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Chainsaw Man Chapter 144 SHORT REVIEW

As much as I would LOVE to do a Full review for this; I don’t think there’s enough content to warrant that. I really only have 2 things to say in regards to this chapter, and really only one of them is speculation. The other is just an observation. And now I’ve gone and said everything I needed to say in the opening paragraph. Ah……….. I ordered this “4 Kids Classic” dvd set that contained all 4 Ben 10 movies. It was supposed to arrive Sunday(I’m writing this Tuseday, September 26, 2023, 1:52 pm), but it’s “Running Late-” I assume due to the weather where I live, but…….. eh. On the bright side- my dvd for Across The Spider Verse arrived on time. So…….. gearin’ up to watch that. Ah………. maybe I should stop stalling and actually- you know- do the post. Always talkin’ about how little time I have to do these sh!ts, but always trying to pad out the opening part. I just kind of want to converse with you guys here and in the “Conclusion” section. Feels more “interactive” that way. Okay, for real; Chainsaw Man Chapter 144: “Guns, Nails, Katana.” Man knows how to title chapters. 

The Nail Fiend

Chainsaw Man and Jujutsu Kaisen are like My Hero Academia and Black Clover, or One Piece and Naruto: 2 series that came out around the same time that have similar ideas and similar ways of conveying their story- series of similar levels of popularity with a similar theme; Luffy and Naruto wanting to be “The Very Best Like No One Ever Was;” Asta and Deku lacking the same power everyone else in their world has but pursue their dreams anyway; Denji and Yuji were both possessed by Legendary monster’s of their stories and fight other monsters using those powers. Similar. So much so that Fujimoto actually described his series as a “Copy” of Jujutsu Kaisen. And the character he has just introduced- is probably just him being self aware enough to make something like it. Ladies and GentlemenThe Nail Fiend.

This is clearly a reference to the character Nobara Kugisaki; the way she fights is similar without being the same. Rather than putting the nails in dolls- she’ll actually put them in the people. But she STILL uses hammers. She’s slightly more energetic than Nobara- closer to Power than to Nobara, honestly- but Nobara has her silly moments with Yuji. Her brain is exposed on the left side of her face- an indication that she is indeed a Fiend- while the other- the side where Nobara was burned and killed in chapter 125 of JJK– is covered by her hair. She’s a reference, is all. But I look forward to seeing more of her!

Samurai Sword’s Master Plan

Samurai Sword– one of the outlier’s of the Weapons. When Sugo told us that the Weapons had joined the Chainsaw Man Church, there were………… 2 or 3 of them that my brother was skeptical about being there: Samurai Sword/ Katana Man for obvious reasons; Reze because……….. I forget why; and Quanxi because………. I’m also not sure. Reze I feel would be with the Church because Denji/ Chainsaw Man freed her from Makima, who did manage to get her away from the Soviet’s by “killing” her. So she’s likely free to do what she wants now- all thanks to Chainsaw Man slaying Makima like that. I imagine she’d be grateful. Quanxi, however, I did question a little; even for freeing her from Makima, I can’t imagine someone like her being grateful enough to praise the person that saved her- nor do I think she’s the type to buy into the Church’s blatant bull. So her going back to being a Devil Hunter- joining up with Public Safety Devil Extermination- makes sense. And the idea that Kishibe- her old partner– is likely the one in charge of Public Safety now. 

But going back to Samurai Sword; Denji killed his grandpa and then went on to kick him in the nuts over and over again. He’ll never forgive Denji for killing his grandpa, but he probably could have let him live before the Nut Sack Kicking Constest. And Aki’s already long dead, so- yeah, Denji’s on his sh!tlist for good. And then you have this organizations goal- as told to us by Yoshida– is for Denji to have a normal life. At any and all cost. Meaning people will all have forgotten about Chainsaw Man- weakening him. And that’s when it clicked in my head: If he helps make Chainsaw Man irrelevant, then Denji will become Human again. And he’ll live a happy, peaceful life with Nayuta, Meowy, and the Huskies- and then he’ll kill all of them right in front of Denji and then kick HIM in the nutsack until he dies. Or something to that effect. At least; that’s what his plan is- not knowing about the Ultimate Hurdle: Nayuta. 

The Church- or at least the Weapons that joined up with them- had planned to bring Chainsaw Man out and have him save a bunch of people. He couldn’t have any of that. So he’s going to make sure that Denji lives a long, normal, happy little life before he takes it all away. 

The Recurrence Of The Justice Devil

Okay, in adding this, I’m realizing that this could have been a whole post instead of just a “Short Review-“ I only thought about this halfway through writing that section on Samurai Sword. And by then, I was too deep to delete it. So……. here’s the other thing: That old guy at the Church is another victim of the Justice Devil- a Devil that we’ve been hearing about since the start of Part 2Why has it been making so many contracts lately? We’ve been seeing the same traits throughout all 3 victims: 

  1. They mutate into Devils
  2. Their “sense of justice” is dialed up to the point where it clouds their sense of right and wrong, making them a bit “Murder Happy”

Yuko told us that the Justice Devil didn’t ask for anything when they made their contract. But that more than likely isn’t the case. It might be that- like a Binding Vow that Sukuna made with Yuji way back when- one of the conditions is that they are to forget what was taken. But what would be so important to a Human that the Justice Devil feels that need to hide that he’s taken it. They all mutate into Full Blown Devils, and they all become so fixated on the idea of “Justice” that they murder people left and right. Hm…………. Their Humanity- both physically AND symbolically? Maybe their “humanity” is taken- their morals and actual bodies- for it to………. do WHAT exactly? Trading with other Devils for pieces of their flesh, making it stronger? For what? To survive Nostradamus’ prophecy? Or……….. is this Devil getting a lot of focus………. because it IS the thing Nostradamus prophesized? And it amassing power like this is its progression towards………… That “King Of Fear” thing? 

I think the theme would be something along the lines of “All Fear Facing Justice For Their Crimes.” Humanity may have committed a “Great Crime” somewhere down the line- and the Justice Devil was born of their fear that one day- Justice would come for them. I don’t know what crime it was, but I think Chainsaw Man might have eaten it if it was that bad. He’s eaten 4 other concepts for Human’s after death and a 6th sense we used to have; why not erase their “Ultimate Sin” along with them? But if a Devil like Makima- one of the Four Horsemen Devils- was able to remember even the vaguest of Details about what Chainsaw Man has eaten, and even fully remember other concepts. Why couldn’t the thing born to seek retribution? It reminds me of this one Dub line from Omega Shenron in “Dragon Ball GT:” “I was born to take vengeance on those who gave life to me- it is my destiny!!” Though this is all just speculation; who KNOWS what that thing could be? 

Though that paints and interesting that Famine thinks that War can defeat the Fear King. Assuming it IS Justice, then…….. is “War” a more powerful concept than “Justice.” Because when countries need money- they go to war; it makes a whole bunch of jobs for people. So in some twisted way, I guess “War” is “Justice-“ on some philosophy sh!t. Or…….. probably not, considering……… the things. Or maybe the message is the “War Trumps Justice When Facing Destruction;” when a country is about to face poverty, it will go to War- the worst thing man has ever made and probably the most “unjust” thing we could ever do. Which is why Famine thinks that War can stop the Fear King that’s coming. Again, assuming that Justice is that Fear King.


Okay, in looking at last week’s “Dump Post,” I’m realizing that I didn’t include it chapter 143 in there- nor did I talk about it as a separate entity. So I’m gonna have to do that one at another time. I believe that next week is a break week for this series, so I’ll find some time CR@P, DEAD ROCK NEXT WEEK. Eh, I’ll put it with the Dump. Man, that’s gonna throw my OCD out a whack; I’m already on edge with how much this site has been shutting down. Oh geez. Ah……… I enjoyed this chapter- wish I realized I had all this to say so i could make a proper post. Oh well; makes my job slightly easier. Lookin’ forward to next week with Dead Rock, yeah? Let me know what you guys think of this chapter, and until Next Time. Laters!!

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