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Beach Day In Universe 0! Edens Zero Chapter 246 BREAKDOWN

Hey, everyone. I’m gonna talk about Dead Rock in its own post, I assure you. After that? Eh; Category to itself, I guess- not much sense putting it in the “Edens Zero” group, right? We’ll add it to the roster. It’s supposed to come out July 6th(same day that “My Adventures With Superman” is supposed to start airing on Adult Swim), and it’s Tuesday, July 4th, 2023, 1:49 pm at the time of my writing this part of the post(Happy Independence Day, by the way). Leaks and stuff for this week’s chapters of Black Clover and My Hero Academia are supposed to come out tomorrow, and then they get their initial translations Thursday; More fan translations on Friday; and then the official release Sunday, yeah? In which case, since I’ve decided NOT to “Dump Post” this and “Four Knights” in disregard for the rule I set when talking about Monthly series- especially considering I’m working on a Retrospective for Mashle: Magic and Muscles and a review for Unicorn: Warriors Eternal– I need to get to work. I’m busy in the best of ways- though I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing……………

As for this chapterBeach Day, Everbody!! It’s currently 90 Degrees outside where I am, so we could sure as h#ll USE a Beach Day!! But the weather is a little Bi-Polar, too, so…….. no time in the near future. Plus it’s a lot of work just to ultimately get in the water for a little bit and then……….. Nothing. So maybe just get yourselves a pool and call it a day. But the Beach chapters hold SPECIAL significance in Hiro Mashima’s manga; it means: FAN SERVICE COMEDY!! Made evident most by the cover of this chapter. I like it when chapters have cover pages; I don’t have to pick and choose what to use as the Featured Image that way! Let’s get into the chapter now, shall we? Edens Zero Chapter 246: “Reina And Hamrio.” 1)I F*cking Called It and 2)OH SH!T I FORGOT THE MINATO MANGA IS COMIGN OUT, TOO!!!! This might be harder than I thought……..


The chapter opens on the “Fire Planet” Red Cave in the Aoi Cosmos. Holy and Eraser told them to meet here, but they got here a few hours before they were supposed to. So it’s time for some Fun Beach Day Activities. You have the Shining Stars in their swimsuits(though Weisz is not interested in Hermit), while Kris notes that Kleene and Pino are wearing matching Hairpins. Because it looks cute. Sister is torturing Mosco with an Octopus, and plans to do the same to Rebecca at some point in the day. And then you have Valkyrie and Homura training more; Valkyrie stripping Homura’s top– and Homura taking Valkyrie’s bottom. Yeah. 

Hermit is looking through the internet for any information on one of the Oracion Seis Galactica- “Joker Helix.” Rebecca had mentioned that it might have been the name of a B-Cuber, but no matter how she searched it- be it looking for a Politician, Celebrity, or anything like that- but nothing came up. Hermit confirms that any reference to the name “Joker Helix” has been erased from the internet by a very exceptional programmer. Rebecca thinks of who would have that level of skill in hacking, and what comes to mind is Pr Weisz. She doesn’t know why, but she wonders how he’s doing in Universe 0 right now. Meanwhile, our Weisz is trying to figure out how to get Witch to go naked. I’m gonna let that sit for a minute. 

But then; the same Light Ether effect happens that they saw 3 years ago. Shiki suggests that Rebecca start filming again. And they go up and do just that. But then they remember that this is the part where they should be seeing Andrew’s ship crashing. Which makes them think of Nadia again. Low and behold; a ship is coming down. But it is not Andrew’s nor is it crashingit’s Holy and Eraser on a Union Army Ship. Or- as they introduce themselves- Reina and Hamrio. They admit to knowing a bit about the crew in Universe 0 so far, but not really anything of their adventures in other worlds. But it concerns Hermit and Rebecca that they even know about the Multiverse. So Holy decides they need to meet with the person who told the Oracion Seis Interstelar of the Multiverse- and reveals the Undersea Temple. Along with the Director Of The Interstellar Union Army’s Aoi Cosmos DivisionNADIA!!! She also still serves as Guardian Of The Mother Beacon.

Though they know of the Multiverse, they don’t exactly know what’s happened in it- even the one who told them about the Multiverse and the crew doesn’t really know what’s gone on in those other worlds. As for who told them about all of this: Interstellar Union Army Director of Operations In The Sakura Cosmos- Noah Glenfield. Because we SO didn’t see that coming. Edens Zero Chapter 246 END!! Don’t know why they’re so shocked; Noah’s power allows him to see into other worlds and follow someone’s movements throughout time, right? I suppose he should similarly be locked off from the other worlds here like Rebecca is, but……. he still knows about them. 


Alright, all the Pervy Anime Fan stuff aside; this was a fun, calm little chapter after all the……… well, “Call A Spade A Spade-“ teh abridged retelling of the series and little changes Mashima has done for the crew has had its Ups– and DOWNS. For all the “Happy Changes” we’ve gotten after all the bad stuff the crew went through both in their personal lives and together; it gets a little boring at times- and a little too fast; we don’t get a lot of time to sit on the ramification of these changes. Then again, this series didn’t do that beforehand, either. But we’re certainly coming up on the end of all that; we’re going to start getting into information on Void and fighting his forces sooner rather than later- at least the rest of the Galactica under his payroll. Muller took Xenolith’s power and body and merged himself with it, thus taking that slot himself. And Mashima did the right thing not giving that piece of sh!t this “Grandiose Battle” against Shiki and Shura(though he’s robbed Kris and Kleene of their get back), so we’ve got 5 left. And I’m certain we’ll be getting to see them once we hop over to Kaede. 

That being said, they should PROBABLY focus on finding Connor and Rachel, meaning going to the Yukino Cosmos before anything else. Don’t know if Connor is with her right now, but I imagine she- knowing Full Well that the crew is on their way to her- is probably looking for or has possibly even found Connor by now. Or who knows; perhaps Connor is with the Interstellar Union Army right now!! What we know about Connor

  1. Good at piloting large vessels like the Edens Zero
  2. He- in all 3 iterations we’ve seen him in- has been a Ship Captain
    1. Captain of the Edens One in Universes 1 and 2
    2. Universe 3 saw him as the member of the Freedom Force in the Aoi Cosmos

It’s safe to say he’s the Captain of some vessel here in Universe 0. And him being a member of the Freedom Force- a precursor to what Oasis was- put together with what Rachel described to us in chapter 218- means that he’s native to the Aoi Cosmos. He would be here if he’s not already with Rachel. Unless this version of events went differently for the Freedom Force and he died trying to fight the Empire. He was Lt Commander in the Freedom Force before becoming the Captain of a ship; it was around that time that he met and fell in love with Rachel. He could have had Rebecca before……… whatever led to his ship going down. But the change from what we’re told in Universe 3 could be that he decided to go down with the ship. That’s 1 way that Mashima can take it, but I think Connor is alive. And with Noah here and what happened in Universe 3I’m guessing that Connor- having gotten his memories back at some point prior to all of this- went to Noah and the Union army and explained the situation with the Edens Zero to them. And they’ve just been biding their time until the crew got moving again. Which is why they’re so prepared to converse with them. 

In the same vein; I think that Connor is there with Nadia and Noah(probably off to the side in the shadows, getting ready for a dramatic reintroduction). That or yeah, he’s either dead or with Rachel. Those are my 3 guesses. Though I suppose another idea is that the Saintfire church killed him in Universe 0, too, and this time it stuck. But again; the general vibe of Universe 0 up to now is that it’s this “Happy Universe” where bad things happen, but are either undone immediately or more information is revealed(ala Laguna shooting that lady in the face and Valkyrie’s situation). It can really go either way, though. 

Eraser’s Real name is “Hamrio-“ after Weisz’ Rave Master counterpart Hamrio Musica, and Holy after her counter part Reina- also from Rave Master. It’s a cute reference for long time Mashima fans, or fans like me who came into his works later after reading this or Fairy Tail. Does it add anything to the story? I kind of doubt it. When it comes to Elie and Rebecca- a Main Heroine with a power that can alter the course of time and both being connected to the “Etherion” concept- or Shiki and Natsu both having some kind of connection to some Legendary Figure and having some sort of “larger destiny” ahead of them(Shiki very clearly, and Natsu’s fate as the Final Demon in the Book Of Zeref), you see start to see a lot of the same story beats done or arranged differently; similar ideas- differing executions. Could Eraser and Holy’s stories hit similar marks to those they share their names with? As far as we know, they aren’t in love. And Holy wasn’t exactly “antagonistic” towards the crew; honestly, she didn’t get much of a chance to be the “Femme Fatale” type she looked to be before we started seeing the crew break down her wallsAnd as far as we know, Eraser was never the leader of a gang or controls the silver. So……… not sure. Guess we just need to wait and see……..

And then you have Nadia. How did this happen? I suppose we don’t know about Andrew, so he could have been working for a version of the Union Army 200 years ago. Or maybe this is something exclusive to Universe 0. But I think Andrew- in either case- was working for the Interstellar Union Army. And in Universe 0, he got Nadia into the organization as well. And though her work ethic and sheer longevity, she became Director of Operations in the Aoi Cosmos. And then that ties back to Connor and what I speculated he was doing in Universe 0. It all loops back around. 


It’s been some time since I finished a post in 1 day, hasn’t it!! But sadly, I could not include any “Beach Day Fun Time” images. Oh, wait- Bottom of the post with 2 paragraphs minimum between images. I gotcha, guys. But yeah; this is a post that I managed to finish in 1 day. I’m so glad I could do that again. Don’t know if I’ll be able to do this again at some point in the future, though. Here’s hoping. Whatever the case; let me know what you think of the chapter, and what the next installment will hold for us. I won’t put money on anything, but I’m REALLY hoping Connor shows up next week. And are you looking forward to Dead Rock? From the scans I’ve seen- it looks like it’s gonna be one for the ages- however short lived. Until next time, boys and girls- Catch ya on the flip side. Later!!

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