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The Tale Of Chion And The Jaded Warthog!! Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Bonus Chapter BREAKDOWN

Let’s see how far we get with this post. I have the next 2 days off(beginning this post Tuesday, June 6, 2023, at 2:14 pm), and Chainsaw Man is on break this week. So I might actually be able to talk about this week’s chapter of “Four Knights” and Edens Zero. That being said; this week’s chapter of “Four Knights” is a break from the main story to divulge a bit of the origin of a character that- I hate. Nakaba Suzuki- from all the series I’m reading- is the type to do things like this: Make a bunch of side chapters and bonus chapters- some times even whole Bonus Stories– to divulge events discussed in the story. There’s that 3 chapter manga talking about the Vampire clan’s attack on Edinburgh- an event discussed in the original “Seven Deadly Sins” series. Then there’s the Side stories told in the volume extra’s; little events I guess he didn’t have time to put in the story proper. He does it more than any other mangaka I’ve seen. 

It’s not bad thing, I’ll be clear; that means there’s more to love about the series, and explains the characters behavior in the main story a little more. But I WILL say that it makes keeping up with this series a little bit difficult to follow. ‘Cause now you gotta go off and try to find ANY translations for a lot of those bonus stories. Not all of them are officially translated; you gotta look at some fan translations to find some of this sh!t out. And those events are more often than not integral to the main story- like this one seems to be. This chapter details how Chion learned to use magic- and how he became the piece of sh!t we know and loathe today. Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Bonus Chapter: “The Perils Of Chion.” Let’s get this party started……….


The chapter is in part told through narration. We are taken back to Chion’s life at 3 years old, out having fun with his parents. We are told that he inherited his father, Gilthunder’s, “Intelligence and Diligence,” and his mother, Margaret’s, “Tender heart and Kindness.” His personality was beginning to take shape around 3, but sadly not in a GOOD way. At the age of 3- Chion was kidnapped by Vivian– a Mage who once tried to control Gilthunder, threatened the life of Margaret, and was a member of Hendrickson’s rebellion against Liones. She’s a Fat old woman now, and she’s taken Chion as her “son.” And even at that age; Chion knewHe would not escape alive if he tried. So he just had to bide his time and wait. 

A search party was formed in Liones- searching endless in the farthest corners of Britannia for Chion. But he was never found. And for 5 years; Vivian would cling to the boy, smothering the boy with……….. “affection” that she could never give Gil. One day, Chion is just outside looking up at the sky, and realizes the house is in a deep cavern- one he’ll never be able to crawl up if he ever managed to get through that big oak door that locks them in the house late at night. So he just grabs the food and they need and walks back in the house, seeing Vivian work on a curse. 

This curse is made to give a “Certain Man(Dreyfus)” back pains. She loved him like she loved Gil, but he loved his dead wife more than her. But that reminds Chion: She cast another spell a little while ago. She said that was punishment on another man for separating her from Gilthunder and making her overthrow the Kingdom(Hendrickson). So she cursed him to Never find love- for every woman he meets to reject him. But she says she’ll never do the same to Chion. Chion pretends to be glad to hear that, but mutters under his breathe how stupid she is. That’s where that started. It became clear that living sith Vivian for this long has begun to take an effect on Chion; one that shaped him into…… who we know today. 

One night, he was out fetching something for the hag when he dropped the candle he was holding for light. He kept telling it to not go out, and- wouldn’t ya know– Salamander was birthed from that flame. And when he showed Vivian, they began his training in Spirit Magic. Another year would pass, and Chion’s progress with Spirit Magic was dramatic– to the point where he felt like it was time to Make His Escape. One Night, in bed with Vivian; Chion would get up, and leave Sylph to suffocate her, burning down the door with Salamander, and using Gnome to build a structure that propelled him out of the cavern, proclaiming his freedom for all to hear! And that would attract the attention of a young Jade and Isolde. They think him a lost child, but he clarifies that he’s the child of Gilthunder the Holy Knights and Princess Margaret of Liones. 

He would later return to the Kingdom and live peacefully with his parents. Until Vivian kidnaps him again a few years after that. Tristan was the one who rescued him that time, which is what lead to their current relationship. But that, of course- is a story for another time. Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Bonus Chapter END!!! Somethings are becoming a big more clear…………


…………….. This explains his personality a little more. It’s like: That’s how he grew up. Like the narrator told us in the beginning: “His Personality Was Beginning To Take Shape.” And he unfortunately ended up in a situation where his personality had to be “2 Faced.” He knew better than to defy this woman; her temper would have either lead to very brutal, inhumane punishment, or his death. So he just had to let this Pig Woman cling to him for 6 years in a deep cave. He may have said or done something wrong at some point that just confirmed his fears, but……… crying and getting upset would let this woman win. And he was NOT gonna lose to this Warthog Wench. So after that one problematic, he learned to hide his emotions………… to an extent. He’s kind of the type to talk sh!t to your face without you even realizing it. Though these days he’s the type to just say it outright. I think that goes back to whatever happened when Tristan saved him from Vivian the second time…………….

I think what we’re made to take away from this is that Chion……… he’s………. broken. Living with an oppressive woman you knew wasn’t your mother……. WILL mess you up. And those were unfortunately the years in which the “Base Traits” of your personality start to set in. He’s a bit nihilistic, as evidence by what he said when Macduff killed Percival or his denial of things like Prophecy and Fate– because he didn’t think he was ever going to escape from Vivian. But he believes in “Himself And Those He Believes In-“ because it was his own power that got him out of that situation. 6 Years of Misery over in no more than 5 Minutes MAX. That sh!ts CRAZY.

He knew this woman was- if nothing else– proficient enough with Magic to have taken him without anyone noticing til it was too late, and kept him hidden for 5 years prior. So he bit his tongue and did what he had to to get out of there- showing that he’s at least amenable in tense situations. Even though he’s not overly fond of Percival, he still asks that he save Jade, yeah? Also mildly sadistic, though that might have been a one time deal because it was the woman who ruined his life. And it’s not even like he stayed to make sure she died. But he’s not afraid to kill his enemy. Which I’m thinking is what put him into conflict with Tristan. 

We are told that he was saved by Tristan when Vivian kidnapped him again, and that’s what led to this obsession with him. However, we’re told in chapter 100 that he f*ckin’ hates Tristan. And I think that has to do with the fact that Tristan chose to spare Vivian- to insteand leave her to Meliodas for a fair trial or whatever, rather than kill her. And I think that rubbed Chion the wrong way. Because I think he was trying to kill her the second time. He would have been fine if he never saw her again- to just believe that Sylph suffocated her and he’d never have to see her face again is enough for him. But she came BACK. So she needs to be put down for good. And he- having already proven capable of dealing with her all by himself- moved to make that happen. And Tristan stopped that. 

On the one hand: Tristan was the only other person to save him from Vivian. Even if he was able to handle it on his own, it can’t be overlooked that- for EVERYONE in Liones who was looking for him those 6 years; for EVERYONE who could have saved him; for EVERYONE it could have been- It was Tristan. So even if he didn’t need his help in that moment; the sheer knowledge that someone was coming to save him this time- that someone was able to come to his rescue this time- Probably meant more than the rescue itself. But then he got in the way of putting an End to Vivian altogether. Because “Murder Is Always 100% of the Time No Matter The Context Of The Situation Wrong-” according to Tristan’s character. So he stopped Chion. And that’s why he hates his f*ckin’ guts. Something that simple, I’m guessing. 


Did you guys notice a pattern forming in the image? They’re all rectangles with one character and some text in it. That was unintentional, I swear. An “Odd Coincidence.” But I pick the images that fit the best. Plus it’s kind of funny. But as for the chapter: Exposition-y. But not boring. I don’t like Chion, but I really like his Magic. So seeing the origin of it was pretty interesting. And seeing how proficiently he used it to escape a 6 Year h#ll in- Again- No More Than 5 Minutes– put a smile on my face. But more importantly: I Managed To Finish A Post. Sure it’s 9:34 pm on Wednesday, June 7th, 2023, and I have work in the morning so I gotta post this while I get ready. But I did it. And that’s all that matters. Let me know what you guys think in the comments, and until next time!! 

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