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Hope INCARNATE?! Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 108 BREAKDOWN

That quote isn’t something from the chapter, but I came up with it based on the chapter- as I do with any title. But in this specific case; I’m trying to allude to specific idea. Percival is not Human. This chapter kind of confirms that. But it’s the question of “What” he is that always perks up peoples ears. He doesn’t seem to have the traits of any one clan, but he’s got connections to the Demon clan, and his brother Diodra’s eyes are drawn as if he’s some sort of Goddess. But Camelot is “Human First,” so- by virtue of Ironside being an Arthur Follower- he would not have knowingly sired children with someone of another race. I don’t know what Suzuki Sensei is trying to convey, but I have an idea based on his. We’ll get to that later. For now; Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 108: “Behemoth Of Calamity.” Let’s begin……..


Last Chapter: Zeldris reveals that the door to Camelot is located on the back of a beast called “The Behemoth-” a monster whose life force benefits the Demon Realm when asleep, but who consumes all life in its path when it senses an abnormality. So yeah; they’re not likely to reach it while it’s up and running. Chion believes that Trsitan’s magic will allow them to get close, but Zel warns that the Behemoth- or “Lunisolar Beast-” has a VAST Negative Force. But there’s one way to get there- and it concerns Percival. And wouldn’t ya know it- the little Demon prince walks into the room! 

16 YEARS AGO: The Seven Deadly Sins Had Finally Managed To Defeat The Demon King. But that woke up the Behemoth, and its “Evil Force” nearly killed the whole d@mn realm- plants, animals, and Demons alike falling in its presence. It was just as bad as when the Demon King began to exact “Justice” against his rebellious vassals; the only thing that stopped it back then was the Demon King’s overwhelming might. But Zel didn’t take after his father in………… well, really ANY regard; the only thing he could do is reassure the people of the Demon Realm- save as many as he possibly could. Some years passed, and he flies by that Ancient Beehive Relic when- The Infant Percival Falls Through. To this DAY Zel Believes that it was Destiny that brought this boy to them. 

Though eh admits it was……… conflicting having a Human in the Demon Realm. Even so, he held the infant- expecting it die in minutes from exposure to the Miasma of the Demon Realm. But he didn’t; the boy never succumbed to death- dancing about as any regular child at that age. And then a Godd@mned Miracle happened. There lied the drained survivor’s of the Behemoth’s waking rampage. Percival walked by them, and…………. They Recovered– these Demons Near Death were revitalized by Percival simply crawling past them. He was hailed as a Savior. That same force of Percy’s even managed to reach the Demon King’s castle- pushing back the Lunisolar Beast’s power. But then he Vanished one day. The whole realm was put on High alert, searching for the infant that saved them all. But then he just came back out of the blue, and said with the Blankest face any infant can make: “Th’ Buheemuff All Beddy-Bye.” The Behemoth was to to rest until this day………..

Back in the PresentThe Whole Group Is Left Speechless. Donny takes this to mean that Percival can do whatever he did back then, but Percival doesn’t even know what happened. He also has something Important to admit to everyoneL He comes clean about healing that Chaos Knight, and about how she took the Dragon Relief. Gelda says there’s not much to concern themselves with, however; they’ve got guards at the gate, and there’s gonna be a “Flamebane Moon” this week. During this week long period; flaming iron pellets will fall int he General Direction of the Behemoth- non-fre@kin’-stop. But Tristan warns that that still might not keep the enemy at bay, reminding them of the Chaos Knight’s sealsPercival tearfully apologizes, but Tristan assures him that Meliodas and the other Demons have the utmost faith that he’ll be able to get it back. And Lance tells him that he just has to win and make things right. For the next weekLance will Personally Train the kids to fight the Chaos Knights. Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 108 END!!! H#ll Week Starts Now………….


I’m gonna get to Lance’s training with Team Percy, but I have a theory that I need to talk about before I lose the whole thing. And really, I’m now having 2 ideas- one of which making a little more sense than the other. I just want to know what the h#ll is up with this kid for him to be like this; someone who’s magic literally runs on peoples faith in him, becoming stronger and stronger the more people believe in him; why his father so adamantly despises him; what the deal is with his mom and his brother; what……. What The H#ll Is Going On? I have 2 ideas

  1. The initial idea I wanted to propose is that Percival is the imaginary boy and Diodra is Ironside’s flesh and blood son; Percival was born in Camelot, where your “dream becomes reality.” Percival was born from Ironside’s “hope” of what is son would be- Strong And Loyal. But a terrifying fate was foretold involving the boy(this of course being his role as a Knight Of The Apocalypse), and Ironside has taken it upon himself to kill the cub who would one day be Camelot’s greatest threat. But of course Varghese got in the way. 
  2. Percival is Jesus- in the context of this story. His mother, the Virgin Mary; Ironside Joseph; and Chaos acting as God. Chaos needed a vessel, but it could sense how corrupting this power was on Arthur, and thus created Percival to be the one who would defeat Arthur and take his place as the new vessel. Whether or not Arthur Knows is debatable, but Ironside despises him because……. he’s a “B@stard-“ an illegitimate child by the woman he loved. Though again; neither Diodra or Percival exhibit any traits that can help me say which of them is older. 

Scenario 1

Admittedly, this one is looking less likely- I mostly came up with it based on Zeldris’ dialogue in the chapter. Like; he’s talking about how Percival was “destined” to come here, right? I put that together with how Arthur described Camelot, and I thought “What if he’s made of Hope?” His magic already draws on it, so maybe it’s his “essence,” and it’s what let him save these Demon’s from the Behemoth; they all wanted to “hope” for something, and Percival himself became the thing that saved them. Does that make any sense

My thinking is that Percival is what Ironside hoped his son would be like- strong; brave; loyal to his friends; kindhearted; basically everything a Father would want for his son………. minus the fact that Percy ain’t the Sharpest Knife in the Drawer, you feel me? But then Diodra was born- sickly and little. And I imagine that his wife died giving birth to Diodra. So he’s just there left with 2 kids, his dad, and his Brother-In-Law. Things were probably going good for minute- until Bartra’s Prophecy came out, and………… well, how many other kids can you name in the story with “verdant, winglike hair?” So his execution was ordered. There sat Ironside, left with a choiceKill his “First Born” for the sake of the other and his Kingdom, or commit treason and be taken away from them altogether. “……….. It’s not like Percival Is Real Anyway.” He made up his mind to do so- if it meant that he would at least have Diodra. Varghese thought differently, and took Percival. And that’s where those “High High Percival!!” Shorts come in. 

Percival was made to be strong, physically and mentally- as any father would wish for his son. Which is why, even as an infant; he was able to push around the mighty Varghese atop God’s Finger. It might also explain Ironside’s disdain for him: He has to convince himself that Percival is scum to make it easier on himself. Though I’m not sure how something “imaginary” was able to leave Camelot where it was created. Perhaps Arthur is actually able to create Flesh And Blood people; those loved one’s that he promised the people of Liones would come back might actually be created from their memories- they’re more like “Copies” of the person you most want to see. Or in the case of Percival; “what you would most want in said person.” Okay, I managed to save that one a little bit. 

Scenario 2

Chaos…………. is literally meant to be this story’s parallel to God. Go back and look at those introductory chapters at the end of “Seven Deadly Sins;” Suzuki Sensei could not have been more obvious. I’m thinking that Chaos- seeing how its power was affecting and corrupting Arthur- letting him act on his most Base and Twisted of desires- created someone to stop Arthur. Being the parallel to God for this story; it impregnated a woman with the “Seed Of Chaos(if this theory turns out to be true, that’s probably what they’re gonna go with),” and………. Percival was born. And he was gifted a Magic that draws on people’s belief. That’s what I’m thinking. I’ve been busy a lot lately; I’m picking up on this part of the post Sunday, June 18th(Happy Father’s Day To All Father’s Out There), 2023, at 10:32 AM. Haven’t even gotten to the “Black Clover” or “My Hero” reviews, honestly. 

As such, I’ve forgotten a lot of my point. It’s just a thought I had thinking about the series. For a series called “Four Knights of The Apocalypse,” there’s a very heavy emphasis on Percival being the one to decide the Fate of the world, you know? “Seven Deadly Sins” kept this……… unique balance of it’s characters; once the series really got rolling and the Sins were all introduced, Meliodas’ story felt like a “Framing Device-” a catalyst for the series itself. And while it was quite important, it never felt more important than what the other Sins had going on on the side, you know? Ban and Elaine; Diane And King; Gowther; Escanor; Merlin at the tail end of it to set up this sequel series; The Commandments In General, but mainly Zeldris, Estarossa, Derieri and Monspeet; everything felt just as important as the next thing. Which isn’t a bad thing because Suzuki Sensei has really good character writing skills; just not something I’ve seen in a lot of stories. 

But then you come to “Four Knights,” and- for having the 4 of them together at the moment- still feels like Percival’s story, with Lance having some “other” Grand Fate going on that Percival will insert himself into- because “Friendship.” Though Gawain has some personal things going on now, too. Hm……… maybe next arc we’ll learn a little more about Tristan’s relationship with his father– beyond their shared adoration of Elizabeth. Oh wait; the Edinburgh movies. Eh. But I’d be willing to bet that even those storylines will involve Percival’s…….. “Direct” way of thinking. He’s the “Simple Type;” he says what’s needed to be said- be it just his oblivious nature that prevents him from “picking his moments,” or because his Simple mindedness makes him “blunt.” Either way; he’ll say what’s needed to be said and do what needs to be done- if for nothing more than he doesn’t like it when his friends are sad. 

……………. Off Topic As a Motherf*cker for someone with no time for this. Let’s keep moving………..

Training With Lance

I’ve been noticing something a lot lately. From recent events in the Dragon Ball Super manga to even the 2013 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series, and some other 3rd thing I can’t think of right now; it feels like there’s this underlying theme of “Stamina Conservation” and “Power Utilization” MY HERO ACADEMIA was the 3rd thing– Bakugo’s Explosions have less “wasted energy” going out; they’ve become more “compact,” allowing for more energy to be put into the actual “burst” and thus- as seen in chapter 285– propel himself further and chain together the explosions better. Or the 2013 TMNT series: The Shedder of that iteration has “now wasted movement-” every attack he makes is precise and with “intention;” he does not hesitate to move- he just does. And with Jiren- as stated by Vegeta in Super Hero– was better at “utilizing his power” and conserving Stamina than them, which is what put him over them in the Tournament Of Power. 

POINT IS: Conserving Stamina and Utilizing your power properly is something I’ve noticed more in media recently. So I’m thinking that’s what Lance will be teaching them here: How to properly utilize their powers- or even teach them New applications for them that allows them to maximize their power and conserve energy. They’re gonna start running into people that’ll take them a little longer to fight; Percival’s usual method of letting “Hope” run wild during a fight won’t work against someone who- well– knows what they’re doing with the same amount of power. He knows how to fights, but not how to use his power properly. That’s what he has to work on. 

Anne needs to get a handle on that power she displayed against Macduff; Donny………….. needs something else– probably something related to Jade’s “Monochrome;” and Nasiens probably needs to learn how to utilize his environment a little better- maybe create a technique based on the Demon Realm’s Miasma. Lance has got a Week to whip them into shape. And something tells me that the Knight of War is going to put them through their paces…………..


You know what; I’m so irritated that I have to go to work right now that I can’t even do a proper conclusion. physically do not want to go into that store anymore. I just want to scream right. Uh…….. let me know what you guys think in the comments. Now I gotta go deal with THESE idiots. Later, guys. 

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