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Four Knights Of The Apocalypse REVIEW Dump Post

Hey, everyone. This is what I alluded to in the recent Dump Post. Since I can’t retrieve all the posts that were lost when the site went down, I’m going to be recapping all the chapters that were reviewed in that time frame up until the chapters included in the Dump. Fortunately, the schedule for these Magazine’s this time around was……… F*cking ABYSMAL(though some of that may be due to the leaks of certain series coming out a week or so in advanced). As such, some series- such as this one– only have like 2 chapters for me to cover. The only reason this might take any longer than necessary is because I’m gonna start a document to just house some back up posts. I get the feeling that I’m about to find the up limits of  what a Google Document is capable ofvery, VERY soon. Let’s get this thing over with quickly………

Chapter 115: “The Battle Of The Albion

Percy pretty much tells the kids they’ve already made it to the Behemoth in the Albion. But they quickly find themselves being assaulted by Camelot’s Chaos Knights. They ended up cutting a hole in the top of the Albion’s head, and do their utmost to dig in to the command center, but hiding their magic power took up so much of their attention that Lance was able to read their minds right then. Lance has the Albion attack them, but the Chaos Knights have the Arakdo- a Beast from Purgatory- fire on them. A Battle ensues, ending with the Arakdo’s victory- and subsequent eradication at the hands of Lance. 

With the Albion down, the kids are forced to face the Chaos Knights head to head. Also, Percival hears a voice. But that’s for the next chapter. One of the things I remember talking about was how “childish” Lance was with the Albion; he said “a few more minutes” when someone asked for a turn to drive, and even “cheated” just so he could say that the Albion won the fight. He even gets enjoyment out of letting Percival use the Albion’s magic blast in rapid fire. It shows that he’s got some childish tendencies. He was in a hurry to grow up when we saw him in the special chapter for the original series, so seeing him act like a kid with a cool toy was nice to see. 

Chapter 116: “The Boy Of Destiny

The girls wonder if they’ll all be okay outside of the Albion this close to the Behemoth, but they find that the Beasts Miasma is going out of its way to avoid them- or more accurately- Percival. The Chaos Knights are NOT as lucky, only being saved by Tomintoul’s “Saintly Cloak-” a Goddess Clan Exclusive. But even IT can’t repel the intense Miasma of the Lunisolar Beast. So the kids are left with a choice either face the Knights in a fair fight- or let them die without ever throwing a single punch. Or so they think. The Chaos Knights reveal that they’ve taken Gawain, Schwarz, and his fellow Demon Guards hostage, and plan to take her with them if they die here. So the Knights of the Apocalypse dive down without a second thought, saving all of them with Percival’s mere presence. 

As Mortlach begins to go on a “Duty” spiel, Percy brings Percival into “their” world- and empty void where only a formless blob calling for help floats. That’s their “brother,” the Behemoth. Percy explains that this is how all life starts- this formless, massless thing- and it is THEIR job to bring “glory” and “death” to all worlds equally. They’re “Life Spirits.” What does that mean? “Balance Keepers” or something like that; Percy says that they’re meant to bring “Glory And Death” to all worlds. Fitting since Percival is the Knight of “Death.” Though this continues to bring his origins into questions; where Ironside and Varghese are concerned. We’re likely gonna learn more in the next chapter……..


Good thing the last 2 chapter’s didn’t have much to discuss. In fact, I actually managed to finish this entire post the same day I started- Saturday, August 19th, 2023, at 9:01 pm!! Meaning I can actually post it the very next day, and leave a few posts for rest of the week– maybe stall until I figure out what to do with Black Clover this time around. ‘Cause it got some, uh………. News. That’s all I’ll say for now. But yeah; you’ll be seeing this Sunday, August 20th, 2023- the same day the official release for the Monthlies and the Jump chapters come out. I’ll also be able to get the images for “Boruto” ready to go. This…….. This works. And now I know what to do for the next series. I feel better now; A LOT better. Now to copy all of this to a document. Til next time all. 

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