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WHAT Is The 2nd Chainsaw Man? Chainsaw Man THEORY

Hey, guys. How long has it been since we did a post like this? A long time, right? It’s just rare when I get a moment where I feel like I can make a post like this. And even LONGER for me to work up the nerve to try and make it. Well, that’s not wholly accurate because it’s RARE that I manage to have time for anything more than Chapter Reviews. But it’s also like- when I get a full break- I want to enjoy it. I’ll do a Dump Post if I’m just not feeling like it that particular week and just want to enjoy my time off, so I’ll take my time and enjoy the small moments of rest. Play some Pokemon; read my INSANELY LONG backlog of manga(which just got “Sandland” by Akira Toriyama and the New “Danny Phantom” Graphic Novel Added to it, along with “One Piece” box set 3, comprising volumes 47- 70); or just in general watch some movies that I also have on Backlog. I buy a lot of sh!t would be the, uh…….. the main theme of what I’m telling you. And if I get to time to dedicate to knocking down the list before the next volume of Edens Zero drops in English(because that’s ALWAYS were it starts), then that’s where a lot of my attention goes. 

ALL OF THAT BEING SAID: This is an idea I got the other day working on the recent Dragon Ball Super review. If you read that post at all, then you’ll know that I……… didn’t care. I did that just for the sake of saying I’m still putting out Dragon Ball posts- Main Series posts, anyway. Other than that, I really would suggest that you just watch the movie and skip this retelling; there’s nothing new really going on. It spun off from a though that Tekking101 had when talking about the Energy source Vegapunk was looking for, right? Tekking brought up the idea that the answered lied with Franky- or rather- his Power Source. He wasn’t referring to Cola, though; he was talking about the Engine- that Franky’s engine and it’s ability to convert 3 things of Cola into energy source to power a Half naked CYBORG might have been worth looking into. 

And then I thought about the “Legend Of Chainsaw Man” regaled to us by Makima:

The Hero of H#ll- Chainsaw Man. Cry For Help And He Will Come. The Devils Targeted By Chainsaw- And The Devils Who Called For Help- Are Cut Up And Killed All The Same. Because Of What He Does, He Is Marked And Killed By Many Devils- But he Revs His Engine And Arises Again And Again.

Some React To His Chaotic Exploits With Anger- Others Run And Try To Escape. And Still Others Worship Him.

The Control Devil Makima(Via Chainsaw Man Chapter 84)

Such a cool Legend- and Epithet. “Hero of H#ll.” D@mn that just sounds powerful!! And the part about his “revving his engine” and getting up over and over again just makes him that much cooler! Though that- paired with what Tekking said- made me start to think of the Potential of using Chainsaw Man’s engine as a power source. And from looking at chapters 9 and 64, it looks like the “Fuel” for the Engine would be blood- which is also what allows Devil’s to regenerate. Which makes using Chainsaw Man’s engine as a power source impossible. But that got me thinking: Chainsaw Man Has DIED Before. “Marked And Killed By Many Devils-” he’s died. But as we know from the Gun Devil and just what the Yakuza was having Denji – killing Devils and then selling their parts on the Black Market- we know that Devil’s bodies don’t just “cease” after they’re killed; even after reincarnation, they’re old body parts still remain. 

From there, I recalled Pochita’s battle against the Weapon Fiends, right? This is a very “Round About” way of getting to the theory. But we’re getting there, folks! Anyway; recall in chapter 88 when Pochita tour out his own heart and BEAMED that sh!t right at the Earth? 1)So. F*cking. RAW. And 2)That body is out in space. Do Aliens have it and are conducting experiments on Chainsaw Man’s body? Well, there’s probably and Alien Devil, but the idea of like ALIEN Aliens………. Still plausible. This is the story of a body who can become and Chainsaw Wielding Superhero- Just Accept Anything The Story Gives You. So long as it’s well written!! But I do think that body is gonna come back into play here. Which leads to The THEORY

The 2nd Chainsaw Man Is A Hybrid Made With Chainsaw Man’s Engine.

This theory goes that Fami found a way to get Chainsaw Man’s body out of space, and used his Engine to turn a pawn of hers into a Chainsaw Hybrid. Think Reze– a Human who was augmented with the Flesh Piece of a Devil. That’s what this guy is. WHO he is might just be completely irrelevant to the conversation; it’s the fact that he DOES have some of Chainsaw Man’s powers the Fami wanted to make sure people knew. Or at least she wants a powerful pawn- one with all the power of the REAL Chainsaw Man. Something that Makima and the other Horsemen And Weapon Devils failed to get. 

Remember that line from Makima in chapter 87? She said that Chainsaw Man fought the Weapon Devils and Four Horsemen Devils present at that time! Famine wasn’t there, but Control was, who Pochita revealed longed for something of a “family.” All she had was her sisters War, Famine, and Death- her sisters. And she LEGIT said the world would be better off without them in chapter 84. SHE’S the one who brought the Weapon Devil’s to face Chainsaw Man- in an attempt to win against Chainsaw Man and make him her “family” by defeating him. But she failed- at least in defeating him; he ended up reincarnating in the Human World in a Near Dead State(the state we see him in when he meets Denji). And the rest you know from Part 1. 

As for Fami; she has this Whole Elaborate Plan with Yoru and Asa, and it involves weakening Chainsaw Man- weakening Denji. But it’s likely that- even with her Strength- she’s unable to replicate Chainsaw Man’s powers perfectly. She needed something believable so that when she put her plan in motion- everyone would believe it. Also she has a powerful pawn in her possession to handle Grunt work. It all makes sense. But something that I ended up thinking about while writing all of this is Makima’s- The Control Devil’s- place as a Horsemen Devil; “Control” replaces “Pestilence/ Plague” in the lore. Why? And what’s the deal with the Fear King from Nostradamus’ Prophecy? And why was Control so unhappy with the “Sister” unit that Fami was clearly the one pushing? Those are topics for another time when we have a little more information. And besides I kind lost my train of thought. This post was written in the “Spur Of The Moment-” something I wrote off momentum one day when I was bored and started thinking about the word “Engine.” As such, I wrote Fast and more than likely made a few grammatical errors here and there that I’ll probably have fixed by the time you see this. 

It was mostly written in a day. Then I had work, and I was so tired those days that I didn’t want to do much of Anything afterwards. As such, I stopped working for 2 or so days. Lost my train of thought. Though it’s not like I was gonna go “in depth” on the topic, anyway; this is a post about the 2nd Chainsaw Man- something like THAT needs 1) A Post Unto Itself 2)Time to craft and 3)Time to make. Time I don’t always haveWhich I’ve probably b!tched about enough. So rather than drag this out complaining and trying to figure out plot points I haven’t connected myself– I’ll stop here.

Man, this was a Fun post to make; something to just write “off rip.” I should do more of this if I get the time. If Only,” right? But yeah; I’m pretty proud of this one, folks. Let me know what you guys think in the comments, boys and girls. ‘Til next time, then; Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, and Have A Magically Wonderful rest of your day. Laters!! 

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