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Commandment COMBO! Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 69 BREAKDOWN

Yes, my friendsWe have a Fusion In The Series. I won’t say this is a Dragon Ball reference, but…….. it could be. I didn’t know how to open this post, if I’m being honest. I’m kind of thinking this sh!t up as I go- as per usual. Um…………. have you seen the opening chapter for Chainsaw Man- The Academy Arc? Maybe we should just get into the chapter…….. Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 69: “Those Acting Behind The Scenes.”

Is there a Mall in Liones? Is THAT why they’re dressed like this?


Picking up from the last chapter: Tristan channels his(not being literal) “Inner Demon” to cut down a rampaging Chaos Melascula. Percival can hardly believe that Tristan is so strong, but Gawain is singing a different tone; he finds it insulting that Trsitan was praising him while hiding this power. Tristan manages to cheer up Gawain by telling him that there’s a “time limit” to that power, so Gawain’s ego is spared once again.

Anne, Donny, and Nasiens finally catch up, with the latter making a note to make sure Percival hasn’t sustained anymore damage. Tristan informs them they King Arthur revived 2 of the dreaded “Ten Commandments,” much to the surprise of Donny. But it seems like the Knights of The Apocalypse have succeeded. So Pelio and the other Holy Knights ask if they want anything as a “Thank You.” Gawain’s Answer: The Very Best Pudding They Can Get. Percival is egged on by Donny and ends up getting the same.

Chaos Galacula

But before they can even prepare to eat with some new clothes; they notice a Huge power rising out of the rubble- The Revived Commandments are ready to tap out. So much so that they’ve even opted to Merge with each other just to beat the Knights!! Percival asks for everyone to believe in them, and the 3 of them lunge into battle. But it soon becomes clear to them that this isn’t a simple case of “1+1…………”

While in the castle; Jade is in the middle of interrogating Chion for his suspected treason. His response: “No matter what happens; no matter what methods I use; even if I’m suspected of treason- I Will Protect Prince Tristan. That’s all.” His devotion to Tristan is so great that he automatically assume the worst will come from letting the Prophesized Knights meet- one may only be pretending to be a Knight of the Apocalypse to trick them all, or one may be incompetent and get Tristan killed.

Jade tells him he’s being Overly Negative, which is why Chion didn’t want to say anything. The conversations stops, however, when they sense a presence walk by- the cloaked figure that was with Melascula. And they’re heading for the portion of the Dungeon sectioned off for Prisoners of the State- an area that requires permission from the King, the Captain Of The Holy Knights, or the Vice Captain to access. Or being a member of Prince Tristan’s team, it seems.

The Intruder reveals that they are a Former Holy Knight of Liones- and they’ve come to recover someone suspected of being a Traitor. They draw they’re blade, and prepare to do battle. Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 69- END!! Not doin’ that “Climatic” or “Impactful” thing anymore; words are too difficult!!

I wonder…………………..


I think the big questions about this chapter “Who Is This Guy?” “Is it even a guy?” “What’s their history with Liones?” All valid questions. I know like a review or 2 ago that I said it was probably Merlin, because of history with Liones. I’m still holding out on that, too. I’m sure there’s some hint in the dialogue in the Japanese translation, but…………. I’m not gonna do all of that. I wouldn’t know what site to go to for that. And doing a preliminary look for her Holy Knight armor; I can tell you that this is probably not something she would wear. Doesn’t even really seem like that “weapon” type, either. All signs pointing to it not being Merlin. But I’m not so sure……

I say this because it could always be a suit that she’s controlling remotely. That is an ENTIRE possibility, but it may also be that she’s using an armor that she wouldn’t typically wear and using a weapon like a sword to further mask her identity. Like; she came to kill Bartra and cripple Liones’ forces- but………. is her heart really in it? Because at the end of the day: This was her home– the Sins were her Family- she was in love with Meliodas for Christ Sake!! I don’t think that she wants to do this. But she gave Arthur the “Power Of Chaos;” the same power that CREATED the Demon King and Supreme Deity- he’s neigh unbeatable. They’re gonna find a way to beat him before the story’s over………..

The Last Time They Talked…………

………………….. Okay, I’ve had time to sit and think, and I’m beginning to think less and less that this is Merlin. Still think it might be, though, because it would be an establishing point for the story- it sets up the new character dynamics we’ll be seeing for the next however many chapters of this story we’re going to have. It also might serve to introduce Merlin to the 4 Knights, and make them aware of who they’re fighting. Which is also why Arthur himself is coming to Liones. And if this isn’t Merlin and is just some other former Holy Knight, then she’ll certainly be accompanying Arthur when he goes to test the “Knights Of Prophecy.”

As for who this Chaos Knight has come to get…………. I couldn’t tell you. He says that he’s here to retrieve a Spy from Camelot, but…….. for what and who are they? The who is irrelevant til we see them, but the “Why” is pretty interesting. He was found out by Liones, so 1 of 2 things happened:

  1. Scenario A- He got prime information that can turn the tides in this war, but was caught before he could return to Camelot. But managed to send out a distress signal with details on his situation, and they’re here to get him and the info.
  2. Scenario B- The Spy was unable to get any information on Liones, but was willing to give up Camelot’s secrets in exchange for his life. So they’re either here to take him back to Camelot, get probed for info, and die for treason- or possibly just kill him then and there.

Other things in the chapter: It was good to see Donny and the others again. I don’t think that Suzuki will just let these 3- who we’ve been seeing go through it with Percival since the series began– fade into the background and just not use them ever again! He ain’t that kind of DB fan. However; I think it’s going to be seeing them less as the Knights of The Apocalypse work on their teamwork and the likes. Although………… perhaps the good times don’t have to end for these guys!

We know that Tristan has his team with Jade, Chion, and Isolde(who’s been absent for a while); Lance seems to be the “Assassin/Spy” type of Knight, so he probably does a lot more solo missions; only Tristan can keep Gawain in check; so……………. maybe Percival and the others will be “Holy Knights-In-Training” for a little bit. And when it’s time for Big, Camelot centric stuff- Knights Of The Apocalypse, led by Lance. And Trsitan because Gawain. Maybe it’ll be something like that?

Although I don’t know what the missions will be like; I feel like we’re passed the point of those self contained mini arcs that establish the world, characters, their dynamics, abilities, motivations, and all of that. And while a mission for “Trainees” tend to go “off the rails” in shonen battle manga; I feel like something like that- would be the longer version of the mini arc. I think- with Arthur coming and showing the 4 what they’ll be up against- Percival’s team will enter their Training arc, and then go on a mission that sees them trying to capture territory or something. Things go well til they don’t, but they succeed anyway.

The question would then only be how much territory they need to claim, and how important it is that they do so. It can’t be SUPER MEGA ULTRA OMNI NEO DOUBLE UBER important, or else they wouldn’t send Trainee Knights from the sticks to conquer it. But it also sort of has to be a “test-“ something they’re certain they can have a Senior Knight handle should things go the other way………. which they will. And that Knight will probably have some kind of handicap that’ll make it so that the kids can “shine.” Gettin’ the reference yet?

I’m not saying it’s going to be Howzer, or someone like Kakashi, but……… you know what I mean. Once people figure what Percival and his friends have been doing on their trip towards Liones; I get the feeling their going to be put with a BIG name Knight- perhaps the Vice Captain? Maybe that’s why he’s brought up in this chapter!!


………………. I’ve got no segway point for this, so…….. this is what’cha get. I think that this was a pretty good chapter, and seeing the Former Commandments merge the way they did is cool. I don’t know which part of the battle we’ll be focusing on next week. We could do both honestly, but I kind of hope not; I want each one to be as fleshed out as possible without dragging on.

I also hope they don’t kill off Chaos Galand and Melascula just yet; they’d be good “benchmarks” for the characters. Like: “We can now beat these guys, meaning we’re stronger than before.” Though I’m guessing they’re gonna face punishment for their failures in eradicating the Knights. Still Demons, even if they don’t know it.

But that’s all I got for you guys today. Until the next post, everyone; stay safe, stay healthy, and have a Magically Wonderful Rest of Your Day. By~~~~e!!

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  1. That fusion design was definitely intense. The 4 Knights are doing well in fighting so hard at this level already but I feel like it’s about time for some of the original Sins to step up. Feel like this is one enemy that’s a little too powerful for the heroes right now.

    I’m looking forward to seeing the 4 knights get to talk with Meliodas so we can really see what his plans are

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