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Training, Denial, And Some More Training! Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 110 BREAKDOWN

I’m starting this on Wednesday, June 28th, 2023, at 12:50pm; I have some “People” things to do that day, so this post will probably come out some time later in the week- like Sunday because all 3 Jump series I discuss are on break currently. That and that’s when I plan to start the Retrospective for “Mashle.” Yeah, that manga’s ending. Were you guys following that series, too? What did you think of the last 30 or so chapters? I’ll leave my thoughts for THAT post, but for now- I just want to say that it was…….. it had a REALLY STRONG START, and then……. petered out somewhere in the late 90s. We’ll get into all of that later. For right now, let’s just focus on “Four Knights.” We’re in a training arc, guys; time for some interpersonal progression- strength or otherwise. Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 110: “In Pursuit Of Strength.” Let’s begin…….


Picking up from the last chapter: Lance begins to train Percival’s group- having them work on their personal weaknesses. For Donny, he has to move a tower 250 ft away from him. He’s having some trouble, but he’s determined to become stronger. So he’ll work on moving things 25 ft away and go up from there. For Percy, the problem is that his magic is reliant on the people around him- making it unreliable when he’s by himself. As such, he has to polish his sword skills so that he can fight even when he’s left powerless. To that end, Lance has taken it upon himself to replicate the fighting style of the strongest enemies Percival has fought from his(Percival’s) memories. He’s beaten the Talisker stage- he’s now fighting Macduff. Here in the Demon Realm, Percy’s Magic is overflowing from the Demons belief in him, but that’s not the focus of the training- as Lance soon relays. 

Percival asks if Macduff was truly that strong, to which Lance reminds him that he’s killed him once before, and that’s the version he’s recreating. Training continues, and the Mini Percy’s are planning to sneak up and attack him. Lance tells them that won’t work, but doesn’t let Percival in on the conversation. Which makes him question a few things

  1. Magic Golems usually move and act based on the will of their creator- but the Mini-Percival’s clearly have a mind of their own. 
  2. Percival has died like 3 times now and come back same as ever. 

Then we cut over to Nasiens; Lance has him running “hard and fast” without use of his drugs to improve his stamina. And since Anne’s magic has “changed,” her training is more internal than anything else; she just has to work on it herself. So she decides to join in with Nasiens training. They’ve got nothing but time, so Nasiens asks how Anne awakened to her Magic. She says it happened around the time her mom died. Nasiens apologizes for dredging up such a memory, but Anne isn’t too bothered by it. In fact, it means she can ask a question of her own: “Is There Something Up Between You And Percival?” Nasiens says “No,” but Anne’s NEW magic kicks inIf you lie to her face- you get crushed under intense gravity. And she can’t control it really at all anymore, so she’s gonna have to work on it. 

But it means that Nasiens just lied. So he tells her the truthHe feels like he’s having a 1-sided argument with Percival. As the flaming rain pours down in the Demon Realm, they continue to run, and Nasiens explains the events of chapters 106 and 107, and seeing how Percival ignored his protest- it made him less “Mad” and more frightened than anything; afraid that Percival’s “Excessive Kindness” will end up being the end of him one day. Anne agrees that he’s the gullible type, but it’s precisely BECAUSE of his kindness that they’re following him! Which she knows because she knows about Nasiens’ feelings for Percival. And since he can’t lie right now, he has no choice but to admit it. He asks if Anne feels the same way. She says she likes him “as a friend-“

But That Was A Lie.

And the more she refuses to admit the truth- the further she sinks into the ground. Also Isolde sees this. Meanwhile; Tristan and Chion are presented with all of the weapons the Demon clan has confiscated over the years. Bellion “apologizes” for his rudeness, and proposes a “friendly competition-” Against The “So-Called Successor” Of Their Hated Foes, The Seven Deadly Sins. It becomes clear that this contest isn’t about “Friendship” at all. Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 110 END!! Tristan might not like his father for a SLEW of reasons- namely because he can’t seem to escape that GIGANTIC SHADOW being cast on him. Then again, him thinking like that is what separates the 2 of them…….


So. Nasiens admits his feelings. And now it’s clear that Anne has sort of feelings for Percival, but won’t admit it. But due to the nature of her New magic, she just revealed her latent feelings to Nasiens. 1)Her new magic is still based in lies; those who tell lies to her are crushed under intense gravity- good for getting people to tell her their weakness’ probably, but still needs to be honed so she can control it and 2)Nasiens has now found a romantic rival. He probably already had some, uh……. some sort of “Conflict” within himself in regards to Anne after her and Percival’s arrangement in chapter 86but now he knows there’s something more there- something that………. he lacks. As far as we can tell(Suzuki Sensei made him with the intention of being unable to tell whether he’s a “He” or not)- Nasiens is a dude. And Percy is STRAIGHT. And Anne is………….. female. He can’t be……….. Percival will never feel the same way about Nasiens that Nasiens does about him. And Anne having this “arragement” where Percival is allowed to fondle her every now and again makes the gap between them seem “further.” It’s not ideal for anyone. Though the fact that Anne even AGREED to this shows her feelings. 

Had Percival been anyone else; I doubt that she would have let this happen. But she did. Be it because her feelings bubbled and she either thought “This is my chance to keep Percival all to myself” or something else I just lost; it’s clear that the only reason she agreed was because she had those feelings. That’s how I’M seeing it, and now, because of her own magic- so will Nasiens. Where does this love story go from here? Well- Rosebank is a thing; she’s clearly now smitten with Percival, too. Whether it’s a case of “White Knight” syndrome on her part is irrelevant; she’s into him. So when it comes time to battle, she’s going to choose Percival. Though I don’t know if she’ll live long after that, considering what happened to Teaninich in chapter 101; those marks that Arthur put on his Knights probably isn’t just a “key” to get into Camelot- they might also be the curse that kills them for treason. 

She could either die upon her betrayal, or she could live and provide invaluable information for the kids- not to mention a potentially powerful ally on their side. She’d probably go with Percival’s group to the Fairy King’s forestI’m sure Gawain would like that. Rosebank would, too, if it meant more time with Percival. But Anne would probably get annoyed by her, and Nasiens would sink further into depression. Gawain and Donny would also be annoyed, but for completely different reasons than the rest and from each other. All the while, poor little Percy’s caught in the middle as his group of old and new friends starts to……… fall all the h#ll apart. 

I also think that this might play into Arthur grabbing more allies from Liones- probably offering Nasiens his “Happy Life With Percival” in Camelot to sway him over to his side. Or perhaps Rosebank doesn’t join Percival’s group, but instead becomes another “Not Exactly Enemy” type of character that Pellegarde is- someone who aids Percival when his life is in danger, but who’s trying to get him to come over to their side. Maybe even team up with Pellegarde the next time they come after Percival. All of that! Lance has started to notice some things about Percival, so, uh……… me thinks he’ll be looking into that. Donny’s gonna work on what Lance told him to incrementally, so that’s a thing. Other things happened in the chapter. But clearly I don’t have much more to say about it. 


………….. Yeah, I got nothing else to say. I talked about the romantic subplot going on and its story potential, but there really isn’t much else going on in this chapter. Lance has now noticed that Percival’s magic has some peculiar properties, but- like- what’s he gonna do with that information at this juncture? Percival certainly hasn’t thought about it, Donny and Nasiens pointed it out but I doubt they care so long as he’s alive and well, and they don’t know much about his magic to start with. What can I say that I haven’t already? So instead of dragging this out, I think I’ll end it when I’ve run out of things to talk about. Which I have. In which case; let me know what you guys think in the comments. ‘Til next time, peeps. 

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