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Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 114 SHORT REVIEW

Hey, everyone. SO- This was not the week I thought it would be. Edens Zero’s chapter came out this week, and I knew Chainsaw Man would. But I knew that One Piece, My Hero Academia, and Black Clover would be on break, yeah? And they are. The PROBLEM came in the form that I thought that Weekly Shonen Magazine– which publishes “Four Knights” and Edens Zero– was on break itself. As such, I thought that Edens Zero just leaked Early this week(it has once before), and didn’t anticipate “Four Knights” coming out. Low and behold, I look on the regular site, and………. new chapter right there. But I have work and am honestly trying to enjoy this little “reprieve” before it’s back to the old grind. So rather than rush out a chapter review; I’m just gonna start a New Category: “Short Reviews.” 

You know those chapters where I don’t have a lot to say? Those chapters that make me wonder what the point is, and I ultimately chock it up to a “Plot Progression” chapter? Like with the recent “Chainsaw Man” chapter. Yeah; rather than pad out the post with nonsense until I don’t even know what I’m saying- I’m just gonna make “Short Reviews-“ just talk about important little details in the chapter and leave it at that. You’re about to see what I mean. Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 114: “The Mission Begins.” 

Gawain’s Fate

As the kids head off to face the Behemoth, speculation on Gawain’s whereabouts begin(not knowing that she’s been captured by the Chaos Knights). Everything from her death at the hands of a Demon to even her turning Traitor and joining up with her Uncle. But Lance is confident that Gawain will rejoin them, as is prophesized. For now, they need to focus on the mission: Calm The Behemoth; Find The Door on its back; and storm Camelot. Though Chion isn’t all that optimistic………

Mortlach And Percival

Mortlach specifically said they need to Wipe out Percival. Do they know that Percival has something to do with taming the Behemoth? Or is it specific to his relationship with Ironside? Maybe a little bit of both. But for whatever reason; their top priority right now is Percival. But Percival is coming off of a Magic Amp and 7 days of training against Lance channeling the strongest opponents from his memories- the last being Ironside. At least from what we saw. He implies that there were a little bit more after that, but he may have also been referring to Percy’s intervention on Day 2. Is he strong enough to face Mortlach


And I still didn’t even have that much to say about this chapter. I still had to improvise. Huh. When I get better at this, making posts like this should become easier and easier. You might be seeing a lot of “Chainsaw Man” reviews in this category at some point- at least when it’s time for battles. Though it’s also gonna make me think which chapters get thrown in here; I won’t know what to say about a chapter until I’ve given the overview and look for details. This is gonna take some getting used to. Bare with me, folks. ‘Til next time!! 

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