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Just Call Him “Demon Prince” Percival!! Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 105 BREAKDOWN

So look guys: I’ll spare you the gross details and simply say that something is going on with my neck right now; I can’t really move it around because it hurts like a MUTHRF*CKR- it’s real stiff and makes it hard to sleep. All this to say: I’m not feeling 100% at the moment. But I’ll work through the pain for YOU guy!! Plus, I REALLY want to talk about this chapter. Of all the theories I would have come up with to explain why he knows the Demon Language- this is not something I would have come up with. It’s just so……… simple and easy. I was thinking he was like BORN here, or that he was some kind of Hybrid or something. But no- he just……… he was here for some time when he was young, and just……… “picked it up” like a sponge. I’d be a little disappointed if it was so………. okay, I am a little let down by this. It’s still INTERESTING, but…….. Meh, kind of boring. Though I WILL bring up something that pertains to that backstory. Let’s get into it. Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 105: “A Demonic Welcome.” It sounds worse than it is……….


Chapter 104: The kids make it to the Demon Realm. And are blow to the ground by the caves defense system. All the while, Percival begins to remember things he hadn’t in a long time. Not only that, but the Demons recognize him as their “Savior.” So they take he and his crew to the Demon King’s Castle, while capturing Lance and the rest. Here, they would meet The Demon King Zeldris- or “Thell” as Percival used to call him. MIND BLOWN. 

Chapter 105: Lance and the others have been captured; not because these Demons are stronger, but because Lance doesn’t see them as enemies at the moment. Though the Gluttonous Gawain of “Famine” seems to be missing. While the Demons begin to since the Presence of a Demon and a Goddess coming from Tristan. Io reveals him to be the child of the Meliodas of the Seven Deadly Sins. That SO ABSOLUTELY DOES NOT sit well with the Demons- they even talk about killing them just to make an Example of it. Then Io mentions Percival, and their mood changes COMPLETELY. 

Over in the Demon King’s castle; Percival has a heartfelt reunion with “Gedda(Gelda the Vampire Princess and Current Queen of the Demon Realm).” BACKSTORY: 14 years ago, a 2 year old Percival wandered into the Demon Realm. And he would stay here for an unspecified amount of time with Zeldris and Gelda. And he picked up Demon Tongue because kids pick up on different languages quick. All of this to say: They treat him like their son. Gelda even calls him her “Bouncing Boy,” and compliments his helmet. She’s glad that he got to see his Grandpa again, and makes the unknowing mistake of asking how he’s doing. Percival reveals what happened, and Zel admits to a……… similar course of events with his own father. 

He says it was tough for him, but he and his older brother had to do it if he was to be with Gelda. It made him stronger. And he can tell Percival was the same way. Then some explaining happens offscreen, catching them up to current events. Zeldris reveals that- a few months ago- a “link” between the Demon realm and Camelot was established. And it’s causing some “sticky” problems. But Percival says they need to get there as soon as humanly possible……… after meeting up with their other friends. Which reminds Zel to ask who the Four Knights and their allies are- less they be confused for the enemy. Lance, Tristan, Horscanor, Isolde, and Chion. They recognize Tristan as Meliodas’ kid, which reveals that Meliodas is the older brother- If that wasn’t obvious by the FACE. 

And as for the 4th Knight of the Apocalypse- Percival. And he tries to prove it with the “Percival Sword(Coffin Of Eternal Darkness Sword,” but, uh…………………….

He Dropped It.

The whole group collectively goes “F*************************************CK!!!!!!!!!!!!!” and starts running around looking for that piece of the coffin- with some help from Demons on Zeldris’ command. Donny and Anne are one group- Pecy and Nasiens are the other. Though if you’re expecting some “Lovey-Dovey” stuff; Nasiens is more focused on why Percival is hailed as their “Savior.” No time to dwell on that, though; they’ve come to the Beehive they came out of. Percival summons the Mini Percivals, who………. are in a very “lazy” mood right now. So Percival has to PLEAD with the Little Golems to get moving. And they begrudgingly DO. Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 105 END! Well THIS is an interesting Development. 


I like it when characters have 2 Epithets: Drakken Joe going by “The Dark Alchemist,” “DJ Zombie,” and “Undead Joe;” Ban going by “Fox Sin Of Greed” and “Ban The Undead.” Now it looks like Percival is getting 2 Epithets: “Knight Of Death,” and “Demon Prince.” Or perhaps “Demon Savior” Percival. Either or, really. This chapter tells us that Zeldris and Gelda see Percival as their own son. Which is definitely a good thing for Percival, considering his Biological Family’s rejection of him. This is his family- his friends are his family. Ironside can go suck it; Mortlach hasn’t indicated any emotions towards Percival beyond “Knight Of The Apocalypse And Enemy Of Camelot;” and I doubt Diodra knows that he has a brother out there. But no; these are his parents. I feel sorry for the poor sap that wants to mess with Percy NOW; invoking the WRATH of the Demon King and the entire Realm can’t be good for anyone. 

Though that also brings to mind the “Savior” comment. What did he do at 2 years old? Or rather; is there a prophecy that pertains to Percival in specific. The Four are destined to “Destroy The World,” but maybe Percival has some other Destiny. I won’t say “Greater” because I think saving the Demon Realm and the Demon clan just seems to be a “small part” of Percival’s greater destiny to destroy Camelot- the Kingdom that’s taking from Britannia and seemingly getting something from the Demon Realm and will seeming cause the end of this and all other worlds. Perhaps the 4 Knights are meant to same 1 race in specific– Percival seems to be the one who will save the Demon Clan; Lance the Fairies; and Gawain can either save the Human or Giant clans. Tristan likewise would either save the Humans or the Goddess clan. Because we have 2 Hybrids in the mix, some might tempted to speculate that Percival and Gawain are Hybrids of sort sort as well. 

I don’t know what Percival is quite yet, but Gawain………….. okay, got me there, too. They could just be full Human though, and them saving the other clans would better the relationship between all clans. Then again, considering all the Leaders; there really shouldn’t be any conflict with anyone other than Camelot. And the Knights are gonna lead the charge to crushinate that place. So when they manage to ally up all these clans against Camelot, then………….. well, I think Camelot will be having a “Wake Up Call.” 

The Kingdom Of Camelot is prejudice against all of clans- even the non-violent members of the Demon clan who didn’t want to fight in the Holy Wars. So having all other races united with 2 Seemingly Pure Blooded Humans and 2 Hybrids, not to mention a Demon leading the Humans, a Human leading the Fairies, and a Fairy helping to lead the Giants- they’re gonna see that and start to wake up. Then again; they probably aren’t going with Arthur because they agree with his racism, but rather for what he had to offer them: Eternal Happiness. Everyone in Camelot seems to be getting an ideal life, or as close to it as they can get without deterring on “Too Good To Be True.” Jericho wants………. I don’t want to talk about that right now. And Ironside seems to want his son’s safety. He even offered the people of Liones a chance to be with their loved one’s who died in the Holy War just to get them there. But why is he trying to bring people over to his side so hard? You could chalk it up to the idea that he really doesn’t want to kill a bunch of innocent people- be it directly in a Great Big War or indirectly by creating CamelotBut there could also be a Hidden Reason he’s keeping from everyone……….

Perhaps Chaos is wholly invincible after all. He could need people to power Chaos the same way Percival needs people for his “Hope” magic, making them “Thematic Parallels” going into the Final Battle; Percival- the Hero who becomes stronger the more people believe in him, and Arthur- the Villain who uses people to power himself. Something to that effect. Looking back at the original series, around the end of it; Arthur acquired the Power of the Entity Chaos- and he was in PAIN upon receiving it. Maybe this power eats away at him the more he uses it. So it might not be that he needs the people to believe in Chaos- but feed it so that is not devoured himself. It might be a Universal Thing; “Equivalent Exchange-” Arthur isn’t getting this power for free. Which is probably why he has to take from Britannia to make Camelot; he can’t make something from NOTHING. I’m sure he knows how that would look to his people, so he guides them in with promises of a “Fairy Tale” where they can live happily before they’re fed to a Primordial Entity. So he hides the truth. Good thing there’s someone in the story who’s main ability is getting the truth out of people. And she just got a power up at that.

Now that Anne’s ability does more than allow her to see through someone’s bull- allows her to force the truth out of people(seemingly)- perhaps she’ll play a bigger role than anyone is thinking. Perhaps what she did to Macduff was a precursor to what she will be doing to Arthur: Asking him why he’s doing it, and her magic being enough to force the truth out of him in a situation that allows everyone to hear. The spell he had on them is broken, and they switch sides- leaving Arthur alone to get eaten up by Chaos. But you can probably gather the “Fullmetal Alchemist” theme I’m going for, right? So- just like Dwarf In The Flask after that body of his couldn’t take God’s full power- Arthur just starts going on a killing spree, taking the lives of everyone around him to feed Chaos. And the Knights stand to fight him along with the Seven Deadly Sins and whoever all can keep fighting- but mostly the Sins. And it comes down to Percival and whoever all is still conscious to feed him their “hope,” and he is either put on the same level or higher than Arthur. And that should be the end of the story. Though we still had more “Seven Deadly Sins” after they defeated the Demon King, so, uh……….. might be one other thing after that before we wrap up. 

Last thingMini Percival’s Behavior. What’s that all about? Is it like Pokemon when you over-level without the proper Gym Badges and the Pokemon ceases to listen? Or are they going through a “phase” before reaching their Full Potential? Either way, it’s being played for a bit of a joke right now, so I’m not gonna look into it more than that. But if I were a betting man, I’d say the latter was the safer option. 


If I talked about the potential of where the d@mn sword is, then we’d be here all day. And all 3 Jump series are back. So rather than stretch this out beyond the point of interest- much like the recent Edens Zero post- I’m gonna quit while I’m ahead. But you can let me know what you think, though! I wonder who’s gonna get to it first. Part of me just wants Percival or his friends to get it, but that would lead to direct confrontation with Mortlach and the other Chaos Knights. And I don’t think any of them individually are strong enough for that right now. Good thing Percival can’t die. I guess another name could be “Percival The Undead.” Bet’cha Lance would HATE THAT. Ah………. I’m out of stuff to say right now. Til the next post, everyone; Laters!! 

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