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Hope Overload! Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 112 BREAKDOWN

I wasted “Hope Incarnate” on a chapter where I forgot what I was gonna say. Ain’t That ‘Bout A B!tch? I only realized this when leaks for this chapter came out last week, and I saw what was happening. Oh man. I might go back and change that title, looking at this. But I’m not gonna change this one because I think it fits better. Stuff that happensPercival’s Magic Is Given Form. I have this thought in my head that this is when we’re going to learn how his magic works EXACTLY- this guy will explain the Full “Ins-And-Outs” of “Hope.” But I’m not gonna believe that wholeheartedly. Because this one of the Bigger mysteries of the series, after Percival’s full family history. At least I care about all that. Uh…….. We’ll get into all of this later. For now; Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 112: “Wavering Hearts.” Let’s do this……..


Day 2 of Team Percival’s TrainingThe Behemoth Is Going Ballistic Out There, and even those in the Demon King’s Castle are starting to feel it. Schwarz rallies the troops, telling them that they’ll be guarding Percival in the next 6 days when he goes out to face the Behemoth. But first– they need to find those Camelot Scum and stamp them out. They’re off, and Tristan watches them from the window. Chion walks in, seeing the Prince looking…….. troubled. Tristan apologizes for losing to Schawarz yesterday, but Chion says he’s never felt any sort of disappointment in the Prince. He’s actually more concerned with what’s going on outside………..

All around the Demon realm; Demons young and old grow sicker and sicker the longer the Behemoth is moving. But hope comes to them, as a bunch of Grey Demons chant “Sir Percival Has Returned Once Again!!” And Hope starts returning to people like THAT. Training Area In The Demon King’s Castle: Percival can’t get past Level 2; Donny still can’t move the tower; and Nasiens and Anne are still running endlessly. For Percival, he has a LOT of latent potential- but doesn’t know how to use it; he’s just swinging the sword around blindly. So Lance has got to teach him how to not “think” and just let his instincts take over. Donny’s got his own sh!t to work out. And Nasiens is running around with Anne, worried about what’s going on outside the castle. Though Anne wants to know what it is that he was gonna tell Isolde yesterday

He admits he was gonna tell her how Jade felt about her. Anne figured as much, so she stopped him from saying it because it would make Isolde hurt way more than she already does. Nasiens thinks she should know; “Just because he died doesn’t mean his feelings should.” He would want Anne to tell Percival how he feels about him. Though she stops him halfway through the sentence- “Bad Luck” and all. Also; He should be the one to tell Percival that. He doesn’t think he could ever do that, though. And then……. They see something. Percival’s Magic force is running wild– overflowing from the Hope of an Entire Realm flowing in to him. To the point where a MINI Percival- becomes a Full On Clone. Well, an “Ethereal” one. And he decides to fight Lance in Percy’s stead. Lance agrees. 

The Percival Clone grabs the sword, and lunges at Lance- avoiding his counter by breaking up his body and moving behind him and knocking him away. He tells the original not to act so surprisedhe’s(The Original) has more power than he knows about. As for what he is; “Zarura N’Du-” A “Piece Of Our Great One.” Okay, gonna need more context for that. Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 112 END!! Now, seriously; What the f*ck does THAT mean? 


I don’t know what to say about this. The only thing I can say is based on what Boar Hat said on twitter- the idea that Percival is this stories Equivalent to the Holy Grail from Arthurian Legends. In the context of what they’re talking about; the Holy Grail is a “Vessel That Accumulates Magic To Perform Miracles.” Replace “Magic” with “Hope-” that’s what Percival is; he accumulates the hope of everyone so that he can win. He’s the Embodiment of what One Piece and Black Clover talk about in the idea of Luffy and Asta respectively: When enough people unify for a common goal- a Miracle is born. My only question continues to beHow did Percival get this kind of power? This story seems to be following the poem by Chrétien de Troyes- Perceval, the Story of the Grail. In that story: Perceval Of Wales , whose mother has raised him apart from civilization in the Welsh woods. While out riding one day, he encounters a group of knights and realizes he wants to be one. Despite his mother’s objections, the boy heads to King Arthur’s court, where a young girl predicts greatness for him. Raised apart from ANY Village atop God’s fingers; meets Holy Knight Captain Howzer and realizes he wants to be one; and Meliodas predicts great things from him. Changes- but similar beats. 

I might want to set aside some time to research Arthurian Lore to understand what Suzuki sensei is doing with this story; all of what I just said was a quick google and a wikipedia article. I was actually trying to find out who in-story made the Holy Grail. ‘Cause if it was God who made the Grail, then Chaos would be the one who made Percival- as I theorized with Chapter 108. Not to mention what this clone says in this chapter. For the sake of simplicity, I’ll call the clone “Percy.” 1) I think what Percy says here is proof that Percival also has a bit of Enchanter type magic. “Hope” displays properties of Destruction, Healing, Shifter, and Enchanter, and more than 4 makes is what comprises the “Hero Type” that Percival has. The only other attributes: Search, Mental, Deception, Stealth, and Oracle. I think Percy is made for the purpose of Deception. He’s ethereal now, but who KNOWS what’ll happen when he gathers MORE hope from people? He could go from making Mini Magic Golems to making full on Clones of himself. Or heck, considering what Percy can do; maybe he’s supposed to be Ethereal like that- a Fighting Copy that handles battles while Percival does something else…… or maybe the other way around. 

If Percy continues to exist as long as they’re in the Demon Realm because of the overload of Hope, then maybe Percival will do all the fighting while Percy tames the Behemoth. That’s probably what happened the last time; Percival’s magic awakened for however brief a time, and accumulated the Hope left in the Demon realm and created Percy, who tamed the Behemoth. History will repeat itself in 6 more days. That being said, I also think that Percy’s presence will make Percival vulnerable. ‘Cause now that Percy is here- Percival’s aura is gone. I think he might be the “Embodiment of All of his Magic-” Percy is all of the Magic Percival has right now given form- leaving Percival with none to use himself. He would have to learn how to use a sword now; he won’t have access to his own magic while they’re facing the Behemoth! 

And then there’s what Percy Said: “Zarura N’Du- A Piece Of Our Great One.” I had originally thought that this was the same line that Percival uttered back in chapter 54 when he thought his friends had died. But looking back at the chapter, what he said was “Xalura N’Du- Something Of Our Great One.” Whatever it is he said- shook Jade, Chion, and Isolde to their very core. Then again, looking at the site I get the chapters from; they update the chapters to have the official release of the chapters after they’ve come out- the volume releases in specific. And the way the world is written in that alternate language are identical. So it might be a difference in spelling between the official and the fan translation that’s present right now- “L’s” and “R’s;” you know how it goes with translations. So he might have said the same thing back then. But what the h#ll does it mean and WHY is he saying it in another tongue? 

I’m still thinking that Percival is a creation from Chaos, and the more power that’s drawn out of him- be it through the intense emotions he felt back when he thought his friends had died, or here with the hope of more people flowing into him- brings out a little bit of that “Chaos Jr” part of him, letting him know things that he probably shouldn’t. So when he says “A Piece of Our Great One,” he’s saying “A Piece Of Chaos-” “I Am A Piece Of Chaos, The Creator Of Everything.” And he uses it as either a threat in the case of chapter 54- or as an explanation in the case of Percy. In Percy’s case, he’s just a “piece of that piece-” a piece of Percival. Though againJust a Theory. 

Schwarz and those other’s are either going to be unable to find the Chaos Knights- or get their @$$e$ kicked and captured, only to be saved by Tristan in the coming conflict. And just a correction on my part: I read chapter 100 as if it was Chion that hated Tristan. Looking back at that chapter again: That was meant to be Jade saying he hated Tristan. My mistake. It makes more sense, anyway; I was just reading that chapter wrong. I think I got everything twisted among seeing Chion’s “Death Sky Burial.” As for why he felt that way; it was probably just because of Isolde’s feelings towards Tristan. There’s only a small connection in the chapter through what Nasiens says; I just wanted to clarify a mistake I made- and persisted with in the bonus chapter. I should find time to go back and edit that one in that case……….

Then of course there’s Anne and Nasiens conversation. Anne and Nasiens actively hiding something from Isolde about her childhood friend is probably going to cause some sort of rift in their budding friendship, but I think telling her the truth would be the best thing. Though I also think that that’s “none of their business” to get involved in their interpersonal group dynamic. Although it’s better that she knows how Jade felt, I don’t think it should come from someone who doesn’t know about how they grew up together, you know? I think Chion should be the one to say it, since I’m sure he knows about it. I mean, Jade speculated his magic “Monochrome” comes from his envy of Chion’s “black and white” way of thinking; he could tell her impartially and “matter of fact-ly” just to make sure that Jade’s feelings continue to live on. Though right now, they’re trying to save the worldthey gotta keep their heads in the game.And then there’s Nasiens wanting Anne to tell Percival about his feelings for him, so……… that’s a thing to keep track of. 

Anne thinks that Nasiens should be the one to tell him that stuff, so I think he will at some point in the quest. Just a lot of emotional, “Lovey-Dovey” stuff going on there. I would talk more about it, but I think this post has gone on long enough.


For how abruptly I stopped talking about it, I do like Anne and Nasiens’ conversation. It’s a little complicated; they should probably mind their business and work out their own Romantic drama before they get involved in someone elses. But Isolde should definitely learn about Jade’s feelings. And because of their experience with Jade, they now know that there is a very real possibility that this adventure could be the death of them. It’s one thing to SAY you know that that’s a possibility, and a whole other to actually see it happen and be unable to stop it. Arthur was very much correctThat probably shook them up- more than I think they even realize. So it’s nice to see 2 of these kids talk about the Ver Real Possibility that they’re the next to die, and want to make sure that their feelings don’t disappear. Even if they shouldn’t be putting something like that out into the Universe- they need to think about it. All I really wanted to say.

Okay, for REAL this time; I’m done. Another good chapter for the history books. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. ‘Til next time, party people. Stay safe out there!!

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