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Manga Chapter Dump Post #15: No Self Control

I tried. I really did. I was determined to not do any other posts than the monthly chapters this week. But all of the regulars went and brought their f*ckin’ A Game. Where was this when I was free LAST WEEK?!?!! Seriously; EVERY CHAPTER here is the respective “Peaks” for these series. Not like “They’re never gonna be able to top them,” but more like “They Hit- HARD.” It’s kind of ridiculous how good all of them are. Though………. Chainsaw Man and Four Knights are very much in their “build up” phases. The pay off for them is certain to come next week. 

To be quite honest; I’m still in the midst of writing the review for Boruto(I’m writing this part on Wednesday, February 22nd, 2023, 11:17 AM). But I’m getting closer to finishing the post, so I figured I’d at least start this one. After I finish that one, though; I’ll actually read the first 3 we’ll be talking about, and then wait for the Jump boys to come out. I just wanted to talk about these chapters, guys. But I didn’t want to break the new rule that I set up. So I had to compromise. Maybe this’ll be the thing going forward instead……..

Chainsaw Man Chapter 121: “Theory Of Happiness” 

Yoshida brings Asa to the Devil Hunter Club’s/ Student Council’s office for coffee. Asa is curious what this could be about all of a sudden, considering he rejected Yoru when she asked him out. Not to mention that he’s supposedly a Public Safety Devil hunter and hangs around Denji. She begin to think that Yoshida may have started developing feelings for her, but……… that’s not the case. Rather, he reaffirms that her beliefs in the solitary life, and tells her to stay away from Denji. Though he won’t tell her why; he simply tells her that and dips. 

Back at Denji’s apartment; Nayuta is still trying to decipher the origin of the “Horrible Devil” scent that she’s smelling on the dejected Denji. She tells Denji that it’s time to go Chainsaw Man and whoop some @$$, but Denji isn’t “feeling it” anymore. Because even if he’s successful in outing himself as Chainsaw Man and gets a lot of girls interested in him- Nayuta’s gonna block em all. Seeing her brother in such a state, Nayuta says that Denji will be loved more as Chainsaw Man than he could ever get from a girlfriend. He thinks for a minute, and agrees. 

Asa’s all depressed; she’s always quick to think someone likes her, and then gets her heart broken when that turns out to be a lie. She knows that a solitary life would be best for her, but…….. whenever she finds herself alone- she craves companionship. She’s tired of being unable to have a lasting relationship, so………. she feels that she’d be better off dead. Then a body comes crashing to the ground next to her. Yoru senses something dangerous coming, and switches with Asa. A crowd of people from above look down at her. END!!

Wow, she, uh………… it hurt that bad, huh? I don’t want to blame her for jumping to conclusions like that with Yoshida- I shouldn’t considering her situation and the mood she’s in right now. But for her to go straight to “I Should Just DIe” tells you where her mind is at. And I can’t say that her feelings aren’t valid. Thinking about how many friends that she’s made and then lost since part 2 started, it really does seem like she can’t maintain healthy relationships. She needs an ally more than anything right now- and there’s only 1 person in her life right now who’s sticking by her. And it’s the Devil hanging over her shoulder……….

Edens Zero Chapter 228: “Rebecca vs Daichi” 

They don’t have the official title listed anywhere in the chapter, so that title is just a guess. Whatever the case; Shiki stands in bewilderment about the information he’s just heard: Shura is the Emperor of the Aoi Cosmos, and Laguna is the leader of the Rebel Group Oasis!! Meanwhile, Mosco helps the girls escape Illega’s palace. Homura wishes that she could help fight, but she doesn’t have “Soul Blade” in this world- or at least not fully. 

Sister looks into the Rutherford’s a little bit, and finds that Kleene is really okay in this world. The fighting starts, and she wonders how to bring their memories back. But then she thinks about a little and realizesShe was like their “Benefactor” in the last world- How DARE they not remember her!! So after she kicks their teeth in, their going to have a “Touching Reunion.” Main Event Of The ChapterRebecca’s battle with Daichi. Happy tries to help her out of Daichi’s “Pain Tree,” but he gets caught as well. So Rebecca takes it upon herself to fight back- activating her Overdrive. 

However, much like Shiki; her body can’t keep up with the power she will accumulate 3 years in the future- she’s too strong for her own good. So Daichi is able to bind her hands all over again. The situation looks desperate, until Happy remembers how Rebecca has been fighting in Universe 0 up until now: The Guns that she keeps on her waist. Because her memories from Universe 3 are back, the Universe 0 memories are all “jumbled up” and she forgot she had them. So- even though her hands are bound behind her- she’s still able to fight against Daichi. She fires on all cylinders- shooting down electrical wires and wrapping up Daichi in them. 

This was a very good fight. It’s good to explain how she’s been able to fight in this world up until this point, but it also shows how inventive she can be in a familiar situation. Like Daichi said this chapterShe’s been tied up in enough positions to know how to fight handcuffed. She probably unconsciously kept the guns on her waist behind her because they would be the easiest to reach in most situations. Way to go Rebecca; I’m so proud of you!! 

Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 95: “Assassins In The Night” 

Everyone was able to feel Tristan’s magic for a brief interval, but they weren’t able to pinpoint his location. And now the boys have lost Jade. But they now realize that they can’t sense magic right now. Meanwhile, the girls run around looking for Tristan, while Anne is distracted by a presence that she just sensed behind them. Elsewhere; Tristan finds himself in a death match against Ioladio. When asked what her reasoning is for attacking him, she simply tells him that his blood ties to the Goddess clan or the Treacherous Demon Meliodas has nothing to do with this fight. 

Back with the boys; they debate whether or not to go back to the Inn, but Chion wants to continue looking. Donny asks why he, as a member of the royal family himself, is so clingy with Tristan, but receives no answer. So Nasiens suggests that he uses his spirits to search. but he finds himself unable to cast any spells- or even make a sound. None of them can. And this is due to the Macduff’s Magic. The assassin makes his appearance while they’re unable to speak. 

Back with the girls; Isolde begins attacking when she feels a hand tap her shoulder- a hand belonging to Jade. He said he came because he figured they could use a hand searching. But Anne is picking up on something between them- at least from jade. But that’s not what she was sensing a minute ago. The presence she felt was coming from the other Chaos Knight, Teaninich, who attacks with her bow and arrow, She tells them not to struggle if they want a “Quick, Painless” death. The arrow she fired destroys a wall, and then becomes a Snake. To Be Continued In Chapter 96: “Battle City!” Isn’t that the name of a Tournament in the First Generation of “Yu-Gi-Oh?” 

So the Chaos Knights have made their move- and their Magic is proving to be a problem for the Knights. Chion’s basically useless without the ability to cast his incantations, so he’s going to have to rely on the others- ESPECIALLY Percival. Through that, he’ll learn to rely on more people than just Tristan. I can even see that last panel of that chapter, and the 2nd page of the chapter after that. And as for what Io is after, that’s still unclear. But if it has nothing to do with the Goddess Clan or Meliodas’ Betrayal, then it can only be something that has to do with Tristan- either as a Knight of Prophecy or Prince of Liones. That or……… this is some sort of test to see if he can take on Camelot. We’ll talk about that in another post…….

One Piece Chapter 1,076: “Old Friends” 

Here comes a Doozy. Chapter starts with Kaku trying to appeal to Luffy and Zoro, saying that he’ll put the chains back on the minute that the Seraphim are defeated. Luffy takes his word at face value. Lucci, on the other hand, is given a series of questions, in which he admits what Aigis 0 is here for: To Kill All 7 Vegapunks- along with the traitor Stussy. So Luffy wants him to promise that he won’t fly off he handle and kill all the Vegapunks and his crew just because he can’t win against him. Lucci says that Luffy is a the TOP of his Hit List, so he won’t kill the others until after he’s dead. The cuffs come off, and the Quartet goes to fight the Seraphim. S-Hawk is revealed to have the Dice Dice fruit’s powers, but Zoro and Kaku are able to take him down, while Boundman Luffy and Regular Hybrid Lucci take down S-Bear. 

While deep within the lab; we find the missing Cipher Pol agents mentioned at the start of the arc in tanks- starved to the brink of death. But they aren’t hear alone- they find themselves locked up with Stellapunk, whom they thought was the one keeping them caged for all these months. Though this now explains how the World Government knew that he was Reasearching the Poneglyphs. Al, 100 Naval Ships of varying sizes are en route to Egghead as we speak. This is about to be Ohara all over again.  

Elbaf: Shanks and the Red Hair Pirates are at a bar by the port, drinking as per usual. A Kid is here, asking Shanks to take him out to sea, but Shanks doesn’t want to bring a “Hot-Headed Kid” on board. Sound familiar yet?But before we can get any more parallels; Rockstar comes to tell him that Kidd is on his way to the island. Shanks says that he’s lost track of time talking with some “old friends” he had thought were long dead. But he doesn’t want to cause any “Major Problems” right now, so he asks Dorry and Broggy to help him deal with Kidd. He sends Rockstar ahead with a message: “Hand over the Road Poneglyph Etching or fight Shanks.” 

On the way to Elbaf; Kidd notes Red Hair’s ship- and his abundance of Allies. Killer reminds him that the fight was entirely one sided, and they didn’t even get to meet Shanks when he lost his arm. They won’t be as lucky this time. But Kidd responds that that’ll happen “Only If He Loses.” END!! 

ELBAF. What a f*cking Stacked arc that’s gonna be. There’s NO WAY it’s gonna be as long as Wano, but it’s definitely gonna have that same amount of content with what Oda is doing right now. I’m thinking that Shanks will still be there when Luffy and co arrive, but I also see him leaving the minute that he gets that Road Poneglyph etching from Kidd. That might even be what he came here to get, if not to also drop off Dorry and Broggy. Then again, they may have been here already. So much to talk about- so little time. 

My Hero Academia Chapter 381: “Dark

The arrival of the Shiketsu students- along with Best Girl Himiko chan’s current predicament- turns the tables against the Sad Man’s Requiem. So they are now able to attack All For One from a distance. This is done as All For One cannot steal a quirk unless he touches the body directly; character’s such as Endeavor have a natural defense against him, thus why he was chosen to fight All For One. So the Lesser-Of-2-Demon Lords decides that it’s time to get serious, and unleashes more quirk combo’s to level the place. 

With Endeavor gone, All For One doesn’t believe there to be anyone else who can fight him; they’re all too scared to get close because he’ll swipe their quirks. But the Heroes are slowly but surely overcoming their limits. Especially Dear Little Fumikage Tokoyami, as Dark Shadow begins to envelop Gunga. And even the Wannabe “Demon Lord” is left shaken by the Darkness behind him. With the Shiketsu Students here, Tokoyami was allowed the time needed to envelop Dark Shadow in enough darkness to be come a Giant Monster, consuming all of the “Darkness” created by the weather- “Abyssal Black Body: Light Of Baldur.” And he can’t steal the quirk because Tokyami’s body isn’t the one attacking. 

This was ridiculously cool- I’ll admit. And it makes total sense when I read the official; the clouds blocking out the sun(giving more purpose to the Todoroki Family’s Massive Storm Cloud) allow Dark Shadow to become stronger, along with Inasa’s winds suppressing the flames and making there even less light. All of this Darkness created by All For One is going to be used to suffocate him- yet ANOTHER of his creations that have come back to bite him. And in just 1 arc, no less!!

Black Clover Chapter 352: “Well Done” 

Seeing that Asta is the only one with the chance to cut off all 5 heads at once, Ryu decides the “set the stage” for the final attack with his Tengetsu eye- the ability to “see everything happening in the now.” Fujio uses his sound magic to get the other Ryuuzen back on their feet, relaying Ryu’s orders to them via “Fighter’s Battle Song.” Things seem to be going well for them, but Jozo’s injuries are deeper than anyone thought. It seems as though he is about to die, but Ichika’s comes in for the save and sets up the final head for Asta’s Zetten attack: An Anti Magic Slash that cuts off all 5 heads at once- and parts the sky at the same time. 

………. This was a rather short chapter; it had 5 Double Pages- 3 of which back to back. There wasn’t much to talk about, though it may have just set something up for future chapters- be it the next 2 or so, or a few more later on. The sky- it parted. 1) That’s puts Asta on the same level as the Creator of Zetten, and 2)Did the Black Bulls see that? What if they saw the sky part and followed the Anti Magic wave back to its source- finding Asta in the Land of the Sun!! Perhaps something that simple. Or he’ll show up when Judgement Day starts. Either way. 


And there you have it. Kind of weird that “One Piece” is the series that’s represented in the feature image the most, since it’s not my favorite chapter for this week. But I’ll go ahead and use it while I have it. It makes me wonder what the next featured image for the next “Dump Post” will be. Like I said: Weekly’s were Too Good for me to not talk about- if only briefly. I don’t know if I’ll do this next month, but I do know that- if anything- I’ll be talking about Boruto. You know “Super Hero’s” story from my review of the movie; going through the whole thing again in little bites would be………… well, maybe it’ll remind me of things that I wanted to talk about that I didn’t when it came out. And with my copy of the movie coming in March; now would probably be a good time for me to talk a little more. 

But yeah; still “Boruto” if anything. That series is looking like it’s gonna start amping up for something BIG. As for these- Edens Zero. Simply and purely my favorite chapter from this week. Seeing Rebecca overcome Daichi like that was so~ cathartic. It’s made me want to make a post about how great of a character Rebecca really is. The again, I also want to do one talking about the Themes and duality of Zenon vs Yuno. So many posts- so little time(and kind of Freedom) to do them in. Let me know what you guys thin in the comments. Til next time. 

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