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The Tragic Fortune Of Buggy The Clown. One Piece Chapter 1,058 BREAKDOWN

………………… Did not think I was gonna do a post on this one. I really didn’t. I was originally gonna do one for 1,057- the end of the arc that I started reviewing when I even started covering content……. ON MY F*CKING FACEBOOK PAGE. I thought that I would do that just to bring things full circle, but………….. Didn’t Like That Chapter all that much. Which we WILL get into in a minute. But I wanted to cover this for other reasons- 1 of which having to do with the categories section over the post. I have a theory that I want to test. That’s not important. Let’s laugh at a clown’s fortune!! One Piece Chapter 1,058: “New Emperors.” Let’s begin………. 


Germa 66’s “Aah….. An Emotionless Excursion” Volume 17 

Caesar Clown begs the Germa to take him with them. That’s all. But what could happen afterwards? Hm……. You know; Kin’emon’s torso was never properly reattached, yeah? Whose to say Caesar’s heart is back in properly? They could use someone with his intellegence- his knowledge of poison and the likes. Or………… maybe Reiju could use him to gain free will? He was able to help Chopper with his rumble balls; why can’t he make some kind of drug that sets her free from Judge and the Vinsmokes? Maybe………. 


Real QuickLuffy got into another p!ssing contest with Kid and Law- Nami and the others wanted to take the lift at the Formal entrance out of Wano. Because it was safe. Kid called them “Wimps” for taking the “Safe” option, and Luffy and even Law took that one personally. So Luffy took the wheel from Jinbe and…….. well; you know the rest. 

Naturally- Nami dogs the sh!t out of him. And this time she even puts him in a birdcage as punishment- continuing to berate him for his stupidity. Jinbe- being the “Newbie” on board- makes the mistake of trying to dismiss Luffy’s actions and get Nami off his back. Off handed mention of Nami have Conqueror’s Haki, and Franky is proud that the Sunny managed to come out of that fall with only 1 broken yard. While up top; Robin receives the NEW BOUNTIES for the Crew!! “Straw Hat Luffy- Emperor Of The Sea and Leader of The 5,600 Man Straw Hat Grand Fleet- And His 9 Officer’s Are Wanted For The Following Bounties:” 

  • “Cotton Candy Lover” Chopper(Ship Doctor/Pet)- 1,000 Berries
  • “Cat Burglar” Nami(Navigator)- 366,000,000 Berries
  • “Soul King” Brook(Musician)- 383,000,000 Berries 
  • “Cyborg” Franky(Shipwright)(weirdly enough; it’s a picture of the head of the Thousand Sunny)- 394,000,000 Berries
  • “God” Usopp(Sniper)- 500,000,000 Berries
  • “Demon Child” Nico Robin(Archaeologist)- 930,000,000 Berries(not the flat Billion I was expecting, but close enough)
  • “Black Leg” Sanji(Cook)(they’ve seemingly removed the “Vinsmoke” part)- 1,032,000,000 Berries
  • “First Son Of The Sea” Jinbe(Helsman)- 1,100,000,000 Berries
  • “Pirate Hunter” Zoro(Master Swordsman)- 1,111,000,000 Berries
  • “Straw Hat” Luffy(Captain/Emperor Of The Sea)- 3,000,000,000 Berries

BOOM. Combined Total8,816,001,000 Berries. Chopper’s upset that the increase was so miniscule; Nami wants to collect on her own bounty; Brook is happy; Franky’s upset that it’s a picture of the Sunny; Usopp just sh!t himself; Robin comforts Chopper with some Cotton Candy; and Sanji’s upset that he’s only in 4th place. Jinbe wants to comfort him, but Zoro tells him to leave Dartboard brow to his “sour grapes.” Luffy sits in the cage still. 

We then cut over to Kali bali(“Empty Bluffs“) island- the Homebase of Cross Guild. For the sake of the review– I’m going to tell you all the events in chronological order, rather than how it appears in the chapter. It just “flows” easier when I’m writing it. STORY GOES: Warlords System Is Disbanded. And the Marine’s are sent to capture the former Warlords- including Buggy. Buggy sends his followers to fight the Marines, while he begins to formulate his plan of escape. But as the Marines make their way to the island; they all start exploding. And Buggy is presented with something that might actually be WORSE than the Marines: Crocodile And Daz Bones. Yeah……………… the “Start-Up” money for “Buggy’s Delivery Service” was a Loan from Crocodile. And he’s come to collect. 

PROBLEM: He doesn’t have the money. He had to feed his workers, and without the Giants under his employ(and now working under Luffy)- he’s lost his Top Earners. Crocodile threatens to sell him into Slavery if he doesn’t pay up, so Buggy comes up with an idea: Giving his business over to Crocodile!! He can use it as the “foundation” for his own business- and Buggy’ll even be his “Errand Boy.” The Deal is struck, and Crocodile decides that it’s time to call up Mihawk. The Greatest Swordsman in the World is backing up his things and getting ready to leave his island when Croc calls up with a “Business Proposition.” And thus- Cross Guild Was Born…………………. In a way. 

When it came time to advertise the organization; Buggy’s followers…………….. screwed up. They put Buggy in the “coolest” position on the poster, whish made him seem like the one who started the organization. And before Buggy could have them change thing- the fliers were sent out to every corner of the world. Oh Cr@p. The World Government end up mistaking Buggy for the leader, and dub him and “Emperor Of The Sea,” and end up giving these 3 the following Bounties: 

  • Sir Crocodile(Former Warlord)- 1,965,000,000 Berries.
  • “The Genius Jester” Buggy The Clown(Former Warlord)- 3,189,000,000 Berries
  • “The World’s Greatest Swordsman” Dracule Mihawk(Former Warlord)- 3,590,000,000 Berries

After the mix up; Crocodile and Mihawk saw fit to……………………….. They clobbered Buggy for making himself out to be the creator of the organization. He tries to beg for his life- even offering to lick their shoes if they let him live- but the humiliation is far to great for them to let that be an option. Realizing there’s…………….. simply no way out of the situation; Alvida, Cabaji, and Moji simply “leave it to fate.” And Galdino tries to suck up to Crocodile again. This one might be it for Buggy The Clown. Until Mihawk remembers Crocodile’s phone call…….. 

Crocodile says something that’s still ringing in his mind to this very moment: “In terms of distrust for others- we have at least 1 thing in common!!” This embarrassing moment probably being a key example of why he has such problems. But after a minute to calm himself, he actually thinks that it might not be such a bad idea- having Buggy as the figurehead for Cross Guild. HE doesn’t want the title of “Emperor;” he may be bored, but cutting down 1 Naval vessel after another just became tedious after a minute. And if he were an Emperor, then he’d have that all day EVERY day. So he tells Crocodile that they should just “let him be,” and eliminate him if and when he becomes too much of a problem. Crocodile agrees to this. Once again; Buggy has managed to escape the clutches of death- and come out of it in a Higher Standing than he could have ever imagined. 

As he introduces his “New officers” to the crowd(and take in the fact that he now carries more weight than he can comprehend); we cut over the Kamabakka Queendom, where the Revolutionary Army’s commanders have returned from the Eventful Reverie- with Kuma and WITHOUT the “Flame Emperor.” Shenanigans, and Koala asks Dragon if he’s okay. Dragon believes that Sabo is strong enough to take care of himself- he’s certainly alright. But he won’t be forgiven if he actually DID kill Kobra. Keeping this in mind, he goes to ask Kuma what exactly happened. Due to Vegapunks programming; he’s still in the mindset of “Slave.” Sadness. But that moment is interrupted by a phone call………………………. From Sabo. And NOT a secure one………….. Thus; One Piece Chapter 1,058 END!!! You’ve some ‘splaining to do, Mr “Flame Emperor………………….” One Piece Will Be On Break Next Week. Just so you know.


……………………. I did not like chapter 1,057. Which sucks. Because again: My career as a blogger(he says like he’s a “Professional” that isn’t just voicing his thoughts like anyone with a Camera these days) STARTED with reviewing Wano. I think my very first post on my old site WAS A “One Piece” review!! I think was on my Facebook, too!! So it sucks that I didn’t want to review the end of Wano. But I wasn’t gonna “force” myself to talk about something I didn’t want to- it’s not fair to me or you. But I also want to make sure that the “One Piece” category is seen up there. I recategorized a previous post under it, but it doesn’t seem to be up there. Don’t know why; maybe because it’s and older post. Whatever the case; I wanted to talk about this chapter. Because it provides some interesting topics for discussion.

One of which being Mihawk in specific. First of all: This. This Is Why He Has Trust Issues. He left Buggy and his men in charge of the promotion for Cross Guild- and he is now the “subordinate” of a F*ckin’ Clown. But that whole thing has me thinking about what he’s thinking. He has Observation Haki. He may have the ability to “read people” like Luffy, and bases his judgement on that feeling. As such; him choosing to ally himself with Crocodile means that he thinks he’s safe. And being as strong as he is- He’s Gonna Be Alright. Although the fact that he’s choosing to linger on that conversation has me curious……..

Does Crocodile have a plan to betray Mihawk? No. Because he’s aware of what will be awaiting him when he does. So at the very least; he knows better than to try. I also don’t think he planned to have Mihawk as a subordinate of his, because- again– He Knows Better. All of this is to say that- aside from the Unfortunately Lucky Clown they find themselves allied with- this alliance should be safe. For now, anyway………………. 

What can I add to the conversation surrounding Buggy? All he does is fall @$$ backwards to the top- to where he now finds himself to be one of the most important people in the world right now. And he so does not belong up here. He may have thought that he deserved this spot, but even he has to realize that he’s not equipped to be an “Emperor Of The Sea.” Luffy has now made Wano his territory, which demonstrates that he kind of comprehends who he is now- even if he doesn’t see it as a big deal(if you ask him). Buggy, on the other hand; I don’t think he knows what his next move is going to be. Crocodile, however, DOES. And he’s gonna be the one telling Buggy what to do in the end. I think through his past encounter with Whitebeard; he’s learned what it means to be dubbed an “Emperor.” 

THE BOUNTY OF THE STRAW HAT PIRATES. Or should I say- “Emperor Straw Hat Luffy and his 9 Commanders?” Nah, let’s stick with the “Straw Hat’s.” It was explained to me the jokes with Zoro and Sanji’s bounties: It’s just their Birthday’s. Sanji’s is March 2nd(1,032,000,000) and Zoro’s being November 11th(1,111,000,000). Luffy’s is now 10 times his Post Enies Lobbie bounty, and 100 times what he started with. Bounties are this good “Story marker” for where Luffy is in terms of his standing. His first bounty just put him as “The Most Wanted Man In The East Blue.” Now– He’s One of The Most Wanted Criminal’s The World Has To Offer. And then there’s Usopp having the same bounty as him Post Dressrosa. And while that’s something that Luffy and the others would celebrate; the Weak Trio- specifically Nami and Usopp– must be living in. Or they will be sooner than later…….

Lastly; we have Dragon And Sabo. I’m extremely curious to see Sabo’s bounty now. But more so I’m interested to see the Straw Hat’s reaction to what happened. I want that SOON- like; next chapter, for half of the chapter. He says knowing how Oda likes to do sh!t like make us wait a hundred some-odd chapters for Luffy to react to the information. But no; I really am curious to see how Luffy reacts to the news. The other Straw Hat’s, as well. In my mind; Luffy will refuse to believe that Sabo killed Cobra. And having met him(let’s assume); so will Robin. And going on that, I think the Straw Hat’s will believe them. Leading to them needing to find out information about what happened at the Reverie. Will that be the next arc? Or are we going to go to the next island and find out after thatProbably that. 

But Dragon’s reaction to just the idea of Sabo killing Kobra is something of note. It was said towards the beginning of the Reverie mini arc that the Revolutionaries goal is not to dismantle the Government altogether- just get rid of the Celestial Sh!tstains controlling it. The Nefetari family is part of the original 20 founders- their technical Celestial Dragons. But they’re an example of one’s that are- you know– Regular, Decent Human Beings. And it’s not like Dragon plans to take down every country in the World; if anything they’ll just aid in taking down the Corrupt ones. THE CENTRAL POINT IS: Dragon probably harbored no intent to kill these World Leaders. Maybe not even the Celestial Dragons, even thought that would be welcomed and appreciated. So his reaction to Sabo potentially doing such a thing- makes sense. At least; to an extent. 

On the other hand: What if Kobra had struck a deal that would sell half his people into slavery? That’s so absolutely not the case, but what if it were? Would Dragon still not forgive Sabo then? Anyway; What The H#ll Happened? It was probably a case where Kobra tried to stop the fighting, and ended up in the right position for Im’s little assassin’s to off him and blame it on Sabo. But it ended up making Sabo the Unofficial “5th Emperor” like Luffy was, and has spark a number of Rebellions in their allied nations. Between that, the “changing era,” Cross Guild, the Warlords, and whatever else is about to happen- It’s all about to fall apart on them. They’re spreading themselves too thin- and it’s about to bite them in their stupid @$$e$. 

But that begs the question as to why Kobra would get involved in the battle of Gravity, Forest, and Flames in the first place. He’s a peaceful man. Though something like that would be more Vivi’s thing. Maybe he was trying to save his daughter, and the scenario I laid out happening? And in the commotion of the blast, kidnappers came to take Vivi to the dungeon that Pangea Castle so totally has. Something like that? Makin’ a LOT of assumptions, but………. It’s all I got to go on at this point. I kind of wish we got to see the fight, if nothing else. We WILL, but we’re not getting the full thing, or even gonna see the clashing; it’ll probably just be them preparing their final attacks, and jumping between Vivi and Kobra. 


…………………. Yeah, that’s about right. I was thinking about adding a bit more, but anything more would just be more speculation than anything. So I think that I’ll end this one here. I want to hear that conversation, but I also know how Oda does things. Next chapter might just pick up with the Straw hat’s going along to the next island. Whether or not they find something or someone along the way- as they tend to do- is anyone’s guess right now. Or maybe he’ll throw us a curve ball and give us an immediate follow up to the events of this chapter. He says like he hasn’t been following “One Piece” since the 4Kids era. 

Let me know your own thoughts in the comments, boys and girls. Until next time, duckies; Have A Magically Wonderful Day. Wish me luck ’cause I have work Saturday Morning with the Extreme Coupon Users. Life is misfortunate like that…………. 

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  1. I’m really curious what the Navy/World Government will do now. They’re getting backed into a corner and desperate times will call for desperate measures.

    1. I’m not entirely sure myself. But yeah; they’re about to get DESPARATE. And really, that’s they’re OWN fault. You disband the Warlords, then IMMEDITELY send the Marines after them knowing how strong you are? Between that, Cross Guild, Luffy, the events of the Reverie and the results- they are about to get SCR#WED.

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