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The End Of The First Day! Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 111 BREAKDOWN

………….. I don’t have all that much to say. It’s the end of their first day of training; that’s…….. that’s what this is. I think that Nasiens and Anne are about to get some character growth- particularly in how they feel about Percival- but, uh…… Yeah. I don’t even know if we’re going to get to see all 7 days of this training; I just know that Anne is about to get real weird around Percival, and Nasiens is going to have some……….. he’s not gonna like it. Neither will Donny, but for a different reason. This feels kind of short. But I have a lot of other posts to work on, too, so that’s to be expected. In which case, we should probably just get to the post itself. Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 111: “Me Today Over Me Yesterday.” I have no idea who or what concept this title is referring to- it’s not even a line said in the chapter. Eh, I’ll probably figure it out by the time I write the review part……….. plausibly. Maybe. Don’t…… don’t hold me to that…………


Ioladio Wellweger appears before King Zeldris and Queen Gelda, asking that they stop the fight between Tristan and Schwarz; she’s not strong enough to do it herself, but Tristan saved her and her companions from Arthur. But Zeldris doesn’t think getting involved in this fight is a good idea; him stopping their fight would just leave the both of them hateful and unfulfilled- something he felt fighting against Meliodas as long as he had. So he decides to let the situation resolve itself. And we cut over to said battle, seeing tap into his Demon power just to keep in the fight. Schwarz responds in kind, and Tristan is soundly defeated- taunting the Prince that he should leave Percival in their hands……….

We then cut over to see Anne recovering from last chapter. She feels a little embarrassed to have been knocked out by her own magic, but she takes solace in having learned 5 things from running alongside Nasiens: 

  1. It crushes anyone who answers her questions with a lie. 
  2. The pressure returns to normal once the truth is told. 
  3. The magic has the same effect on its caster(Anghalhad herself).
  4. The more the lies- the more intense the pressure. 
  5. The effect vanishes when she passes out. 

Now that she knows some more about it, she can get to working on its battle applications. She then turns her attention to Isolde, who carried her to this bed. Since Tristan was off getting their weapons back, she decided to go out walking, thinking about the last thing that Jade tried to say to her. She doesn’t know what it was he was trying to say, nor why he went out of his way to save her like that. Nasiens Knows, and so does Anne. But she doesn’t want them to say it. “It would probably hurt too much.” 

Before she could ask what they’re hiding from her; Lance and Donny come in to check on her. Donny boasts that his training is going well, revealing condition #6 of Anne’s Magic: It won’t activate if someone else asks the question. Donny is crushed under the pressure. As for Percivalhe’s yet to clear “Level 2” against Lance. But he wanted to make sure his friends were okay. Nasiens isn’t upset with Percy anymore, and Anne………. little bit smitten that he’d come all this way. Lance asks if any of them have seen Gawain yet, but Anne just thinks she’s exploring the Demon Realm on her own. Thus ends Day 1 of Demon Realm Training. Time before tracking down the Behemoth: 6 Days. Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 111 END!! Huh. Are we going to get the full 6? Or are we going to skip to the BIG developments, and then it’s off to face the Behemoth? Myeh. 


Anne now has a Starting Line to work off of. My thinking is that she’ll try to get their enemies weaknesses out of them during the fight- asking them “What’s Your magic And How Do I Defeat It?” Though that depends on if she can ask more complex questions like that, or if she’s limited to “Yes And No” questions. When her Magic first altered in chapter 99 and she asked Macduff why he was chasing them, he just plain didn’t feel like answering her- and still got crushed under her pressure. Property 7) It seems like it can be more than just “Yes And No” questions. Could it work in battle? I doubt the enemy would let her ask any sort of questions during battle, but at the SAME TIME- they probably don’t take her seriously. Just from looking at her and what Ironside probably told them about her magic, I imagine they aren’t expecting her to be a serious problem. Which plays to her advantage. And heck; she can probably catch them lacking mid battle and get them to succumb to her pressure. Yeah…….. this could work! Especially since it seems like they can’t move at all when the pressure is on!! 

It might also help them to trust in what Rosebank tells them when she chooses Percival over Camelot. ‘Cause she will. They’ll be skeptical of course, but………. Anne’s magic literally won’t let anyone lie to her. So whatever she tells them is on the up and up. Then again, I’m sure Chaos Knights of her level aren’t privy to a lot of the same information as someone like Ironside or Mortlach. She knows SOME things about how to get into Camelot– not everything. 

Then of course there’s Schwarz messing with Tristan– and action I’m sure he’ll regret when Tristan saves him from an enemy. I also imagine that– for all of his feelings- Tristan does not take kindly to his father being badmouthed in such a way. An action that Schwarz may regret when Tristan’s Demon powers go Berserk. I’m basically predicting how the confrontation will go in 6 days time. Though I have no idea what factor the Behemoth is going to play in all of this; be it where all the fighting takes place or as some kind of Chaos Element thrown into their battle. It consumes all life in its path indiscriminately; it might just kill off a few of the Chaos Knights as well as some of Liones’ forces. Not the MAIN guys, obviously, but probably some of the Demons that choose to fight with Percival. Then of course there’s the Sheer Power Percival will possess through “Hope-“ something Lance noted last week. That’s probably going to be instrumental in subduing the Behemoth. But what would all this training be for if Percy doesn’t put his sword skills to the test? 

I’m not saying that Percival is going to “shut off” his magic just so he can implement Lance’s training, but I think he’s going to put it into practice against whoever he’ll be fighting, right? He’s probably more powerful here than he’s LITERALLY ever been before, but he needs to make full use of what he’s learned. In which case; I’m thinking that he’ll concentrate his magic- condense it into the sword he’s using rather than let it flow out of him wildly like he always has. And unlike with Cernunos, he’s going to condense it down further and actually use it to fight. A strong sword with skill behind it- Percival would be a monster. Though it’s still utilizing his magic. I don’t think his sword skills are going to get a proper showing until later down the line………

Isolde Now Knows That Nasiens Knows Something About Jade That Anne Won’t Let Him Say. That’s gonna be important later, knowing Suzuki Sensei. I have this mini-theory that- when the kids first enter Camelot- they’ll see the people who matter the most to them in their hearts, and coming back to reality would mean “rejecting” what Camelot has offered them. In the case of Isolde, I think that her initial image is going to be of the “Ideal Prince Charming” she saw in Tristan, but when she starts to snap out of it- Camelot will tug harder and show her Jade, and reveal to her his true feelings. Because there’s some merit to what Camelot would be capable of, considering the power that’s making it. We know that the realm is being made with pieces from Britannia, but the people that Arthur says he can bring backThat’s a whole other story. Maybe he has to sacrifice someone else to bring back one person, but it might be possible- considering Chaos is the entity that created everything “from nothing.” He might just be able to revive the dead; he did for Galand and Melascula“Chaos Jade,” anyone

……………. Forgot the whole @$$ reason I brought up that point. Sorry, I’ve been feelin’ a little light headed and dizzy the past few days- woke up this morning(Wednesday, July 5th, 2023) and the whole d@mn WORLD started spinning. But in any case; I also say this because I think this is where a schism between Anne and Isolde will begin- Anne keeping a secret about HER(Isolde’s) friend from her(Isolde). And Donny knowing about Jade’s feelings too might lead to something; maybe him absentmindedly telling her when Anne isn’t around. Would he be dumb enough to do thatI would hope not; I think they all know that it would CRUSH Isolde to have not known that, and learning about after he died. So they’ll keep their mouth shut on the matter. Which might not sit right with Isolde; her new friends keeping secrets about her old friend from her. It’s an important detail is what I’m trying to say. 


Okay, that CLEARLY wasn’t where I was going with this post, but I WILL say that I do think that Anne stopping Nasiens there was a pretty big mistake. One that I expect them to feel the effects of in the coming days. I also suspect that we’ll be seeing Anne acting all weird and bizz around Percival- now that she’s aware of that she has feelings down deep. Property #8) Even if the person she asks believes it to be the truth, her magic can see through the deception. We’ve learned a lot about her magic from these 2 chapters. Wonder what more we’ll be learning? Let me know what you guys think in the comments, and until the next post, all- Stay Healty out there. Otherwise the world will start flipping upside down. That sh!ts not fun at ALL. Later. 

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