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The Princess, The Pr!ck, And The Power of The Press! One Piece Chapter 1,074 BREAKDOWN

Hey, all. You know this was originally a Four Knights Of The Apocalypse post, but as I said in my Edens Zero post: My sleep schedules kind of f*cked up. By the time I was halfway through with the “Review” part, the translated chapter for this week’s “One Piece” came out. So I weighed the options and decided to scrap it and do the “One Piece” review. 1)Because it’s a bigger series and gets more traffic and 2) The more I talked about it to myself, the more and more I realized that I didn’t have all that much to say for Four Knights this week; just the same old praise for Suzuki’s character writing. Though next week is sure to provide a blast. Anyway; here’s the review. 

I’ve also started putting images together as I read, making the posts take longer to work on. Need to cut that out. But I’ve got a few color images this time so that should be good. Other than that, though, this chapter’s just a “Hype Builder” to the climax of the arc- which I feel like won’t be for another 2 or 3 chapters. I don’t know how long this arc is going to be, but it’s certainly proving to be an exciting one! Let’s begin. One Piece Chapter 1,074: “MK. III.” Heh heh heh heh………..


Germa 66’s “Aah… An Emotionless Excursion” Vol 30 

Following Vegapunk’s Mobel Peace Prize Award; Caesar, Judge, and Queen begin to fight over who gets to be “The 2nd Best” Scientist in MADs. Thus marking the beginning of the end for the science group. Like, just being genuine; this is where they started to break up. Miss Buckin doesn’t seem to care, and clearly Vegapunk’s doing his own thing. Though……. Du Feld seems to have still been funding them. Maybe he plans to reach out to one of them for inventions that aren’t so “peaceful?” And whoever he reaches out to- the one who comes up with the Weapon that makes the MOST- would be considered “2nd Best?” That sounds like something a Gangster would do. Either way, he’d be able to sell off their creations for massive profit. 

Chapter 1,074 

Back down in the Fabriophase; Sentomaru- having survived Lucci’s attack- has sent out the Mark 3 Pacifista’s- a model a cut above the Prototypes displayed at Marineford. For example; they can create a gel bubble created by Dr Vegapunk- something of an “Ultimate Defense” as the remaining Cipher Pol agents find out. Outmatched, PX-04 Mark 3 orders them to surrender and follow it to Factory B. But Sentomaru is conscious; he knows the Government is probably planning to assassinate Vegapunk before he can leave the island. So he sends out the All 50 Mark 3’s to ensure that Vegapunk leaves this island alive. The CP-0 agents are locked in Factory B. 

Up in the Labopahse; Luffy- having broken his Hover boots earlier- had to run around looking for Bonney and Stellapunk, only to come up with nothing. But Shaka says that Bonney hasn’t left; he can see her on the Monitor. However, he can’t seem to find the Stella Body; the Seraphim’s earlier attack knocked loose some of the Camsnails that were set up- they don’t have a visual on every square inch of the Labophase. He has some of the workers and other Satellites looking around for him. That’s Issue #1. Issue #2: They’ve lost control of the Frontier Dome. They’d likely be fried by the lasers if they tried to leave now. So while Shaka tries to get everything under control, the Straw hat’s go to help look for Vegapunk. Luffy and Zoro stick behind- 1)Luffy’s Exhausted 2)Zoro would just get lost again and 3)Someone needs to stick around to watch Lucci and Kaku. 

Lab Interior- P.A.W. Room: Bonney Went in The Bubble. Baby Stellapunk couldn’t stop her, and she’s now in Kuma’s “Memory World.” She sees her father as a child, battered, bloodied, and crying alone to himself in a field. She cannot interact with him- can’t get closer or even talk to him. The next scene shows some Fellow Slaves coming to get Kuma, yelling “if you Escape, They’ll Kill The Rest of Us!!” But Kuma yells that he would rather die now than go back. So he catches a beating- even getting a really bad blow to his head. That continues……. a glimpse at a Castle in Mary Geiose……… The Celestial Dragons…….. and Bonney is ejected from the bubble. Her “resolve” wasn’t strong enough to take in the full bubble; she was only able to take in that small portion. But she is determined to understand the full story. All the while the original Kuma continues climbing the Redline. 

During the search, Pythagoras is attacked by an unknown assailant. WENP Ballon: “Big News” Morgan has caught wind of the World Governments assault on Egghead. Which- considering how many people he’s helped in his life- isn’t gonna fly with the public. But they fortunately have a scapegoat in the form of Newbie Emperor “Straw Hat” Luffy. So Morgan comes up with the Headline: “Straw Hat Luffy- Emperor Of The Sea- Wages All-Out War With Navy At Egghead, Holding Vegapunk Hostage!!!” A little “spin” on the story in favor of the World Government- one guaranteed to get him a pretty penny from the Government. VIVI tells him to cut it with that sh!t. That’s right, folks; Vivi has taken refuge with Morgan and WE News from the World Government!! Although  she doesn’t appreciate all the lying that’s being done. Wapol- also hiding from the World Government for some reason- wants Vivi to keep her voice down, fearing a wiretap snail hidden somewhere. 

But she’s not gonna take someone lying about her friends like this. But Morgan tells her: “This is the News Room of The WORLD, and I’m the ‘Mover’ and the ‘Shaker!!’ It’s not about ‘fact’ or ‘fiction-‘ It’s About What Sells!! NEWS IS THE BIGGEST ENTERTAINMENT OF ALL, BABY!!!” He plans to shake the world with the Newspaper- in whoever’s favor HE feels like is the more entertaining for the people!! One Piece Chapter 1,074 END!! This arc just got a lot more exciting. 


If Morgan’s goal was to “Shake The World-” He’s succeeding. To us, the World Government is looking more and more incompetent; I think the stress of Luffy’s Gear 5th unveiling, Sabo’s assault at the Reverie, what he saw at the Reverie, the Cross Guild, and several other “moving pieces” is starting to get to them. And now, they’re trying to kill off what has continuously proven to be their Most VALUABLE Resource in Dr Vegapunk- a man who is being shown to have been a Major help to the World At large BEFORE the World Government snatched him up- they are about to lose face with the world. So Morgan making it out to be that Luffy is the one who’s about to take out Vegapunk means that- should Vegapunk die in the coming battle- they can just blame it on Luffy. Boy, I can’t wait to see what his Post Egghead Bounty is gonna be. It feels like he JUST GOT his 3 Billion Bounty, though; for it to get an increase so soon…………

Now we know where Vivi is. And we also know that she- along with Morgan and Wapol- are making their way to Egghead. She is leaving with the Straw Hats. If the WENP blimp gets there in time; she is going to leave on the Thousand Sunny. She is about to become an official Straw hat- right before the eyes of SEVERAL Vice Admirals and Rear Admirals, Captains, AN Admiral, and a Gorosei. And in joining a Yonko crew, she’s going to have a pretty high starting bounty. Remember that Guy Rockstar from Shanks’ crew? At the time we met him, he had just joined Shanks’ crew- and gained a bounty of 94 Million. he had said he was a well known pirate before hand, but………. clearly not all that if Whitebeard and Marco didn’t know about him. I’m trying to say that Vivi’s bounty is going to be pretty darn high to start with- but probably not 100 Million precisely. 

Though……… what will the poster say? Because, uh………… Im seems to want to meet with her. Her’s was the only picture that they didn’t shred, so he must want her captured alive. So you would think that he bounty poster would reflect that much. But that would arouse suspicion, right? Unless they can spin it in some way that makes her survival important, but give an explanation as to why she won’t become the ruler of Alabasta. Maybe spin it to where she “Was Involved In Kobra’s Assassination” and she’ll be placed in prison for her crimes……… or something. 

Another thing to think about: 10 Additional People Are About To Board The Sunny. Vivi is gonna stay this time; Stella, Shaka, Edison, Pythagoras, and maybe Atlas will get off on Elbaf; I’ll stick with Lilith as much as I did with Carrot(shouldn’t say that considering how THAT turned out, but I mean what I say- I WANT Lilith on the crew); and Stussy and York could honestly go either way. So of the 10 that are about to take refuge with the Straw Hat’s; I’ll only say 1 definitively staying with them, and the other is just a hope. Well, 2, because York is my Spirit Animal. And I definitely think that Oda’s going to add a Straw hat here. Once Again- 10 PEOPLE. No. Fre@kin’. WAY are we not getting a new “Nakama” out of this. 

Wapol. He saw something. Something that even HE realizes that he shouldn’t have. Was it Im? Was it CP-0 assassination of Kobra? Those are really the only 2 things that come to mind. They really need to get their security for the Throne Room checked if people were able to see Im sitting upon the throne. Wait……… do……….. Do Sabo and Wapol know who the “Light” is? Did they hear Im tell the Gorosei who needs to be eliminated? Wapol wouldn’t care if it WAS Vivi, but Sabo would. Especially if that “light” was Luffy. Look………. He’s alive. I don’t know HOW he survived what happened to Lulusia that one island we’re not sure existed, but he did. And he is trying his d@mnedest to make it back to Dragon to tell him the thing. I feel like he could just turn into a giant fire ball and “fly” to wherever Dragon is, but that’s just what I would do with that power. He’s going to tell Dragon, and they’re going to do what they can to defend that “Light-” who ever that might be. Feels like they’d even protect Blackbeard if he’s THAT d@mn important. 

But where Wapol is concerned; I think he’ll either end up stuck with Morgan or in the World Governments hands- probably in Pangea Castles Private Dungeon, erased from history like so many others. Saturn is going to be there, meaning if he catches wind of Wapol’s presence(be it because of Wapol’s own big mouth or Saturn’s Observation Haki)- weapons will be turned towards that blimp. They’ll survive because it’s Oda, so that might be how Vivi ends up with the Straw hat’s(Sanji will probably be the one who saves her), while Wapol and Morgan may end up on a Government ship. Or maybe Sanji’ll save them(by accident) and they’ll get dropped off on Elbaf with the Vegapunks. 

Sentomaru’s alive, as expected. Though what he’ll be doing when the battle starts is anyone’s guess. Maybe just commanding the Mark 3’s, but I imagine that the Gorosei outrank him with THEM, too. So they’ll probably mostly be making a path for the Straw hat’s with their bodies. Then he’s probably going to end up in Impel Down. Unless he ALSO boards the Sunny by the end of it. No, but seriously; he might just end up making his rebellion against the Government public. If not him then Lucci and Kaku certainly will. From there, I’m not sure what he’ll do. Heck, ACTUALLY he just might. Though- like the Vegapunks- I think Elbaf is where he gets off. Kid, the Vegapunks, Loki, Sentomaru, and potentially Blackbeard. Who else ya got for me, Oda? Heck, why not through in Buggy and the Cross Guild while you’re at it!! 

Kuma’s Memory Bubble. So he was a slave of the Celestial Dragon’s in Youth, huh? or- maybe not at first. Maybe he was a slave in the Sorbet Kingdom that was sold off to the Celestial Dragons because he was of a “special race” as Bonney said. And then- like the Boa Sisters- was freed by Fisher Tiger. Kuma is currently 47…….. Fisher Tiger raided Mary Geiose 16 years ago, putting Kuma at 31. Alright, that timeline doesn’t work completely with what we know about the Revolutionary Army. And to be honest I had to search 3 different way to find out when Fisher freed the slaves. ‘Cause from this arc, we know that the Army was founded the same year that Ohara was destroyed(22 Years Ago). Meaning that Kuma was 25 when he, Ivankov, and Dragon began the Revolutionary Army. Huh……. so much for THAT theory. But this chapters confirms that he Was in Mary Geiose at some point before- and that he was a slave. 

Putting all of this together, Kuma’s story………….. just needs an actual timeline. The Mary Geiose part might just be a past Reverie, and the Celestial Dragons just took note that he was of some “special race,” and……… did what they do best. I think that Bonney trying to take in the full bubble is going to end up doing more harm than good for her cause. How is he going to go back to normal……… without the memories of his old life? It also just might be a “Storage” thing; she already has a “Full Memory,” and trying to take in more is………….. Deleting her own. As opposed to Kuma’s Original body who’s effectively “empty.” Speaking of, what the H#ll is he gonna do when he makes it to the top


Alright, to be honest; my Grandmother is having a Birthday party, and I’m trying to finish this before Sunday when the official releases. Plus, I don’t really have much to add; speculating about what Kuma’s doing seems kind of irrelevant at this point without sufficient information, and there were a lot of “moving pieces” in this one- it definitely read like a “Set Up” chapter. And it’s making me wonder what kind of “Pay off” Oda is going for. Depending on Morgan’s mood and how the Government chooses to react to his presence, he COULD make Luffy out to be the Hero- despite Luffy’s refusal to be one. It should be fun. Let me know your own thoughts. Laters. 

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