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The Big 3 vs A Fractured Mind! My Hero Academia Chapter 361 BREAKDOWN

…………………. This is the 3rd title I came up with, and the 3rd one I used. The first one was pretty plain when compared to this one, and the second one focuses on the end of the chapter. But because of that ending; I get this feeling that I’m gonna need to save that for the next chapter. So I went with this title because it’s a little more “inventive” than the first one, and tells you what the chapter is about.

Speaking of; This chapter sets up something pretty darn cool. Like, this is cool and all, but the next chapter I GUARANTEE will be a good one!! Just to let you know: We’re focusing on Best Boy Tamaki Amajiki!! But for this week; we’re focusing on the ever adorable Nejire chan! Which is always good. My Hero Academia Chapter 361: “Abnormal Happenings.” Let’s begin.


His poor, poor hand………..

We open in the Vestige World, where Tenko is being consumed by a mass of hands. But hearing what Mirio said last time about him not having any friends- made him speak. Tenko consciousness remembers his friends “Mikkun” and “Tomo,” and even his dog Mon. So All For Destruction ends up screaming at Mirio “OF COURSE I HAVE REAL FRIENDS!!!” Mirio immediately walks back what he just said now that he’s seen that he’s touched a nerve. Seemingly out of embarrassment that he just said that; AFD creates another typhoon of fingers that Mirio has to maneuver through.

Mirio notices that that attack he landed did NOTHING to the monster; his main body seems to be tougher than the fingers he’s making. All the while All For Destruction is feeling his mind “splitting;” he’s managed to assimilate Tomura, and All For One is in the drivers seat for the most part. But the sole outlier in this this hive mind is starting to cause some problems: Tenko Shimura won’t assimilate. So AFD doesn’t want to let this fight drag on for too much longer…………

Ah sh!t, here we go again…..

He turns his attention back towards Bakugo, sending a tsunami his way. He says it’s because he “doesn’t want to fight someone trying to buy time.” Mirio begins to think back to chapter 359, when he and the others came up with a plan to damage AFD. We saw the beginnings last time; Nejire chan and Tamaki began attacking so Mirio could grab Bakugo. And then he’d go back because he’s the only one here who can get close to him. But it’s up to Tamaki to deal a decent blow………….

AFD moves to attack, and Nejire chan and Jeanist try to strike back. AFD says that the “Entrapment Stage” they made for him is going to end up being their own caskets. Nejire continues to fight on, despite the waves of fingers cutting her beautiful face up. She admits to herself that she despises All For Destruction- because it’s like looking at herself from the distant past. Before; she was so “closed off” and “cold-” the complete opposite of who she is today.

But in truth; she wanted to know those around her better. But they all ran because she came off as the type who thinks they’re superior because of their quirk(much like Bakugo, once upon a time). And then Tamaki reached out- just as Mirio once did to him. And, well………….. you see the end result.

While off in the distance; Tamaki begins to make his Ultimate Attack: “Vast Hybrid’s True Potential.I can only describe it as a cannon made of the dozens of animals and foods that he’s consumed– filled with Nejire chan’s energy wave. Everything he’s eaten has compounded on this moment. The One Who Devours The Sun makes his move- NEXT TIME!! My Hero Academia Chapter 361 END!! I swear to f*ck if Horikoshi cuts away from this…….

I can’t even read all that sh!t. But I know he’s got some cool ones in there!


………………………. I had to do this part all over again. The first one was kind of a “contradiction” to what I said towards the end of the most recent Four Knights Of The Apocalypse post. I had said that I dislike Tenko because he “telegraphs the ending” of the series- which may have been the dumbest thing I’ve ever said up here. And I try to make sure that– even when posts don’t come out the way that I want them to- they are at least “consistent” and don’t have a whole bunch of “dumb statements” in them. I’ve always believed that it’s not the plotline that’s bad; it’s the way it’s handled. And how Horikoshi is handling Tomura’s redemption is………… not my “cup of tea.” You know what I mean?

Like; I go back to All For One’s quote about the different between “Heroes” and “Villains” enough- just visit this post for that. And I felt that that would come back up in the main story in that Tomura is………. not a “separate person” from Tenko, but Tenko “polluted” by his “Decay” quirk- that he is an example of “someone who’s quirk dictates their actions.” But now, in knowing that Tomura are 2 completely separate entities; I’m left to wonder 1)If this is just some case of “Multiple Personality Disorder” or if All For One had something to do with it and 2)How Tenko will overcome his own Quirk Vestige(that’s probably what Tomura is, thinking about it), and the vestige of All For One. And also: Does Tomura even “exist” in this thing? ‘Cause it feels more like All For One more than anything else.

The Inevitable

Other than that complaint; there wasn’t all that much that I really wanted to say about the chapter. It was just kind of me talking about how glad I am that Nejire chan and Tamaki are getting some spotlight. Nejire chan is cute as ever- even when looking like a………… Which “Dere” type would she be? She was always that “bubbly” girl we know and love, but she was “cold and distant” before Tamaki brought her out of her shell? I guess “Tsundere,” right? Still adorable, but her Tsundere look was a lot more “mature” looking than she does now. Now, she’s cute in a different way.

And then there was the spotlight for Tamaki. I’m not gonna harp on the “eating finger” thing, but I WILL say that I always knew he’d be important in the climax of the story- simply because of what was said about his quirk: “It Has No Real Limit.” Even seeing the canon he made here to fire Nejire chan’s energy shows that. Though………… I question how this canon is going to work. Like, the way I saw it last week: Mirio held in Nejire chan’s energy thanks to his “Permeation-” that he let it go when he finally got close enough. I have no doubt that Tamaki would be able to take the energy, but………. how long can he hold it? ‘Cause I’ll tell you right now: That suckers gonna take some build up.

I imagine the plan is to just “pump it full” in between all the attacks on AFD, but that’s gonna take a minute. And like he said- he’s not “interesting in distractions.” If he gets even a whiff of this plan- Hand Hurricane H#ll. So whatever they plan to do……………………!! Is he going to EAT the energy? She’s going to shoot a blast at him that’s going to slide down his throat(PAUSE) so he’ll be able to manifest the energy on his own! SO COOL!!! But……would something like that work? I don’t know what “eating energy” would even do to him! But other than that; he’s just gonna have to “hold it in” like a big dump. THAT’S the first place my mind goes. Meh; maybe I’m looking to far into it.

Absolute Faith!!


…………… Alright, that’s better. The previous take didn’t sit right with me. I may leave some stuff out, but I’ll at least say what I want with my full heart!! And now that I have; we can end it here. Also, sorry about the paragraphing; my posts are doing some weird sh!t where the………. “font?” of the paragraphs change and look smaller, making me think I have to make the picture more, you know, “Pronounced” to stand next to the paragraph. It’s done this once before, and it fixed itself afterwards. So I I just gotta wait it out……

…………. Okay then………..

But that’s all I got for the lot of ya today, duckies. Til next we meet; stay safe, stay strong, and stay weird. By~~~e!!!

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