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The One Who Stole Everything. Boruto- Naruto Next Generations Chapter 79 BREAKDOWN

………… This is Everything that I could possibly hope for. I’m not gonna lie to you guys: There WAS a time when I refused to read this manga; when I refused to follow this series AT ALL. I had planned to watch The Last and Boruto The Movie and stop there. Then– through to pull of Youtuber’s like Forneverworld and Anime Balls Deep– I got pulled in. And it’s been…….. a thing. For everything that I liked, I found something that I didn’tStill waiting to see what Jiriya’s Clone’s role is going to be in this story. The art was REALLY off putting at first, and even still; I find myself somewhat hoping that they bring in the artist for Samurai 8- Akira Okubo- to be the lead artist of this series. Ikemoto’s gotten better, but……. still. 

The point is that I didn’t think that I truly loved this series until this chapter was leaked. Because NOW- I’m hyped. I’m am excited to see what becomes of this story- what becomes of the character of Boruto Uzumaki going forward. From the outset; we knew that this story would be the REVERSE of Naruto’s- the story of the “Boy Who Was Born With Everything, And Lost It All.” The opening flashback is one of the problems I had with this story; that be like if One Piece began with the Straw Hat’s looking at the One Piece itself- you lock yourself into this narrative with no room for the story to grow beyond trying to set up that scene. And “One Piece” is long. “Boruto” is going to be a long story(partially because it’s a monthly series; partially money). Long stories should not start with the ending. 

This chapter made me think about that again. Because it has now Recontextualizes the situation. On this day- Sunday, March 19th, 2023: Boruto Uzumaki Has Become The Villain Of His Own Story. Boruto- Naruto Next Generations Chapter 79: “Omnipotence.” Let’s begin……..


Picking up from last monthMomoshiki appears to Boruto, telling him that this is the “Beginning Of The End” for the Blue Eyed boy- he’s about to lose everything he holds near and dear in rapid order. Then leaves, sending a chill up Boruto and Sasuke’s spines. Meanwhile, Shikamaru and the Sensory unit(and secretly Shikadai’s group) search for Kawaki; he’s bound to run out of chakra at some point, and they need to find him when it happens. Sasuke, Konohamaru, and Mitsuki join. And Boruto tells Sarada to chase after them, knowing somethign bad is about to happen…………

We see Kawaki nearly collapse- too tired to maintain the Sukunahikona. Eida finds him with her Senrigan, flies off to help her Unrequited Love. Amado gets in contact with Shikamaru and tells him that Kawaki has a Shutdown Phrase. But it has a similar requirement to Code’s limiters; Amado has to look him in the eye and say it to shut him off. But he needs Shikamaru to promise that he won’t harm the unconscious Kawaki. Shikamaru tells him that that’s a “No Go;” he may sympathize with Amado’s desire to revive his daughter, but Kawaki’s made himself an Enemy Of Konoha- and will be dealt with as such………..

Back with Kawaki; Eida comes out of the woodworks, assuring Kawaki that she’s on his side. But she also says that he won’t be able to escape his present situation- whether her chakra leads them to him or not. But the boy doesn’t care anymore; he just wants for someone- ANYONE- to protect Lord Seventh. He and the Leaf will never be safe so long as Momoshiki is about, but no one can or WILL do anything about it because “Momoshiki” is The Seventh’s Son. Boruto can’t keep Momoshiki down forever, and when he’s free- That’s All She Wrote; Boruto will be gone. He’s the only one willing to take the risk of being The World’s Enemy. But if Boruto were in his position- a “Complete Nobody No One Would Mourn-” then they’d be able to kill Momoshiki and Boruto without a problem. Maybe even easier. And So- The Wish is Granted. 

Eida begins to float, showing off the true nature of her “Charm” ability: Omnipotence- a Shinjutsu that makes one’s “Will” a “Reality.” It allowed for the Ohtsusuki to “reprogram” worlds to fit their needs; the “Shinjutsu of Shinjutsu” as Momoshiki puts it. Through this ability, Eida’s desire for “Love” became “Charm.” And through her, Kawaki’s wish has become a reality. “Kawaki Uzumaki Is Naruto’s Son, And Boruto- the outsider who took away the Hokage.” The whole situation is reverse, with everyone searching for Boruto instead. The only one’s aware of the switch are Boruto himself, Kawaki, Eida, Momoshiki, and seemingly others, as we will soon see………

When they find Eida and Kawaki, their only questions are why they’re out here. Meanwhile, when Sarada and Mitsuki find Boruto- Mitsuki shows off his Sage Mode and attacks. Momoshiki explains to Boruto what has happened, but it’s not clicking as he’s trying to escape Mitsuki’s chakra snakes. Sarada tries to call off the attack, revealing herself to be immune to “Omnipotence’s” effects somehow. Though Momo says it’s usually those immune to it that “suffer the most.” Yeah, apparently the Ohtsusuki have done this more than a few times on humanity, making them think one thing and then another as they saw fit. Though it won’t affect those of the Ohtsusuki line, nor will it affect the caster Eida. And seemingly Daemon. 

The fact of the matter is that Boruto is the man who took the Hokage away from the Leaf, and Kawaki the Hokage’s son. But…….. things- as they do- only get worse. As Kawaki has Eida tell Shikamaru: “Lord Seventh Died By Boruto’s Hands.” Oh, they’re out for Blood now. Boruto- Naruto Next Generations Chapter 79 END!! With not an Ally to speak of, me thinks that Boruto might leverage his Ohtsusuki status with a certain Zealot………


I Loved This. This is something that I didn’t expect from this series; having the Main Character as the Enemy of the World- The “Villain” in his own series. In a way, you could say that this is like One Piece: Luffy is a Pirate and causes the World Government a bunch of problems through his actions. A lot of his actions end up helping more people than it hurts, but the fact of the matter is that he’s still a Wanted Criminal. That’s something that I really like about “One Piece-“ something I only really started to appreciate after the “My Villain Academia” portion of My Hero. Ever since, I’ve been wanting to see more stories where the main characters are the Enemy of the World their set in. And here we have Boruto as the Villain. 

Way back when, during the Code’s Assault Arc(chapters 5671)(which is currently being adapted into the anime); the Youtuber Forneverworld talked about the idea of Code being like Tomura: The Villain who “Rises” to power, rather than coming into the narrative having already become GOATed. Based on what Boruto was said about him and how Eida and Bug constantly tell him that he never thinks ahead; you get the impression that they don’t see him as a “Genuine Threat-” A Nuisance to deal with, but manageable. Like a brat. So Fornever had speculated that someday he would undergo similar character development to Tomura Shigaraki- becoming a Villain that rivals the greats like Pain, Orochimaru, Madara and more. That can still happen, but now we have “Villain Boruto” to consider. 

Obviously Boruto isn’t gonna go out of his way to destroy the Leaf Village, nor do I think he’s even gonna be a problem like Code. But he’s clearly going to have to fight back against the people who were once his friends. Eida is on Kawaki’s team, and Daemon goes with Eida, but that leaves Sarada on his side. And- depending on how you choose to look at it– you could say that either her affection for Boruto or Uchiha genes(something ’bout the Sharigan seeing through bullsh!t or something like that). And from there, you could say that both Sasuke and Sumire are backing him through all of this, too. Though that might play into Kawaki’s hands. For however much he’s grown and changed; there was a time when Sasuke wanted to destroy the Leaf. Him backing someone who killed the Hokage- won’t look good. Or for some, “Not A Surprise.” Messed up but true. 

But the reason that I think that Code was unaffected by Omnipotence comes down to his location: The Ohtsusuki Realm. He wasn’t in this dimension when Eida activated Omnipotence. So unless this ability is multidimensional(which is entirely possible, making this whole talking mute come next month), then Code and Bug also know the truth. Giving Boruto and Code a Common Enemy. Though Boruto doesn’t want to kill Kawaki- he also wants his life back and to get Kawaki some serious help. And seeing as Kawaki is so Ridiculously Far beyond words; he’s got to be prepared to…….. Fight. But againEnemy Of The World. He’ll need all the help he can get! Though how he’ll manage to get it is where we run into a Problem…….

Code Reveres The Ohtsusuki. Boruto Is An Ohtsusuki. But Code has to feed an Ohtsusuki to Ten Tails to get that d@mn chakra fruit. And not only is Boruto unwilling to let his brother Kawaki get eaten; Momoshiki isn’t willing to get eaten, either. And Boruto himself doesn’t want to be eaten. But he’s got to make SOME sort of deal with Code to get his cooperation! I said it earlier, but I don’t think that flexing the fact that he’s Ohtsusuki now is gonna cut it at this point. And because of Bug and Eida, Code is probably gonna stop and think, and realize that this is the ONLY scenario in which he can kill Kawaki- the one who seems to take everything that he wants- AND get the chakra fruit and begin fulfilling Isshiki’s will. So what is it that Boruto could offer Code in exchange for his cooperation?……….. Well; I’m a fan of the idea that Kawaki proposed in chapter 56– the idea of Boruto implanting his own Karma mark on Code and reincarnating through him. But heck, does Code even want that

It would probably be the opportunity of a Lifetime for him, but he’s also got to fulfill Isshiki’s wish- a wish he knows that Boruto won’t see through. So he probably won’t take a deal like that. I’m not entirely sure what else Boruto could really offer Code, though; there doesn’t seem to be much that Code really wants. Aside from payback on Kawaki. Thinking about it, Code and Boruto now have something in common: Kawaki has taken Everything From them- Boruto in the very literal sense of having taken his life, and his perceived theft of everything that Code ever actually gave a sh!t about. So he may just end up helping because they’re “Kindred Spirits With A Common Enemy,” and through conversations with one another, we’ll find out more about Code and learn what it is that he’ll be getting out of this. 

He probably had a similar upbringing to Kawaki, right? Either a straight Orphan with some kind of potential like Haku, or a sh!tty dad that kicks him like Kawaki did. They’re both chosen, and Kawaki ended up Isshiki’s vessel. And the one that Eida desires. He had nothing and ended up with even less because of Kawaki(the one who killed Isshiki and the one whom Eida loves)- He hates him right down to his bones. So maybe Boruto will give him a similar offer to Kawaki; give him……… A Home. Friends. Family. You know, something so that Code won’t be so “Hollow.” I think this development is the chance to explore Code a little more and develop all of these characters further. Whoever is writing the manga at this point- be it Ikemoto doing both writing and art, or it it’s Kishimoto- Thank You For This. 

And then there’s Kawaki. The way that the Fan Translations phrased it, it seemed like petty jealousy that pushed him to “wish” for this change. But the official portrays it as if this is still part of his plan; something so that he can hunt and kill Boruto unincumbered. He’s thinking that he doesn’t matter- that no one is going to mourn his death. So if it were him that were the Massive Threat to Naruto that Momoshiki is, then……… they wouldn’t think twice about putting him down. And, knowing Kawaki- he’d let it happen, even if he had to do it himself. So he made the switch so that no one would stop him. Good. ‘Cause if this was just something he did out of jealousy, then I’d honestly think less of the narrative. 

Kawaki views himself as “Nobody.” And to him; Naruto is……… His Savior. His “Sun.” His God. Thematic parallel’s to both Code and Mitsuki aside; he’s perfectly willing to give up everything so long as nothing happens to Naruto. I fully expect for the next chapter to include a scene of him saying that he plans to undo Omnipotence when this is all over, and take his punishment on the chin. And I think he means it. Because he realizes that wanting to kill his own brother twice and manipulating the memories of everyone- Is Like The ULTIMATE Sin. “But He’s Gotta Do What No One Else Can.” And if he doesn’t do it soon, then Momoshiki and Code will ruin everything. I don’t think Kawaki is a bad guy; I think…….. that he’s going down the same route as Naruto at the end of Part 1. He- like Naruto– started off as the “The Boy With Nothing.” Though he was very clearly worse off; at least Naruto didn’t have a father that kicked him when he slept. 

Kawaki had nothing. And now that he’s gained- no matter what the cost- is going to protect it all. The same way that Naruto said to Sasuke. Throughout all the Analysis video’s I’ve watched of that fight, the common trend is that Naruto didn’t understand Sasuke in that fight; he- as Sasuke told him- “didn’t have those bonds to lose.” So he could only talk at Sasuke, never making the effort to see it from his side. He was so desperate to keep those bonds that he kept wrecking himself and his loved ones by tapping into Nine Tails Chakra more and more, culminating in his battle with Orichimaru on Tenchi Bridge. He was willing to wreck himself and everyone for the sake of 1 Person who tried to kill him 2-3 years ago. And throughout the “Shippuden” era, he would learn what Sasuke meant and why he was like that through his encounters with the Akatsuki- Pain in specific.

Kawaki is that; someone who’s so desperate to hold on to his connections that he’s willing to commit an “Unforgivable Sin” and die once he’s accomplished his mission. Naruto could probably Talk No Jutsu this behavior out of him, but…….. He’s Not Here. And until the deed is done- He Will Never Come Back. I meant what I said last month: Kawaki- just as with Joel in The Last Of Us– is the “Embodiment Of The Selfishness Of Love.” So if I were to give a name to his sin, I might end up calling it “Greed.” His desire to protect Naruto is overwhelming any rational thought he could manifest. And THAT is what makes him one of the most Dangerous Characters in this Story Right Now. I’m Genuinely Starting to love this story. If anything of what I said comes to pass, then I’ll be able to accept that opening Flashforward. Because the Build up to that will make the impact of that scene feel SO Earned. Alright, I’m cr@pping out. Time to go!! 


That was more than I was expecting to get out of this post. Heck, during the editing process and letting my computer charge; I though of how this is also trying to parallel the story of Sasuke and Itachi- the brother who took their family away from them and the one out for revenge. Though again, I don’t think that Boruto is necessarily “Mad” at Kawaki……….. not enough to want him dead, anyway. I think he understands that Kawaki is only looking out for Naruto, but he just needs to get his head put on straight. A Good Talk No Jutsu Session will set him right, alright!! Man, how did I end up falling for this series like this? I hope I’m not getting my hopes up over a crazy change like this and they pull the rug out from under me. My hero did that after it’s first war, and………. Things have never been the same.

As you can tell: Loved this chapter. Moreso than I had thought I would. Hopefully this series can keep this kind of momentum going! Let me know what you guys think in the comments, and until next time; Catch ya Later!! 

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