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Piccolo’s Grand Awakening! Dragon Ball Super Chapter 95 BREAKDOWN

Man, it feels like it’s been forever since I’ve done just a Regular “Dragon Ball” post. I just……….. have NOT been feeling this “Super Hero” Retelling, man. I can’t bring myself to care a lot about it. It’s not like it adds anything crucial; the prequel stuff was too short and- in the grand scheme of things- does not matter to this story; and really just doesn’t haven’t the same “charm” of the original movie(as with the other retellings we started with). But I got the jump on post making this month- even managed to start and get pretty darn far with the Dump Post I’m making so I can work with this chapter despite my sh!tty work schedule(though it was sh!tty THIS WEEK due to my own stupidity) and health problems. And if my fellow Co-Worker can manage t bring up the problems to the district manager, then I might even been able to deliver a happier tone in this post. 

Uh………. I……….. I don’t even care. This chapter cover’s everything from after Gohan’s reawakening of his Ultimate Form to the debut of Orange Piccolo and adds and extra scene with Krillin. I don’t fault you if you skip this post; I’m just doing this just for the sake of it. Let’s get this over with. Dragon Ball Super Chapter 95: “The Ultimate Teacher And Pupil.” Because they both have the “Potential Unleashed” states, get it


With Gohan’s Reawakening in the previous chapter, the Police Force of North Capital now have clear visuals on the Red Ribbon Army’s home base. So they get in touch with their Ace- Krillin- who had the day off to see the 2nd “Clean God” movie with 18 and Marron. He had already sensed Gohan’s explosive power, but now he knows why. Though 18 is a little perturbed by 1)Krillin ditching their dinner plans and 2)Krillin getting a call from an unfamiliar women. So she’s following him. While over in said Red Ribbon Base; Gohan re-engaged Gamma 1 with new vigor. And he’s doing fairly well compared to before, and evens asks what he meant by “Wicked Cabal.” He rejects the notion, and calls them(the Gammas) evil for kidnapping a child. 

Hedo sends Gamma 2 to help, prompting Piccolo to reveal himself- and his New Power. Gohan is surprised to find the Piccolo is here, but he tells the boy to focus. As for Gamma 2; he’s surprised that Piccolo has such power compared to their previous encounter, but is still confident in that he’s able to win. As Gamma 1 explains to Gohan: They’re Androids that can fight at Max Power until they run out of energy. Gamma 1 still has 82% Battery Life, and Gamma 2 hasn’t been in combat as long as 1. So in addition to just being strong; they’ve got more stamina then the both of them- making this that much more difficult. So Gohan and Piccolo try to settle the matter in a single, All-Out Attack. 

That fails to finish the encounter, but forces the Gamma’s to change tactics. Though #1 is beginning to question their motivations for fighting. In any case, the duo decide to focus on one opponent– that being Piccolo. Gohan drags Gamma 1 back into their battle, and thus continuing both fights. Piccolo begins to charge the Special Beam Cannon, and taunts Gamma 2 further about not knowing who they’re taking orders from. He fires the attack, and #2 puts up a barrier- ending up sent further away rather than taking a Full Force attack. But he’s beginning to see what Piccolo’s talking about, what with Magenta being more annoyed with how long this is taking more than anything. But he channels that Denial into fighting Piccolo harder. 

As he plummets into abyss, he recalls the words Shenron told him when he unlocked his Full Potential- He “Threw In A Little Extra.” And this power manifests in the form of The One And Only Orange Piccolo!! I mean, by nature of him being the only “Piccolo;” he’s the only Orange Piccolo that can be. And he rises up out of the crater to kick some @$$. Dragon Ball Super Chapter 95 END!! Man, that was easy; why did I stop making posts on this again? Oh, right; I’m bored with this. ME- BORED with “Dragon Ball.” F”ckin’ TRAGIC, man………


There are some things that I want to talk about- not all of them connected to the chapter or really even each other if I’m to be totally honest. Super Hero Vs Movie tropes; Super Namekians; and all the stuff being added with this arc. Wow, only 3, huh? Eh; at least I didn’t leave out anything important. 

Super Hero vs Super Hero

In Vs movies- such as Batman v Superman and Captain America: Civil War– when the Good Guys are pitted against each other; it usually goes like “Villain Makes Good Guy A think Good Guy B is the Villain and tries to have them take each other out, only for them to realize that they’re fighting on the same side and team up to face the Villain who has a weapon that can box the both of them.” Something to that effect. “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero” is the same; Magenta has tricked Hedo- and thus the Gammas- into thinking that the Z Fighter’s are the Bad Guys. Now they’re fighting. And Gohan and Piccolo- as well as the kidnapping of Pan- is starting to wake them up to the idea that they’re on the wrong side. And then Cell Max vs Everybody. Simple- but effective. Because despite the Sheer, Unholy Apathy that I have towards this Retelling- I Still Love This Movie. Man, I had less to say than I thought.

Super Namekians And Orange Piccolo

I heard a bunch of the Youtuber’s in the “Dragon Ball” community talking about how Toriyama may have recontextualized the idea of a “Super Namekian” idea from Z; that what Shenron awakened in Piccolo was the TRUE Super Namekian State. Whether or not this refers to Golden piccolo which is his “Potential Unleashed” or if that’s the “Something Extra” that Shenron referred to is a bit unclear, but it’s a nice idea. The thing to remember about “Dragon ball” is that- even back when Toriyama was writing and drawing the full manga- the series was always written with a lot of Hindsight; nothing was ever really planned so some plot points might get brought up and dropped- or get Follow Up and feel natural. So Piccolo might not have been a Super Namek back when the term was thrown around, but he certainly is one now. 

That being saidProbably not the intention. Not like we’d get explanation on it, either way. They just gave Piccolo 2 new forms so he can stand closer with the Saiyans that anyone who isn’t the main villain of whatever arc going forward; it’s not like they’re gonna tie back to that in any sort of way. And it’s not like “Super” is gonna go into this kind of lore to start with; “Dragon Ball” always threw out these legends like the double-edged nature of Tien’s Ki-Ko-Ho, the Legend of King Piccolo, the origins of the Kamehameha wave, and a bunch of other sh!t, but of the 3 I’ve said- Which one actually got focus going forward into the story? And with the loosey-goosey nature of “Super-” we’re not gonna talk about the origins of this form. Super Namek or a transformation Shenron made up for Piccolo– it doesn’t matter. Though the everything following the Tournament of Power has just been us exploring Universe 7 further; maybe we WILL learn something………….. Don’t hold me to that, though.

Adding Scenes

They’re just trying to tell us WHY the characters involved in the Final Battle were there. With the prequel and everything we’ve been seeing with Krillin and the Police Force, we now know why Krillin and the boys got involved in the movie. And through this chapter; we now understand how 18 got involved in this whole mess. “This is why these character’s were involved in the movie-” nothing more. And to its credit: Eh, not the worst explanations you could give. The only one that was really “Needed” was 18 because she doesn’t fight unless there’s 10 Million bucks in it for her. But here, she’s just following Krillin to make sure he doesn’t have a Mistress, and it just so happens that the Red Ribbon Army- the Organization that took her humanity- is there. With a Feral version of the monster that most likely still makes her and her brother wake up in a cold sweat ready to fight every night. Huh; maybe all that money goes towards repairing the wall every time she fires an energy blast throughout after a Nightmare. 

The prequel gives Goten and Trunks a connection to the story, so that’s why they’re thrown in. And the Prequel stuff wasn’t that bad. Neither is 18’s reason for being involved, so…… this is acceptable. 


This was………. Chapter. I…….. just felt like it was high time that I do a Dedicated post for this series, you know? It’s been so long since I did a chapter review for this one that- when I realized it was that time of the month(PAUSE)- I just went ahead and got the Dump Post started, and then began the review. That’s really all that it was. If I were to say anything in regards to this retelling, it would be that I want this over with alrady. Then again, Toyotaro might be the one writing the next arc. And the last 2 arcs he made either had a Strong Start and a CR@PPY Finish, or just had a bunch of Convenient reasons to happen. So………. yeah. Sigh……… What am I doing? I CLEARLY don’t even care about the series I’m talking about, and that’s clearly bringing out the worst in me, so why am I talking about it? I don’t know; maybe I’m just cranky ’cause I won’t be sleeping well for the next few days. 

I’m just gonna end this here and try to keep my negativity in check. Let me know what you guys are thinking in the comments. See ya later. 

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