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Lover’s Quarrel! My Hero Academia Chapter 348 BREAKDOWN

Business Before Pleasure

You know? When talking about “My Villain Academia” and the “Paranormal Liberation War” arcs; “My Hero” would the series that I looked forward to talking about the most. And going into the “Final Act” of the story; I was hoping that I’d be talking about it for a little while longer. But with the series ending at some point this year, and me having to take breaks a lot……….. This won’t be happening for much longer.

On the one hand; that means less series to talk about, meaning(Hopefully) less breaks. On the other; this series has really helped my blog to reach people- my Discussion and Theory posts on the series are some of my top performing posts. They get the best reactions- the Most reactions- and even bring new people to my blog. I don’t know what’s gonna happen after the series ends; I hope I’ve built up enough interests to keep people around…………

But that’s enough of about my fears for the future; I only get a little bit of time to do this, and I want to use it to its fullest! And I’m glad I chose this week to review again because…….. It’s BEST GIRL HIMIKO CHAN CHAPTER!! My Hero Academia Chapter 348: “Unrequited.” My love for her is unconditional- and I will kill anyone who hurts my Vampire Queen.


This week; we end up getting a narration from Future Bakugoor so we would assume based on the usage of “D@mned Nerd.” He reminds us who Izuku is, and what his role in this War is- as well as One For All’s checkered past. He may have encountered Himiko chan a few times in the past, but the nerd never picked up on her True Feelings. Hearing them here and now; he couldn’t even comprehend it- because he knows that for ALL his triumphs over the course of the series- He’s still the same D@mn Nerd.

He gets all kind of embarrassed, and says that couples should be do………… other activities, like going to Amusement Parks and such. But Himiko chan responds that Izuku reminds her of her First crush, and that makes her want to Be him, because in her mind- being a “couple” means being “One And The Same.” As she lays her beliefs bare to Deku; one of the Mid Ends begins their assault again.

As the barrage of Nomu parts kicks up water; Himiko chan repeats the same question that she asked “Miss Shutaway:” “What Do You Want To Do To Me?” She disappears in the waves, and Izuku begins to panic- he can’t sense her because she’s not attacking him with any form of “malice,” and can hide her presence on top of that. So he begins to speak “from his heart:”

I……. always wanted to be strong like All Might. So I get how you feel, Toga. Like how trying to be like someone else can be fulfilling.

But…… I can’t imagine……. wanting to share the same heart and mind as him. And I would never- Want To Hurt Someone I Love!!

The D@mn Nerd- Sh!thead Izuku Midoriya

“The Curse Of Being Yourself?” “Not Allowed To Be You?” “Thought So?” What should I say?!

Himiko chan gives a very disheartened look- as if to say “Yeah……. I figured as much.” As all the memories of the things that people have said to here come flooding into her mind- from her parents to Uraraka; she begins to Reject “The World.” It rejected her, so it’s only fitting that she return the favor. She’s done being “unwanted” by “Real People,” so she’s going in for the kill this time.

Uraraka manages to grab Himiko chan before she can stab Izuku, but she ends up getting cut on her back herself. She says that Himiko chan has “been on her mind” ever since the War, but Himiko chan says that she “hasn’t thought about her once.” And now; neither is Deku. Before she can land anything as far as a “Killing Blow;” Tsu and Deku save her. Tsu tells Deku to get moving, but he’s a “Hero” so he’s unsure if he should.

As Himiko chan laments in her own life; Izuku makes a mad dash towards UA, bringing My Hero Academia Chapter 348 to an Uncertain END!! To quote a song I heard: How Do Solve A Problem Like Himiko Toga?


No, seriously- I’m asking you guys how exactly we deal with Himiko chan’s situation. I know that they’re going to; she’s probably going to be one of the villains they “save” along with Tomura. Dabi will not be saved. Before I get to rambling; I will address the topic of this discussion: Himiko Toga. So glad I decided to review this chapter.

Himiko chan is………….difficult to discuss. Mostly because I’m not sure I get what Horikoshi is trying to do; I know that her story ties into the effects of quirks on a person present in characters such as All For One and Bakugo- being somewhere in the middle of those 2 characters on the spectrum. There’s an effect on her personality like there is for Bakugo(he’s got an “Explosive” temper and very loud when it comes out; she’s obsessed with blood and “being that person”), but she hasn’t fully “given in” like All For One, who doesn’t see himself and his quirk as separate anymore. But it’s precisely that “imbalance” that’s making her life so hard.

The Tragedy Of Himiko Toga: “Always The “Juliet-” But “Romeo” Ain’t Comin’.

I always come back to that quote from chapter 92 of Vigilantes; he breaks down the differences in how society sees “Heroes” and “Villains” vs how he views them, and he gives us a little more of an idea of what quirks are as a concept. And honestlyI go with his interpretation over anything. I mean; who would know the effects of a quirk better than the guy who steals em? If we apply this to dear Himiko chan, then we get an interesting situation.

Whereas Izuku and “One For All’s” collective will are working in unison to become the Hero he will be at the end of all of this, and All For One has more or less given himself over his quirks “innate desire;” Himiko chan’s quirk and- well; Himiko chan herself– are at odds with each other, and affecting each other adversely. The quirks desire for blood is making Himiko chan confuse her “love” for people with………well; Envy.

She feels like a freak- like she’s and outsider that the world would rather just “toss away.” Her thought process since Twice’s death has made that clear. But I think her desire to “become” the person she “loves” is her own way of trying to……. be “normal. Like; she admires them BECAUSE they’re “average-” BECAUSE they “fit in.” And she may be thinking that “becoming” them will help her fit in and finally have Friends. They’re friends. It’s a complex situation that requires a little more time and work to understand- and even more effort to explain properly. But I think this complex situation is going to have a very…………Easy end to it. Horikoshi could always pull a Mashima circa Edens Zero chapter 98. But it’ll probably be more like a “Speech” than anything else.

What I’m talking about is how Shiki essentially sent Drakken Joe to his grave. For more; see my review of the chapter. But I’m getting at the idea that Uraraka could befriend Himiko chan- giving her what she had always wanted, and then knock her the f*ck out and send her off to prison. I really like how Mashima handled Drakken Joe in Edens Zero; he was redeemed in the end, but he still had to face the consequences of his actions. And having Uraraka redeem Himiko chan in the same way would be a fitting end to that particular part of the series: “You may have had your reasons for becoming a Villain- and society may have let you down in the grand scheme of things- but that doesn’t make it right. And you still have to face the consequences of their actions.”

Although……….. The League are her friends– a family, even. She can’t just…….. abandon them like that- she’d be no better than the society she’s helping to bring down. “The moment you make friends with a ‘Regular’ person; you abandon the people who took you in when you were a Freak?” No; doesn’t sound too good, does it? So it’s not like Himiko chan is going to stop because she takes Uraraka’s hand in friendship. They will fight. And because Uraraka is apart of the main cast- one of the protagonist- and above all else a Heroshe WILL win. Himiko chan will more than likely end up in prison, where she will sit for a very LONG time. But I’m more than certain that Uraraka will visit her more often than not!

But None Of This.


And……. there you have it, ladies and gents! I really don’t have much more to say about the chapter(well…… I DO, but I need to control myself). Let me know your own thoughts on the chapter in the comments? And let me know how you think the Nerd”s gonna get to UA. We know that he’s probably gonna be “too late” and someone’s gonna get offed, but let me know who you think it’ll be.

Until the next post, everyone- have a Magically Wonderful day. Laters!!

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