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Killer Mark II Moves In! Edens Zero Chapter 192 BREAKDOWN

Generic Title? Yes? Pressed for time? Not really, but I’m working on my Amphibia review, and The Owl House season 2 finale is in a few days, so I kind of have to hurry this time. Though I’ll try not to miss anything. I wasn’t originally going to do any other posts this week while I worked on that post, but I managed to get the proper link early, so…….. Had To Jump On It- my mind wouldn’t let me let this opportunity go by! CURSE MY DEDICATION TO MY CRAFT!!

LAST WEEK: Shiki looked into Brigadine’s memories and saw he and Human Valkyrie on some kind of date or something. But before he could speculate- he was captured by Killer, who’s now trying torture Weisz with a Hologram of his mother on her death bed. THIS WEEK: The Battle!! Edens Zero Chapter 192: “Weisz vs Killer.” Let’s Begin.



Picking up where the last chapter left off; Killer converts his Sub Dimension to the Hospital where his Mother had died. Weisz walks in, seeing his mother- right before her death- lying in the Hospital Bed. As she comments how much her child has grown; Weisz- much like Shiki- gets his head in the game, and mocks Killer for trying this on him. An Impressed Killer ends the Hologram, and the 2 begin their battle. Weisz’ gun can’t pierce the Dark Star’s protection matrix, so he keeps him distracted with the rapid fire, and modifies the wall to explode behind him.

Killer modifies his Sub Dimension program to remove the machinery from the area, trapping them in a blank space- limiting what Weisz is capable of right now. As such; the self proclaimed “Flame Of Edens” activates his Arsenal Armor: “Land Mode.No idea what the difference is from the Mark II he used in the Aoi War, but we can discuss that more when I have more battery life!!

Back to the fight: Weisz uses his “Weiss Cannon,” breaking through Killer’s Protection Matrix and getting in some decent damage. So the Dark Star summons a fleet of drones to rain down fire on him. He manages to avoid the blasts, and gets up in Killer’s face, planting his hand on his chest and begins to try and remodel him with “Mortal Crash.” But Killer activates “Protection Mode” and avoids being destroyed.

Killer hacks into the suit’s systems, and turns it off- leaving Weisz open for attack. Weisz responds by activating his Overdrive, and uses the tentacles behind him to block Killer’s “Assassin’s Blade.” He takes advantage of the Dark Star’s confusion and uses “Metalica Explosion(been a while, huh?)” to do some serious damage. Low and Behold: Not only is Killer seemingly fine, but he has a trick up his sleeve.

He summons a pod in between he and Weisz. It takes a minute to come into focus, but in this pod is Weisz’s Mother– seemingly still alive. Weisz doesn’t believe what he’s seeing- he tells his opponent to “Knock It Off With The Hologram!” But Killer begins to imply that she may still live. He says that the body that was buried on Norma was a fake made by the doctors; the actual body was taken to study what was killing the people of Norma, and that experimentation actually brought her back.

Is this the real her? Or just a simulation of the Real Thing? Or is he just talking out of his @$$? Only Time Will Tell!!

Weisz refuses to believe what Killer’s spittin’, so Killer taunts that he’ll destroy the pod. But Weisz doesn’t want him to do thatplaying RIGHT into the Assassin’s hands. Thus; Edens Zero Chapter 192 comes to a Compelling END!! Okay, what?


Looking at it; I’m noticing that the Mark II has a full on vest, while Land Mode just has the tassal(?) things. And those are different in terms of width and numbers. Don’t know what the purpose of those are beyond MARKETING, but I have managed to see the difference. That’s not what we’re here for. No, no………. We want to talk about the Bombshell that Mashima just dropped on us!!…………..potentially. The chapter deliberately leaves it ambiguous whether Killer is telling the truth or not. Which opens up a 2 possibilities going into next week:

  1. Killer is lying, thereby making any speculation on the topic pointless. Make me kind of upset, if I’m to be honest.
  2. Killer is telling the truth and Weisz is going to look into it. Whether he lets the crew in on it or not is anyone’s guess.

Pretty elaborate just to mess with your enemy, ain’t it?………

Now……….. This is more than likely real. It would just be a waste of space in the story if it were made up just for the sake of this battle. But there’s always that chance. But if it’s real, then it raises the question of how Killer came to learn this information, and why. I imagine that something as Inhumane and messed up as reviving the dead would just be out there on the internet; he would have to have actually gone looking for this info. I can’t see any reason that he would go to Norma, or why it would even be there at it’s current point in time(it’s time gotten eaten, and it’s stuck on the same day 53 years ago).

Could it be that……….. he had encountered her at some point between now and when he was made?……………………Dag it. We’re running into a situation here, where by I can only propose a whole bun of questions that break off into more questions. The information’s too vague, d@mn it!! I’m stuck in “perhaps!” Let’s see…………… I can only say that Killer came to acquire this information somehow, and he had more of a reason to learn about it than we realize.

Something revealed in chapter 96 is that Weisz’ mother was an Adventurer in her younger years- finding the pendant that she would later give to Weisz. The Shining Stars and Dark Stars Were Once Human. Weisz and Shiki are of similar age- Shiki probably being a year or 2 younger than Weisz(ignoring the time shenanigans). We don’t know how long Ziggy was on his quest to find Mother. He helped to build Granbell. Granbell is a little over 100 years old. “‘Time‘ doesn’t mean much in this story.” Shiki was less than a year old when Ziggy found him. What’s the connection here?

……………………. I guess the question is: Has She Met Ziggy? Did she travel with Ziggy and the others to find Mother? Is that Pendant a Relic that had its Mother Ether Drained? Okay, that Last one is more than likely the case. As for what her role in the story will end up being…… Well; we already got the “Evil Mom” idea with Madame Kurenai, so………… exposition? Learning more about the Universe outside of the Grand Shiki Cosmos? Something like that, I suppose.


Like I said: Wasn’t intending on making this one. But Killer has thus far proven to be my favorite of the Dark Star’s so far, and I thought that I’d have a better idea of what I was talking about. But whatever. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. Until next time, everybody!

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