time Skip designs!! 


That’s all I got, folks- honest and fore truly. Don’t even know how I managed to squeeze all of that out. But My Hero Academia and Black Clover are on “Sudden Breaks” this week, and One Piece is scheduled for a break. This and Four Knights are all you’re gonna be getting from me, guys. Unless I can finish that Arc review and the Wakanda Forever review in the next few days(Highly Doubt it). But yeah; that’s all from me for the moment. Until the next post, everyone- Have A Magically Wonderful Day. By~~e!!! 

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