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……….. Shiki Kept His New Power And Rebecca’s Gotta Start All Over Again, Okay? Edens Zero Chapter 223 BREAKDOWN

I’VE GOT NOTHING, ALRIGHT??!!! These chapters don’t give me anything in specific to work with! But I’m at a point where I’m beyond titles like “Friends And Fetishes!” or just screaming “FOOT!” based on a funny scene from Ed Edd N Eddy. Give ya 10 Billion points if you tell me which reviews those are. It’s difficult for me to come up with these titles. And heck; we’re doing this a little fast, ain’t we? Based on the next chapter title, we’re not gonna be on Norma as long as I would have thought. The changes from what happened in Volume 2 compared to now made me think Weisz was going to change the way he leaves Norma, but……… I guess not. 

Oh yeah, you probably don’t know that part. The officials don’t really tell us the next chapter title(I’ve only seen the original 42 volume Dragon Ball manga give hints as to the next chapter in the volumes), but Kodansha did some stupid sh!t to compete with Jump. To make a story I don’t fully understand short: Kodansha has ended their partnership with whatever company was dubbing these chapters in english in favor of making their own site like the Shonen Jump app. So for however long, it’ll be Fan translations and images. Which is fine, don’t get it twisted. just letting you know. 

Also; Yeah, we aren’t gonna be on Norma next chapter. And as someone point out on twitter, we’re going to be skipping a few parts. Suckish, but true. I can only hope this doesn’t mean what I think it does…… We’ll talk about that a little later. For right now; Edens Zero Chapter 223: “Memories And Abilities.” Let’s begin……


LAST TIME: Shiki and Rebecca compare what happened before to what’s happened in Universe 0 so far, revealing a few stark contrasts between then and now. Namely how they came to acquire the Edens Zero. But so far, so good. Especially since they are reunited with the “Shield Of Edens” of the Demon King’s Four Shining Stars- Witch Regret. I.E. The Most Beautiful Woman In The Series. Picking up with this chapter; they’ve explained what happened up to when they came to Universe 0. But Rebecca once again warns that travelling through time will be impossible here, prompting Witch to give them a life lesson(as any good mother would): “You only live once, which is why you mustn’t regret it….” 

With the goal finding the rest of his crew and saving Mother, they begin the journey to Norma. Witch vows to put her life on the line to protect them in their journey, but Shiki orders her to make her life “Top Priority.” She accepts the order. Because they didn’t have to clean up this time around, Rebecca’s able to dive right into the Spa. Witch once again explains that the spa has “Ether Activating” properties to it, and Rebecca says that it’s how she learned Ether gear the first time. But that prompts the question: They may have brought their memories into this world, but…….. What of their abilities? 

No sooner than asked does Rebecca get her answer: Ether Lines Form On Her Legs. However…….. her legs start to go crazy, and…….. she hits the dome again. Just like in chapter 15, she ends up slamming face first on the glass ceiling and falling to the ground. DIFFERENCE: Shiki is trying out his “Wormhole” power and ends up in the spa. Then Rebecca falls genitals first in his face. No, look at the angle and her arm placement- he got a face full of “Rebecca.” Trying to be respectful here, but…… it’s the truth. 

Some time later we see Rebecca getting a Massage from Witch for the first time in ages. Seeing how happy Rebecca is to have her back, Witch asks how she died in the other world. Rebecca replies “By protecting us and the ship…… You saved us all…..” Witch calls it an “Honorable End,” but Rebecca still doesn’t want it to happen. She plans to do what Shiki has order, and still protect the ship and the crew. Seeing it, Rebecca decides to give Witch a massage for a change. But she doesn’t need it, being a machine. But seeing that she wants to do something nice for Witch, the Shield Of Edens asks that she take part in the Mind-Numbing Torture And Pleasure Massage. I wonder how far this kind gesture will go……… 

Norma: Just as with the other worlds- the planet’s time was eaten by a Chronophage, being set back 50 years. They make their way to Weisz’ house, where the last few pages of chapter 4 plays out up until we see Irma Steiner alive and well. Not that they were taking Weisz seriously when he pointed the gun at them. Irma asks if they are Weisz’ friends, but he tells her “Shut Up, Old Hag!” In any case, Shiki grabs the case and releases Pino. Note that she still has her regular leg. She looks around a little bit, and Weisz looks confused. Shiki reminds them that they’re his friends, and- just like before– the memories come flooding back. Including what happened to Irma in the previous worlds. So Weisz- overwhelmed with emotions- runs up the stairs to hug his mom. Next upSister and Homura. Edens Zero Chapter 223 END!! Chapter 224: “Planet Guilst(Universe 0).” So, uh………. we’re just “getting right to the point, huh


Okay, I’m gonna be real with you guys: I’m writing this and a BUNCH of other posts that I hope that I’ll be able to get out on time- namely the review for the new chapter of Chainsaw Man. All while entertaining a House guest. Hectic. But the momentum is helping me come up with some ideas……………… That allude me at the moment. Uh, uh, uh……….. Norma Wrap Up, that’s it!! This chapter is both what I wanted to happen- and what I was afraid of. On the one hand; this “Crew Round Up” mini-arc can get pretty repetitive and kind of “Spoon Feedy-” QUICK. I’m already tired of hearing how we can’t travel through time anymore and it’s been like 3 Fre@kin’ CHAPTERS. It’s like explaining Overdrive every time it happens- I GET IT, Alright?!?!! D@mn; if you don’t get it at this point then you just ain’t been reading the manga. 

That aside; I mean that this Mini arc can be a way for the characters to “revisit their origin” and remind themselves what they’re fighting for- remind them where they started vs where they were when they came to Universe 0. And on a meta level; a way for us to revisit the locations we were in the first 12 Volumes. But then this happens. I didn’t want us to be on Norma for very long- just 2 chapters so Young Weisz can “make amends” with his version of Sibir. I thought that next chapter was going to be him going to apologize to Sibir for not believing him about the pendant Wait A Godd@mn Minute. That……… that didn’t happen in this Universe, did it? 

It’s occurring to me that with Irma is wearing the Pendant right now. Sibir didn’t steal it. And Pino still has her leg so the abuse from Sibir didn’t even happen. And the fact that Irma’s alive means that some different happened with Drakken. Too many changes- too many that intersect. If Irma’s alive, then Weisz doesn’t have the Pendat- he probably doesn’t even have a reason to join Sibir’s gang or buy the robot the taught him Ether Gear in the first place. And without the Pendant being stolen, he has no reason to take this case from Sibir, thus not incurring the wrath of DJ Zombie and keeping his arm. And this is 50 years ago when I’m explaining this; can you image what the present day of Universe 0 is like. Constants like “Weisz Steals Pino’s Container” require a few things to happen- such as joining Sibir’s gang and them owing Drakken. So unless those are also constants…………… they kind of have to be, don’t they? So whatever “Falling out” Weisz and Sibir have this time around would still end up being connected to Drakken……… right? Am I makin’ sense here? 

“Time Has A Way of Correcting Itself.” Meaning that “Weisz Joins Sibir’s Gang” is crucial to history. But Weisz only joined because he could help with their weapons, as shown in chapter 96. And he only bot the machine that taught him to use “Machina Maker” because he needed a friend after his mom died. Oh, wait, that’s probably also a constant. Hm……….. maybe I’m looking into it a little too much. He more than likely still has Ether gear, but the reason for getting the Griff bot was probably different. He probably still joined Sibir’s gang, and I’m sure there was some kind of argument that prompted him to steal the case. Which is probably how he loses his arm to Drakken. What Irma does at that juncture is probably what lead to her death. Thinking of it like that, I would have liked to see what it was……….

 I don’t know…….. I just kind of wanted to see what changed in Weisz’ life, and how that affects even the Professor. Still hoping we meet him properly before the series concludes. Though at this point, that feels more like a “Chekhov’s Gun” than an actual important point. This “Final Arc” just feels like it came out of nowhere……..

And then you have Pino: She was originally sent to Pr Weisz for maintenance. That probably still happened. She probably still lost her memories because of Sibir. The leg does not seem to be constant. In the original history of Norma; it probably was money that belonged to Drakken, as he’s probably still around. She was probably made to be “The Heart Of Edens” still, but knowing now that the Edens Zero has reached its destination; I think that her purpose will finally be made clear. And hopefully, we’ll finally learn what she was getting maintenance for; that was another thing that Mashima never made clear. 

Chapter 224, however. Like I said; I wanted more time to Explore Universe 0 Post Chronophage Norma. But I guess not. But then you have what someone pointed out on twitter: Homura And Sister were not the next crewmates we meet. Thinking about it; we were actually supposed to go to Blue Garden before all of this- and meeting Labilia. Then to Norma to get Weisz and Pino, go back to Blue Garden where Jinn is kidnapping B-Cubers for the frog I don’t remember the name of and don’t feel like looking up ’cause f*ck that guy. And BECAUSE of that; Rebecca ends up meeting Couchpo, who becomes crucial in her B Cube channel getting bigger, and Weisz brings Homura to the ship………… I tell you like you haven’t read the story. Homura and Sister are not “Next;” they aren’t even the next people they were supposed to meet. The only reason I can see them not including Labilia and Couchpo is because they know that that this Next Part of their Journey is going to be the most dangerous part of all, and they……….. they can’t do sh!t, alright? Labilia can be a MASTER at all the Martial Arts she wants but so can the machines the Edens One throws their way. And Couchpo can’t even do that. 

……………………. I’m Half joking about that. But I am curious how Shiki forgot about his first fight with Kris. Homura wasn’t even ON Guilst when we met her, so why are we going there next? Maybe some memories still aren’t really “coming up” for him yet? Who knows how this memory sh!t works; he may not remember EVERYTHING just yet and he’s right there with his friends waking up more and more memories. Or I could just be looking into it too much. We could open this next chapter on Bluegarden and have Labilia, Kris, and Homura reawaken their memories then and there. Then go to Guilst and get Sister. “B Cubers Will Be Kidnapped And Taken To Guilst” will probably still happen, ’cause that’s how Shiki and Rebecca will meet Kris and Couchpo. And that whole ordeal is what leads them to Guilst in the first place. 

But knowing what they know; they can skip the hard part of go after Illega(that f*cking frog pr!ck), save the B Cubers, and get Sister all before the Chronophage gets there. Maybe that’s the aim here. 


…………. That’s all I got. I feel like I was a little more negative than I intended to be. I didn’t talk about some of the other stuff that I wanted to, but thinking about it- it wasn’t all that important to begin with. And while I still wish we were on Norma a little longer; I ultimately understand that why Mashima has chosen to “get through” this part the way he has. But it’s giving me “bad vibes” that he’s gonna try to get through this final arc quicker than he should. Please Don’t Be Kaede War.  Seriously, what happened to Mashima that arc? In any case; let me know what you guys think in the comments. Until the next post all; I’ll catch ya later. 

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