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Manga Chapter Review Dump Post #29: Last Second Decision Making

I decided too late to start this. I thought I’d have more time than I ended up having, and thought I’d have more to say about chapter 1,097 of One Piece. But it was only after finishing the Short Review for that chapter that I REALIZED: I didn’t have anything to say about it. Thought I did– made notes and everything- but……….. it was mostly just Needless padding. And BECAUSE I stubbornly chose to stick with it- rather than scrapping it and adding it to this week’s “Dump Post-” I’m behind on writing the Four Knights 127 Review. And haven’t even STARTED on “Dead Rock.” That should be my Top Priority right now since I now have the whole WEEK off work(Don’t know if that’s a problem or not), but I at least have to start this. 

I’m going to roll over chapter 1,097 and last week’s Chainsaw Man into this one, along with the 2 coming out this week; this is going to have 2 One Piece chapters and 2 Chainsaw Man chapters, as well as Edens Zero, Four Knights, AND My Hero. 7 chapters. Probably not the most I’ve done, and when the next Black Clover chapter is released in Jump Giga some point between now and the end of the year- probably won’t be the last time we have a list this large. But, um………. yeah, we’re gonna be a little busy this week. Heck, I might even be getting a new phone in a few hours from my writing this(Monday, November 6th, 2023, around 11:47 AM), so I gotta do all…………. THAT. So let’s get to work. 

One Piece Chapter 1,097: “Ginny

30 Years Ago(8 Years After The God Valley Incident)- Sorbet Kingdom, South Blue: PASTOR Bartholemew Kuma(Age 17) tends to the sick and elderly on Sundays- rejecting their pain and making them better. They’re ever so grateful, but ask if he can do this during the week, too. Ginny(Age 21) refuses, knowing……….. the thing Kuma has to do afterwards. In Short: The Pain will go back to its source if left alone. So after gathering all the pain into a big bubble– once everyone’s left- he dives in and takes in all the pain. So Ginny doesn’t want this to end up killing him by taking in more during the week. 5 years later(25 years before the current story): Ginny suggests they get married, but Kuma- knowing what happened to his father and mother because of the Buccaneer blood- refuses to put Ginny through anything like that. And changes the subject to talking about Dragon And The Freedom Fighters. Kuma says he wants to be like them, one day…………

22 years ago: The Tyrannical King Bekori of Sorbet has decided to cut the Kingdom in half– turning the Southern part into a Lawless area- to cut down on the Heavenly Tribute. And turning these people into Slaves is a sin even Pastor Kuma cannot ignore. He fights back- getting caught and taking Ginny, Gyogyo, and another with him when they fought to save him. Thankfully– Help arrives in the form of Dragon, Ivankov, and the Freedom Fighters. And with the addition of Kuma and Ginny- they become what is known today as the Revolutionary Army. 8 Years after thatRevolutionary Army Eastern Captain Ginny is captured by an enemy. I skip over a lot of stuff, but it’s been out for a minute- you’ve probably already read it(and based on the fact that I’m picking this up Wednesday, November 8th 2023, around 3:31 pm; PROBABLY the next chapter as well); this is just my OCD acting up again………….

Chainsaw Man Chapter 147: “Cremation

With the Church’s plan now out in the open, Flamethrower sicks all the new Chainsaw Men on Nayuta. But Quanxi comes to their rescue right on time, grabbing the 3 of them(Denji, Nayuta, and Mifune) and dipping. She jumps off a building and breaks her legs, but drinks the blood that spews out and fixes it- and goes right back the shredding everything in her path. While everywhere else, Devil Hunters both Public and Civilian hack and slash at all the Chainsaw Men before them, gathering up all their bodies and burning them to make sure they don’t all come back. Then some old guy points out Denji as a “Chainsaw Man Wannabe” too. Very, very, VERY short chapter– like; not even Short Review worthy. But Good Art All the same. 

Also, I got it wrong: Just the 1 “Chainsaw Man” this time- there was now chapter 148 this week. That’ll be next week(which I’ll probably have to “Dump” also because I have work all next f*cking week). But there will still be 2 One Piece chapters in this one, as you’ll soon see………….

Edens Zero Chapter 263: “Luna

Having been called in by Rebecca; Laguna takes up the fight against Lightning Law, turning the Skull army into water and using it to flood Law’s systems. But it backfires on him- giving Law a larger field to use his Electricity to shock Laguna for an extended spirit of time. But doing this is a double edged sword; he’s also getting ready to short circuit, making this a battle of Attrition- who can withstand the electricity the longest. But law knows that no Human would able to withstand this voltage for very long. But Laguna has a way to make his body adapt to itOverdrive- the ability to reconfigure his particles by pushing his Ether past its critical point. And the power up he getsIce Make. Yeah; he can freeze stuff and make Ice Weapons- running Law through with an Ice Sword. 

Law takes this chance to Electrify Laguna, refusing to believe that humans and Android will ever be able to coexist. But Laguna choses to believe in Shiki, and does everything he can to eventually overcome Law. While over with our Dear Narrator- Xiao Mei shows us that the Edens Zero has 7 minutes and 32 seconds left before it explodes. She wonders if the crew will be able to make it out of this one alright. But Mother herself has faith that they’ll make it to her, and thanks Luna for guiding them here. But she reminds her that her name is “Xiao Mei-“ in this world, anyway. Okay, we just got some………….. CONTENT Content. 

So……….. I see people wondering if this really is the Final Battle Of The Manga. I still don’t. But we’re closer to it than I would have ever thought. I had once said that the series would end around its 5th Anniversary in June of next year- either right at or a little afterwards. But with this; I AM thinking that the series could end Early next year; maybe even like the first few week’s of January with how things are going, honestly. Because with Xiao Mei’s………… Alternate Name being revealed, and……… MOTHER HERSELF popping up next to her– it’s clear that Mashima is done “beating around the bush” and is getting ready to cut to the chase with this one. This may not be the Final battle- but we ARE on the way……… 

Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 128(End Of Part 1): “The Day You Vanished

TIME SKIP? Heh; Okay, Suzuki Sensei!! Wish I didn’t have to “Dump” this, then– even if there isn’t as much to it as you might think. Some things happen, but not all that much. Enough for another Full Review, though. Oh man; what’s this series gonna look like when we come back from Time Skip? Let me stop wasting battery life and start talking about this!! Picking up from last time: Percival is thinking about what Percy told him– that everything that he said was the genuine truth. And he begins wondering what life would have been like if he had woken up as Diodra instead- a happy life with his father and Grandfather; fighting for peace alongside them. And then he sees his friends before him, thinking about the Grim Fate awaiting them all so long as he’s around. He curses his own fate as a Knight of The Apocalypse. 

So Percy offers him up a choice: Continue on this path of revenge and make the man who put him in this body pay, subjecting his cherished friends to a Tragic ending- or leave for their “Birthplace” with Percy. He takes Percy’s hand, and his physical body ceases to lives. No pulse; no breath; No magic power. “Percival” is gone. Score another for Camelot, I guess- even though Mortlach goes with him not 2 minutes later. That one was Lance’s doing, though. But the fact of the matter is that the prophecy has been undone- the “Four Knights Of The Apocalypse” are no more. And with there no longer being a threat to his Eternal Kingdom; Arthur summons the Four Perils– Ironside, Pellegarde, and 2 others– to prepare to Invade Britannia. And one of the Knights of Liones Narrates: 

No Matter What Happens From Now On…… None of Us Will Ever Forget…….. The Day The Person We Loved So Much Went Away.

– Narration Unknown(Likely Anne)

Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Part 1 End.

Break Next Week. I don’t know the how or the when or for/by whom– I just know there’s a “Will.” “Percival” WILL return to them- in that body. And he will crushify Camelot- and all the b@stards running the show there. “The Great One” is in need of his help…………

One Piece Chapter 1,098: “Bonney’s Birth

Ginny was captured BY– nobody knows right now. But we now know that she was captured because she caught the unfortunate eye of a Celestial Dragon, and was forced to become his bride! The “Who” in question is ALSO unclear here, but Kuma was too late to keep her from being taken away. 2 Years LaterGinny and her CHILD BONNEY are cut loose from the Celestial Dragons, and set sail back to Sorbet- Ginny’s Final Destination. She contracted an incurable disease- “Sapphire Scale;” a disease that turns her skin blue and hard as rocks when exposed to the sunlight. But in her Final Moments– after returning to the Church she called Home with Kuma- she gets in contact with all her comrades from the Revolutionary Army; It’s Time To Say Her “Goodbyes” To Them All. But Kuma- too eager too see her and not ready to say goodbye to her- sends himself over to Sorbet, and missing her final words to him: “I’ll Always ALWAYS Love You.” She dies, leaving Baby Bonney in the care of Kuma. 

Kuma would raise Bonney with the help of the people he had been helping for all these years, while also continuing his activity as a Revolutionary. But then one day; he boarded up the Church. Bonney has contracted Sapphire Scale, and no one is able to identify it as of right now. Even so; he ends up having to quit the Army, but Dragon vows to send every Doctor they can get in contact with to help Bonney. 7 Years Ago: Bonney(Age 5, making her 12 at the time of the current story) is seen as something of a “Vampire” by the neighborhood kids. But she IS her Mother’s child, and will fight back with all her might- against her father’s wishes. But even so; she’s his little “Jewelry Bonney!” 

One day; Kuma asks Bonney if there’s anywhere he wants to go on a trip anywhere when she’s cured. Her answerSky Islands. Because it’s so close to the sun, they might be able to meet with Nika. Oda Sensei, you crazy b@stard. But sadly, that day might never come; A doctor affiliated with the Revolutionary Army has come and diagnosed the disease. And sadly- no matter HOW much Kuma blocks out the sun- the disease will spread. At BESTShe’s got another 5 years left of her life. But what BONNEY heard was “It’ll be over by her 10th birthday.” And in her young mind, the means “I’m gonna be cured by the time I’m 10!” Why do you do this to your creations, Oda- WHY?! What’s worse: Kuma………. can’t bring himself to break her heart, and………. perpetuates the lie. Then a year laterKing Bekori comes back to finish what he started, and plans to burn the whole Southern Half of the island to the Ground!! Riddle Me ThisWhat Gets Bigger The More You Take Away From It? 

There’s……………. A Million and 21 things to say about this one. But- on top of being a “Dump Post-“ I’d rather just bring to your attention: The state of the chapter itself. It’s unfinished. For the first time in ALL of “One Piece’s” serialization- Oda has turned in an Unfinished Manuscript. I say this with Edens Zero a lot, but………. these 2 mangaka are very similar: Both are workaholics who take on multiple projects- too many, really. Oda- in his advanced age- has taken on the task of making a weekly manga, worked on the Live Action Netflix series, given notes to the anime staff(which he’s always done), and had Eye Surgery. The man needs to rest. I don’t even care about the unfinished chapter; after hearing that story about Horikoshi and his editor– I just hope he takes some time off. Tabata got 3 MONTHS- can Oda and Horikoshi(really ALL of them, but if you just want to say- Call a Spade and Spade- BIG NAME Mangaka like Akutami) get that same treatment?! There will NEVER be a shortage of “One Piece” content, if that’s what those Exec’s are worried about. Shouldn’t joke about this, but I feel like Oda doesn’t want us to worry about him to much. do, though……………..

My Hero Academia Chapter 406: “Get A Grip On Your Quirk!!

I think we just found out what fight mattered even less the Aoyama and Kuneida: Anyone remember the Takoba National Stadium Battlefield? Where Ojiro, Sero, and Sato were sent to when this final battle started? You wanna know the LAST TIME we saw this battlefieldChapter 353. Know when the battle started? The Heroes and Villains were all separated and began fighting in- I Sh!t You Not– Chapter 345. I really want you all to comprehend this: The plan started in chapter343, where those 3 didn’t appear at all– we did not see their field in 345 when we’re shown where these battles had gotten started- only a glimpse in 353; them reacting to Shoto “defeating” Dabi- and not even a panel from these NOBODIES until chapter 406. That has NOTHING to do with anything going on, and the rest of this part is gonna be “brief” to say the least; I just wanted to paint a picture for you all: We still have just 1 more field to see. Especially since Horikoshi said there was some big “Sero” moment coming in the future…………..Monoma one, too. Uraraka’s has come and gone already. But we still have a Final battle to throw everyone into. Even though I honestly don’t think Horikoshi…………. 1)WANTS TO and 2)probably doesn’t have the health for it. Okay, Tangent Over. Although; IS IT a “Tangent” if I start off with it? Eh; doesn’t matter. 

Quick little recap of all the battlefield(with Ojiro and Sero’s battle still going on), and we see Bakugo beginning his bout with All For One- making Full Use of “Cluster’s” after effects, learning more and more with every attack. But All For One refuses to take him as a serious threat, and makes swiping Tomura’s body his Top Priority. Speaking OfTomura breaks Izuku’s hold again, and Izuku readies what liable to be his Final use of “Gear Shift” in this battle. And All For Nothing tries to-Sh!t You Not- RUN AWAY. Like a b!tch. But he’s doing everything in his power to suppress his SEETHING RAGE at Bakugo for daring to get involved at this level. Then Bakugo realizes how to Master This new powerPAIN; wherever it hurts most– will produce the Best Explosions. One’s so powerful that not only does he CATCH UP to All For One- he even manages to Speed Blitz him. And Mitsuki and Masaru look on as the proud parents they are. 

That’s when it finally hits All For Nothing: He looks like the 2nd user Kudo. That day, Kudo(Finally got the 2nd user’s name) has wounded him in a way he never thought was possible. And in his final moments, he reminds All For One that Yoichi Died By HIS(All For One’s) Hands. And it’s all because Kudou Reached Out His Hand To Yoichi. It’s so infuriating that All For One can’t help but yell that it’s all HIS fault. But Bakugo reminds him who he’s fighting. If Wish Energy is a thing, then I’ll say it: Bakugo is the reincarnation of Kudou. Because the “Kudou” in One For All is not his “Soul,” but a piece of it- a fragment made to stay behind in this world to fulfill his unfinished business of defeating All For One for good!! I’m joking, of course, but at this point- now that we know what his quirk is- I can’t think of any way for “Gear Shift” to “evolve” into “Explosions.” Like…………… There’s no connective tissue with these 2 quirks- I can’t think of any combination of abilities and concepts would create……… Bakugo!! Unless Horikoshi is saying: “Gear Shift” + Fire Quirk #238 =”Rocket Ship” + Quirk that makes someone produce Gasoline= Masaru’s “Acid Sweat” + Mistsuki’s “Glycerin”= Kacchan. Does that…….. even……….. What? There’s………………. a REASON Bakugo is involved in this. Even if it’s probably just symbolic. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see– maybe after the series is over or something. Ah, but we still have time for a Sero thing; why NOT tell us in story? Just tell us in between Sero vs Villain #626283 and all should be good. 


That’s……………. everything. I’m wrapping this up on Friday, November 11th, 2023, around 6:52 pm. Probably would’ve finished sooner, but…………. My Wonderful Manager asked me to stay a few more hours and- because I am apparently such a Squeamish MASOCHIST that I desire torture but don’t have the balls to do it myself- Said Yes. More Money- More Headache. In that time; a dear co-worker was fired- someone who actually took a shift for me earlier this week. She will be missed. But also- Edens Zero leaks have come out. “Four Knights Of The Apocalypse” and “One Piece” Will Be On Break Next Week. But those Edens Zero leaks………….. have made me………… re-think a lot of what what I said about the series current state. What didn’t seem like the “Final Battle……………………” I’ll leave that to your imaginations. I hope I can do a Full review for it, if nothing else; there’s still some things I want to say before all is said and done. Um…………… D@mmit, no clue how to segue into the ending. Uh………… Ah, f*ck it That’s all I got for you guys!! Let me know which chapter was your favorite, and until next time, everyone- Stay Safe- Stay Healthy- And Stay Happy. ‘Til Next Time, Everyone. 

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