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Wallnack’s Demon- Ioladio Wellweger! Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 94 BREAKDOWN

Sorry about last week; I was in the middle of making the review when some stuff came up and I had to scrap it. Or…….. more like it was just far too late for me to get it out there. In any case; I DO want to talk about all of these series while I can. Because NEXT WEEK: 

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Monday, February 20th, 2023- Presidents DayDragon Ball Super Chapter 90 and Boruto- Naruto Next Generations Chapter 78 come out in English. I’m going to start a trend of not doing regular reviews the weeks that those chapters come out. So after the Black Clover chapter 351 review on Tuesday, February 21st, 2023; there won’t be anything more from me until I get those 2 out. Because I WANT to talk about those 2 series. I want to talk about ALL these series, but I just don’t have the time for all of them. I have kind of a Bad Sleep Schedule. I’m gonna try to fix that. You know the drill. Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 94: “Incident On The Night of Prayer.” Let’s begin……..


Chapter 93: We get to learn more about Tristan’s group last week; Jade is the only……… Normal One among the 3. However, he harbors feelings for Isolde, who only has eyes for Tristan. Speaking of, she and Chion seem to share a brain cell between themselves, as they go to spy on Tristan as he shares a room with a total stranger. But this woman knows something she shouldn’tShe knows that Tristan is a Knight Of The Apocalypse. They decide to check out the Festival, along with the others- and Teaninich and Macduff. 

Chapter 94: The townspeople of Wallnack light torches as part of the festival; it was originally to memorialize those who died in battle against other Kingdoms, those attack by thieves on their way to Liones, and the likes. But in the course of the past 16 years, it’s become a way for those who lost someone in the second Holy War to remember their loved ones. Percival and co are given their torches, as Tristan gets acquainted with his “roommate” for the Evening: Ioladio Wellweger- “Io” for short. Tristan didn’t tell anyone he was coming here; he wanted to sus out the situation for himself. He asks if she is a Human from Camelot, but she doesn’t respond- instead telling him about the Festival, and how such a thing “isn’t an idea you’d find in her hometown.” 

For now; all that she wants to do is pray for her loved ones that she’s lost. As do the kids; Donny wanting his Mother to see that he’s become a Holy Knight, Anne’s desire for her mother to watch over her going forward, and Percival wanting to show his Grandpa the “Precious” friends he’s made. Nasiens’ hasn’t lost anyone yet- he doesn’t know where or who his birth parents are, nor does he really care. Chion and Isolde, on the other hand, are more preoccupied with what Tristan’s doing- even begging the others to help and find him. Lance and Gawain bow out, leaving 2 groups of Isolde and Anne, and the boys that were left. But above them hides Teaninich and Macduff. 

For some reason; they’re rendered unable to sense the Chaos Knights Magic, and vice versa- even at this proximity. They don’t know why, but it’s allowing them to get close without raising suspicion. Meaning they can now act. Or so they think. On the way back to the Inn, Lance asks Gawain to use “Absolute Cancel” on the entire town. While a “trivial spell” for her, it would take up a lot of energy to do it on such a scale. But Lance offers Pudding if she does it. “Absolute Cancel” is cast, and every group is now able to sense each other’s Magical power- even Tristan. But Io just reactivates the magic. It’s her Ability: “Jammer-” the ability to nullify all magical detection in Wallnack. And because she was so quick on the draw, it wasn’t enough time for the others to lock on his location. 

She decides that it’s time to answer his earlier question: “I am not on Camelot’s side…. But Neither Am I Human.” She reveals herself to beA Demon. Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 94 END!! Then…….. what the f*ck was with last week’s chapter title? “Madrigal Of Youth?” All I could find about it was that the word “Madrigal” means “A song sung by several singers without any musical instruments” or the very literal “a part-song for several voices, especially one of the Renaissance period, typically arranged in elaborate counterpoint and without instrumental accompaniment. Originally used of a genre of 14th-century Italian songs, the term now usually refers to English or Italian songs of the late 16th and early 17th c., in a free style strongly influenced by the text.” Are they referring to the fact that all 3 of them were in the “thralls of youth” or something


SO……….. She’s a Demon. Huh. That part isn’t much of a surprise, considering Percival’s adventure in that one little village in the Peaks of FearIn fact, based on what was said in that arc about some Demons not wanting to participate in the Holy War, and her behavior during the Prayers segment of the night; it actually implies that she lost someone during the War. And she was genuinely praying for them to be at peace. So maybe she’s more of an ally than we were thinking……… unless…….. she’s like Chaos Galand And Chaos Melascula. He took Galand from some dork in Lanky armor to………. An Actual Menacing Looking Monster. Who’s to say Io isn’t of a similar case; maybe a Demon that was brought back to Camelot as a prisoner and now has use. She says she’s not from Camelot, and that’s mostly true- she’s not from Camelot. 

A lot of ideas are running through my head right now; I’m starting to think that someone she cares about- family or otherwise- is being held hostage in Camelot and Arthur is forcing her to take out the Knights of Prophecy in exchange for their lives. Or she could be under some manor of mind control thanks to “Chaos.” Arthur did insert something “extra” into the Wallnack arc to ensure his victory over the Knights- something that they wouldn’t see coming; a Demon with the ability to prevent them from finding each other would certainly be something they wouldn’t expect! Though again; I don’t believe that she’s doing any of this by choice. 

Meanwhile, Teaninich and and Macduff are still unaware of what Arthur knows. I’ve already said my peace on that, so I’ll simply say that Io might be able to get away with killing them here if she knows what Arthur is planning. Other stuff is just general character interactions; Isolde continues to get closer with Anne- dragging her around and confiding in her about her romantic woes. Since we now know that she’s been friends with Jade and Chion since they were young, coupled with her physical complexes; I imagine that she didn’t have a lot of Female Friends growing up to talk about this sort of thing with. Now that she does, she’s going to bask in it while she can. Then there’s Chion. 

In the extra pages to commemorate the release of Volume 10 of the series(in Japan); we see Meliodas and Gilthunder talking about their troubles with their kids. Gil makes it known that he’s worried about his son and his obsession with Prince Tristan, and that he isn’t able to get through to him as is. His personality is such a turn off that Griamore’s kid(his OTHER cousin, technically) doesn’t come by their house anymore. Ouch. Like Jade said; Tristan saved them once long ago and they’ve been indebted to him ever since. That Life debt would eventually turn into genuine love and admiration for the Prince, and- for Isolde- a little crush. For Chion- an unhealthy obsession. He even begged for Donny’s help in finding Tristan- something that he’d never do unless he thought it would be the difference between Tristan’s life and death. 

I bring all this up because of last chapter; Jade proved to be the only normal one of the 3 with a healthy degree of admiration for Tristan. He even apologized to Donny and Nasiens on behalf of Chion. I don’t know if he’ll ever win Isolde’s heart; Suzuki could be going for the Meliodas/ Diane/ King triangle that he had in the original series- Tristan sees Isolde as a friend; Isolde’s just a bit lost right now; and Jade………. well, he’s different from King. I’ll let you interpret that one. Or maybe “Meliodas” will end up with “Diane” this time, and “King” will have to find someone else. Kind of like Nasiens, huh? Yeah, that’s something that was addressed in the last chapter, too. 

Jade- being a fellow “Unloved-” picks up that Nasiens has feelings for someone close to him. But he thinks it’s Anne. Which is SO NOT the case. I don’t think Suzuki is going to……….. I don’t think that he’s the type to portray the “coming out” part as anything other than “Admitting Your Feelings to yourself, then your crush.” You know what I mean? Like; I don’t think he’ll focus on the fact that Nasiens is Gay, but it’s clear that he has his own personal hang ups about it. He asks- himself more than anyone- “Am I Really That Weird?” He knows how he feels- or at least he THINKS he does. Emotions at that age…………. they lie to you. So he may be gay, and has a crush on Percival- but maybe it’s not outright “love.” But he doesn’t know……… how people will react…….. to him being Gay. They’re friends, so they obviously won’t care about that- “Nasiens Is Still Nasiens.” But Percival will have to make a decision on how to handle Nasiens feelings. If he’s Bi, then maybe they can try it and see where it goes. Full on straight, and he’ll have to let Nasiens down in a way where he still gets to keep his friend. 

“Jammer’s” a pretty powerful ability; something I imagine she developed by having to hide from the Demons during the Holy War- those Demons were going to kill her for “Treason.” So her magical power became something that wouldn’t let her and whoever she cared about at the time be detected while in hiding. Also to probably hide the fact that she was a Demon; you can probably sense stuff like that if you’ve met with a Demon before. And for it to have this type of range just casually implies that she’s pretty proficient with her magic. If she can do more than just nullify Magical sense- like maybe jam the ability to use magic on a target- Tristan might be in more trouble than he was expecting……….. 


Huh………. That didn’t take that long!! Thank goodness, too; I’m currently working on the One Piece review as well! If I can do this right, then all the posts should come out properly and in a timely manor. But it’s gonna hurt not doing the weekly’s next week. In any case; let me know what you guys think in the comments. Til next time, boys and girls; By~~~e!! 

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