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Admiral Kizaru Moves In!! One Piece Chapter 1,090 BREAKDOWN

SO…….. My new site has been down for almost a week now. Comes back on Saturday, August 19th, 2023, and I find that a lot of my posts from the past Month have all disappeared- everything after the Four Knights Short Review I halfheartedly made just……… GONE. The only thing that I managed to save was the review for Dead Rock chapter 2. And that’s only because I started promoting it on my old siteIt’s, uh…….. I’ll be honest: It breaks my heart a little. I don’t have “back ups” of all that, so those posts are just…….. Gone. I don’t remember all the images I used and I don’t have them anymore, so…….. Just gonna have to “Keep Moving Forward.” Not my best day, but I’ll manage. 

Um…… I have this review ready on a personal document, along with this month’s Boruto review. I decided- since the chapter leaked so early- to just make a One Piece review unto itself so that there aren’t 8 different series in a Dump Post. I also have 2 series ready for that, too. Just don’t know when to post it. ‘Cause I’m also trying to figure out what to do for Black CloverThe news it got DEMANDS its own post. Then of course there’s “Super” and the other series in the next week. Busy and a lot that I’m thinking about. Um……… Let’s get to the post. One Piece Chapter 1,090: “Kizaru.” And with that; the original 3 Admirals all have chapter’s titled after them. 1,090 chapters in. D@mn this series is long. But I love it  PAUSE. 


When we last left off: York had been taken Hostage by the Straw hat’s. Luffy gets on the Transponder snail, and proclaims his goal and warns them to leave Egghead if they want York. No one can believe what’s happening– even Morgans, Wapol, and Vivi who are listening in with their Black Transponder Snail. Before he can say anything about the survivor count, the other’s cut off the call before Luffy can give out too much information. Though it’s not as if they care; St Saturn makes clear the objective: Protect and retrieve York, Punk Records itself, and the Mother Flame Power Plant. Nothing else matters- even the Cipher Pol agents in the basement. 

Inside Punk Records: The crew and company are recovering from the long night, and making York pay a little. Chopper tending to Robin’s wounds; Lilith sad about the Confirmed Deaths of Shaka and Pythagoras- and Edison who is stated to still be alive afterwards; and Kaku recovering off in the corner with Lucci whispering to someone that 2 of Vegapunk’s satellites are dead and 4 heavily injured. All the while Usopp gets in touch with the Cipher Pol agents in the basement- being fed and having been treated by Chopper. And the Seraphim nicely stuck in those Sea Prism bubbles. And they’re None Too Happy about it. S Snake says they don’t have orders to terminate them so they can be let out. 

Franky gets on comms, thanking S-Snake for freeing him from petrification. In Essence: She- just like Hancock- is hopelessly in love with Luffy. He asked her to undo the petrification, and she d@mn near fainted because he was looking her in the face. “No matter how much programming is done; you can’t erase one’s desire.” As for the Frontier Dome- York changed the password and isn’t giving it up. So Atlas and Stellapunk work on that, with Stussy reporting that the Naval fleet is letting up. So Stellapunk asks Nami where the logpose is pointing. It’s position hasn’t changed just yet, but she speculates that they’ll be able to follow one of the other directions recorded in Wano. Stellapunk suggests the Northeastern direction: Elbaf, The Land Of Giants. Usopp and Luffy are really excited, while Stella comes up with a plan to use the Vega-Force 01 and the Sunny’s Coup De Burst to get off the island. So while they try to crack the password to open the Frontier Dome, Luffy, Bonney, Lilith, and Franky make way towards the Sunny. Lilith admits to never having left Egghead, while also saying they should hurry and maneuver the ship so it can get away. 

Luffy and Bonney say that they’ll miss the food on this island, but Luffy says Sanji will be able to make Pizza for them. Bonney commends Sanji for being so capable on and off to the battlefield, with Luffy noting how odd Bonney’s behavior has been; she apparently spent most of the night crying, and now she’s suddenly in a good mood. She says it’s because she gave up on killing Vegapunk……….

Naval Fleet Outside Of Egghead: Lucci has made contact with the fleet, and has informed them of everything that’s happened and what the current standing of the Straw hat’s are. Saturn speculates the Kizaru- being a “Light Human-” might be able to get passed the Laser grid guarding the Frontier Dome. Kizaru agrees, but he also admits that a “friend of his” is guarding the dome- someone who’s willing to put his life on the line for his duty, and thus cannot be ignored. Not to mention Sentomaru would unleash the Sea Beast with Kizaru occupied. The situation has become slightly more complicated than they were expecting. So Saturn asks where the Power Plant is located. Lucci made sure to pass on that information…….

The Naval Fleet readies itself- Rokushiki users at the ready and Kizaru speeding off to face Sentomaru. Luffy’s bouncin’ around on the way to the Sunny, but then he senses something Ridiculously strong coming their way. One Piece Chapter 1,090 END!!! There’s only 2 answers as to who it is, and one of them is in a fight he can’t get out of………


It always surprises me how “wordy” a “One Piece” review can get, no matter how many I make, yeah? This series has a lot of “moving pieces” in non-battle chapters, and a lot to be said during one, so it’s often that the “Overview” takes up a lot of my time. Like this one. But I’ve started taking notes of things that I want to talk about while reading the chapter; things that I find the most interesting and want to spotlight. I think it’s actually making my posts better. And one of the things that I wanted to talk about is Who’s coming up to the Frontier Dome. I think it’s Saturn.

If for nothing more than the facts that:

  1. Kizaru revealed a little bit of his ideology, and that included being unable to ignore someone “fighting for their duty.” Sentomaru holds pride in his “Defense,” and he owes Vegapunk a life debt. He’s not gonna let Kizaru pass, and he KNOWS this. He’ll have to kill Sentomaru here and now if he wants to get up there- and as powerful as an Admiral is; I DON’T think he’ll be able to take out Sentomaru that easily. 
  2. Luffy is SHOOK by the Haki he’s feeling coming up– something intensely powerful, on the level of a Yonko at the MINIMUM for him to have this kind of reaction. I don’t know where Greenbull stands in relation to Kizaru, but he was pretty confident he, Zoro, Sanji, and Jinbe could take him when he invaded Wano. And he wasn’t all that shaken when he was facing off with Fujitora at the end of Dressrosa. Not to mention who he just got through fighting in Wano; that was his toughest battle to date and we STILL debate if we can call that a proper victory. This is something……….. Else. 

I feel like the second part is the part the matters the most when trying to figure this out. It’s like: Oda writes in this way where- once Luffy’s met someone of a similar rank- he “knows” better. He went into the fight with Crocodile as he did with any other before hand- got WIPED. TWICE. Now, when he hears the name “Warlord,” you’ll see him react to it with shock, and go in 110% serious. He lost to Aokiji- BADLY. He knows what the Admirals are capable of, but still punched Charlos and summoned one. He got lucky it was the one that’s always stoned. But he had his crew run from that fight because he knew that they weren’t ready for all that. 

But then you factor in what “level” he’s at now, and what he was able to do at a much LOWER level– fighting an Admiral and managing to get away- I feel like he could take Kizaru. And I think that he thinks that, too. So either his battle and subsequent “victory” is going to his head a little bit- or he’s taking this seriously, and he’s seriously sensing some insane Haki coming up that doesn’t belong to anyone he’s faced before. I think it’s Saturn. He asked where the Power Plant for the Mother Flame is. And now that he knows where, he’s probably going to retrieve it, York, and likely kill off the Nika brat before he becomes an even Bigger threat to the World Government. 

Certainly some kind of mythical Zoan; maybe all 3 forms of Haki but definitely, CERTAINLY Ryuo/ Advanced Armament and Future Sight Observation; and likely the Six Powers + Rokuougan. Stacked. And he’s using that power- a power that makes him “light up-” to get in the Frontier Dome. And it might even serve a strategic purpose; now that the Fleet knows he’s not on board any of the ships, they can fight as offensively as necessary without worrying about his safety. The Marines are on the attack. 

Another thing to note about Saturn is that he- like his fellow Celestial Dragons- do not value people beneath them. The Gorosei may well be league and bounds above the other World Noble’s in terms of intelligence, but they seem to have the same mentality: “We’re The Only One’s In The World That Matter.” Though in contrast; the Celestial Dragon’s don’t think there’s anything above them, and treat everyone else like garbage; the Gorosei know there’s 1 above them and are acting on his will. They’re the only ones that matter to the world- Imu is the only one that matters for them. 

Another thing I wrote about was Kizaru and his “Unclear Justice” mentality. This is something that all of the Admiral’s have; varying senses of “Justice.” Kuzan believed in “Lazy Justice-” that Justice shouldn’t be enforced with any more force than necessary. Note how he’s not fond of the Buster Call. As opposed to Akainu who’d Buster Call anyone and anything that wasn’t aligned with the World Government. And then you have Kizaru and his “Unclear Justice.” HE’S………. Chaotic. Or, well; this chapter implies that he’s more of a “Mirror” than anything. He only puts in as much effort as his enemy. Which is why he knows he can’t ignore Sentomaru: Sentomaru’s putting his LIFE into stopping him. Kizaru can’t ignore that because it’s completely devoid of Justice. 

I think “Unclear Justice” is one’s Sense of Right and Wrong pitted against another, with the winner being the one who’s “right” in the end. Ignoring Sentomaru would be the equivalent of Akainu’s “Absolute” mentality. It’s closer to “Lazy Justice,” but it requires a little more effort. Aokiji wouldn’t kill Sentomaru here; he would be captured and stand trial and get an “Appropriate” punishment(by World Government Standards)- Kizaru’s going for the KILL. Because he knows that Sentomaru won’t STOP until he’s dead. A little more effort than Aokiji- less than Akainu, ever changing based on the one who comes out on top. Something to that effect

I suppose the last thing I have to talk about is Bonney’s current mental state. 2 lines of thought here

  1. Bonney got all her sadness and tears out over the course of last night, and has resolved herself to stand back up and find a way to save her father- at least bringing him his memories back so he can regain his humanity. Or
  2. This is Catarina Devon of the Blackbeard Pirates; she came over here with her Kitsune fruit and disguised herself as Bonney while the real deal is either captured or left on her own. 

The Straw Hat’s Observation is Top Tier at this point; they can tell a fake from the real deal, or who’s left and who hasn’t. They would know this Bonney is a fake– Luffy would if no one else. So this might in fact be the real Jewelry Bonney. And now she knows something- she found something in her Father’s memories that might be able to help her set things right. And it might have involved Vegapunk; he left some way to return Kuma to normal. Thus why she doesn’t want to kill him anymore. 


I even have this section written out, but it doesn’t make sense since I’m finishing this post Saturday, August 19th, 2023, at 11:52 AM. I’ll admit, making posts right now might be the easiest thing I’ve done in a while. I’m still a little depressed that all that work is gone, but……… What can I do? I don’t have much else to say; I’m just glad that my site is back up. Let me know what you guys think in the comments, I suppose. ‘Til next time. 

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