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Perception Collapse! Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 83 BREAKDOWN

I was hoping that would happen. I couldn’t open this post without making that joke. Honestly, I almost didn’t get to DO this post. I’m sick at the time of my writing this(Wednesday, November 2nd, 2022, 8:04pm)- woke up the day prior with a horrible cough, and woke up this morning with with a full on stuffy nose and bad headache……. and back ache. It’s one of those. For that reason, I really didn’t do much today. But I really wanted to talk about this chapter because it contains a moment I had been HOPING would happen. He says like it isn’t just a 1 off gag. No, but seriously; I wanted to talk about this series a little bit. I know we’re in the “Downtime” Post arc stuff, but that’s where all the “Character Progression” goes on- these are the chapters that establish the personal goals for the characters, big and small.

The last chapter- chapter 82– was…….. quick. It was mostly about Anne, Nasiens, and Donny realizing how “far” Percival is from them now- that he’s “Grand Prophecy” tied to the fate of the world, while they’re………. kind of just “riding his coattails.” That’s not true, as I’m sure we’ll see later on, but that’s how they feel considering their “performance” during Arthur’s attack. Oh, and Chion’s father is Gilthunder, making his Tristan’s cousin. That’s a thing. And now, the chapter!! Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 83: “Decision To Part.” Let’s begin………. 


The kids have been summoned by King Meliodas. They enter the Audience Chamber, where they await the King and Queen. Percival mentions that Anne should be REALLY excited to meet Meliodas, but she and the others have their thoughts elsewhere. Before they realize it; The Queen enters the room- Queen Elizabeth of Liones greets them, thanking them for their efforts in yesterdays attacks. Donny is too smitten with her beauty(perfectly understandable), Nasiens annoyed with his behavior, and Anne wonders when Meliodas will arrive. Well, he’s already here. And any long time fan knows that any scene with these 2 together should know what happens next. Poor, poor Elizabeth……… 

Everyone is FLOORED- aside from the ever innocent Percival. They don’t believe that this “boy” is King of ANYTHING, but Elizabeth admits that……. That’s really her husband. Anne’s WHOLE WORD comes crashing to the ground at who her “Idol” has turned out to be(And I couldn’t have asked for anything funnier), and Meliodas gets down to the topic at hand; having heard about their Adventures from Lance, he thanks Donny, Anne, and Nasiens for supporting Percival and commends them for making it as far as they have, but they say that they didn’t really “do” much. So he asks them if they are ready to “Say Goodbye.” 

Percival is confused, but the other 3 already know what must happen; Percival is one of the “Knights Of Prophecy,” destined to either save or destroy the world. They’re just normies. And without being actual Holy Knights, they can’t stay with him. They’re not strong enough. But Percival say that’s even weaker than that, remarking that his role in the battle yesterday was being protected by everyone else. He refuses to part with them, but Donny says that they- A Flunky Holy Knight and a Knight Of The Apocalypse- could never really be friends. The other 2 are much sappier with their “Goodbyes.” 

Meliodas interrupts, angering Anne. He grabs a sword, and, using his authority as King Of Liones- dubs Anne, Donny, and Nasiens Holy Knights. He didn’t mean “Say Goodbye To Percival-” He meant Say Goodbye To Your Normal Lives.” At least until they’ve dealt with Camelot. They vow to lend their strength to Meliodas, but ask that he never trick them like that againIt’s gonna be a LO~~~NG Story, InnitFour Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 83 END!!! 


The thing with Anne was the Main thing that I wanted to talk about. I’m guessing that’s the, uh…….. The same reaction everyone else has when they find out who the REAL Meliodas is. I’m kind of interested in what she’ll turn out like, now knowing that the “Oh So Amazing Captain Of The Legendary Seven Deadly Sins And King Of Liones” is actually A Perverted Midget. She’s probably been trying to “Lead” how she believed Meliodas lead the Sins, but that………. was So NOT how he did it. I honestly want her to meet ALL of the Sins so she can see what they were like! Even Escanor because Escanor will be coming back and you can’t tell me otherwise. I want to see her whole perception of the “Legendary Sins” collapse………….. 

What’s next for Team Percival? Because, I mean……….. None of them were necessarily wrong. At least, I agree that they ALL need to “level up” to match what they’re going to be fighting going forward. I’ve talked at LENGTH about Percival; Nasiens and Donny need to learn a few more “tricks” with their magic, and Anne………….. she needs something else. Her magics kind of lame, and there’s only so far swordsmanship can take you without something to “back it up.” I don’t know if hers will end up like Donny’s and have more facets to it than she realizes, or maybe she’ll learn to use it to predict her enemies attacks. Maybe. As far as training goes; I don’t know what they’re going to do or who’s gonna be helping them. But I’m excited to see what they’ll be able to do. 

…………….. Is that all? I can explain that Gil probably married Margret, Elizabeth’s older sister and likely Chion’s mother. I wonder which of them is older. We learned a little more about the Thetis girl in chapter 81: She’s 16 like the rest of them, yet Lance still calls her “Master.” She also seems to have put some sort of Magical restraints on Lance- ones that prevented him from stopping Jericho from killing that prisoner(or so he claims to Thetis during their conversation). She seems to have some kind of important role in Liones- I imagine something similar to what Merlin does; helping people with magic and all. Can’t say more than that


…………… Yeah, that’s pretty much all. Not much that I can say that I haven’t already. I don’t know how much “downtime” we’re in for, but we’re going to be getting back to the main story before long. These battle series don’t linger on these “in between” moments; they leave it mostly open for those Mid Battle Flashbacks. As such, I suppose we’ll wrap it up here. Until the next post, guys- Have A Magical Day. By~~~e!!!

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