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The Devil Resonance Theory- Black Clover DISCUSSION

That Title was like 70% of why I wanted to make this post. The other reason is because I feel like there’s something Tabata wants us to understand leading into the Big revelation. That being the Fan theory that Asta is a Devil-Human Hybrid. While some people are willing to believe in the idea, you still have those who feel that something like that would “ruin” the core idea of the story: That Asta isn’t “Special” and that his hard work and determination is what will make him the Wizard King. Honestly, I’m on the fence about it myself. I mean; the only “Black Clover” youtuber I watch for real is Broku. And his Power Scaling videos…………are kind of ludacris when you see him. “Black Clover” doesn’t feel like the type of series were someone like Asta has “Planet Level” attack potency. No, that’s one of the things that he’s saying. 

Aside from those, though; he does bring up some interesting points to the Devil Asta idea. Namely, something that I overlooked when I saw it. In chapter 197; the Word Magic Devil Zagreb saw that Asta’s Anti Magic was “overflowing,” and he speculated that the reason for this sudden growth was because Liebe started “resonating with his magic.” What did he mean by that? Did he mean that Liebe’s Anti Magic grew in response to his Magic- trying to become strong enough to erase it? Or is he saying that Devil’s sometimes “resonate” with each other and end up bringing out more power in both? Both the official and fan translations seem to be a little loose. But they both imply that it’s the Anti Magic reacting to the mana. Especially since it doesn’t seem like we’ve seen any other “Resonance Buff” in the story. Right

Devil Resonance 

I believe I talked about it in another recent post, but the fight against Vetto- chapters 68 through 71– show him using magic in the Devil’s language. He was using Devil Magic. As such; you COULD say that Liebe was also resonating with Vetto’s mana/ magic in said fight- something that we only ever saw against Zagreb. At no other point in the series do we see the Anti magic boys spontaneously “grow” the same way that they did in either of these fights- the “overflowing power” that came from the both of them. They’ve certain grown mid battle before, but……… Consider the moments similar to what happen to Zagreb

  1. There’s the Vetto fight
  2. The Fight Against Dante of the Dark Triad, bringing out the “Berserk” form 
  3. The Training with Nacht when they began learnign Devil Union- both of them pushing themselves to the limit and managing to pull it off before Nacht could attack again 
  4. The fight against Wyrm Lucifero and the Anti magic form the skirt and scarf around Asta 
  5. The 5th horn they grew against Lucifero 

In all of these cases; Asta was fighting someone with Devil Power. So it seems that there’s more evidence supporting the idea that there is some sort of “Devil Resonance” at play here. But the reason we’re only seeing it more it Liebe than in the enemy he’s facing is because…….. he has more to bring it. “It’s Easier To Level Up When You Start From Zero” as All Might told Bakugo, or as anyone who’s every played and RPG has experienced. Liebe is the Lowest Rank Devil in Existence going up against High and Supreme Ranked Devil opponents; they’re bringing him “Up” to their level, and he’s either not doing anything for them, or they’re “evening out.” It be more accurate to call this “Sychronization.” But “Resonance” sounds cooler, so let’s stick with that. Either way, though; it means that Liebe’s getting all the “perks” of the Resonance buff. 

Devil Asta

Now to answer the question that I’m sure you all have right now: “What Does This Have To Do With Asta Being A Devil?” ‘Tis why I’ve brought over my “Asta And His Connection To Megicula” Post. In said post; I talked about the idea that Megicula- who has been shown to be able to turn Humans into Devils– may have accidentally given Asta some Devil traits. Well, Droku actually had the idea first. But whereas he’s thinking that Asta is a “Full On Hybrid;” my line of thought is just that he’s infected with the Weg Magic curse Julius talked about in chapter 216– it be more accurate to say he’s 1/5 or maybe closer to 1/4 Devil. And through interacting with Liebe’s Anti Magic; those Weg Curse traits like the horns come out. ‘Cause we know that the bull horns on the side are Liebe’s, but those top 2 and the 5th one are another matter. 

On the one hand; you have a trend pointed out by Broku: The idea a Devil’s appearance is indicative of rank: 

  • Low Ranks look the most like Monsters- Ogres, Porcupines and the like, based on the first gate of Qliphoth’s opening releasing a mass of Low Ranks
  • Those of Mid Rank are more Humanoid, but still retain beast like traits
  • Zagreb is stated to be a High Rank by Lucifero in chapter 243. That, plus Liebe’s encounter with a High Ranked Devil in the Underworld, indicated that these Devils are even more Humanoid, with Black hair and 2 horns. 
  • Those of the Supreme Rank look the most Human- such as Lucifero and Megicula- and possess 4 horns and white hair. 

…………….. It is only now occurring to me that a lot of my theories are derivatives of something that Broku did. And if he ends up being wrong, then that automatically make my ideas wrong. I really need to come up with my own ideas. But it’s not as if his ideas aren’t rooted in the stories internal logic- at least, most of them. I feel like making Asta a full on Hybrid would end up being the Indra/Ashura Reincarnation thing, so I’m thinking that Tabata won’t go in that direction…….. fully. There ARE some things in the story, though, that do hint at the idea…..

On the one hand; you have everything set up with Megicula- the “Father Of All Curses” and the one responsible for All Curse Magic in this world(according to Dorthy). Licita could drain the mana and life force of any living thing in the vicinity. Just like Henry. The difference between Henry and Licita, though, is that Henry needs to drain mana to survive- he was unable to move at all until Yami brought the Black Bulls into his family’s mansion. As opposed to Licita who seems to live independently from others. There’s also the fact that we’ve never seen an upward limit as to how much Henry can absorb from one person. We know from multiple statements in the series- most prominently in chapter 229– that Mana “dwells in life energy.” For someone to have no mana; they would have no life energy. 

Chapter 41: When look at the children Baro and Neige had kidnapped, Sister Theresa speculates that they may never be able to use Magic again. But as we saw with Gaja in chapter 299; it is possible to convert Life Energy into magic, supporting the idea that Mana dwells with in all of those with Life Force. And how this ties back to Henry is that we’ve never seen him drain mana from one person over a period of time- he’s either draining the Black Bull’s abundant mana to stay alive and thus not taking too much from any single member, or he’s taken it from someone with so much of it that it doesn’t really matter like Morris. if he and someone like Magna were to sit in a room for an extended period of time; would Start to drain his Life force like Licita does. She said specifically “Magic and Life.” 

In chapter 202; Zagreb casted a spell that brought out ooze from the Underworld that Yami said drained his magic and life force, too. Asta was unaffected in 203 having not been affected even without his Anti magic swords to protecting him when the Shadow Palace initially flooded with it. Asta has no mana to be stolen, thus meaning that he doesn’t have life force for it to be hiding in. You know what else is immune to life stealing elementsDevils. The Magic Stealing ooze is something that just exists in their dimension; it’s just something that Zagreb brought from the Underworld based on dialogue. And Liebe wasn’t having his life force drained by Licita, either.

There are other examples that Broku point out in his video- more visual elements like Asta’s eyes and the number of horns. I will let him explain that to you, and you can decide whether or not he’s right to use those elements. But I’ve laid out how I feel about some of his notes, in addition to what I’ve seen. So the only thing left to do is talk about what the Resonance does for the Anti Magic Bros. 

Asta And Liebe: The Best In Each Other

Through the Resonance, Asta and Liebe have been able to take Anti Magic to greater heights than either really thought. As another guy on Twitter point out: “Asta and Liebe Need Each other.” Asta needs Liebe’s Anti Magic power, but it’s only through Asta that the Anti Magic has come far enough to defeat the Devil King Lucifero. And to put that in the context of the Resonance: Asta constant use of Liebe’s Anti Magic has brought out it’s true potential through the Resonance buff; his presence as a Devil Hybrid brings out Liebe’s power. And the more and more they tapped into Union- to the point where it became a Fusion- the stronger and stronger the both of them got, to the point where they…………. well, you saw what they did in 5 seconds. 

I think that………. Asta is acting as some sort of “Conduit;” something for Liebe to channel his Anti Magic through to fight the Devils who made his life so awful. But because Asta’s potentially a Devil Hybrid, he’s also acting as……….. not the “Generator” or “Fuel source,” but something that’s making it stronger and stronger the more it comes out. The point is that Asta’s making Liebe stronger. Kinda…….. kinda “blew my load” in that upper paragraph, huhMoving on. 


……………. That’s kind of all I got. I started out pretty strong, but I had a cr@ppy 2 days at work(so bad that I actually punched the Cash Register). It’s Tuesday, and- while Monday was just an unending Headache(in the literal sense) and Today(Tuesday, January 17th, 2023) had everything that made Saturday and Sunday awful to a lesser extent- I’m not that angry anymore. I kind of just “threw myself” into this post Sunday night and got about halfway through before I lost the “momentum.” I had been thinking of doing this post, but didn’t really have any idea what I was gonna say. Huh……… Don’t, uh……. don’t even really know how to wrap this up. 

Just……. let me know what you guys think in the comments, I guess! That’s all I got for the lot of you for right now, everybody. Til next time, friends- See ya!! 

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